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Below are the terms and conditions for the free poker books. How can you do it??? Originally Posted by Monteroy What they see is that I always preach that people approach things in a rational and professional manner, because having the equivalent of a hissy fit is rarely useful for anything in terms of getting things done in a reasonable manner. You don't want to help the poker community you want to be against them. I often found that if I quit a table the second I got stacked then PT would not get a complete hand history. You are not a hero with your postings, rather you are a warning of how not to handle these types of situations for others in the future. You are not logged in.

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Well you weren't satisfied with that, so you played another 20k hands and raised that to 6ptbb. Now, you decide to move up. Well you now have the confidence of beating the game for 40k hands, and the skill of 40k hands Plus, now you KNOW that if you ever need to move down for any reason You have the data and money to prove it.

Lets say we started with 20 buyins I 6table 6max, and I play a couple hours a day on average. I can play 20k hands every two weeks. This is the fast track to a massive bankroll while creating a confident and skilled poker player. Quick recap- 1 start with at least 20 buyins for your limit. If not, repeat step 2. Oh, and posting a lot on 2p2 doesn't hurt either.

See you all at the top. Making big money with the Whale [Re: Nooooooooo i did a Pokey [censored] Post Extras: GF will call them when we are there, considering i speak no chinese or portugese. I will be going to HK in early January and will be spending about 4 days in Macau.

Last I went they had no poker rooms and no one cared. The bacarrat tables were all full and everyone was throwing money around. People just don't know holdem right now. The casino floor makes so much on these pit games that poker rakes will seem like pennies and lots of real estate must be used to open up a poker room. Until the boom has arrived I don't think we'll see any poker rooms there. Olivert has mentioned about the WPT launching there, was it in 07, 08, or 09?

I'd be so willing to pay huge rakes if they started games there. The action would be crazy and many novice Chinese poker players play open enders or flush draws like the nuts.

No poker so I'll just visit China City, new clubs and Rio. If Wynn had a poker rooom that would be sweet. It won't happen for at least another year before the poker boom explodes there. That's really small potatoes expected viewership to be on the order of households or less given that most of the gamblers in Macau are day-trippers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the GuangDong Province of China.

You are right - it was not a hissy fit. You are comparing this to someone being shot. Not sure what else to say - some people think the dramatic overreaction approach works, or it is just how they are hard wired. No doubt you have had a ton of instances where you behaved like this, as these types of dramatics are rarely a one-off. Regardless, it is rarely the best approach to actually resolve a situation, especially one as easily fixed as yours was, and hopefully others will learn that from watching how you behave, because more people resolving issues like this in an actual professional manner has a positive impact on the industry.

Not that you will care since you are not the main character - but over the years I have had several transfers go to the wrong account both sending and receiving some , and have had multiple cashouts go to wrong accounts as well. All of the situations were resolved within a few days, and I received back compensation in all of them, even when I made the error ie wrong user name when I did a transfer on Stars. No screaming was needed. No end of world protestations were needed. No gunshots from teenyboppers were required.

Approach the company in a calm, professional manner particularly when you are a valued customer as you suggest with Global with your play , and these situations get handled so much easier. Welcome to how the world works. Last edited by Monteroy; at Originally Posted by ZeckoRiver. Just leave it bro, some people just a lost case. They want to create problems instead of solving ones.

Originally Posted by iburydoscocaroaches. Its very clear your one of those shills that is against the poker player and a shill for the poker site. You don't want to help the poker community you want to be against them. Until something happens to you then your in the forum crying for help from the poker community that your against.

Its kind of like people that talk mess about police officers saying they are racist. Then they see someone trying to break in their house and their on the phone dialing almost breaking the buttons on the phone. Last edited by SageLee; at BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Global Poker The next generation poker site where you can legally cash out quickly and securely.

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