Gambling Addict Sues London Ritz Casino for £2M in Losses

Top Stories Skripal suspect 'real identity revealed' The real name of one of the men believed to be behind the Salisbury attack has been revealed by a website. The casino's barrister, Clive Freedman QC, told the court that nine months after she lost the money, Mrs Al-Daher had paid half her debt without making a complaint. I deserve justice in this matter. The lawsuit alleges Gousman was inappropriately touched beneath her underwear by a masseur at the Ritz-Carlton of Chicago last January. I totally don't think that was fair. No one ever told me to stop or think about my gambling.

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The judge found the postponement amounted to illegal credit under the act. When you go to them, you are offered the best hotel rooms and anything you may want, in order to get you to continue gambling. If that means giving you credit, and breaking the law, they will do it. It was a good time,' he said. One casino official said his arrival at clubs would make staff tremble with excitement and alarm. His nickname was acquired, he said, because doormen in London's clubs needed a verbal shorthand to warn their management when the mysterious bulky Arab approached.

At times, he loved the casino life - he could stay up all night meeting the world's richest and most influential people, he said, pitting his wits against the casino's management.

He has sat at tables with the actor Tom Cruise, the arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, senior members of the Saudi and British royal families and the Sultan of Brunei. They said that I could win,Well, I'm going to sue them then!!!!!! If you go to a casino these days unaware that the odds are in the houses favour and you gamble money you can't afford; it's your fault, not the casino's.

It's like blaming drinks companies for people being alcoholics because they can't exercise some sort of control over their own decisions. I personally frequent my local casinos often to play cash poker, they offer a fantastic atmosphere and service. If you choose to play the table games and you lose; it's your fault. I think I should sue cigar forums for making me waste my time…. Maybe the whole 'try to sue the casino where you lost your cash' is an extended gamble in itself!

The casino's barrister, Clive Freedman QC, told the court that nine months after she lost the money, Mrs Al-Daher had paid half her debt without making a complaint. The chief executive of the Ritz, Roger Maris, said it was not unusual for high-stakes gamblers to have their cheque-cashing facility extended.

This happens occasionally here in the states. They go after bar owners and bartenders who over serve people who are drunk. They argue that it is negligent to continue to serve someone who is obviously drunk to any reasonable person. She'll never get away with it in court You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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