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You and James had a wonderful life together and raised 2 great kids. You really showed your true character when your mom became ill and you meticulously cared for her for so long. The negative part of the stay was the poor breakfast service. I am hoping the fly fishing up yonder is all one could hope for. God Bless you with Comfort and Peace in the days and weeks ahead! Spa Habitat Organic Spas. The Library Bar What to do in Dallas:

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I was at the hospital when he came into this world and I was at his bedside when he took his last breath here on earth. Joe and Marilyn are two of our best friends ever. I am sure he and my Joan are looking down on us and smiling. My love and prayers for your loss of this tremendously beloved and remarkable man, who is your newest guardian angel. Deepest condolences to the Furtick family and friends for the loss of your loved one Christene.

I find the scriptures in God's word the Bible gives me hope and comfort for the loved ones we have lost in death Acts Les was a hard working dependable and delightful member of stage crews for the Beaumont Community Players and Beaumont Civic Opera.

Always had a word of encouragment. Richards was a very special person. Always there with a helping hand for those of us in need. Although he had had some bad times health wise in never let it get his way and met life with a smile and happiness.

I will always treasure my friendship with him and will miss him dearly. I am hoping the fly fishing up yonder is all one could hope for. Richard was a talented person and stuck to his guns.

If he said something he would defend it. The best thing about him was the Christian approach he had toward life. Nancy and I met Toby and Cathy during our tour in the Navy. A time before children and before life became stressful. Oh what fun we had! We will always cherish those moments. We so dearly love Cathy. Although we lost touch over the years, she was never out of our memory. Stay strong Toby and family.

Toby, I will have you and the kids covered in prayer and will ask Him to hold you all in His arms and cover you with His grace and strength in Jesus name! I could not begin to imagine your pain, just be encouraged that this is not good-bye just see you soon sweet Cathy! You brought us much joy during the short 18 months you were part of our lives.

Our hearts are hurting today but know that God's Angels are tending to you. Till we see you in heaven-we love you. As step-brother and step-sister, we had some challenging times when our parents married and tried to merge two families into one. The whole thing was new to all of us, but somehow we lived through it. There were a lot of fun times too. I'm sure that professional painters couldn't have done it better ha!

I remember the trip in the motor home to Montana. We were able to sneak smokes in the RV bathroom as we went down the road. People in cars behind us must have thought the thing was on fire as cigarette smoke rolled out of the bathroom window. We were sick of of both of them by the time that trip was over.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were always fun. As we got older and lived further away, it seems that those were the only times we got together. But they were always special and allowed us to reconnect. You really showed your true character when your mom became ill and you meticulously cared for her for so long. It must have been exhausting. Theresa was very impressed by the care you were provided, so I know it was good. As usual, I wish I could go back in time and change some things, but I'm glad to have had you as a "sister" step , I'm glad you are no longer in pain, and I will miss you.

I did not know Wayne personally, but I read his web postings regularly. He faced with great insight and bravery some of the same challenges that I have faced. Wayne seemed like a great kid, and this news is heartbreaking. Please let me know where I might make a donation in his memory. The love you and Skylar shared for so many years made you a member of our family forever. We will all cherish every memorable moment we were blessed with your love for us.

The light of love you and Skylar shared will never be extinguished on this earth. I worked with Wayne at Walmart we were good friends I was sad when he moved back to Texas this breaks mine and my boyfriends heart if you have donations set up please let us know we would love to help. Our deepest condolences sent your way. My sincere sympathy to the Pirkle Family. Carol, I feel your sadness.

Laurel was our agent and our friend. It's been many years since we crossed paths. I was only a kid when you and Cesar were a couple and I was Rudy little sister. May you rest in peace Carolyn and my condolences to your family. I will always remember your laugh. I'm glad God gave me you for one of my aunts. Love you very much!! I am saddened to learn of Andrew passing from this Earth.

My prayer is with each of you during this difficult time. God has a great angel in heaven. Love to each of you, Ann Shenkir Thompson. Joann and John Paul taught us so much about being teachers, coaches, parents and good people.

We will always treasure their friendship. We think about her every time we eat it,. Michelle, i remember your mom as a very energetic and lively woman.

May she rest in peace knowing that you were a loving and graceful daughter. We will miss you so, beautiful friend. I am heartbroken that we are not in Texas to honor your memory. You were the epitome of grace, beauty, and kindness, and our lives were enriched by your friendship.

Her husband John Paul was my high school football coach. They were both incredible people. Thank you for being so loving and kind throughout the years. I will truly miss you. Deepest condolences to the Bodine family and friends for the loss of your loved one Gertrude. Shirley and I seemed to have a thread that pulled us back together no matter where we moved in the world. Our history dates back to high school and firmly locks in place at many points in our lives.

When Bob and I moved back to Granbury in , Shirley and I found ourselves seated side by side at a dinner; our old friendship clicked in and we were best friends again just like that. Shirley was the sister that I always wanted and finally had - in her. She knew all my secrets and, better yet, kept them. We all went camping with the grandbabies. When Bob and I wandered off on yet another move, we always came "home" to Ralph and Shirley's.

So, save me a seat best friend and I'll be there shortly. Then we can pick up our ongoing conversation as though we'd just taken a breath between sentences. I love you, Barbara. Pat's service today was a wonderful tribute to a very special woman.

It was just like Pat - her faith, her sense of humor and her service to others. Our sincere condolences to her family. Pat was dear to us and she will be missed here. But we will see her again. Kay, you will be truly missed and Loved beyond measure Our condolences, prayers for strength and Love go out to the whole family at the difficult time.

I will miss you my sweet, kind and loving brother. You were always there for us and I will always regret not being there for you when you needed me the most. Kent and Martha, Praying for you during this time and wishing God's blessing upon you and your family. May He bring you comfort and sweet memories. Love, Billy and Michele. I'm going to miss giving you a 'hard time' every Wednesday during bookkeeping time! Will also miss seeing your neat handwriting on those pink invoices.

I know you will be missed by everyone who had the privilege of knowing you. My sincerest condolences to your family and friends. I will miss Odyene so much. She has been a wonderful sister-in-law over the 53 years I have known her. We chatted often and laughed so much over so many instances throughout those years.

When Wade and I got together with their parents, she and Wade my husband and her brother would complain that the other one wouldn't let him or her talk. They loved to dominate the conversation, no matter what it was about. We laughed and we cried. We had outings with fried fish, fried shrimp and all of the fixings at the cabin on Brown's Lake, at her parents' home and at the "farm" as we called it.

We witnessed many weddings, births and deaths together over the years. I know you will miss her too. Al was an amazing man and friend. He could always be seen playing in his exquisite yard- regardless of what the temperature was. Al had a heart of gold and would give the shirt off his back if it would help another out.

Al was such a big advocate in keeping fit, mentally and physically, and would be at the gym any chance he got. I was unfortunately unable to bring my new son over to see Al per his request when he heard the news of my long-awaited pregnancy, he is only 2 weeks today. I am very thankful to have been introduced to this exceptional man, and I will miss him dearly.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Anita, his children, grandchildren, and the rest of his family and friends for peace and healing. Al Branch was a leader, a teacher and worked to advance the art and science of geotechnical and dam engineering. He inspired many engineers with his knowledge and passion. He was a kind and honorable man who loved to laugh and enjoy life. I'm glad to have known him as a friend. My deepest condolences to Anita and family.

Al Branch - a mentor, an advisor, a counselor, and friend. Al instilled the a passion for geotechnical and dam engineering in hundreds of engineers and engineering geologist throughout the country. He was always respectful, professional, and willing to take whatever time yo needed. My thoughts and prayers go out to Anita and Al's children.

Sorry for your loss Anita Al was a good man and excellent mentor to me while he was in Huntington. He will surely be missed!! Our lives have been blessed both personally and professionally by Al and Anita.

Al was a good man and we will miss him. Al was a Dear friend and neighbor for 12 years. He was always there watching over me and my family. He always offered kind words and advice anytime me and my children needed it.

He will truly be missed by our family. He was such an honorable genuinely with a high integrity man. He's left a wonderful Legacy. May he rest in peace. Craig, Sally, and family All my love and prayers are being sent your way. Odyene was so special to me and I will always cherish all the fun times we had over the years.

A special Aunt indeed. I will miss her. My deepest condolences to the Looney family and friends for the loss of your loved one Odyene. Please read God's wonderful promise for the loved ones we have lost in death to be fulfilled very soon right here on a brand new Paradise Earth by his son Jesus Christ it will give you hope and comfort during this difficult time Acts Larry's phone number is in my phone right now. Lots of memories of Larry.

Prayers for his family. I will always cherish all the fantastic memories of growing up with you I will miss Larry, God blessed me by putting you in my life!

David was my younger brother and friend. I will miss going fishing with him and all the talks we had. He lives on in our hearts. You will be mist I love you so very much Still cant believe your gone. I know your not hurting any more.. Rest in peace LarLar. Your light will burn eternally in my life, Kathy. Fond memories of Dave and Inga being in our gourmet group in Duncanville in the early s. Dave was always upbeat and was the life of the party.

He was a great guy and will be missed. My sincere condolences to Inga and family. I love you my sweet brother. I miss you so much already. I look forward to the day when we can be together again. Our father was a kind, caring, generous, and loving man.

He provided for all our needs, without complaint. He thought us to be good Christian people, how to be fishermen, how to be kind and fair to all. I will miss you Daddy, but have wonderful memories to cherish.

You are at peace now. And that makes us happy. I will do my best to live up to your legacy. I love you Daddy and will miss you. Your son David E. You receive the greatest fisherman I have ever known. Thank you for sharing him , his knowledge and wisdom with us. I will miss him.

But know that we will be together again. Thank you for Jesus who you allowed to to shed his blood to save our souls. Kathy was definitely a through and through Texan.

I loved her portrayal of Miss Libby at events, and playing her in words with friends these last few weeks. Hello Jeanna, just want you to know you and your family are in my prayers! I am deeply sorry for your loss. I pray that God will comfort and give you and your family strength.

May the peace of God be upon you! I would not know where to start as Kathy and I did so many things together from 8th grade to graduating high school. Kathy was my best friend during those years and after. When her cancer battle started I called her to "catch up" and we ended up talking for hours.

Now I am anxious for her to meet me in heaven when I arrive. Kathy will be missed. My Dad was a wonderful, caring man. You will always live in my heart. I love you Daddy! Ever day that you live, you get one day closer to being with her again. She is in your future. Oh I loved that wonderful man of yours and you as well. Time separates us, but not our memories! Give Chris my love and sympathy! Asking God to continue to hold you and family in His arms during this most difficult time.

Our Hearts are Saddened by the death of your Father! God Bless you with Comfort and Peace in the days and weeks ahead! Each of you are in my thoughts and prayers. Deepest Sympathy, I had the pleasure of working with Carolyn for about 5 years at Brookshires , just a wonderful lady. She always make me smile.

To the Jones family, our deepest regrets on the loss of Lowe, my classmate, and a man that I wish I had known better. My time with Lowe goes back to school days, probably in hindsight, the best times of our lives. I have never heard a negative word uttered by or about this man, and he will always be remembered as one of the nicest guys in our class. I pray for God's peace upon the bereaved; Rest in God's Peace, dear friend. To my lifelong favorite classmate and dear friend from Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School class of 64, You will forever live in my heart and I will always cherish special memories of our childhood.

To the Jones Family our love and prayers are with you at this difficult time. Love, Ladell and Clariese Hunter. Aunt Esther I will always remember you teaching me about rose bushes, and teaching me how to make pin curls. I will miss you dearly. To carolyn's family my deepest sympathy for your loss.

I worked with her for several years and she was a wonderful lady. You are all in our prayers. One of my favorite memories of Dad and I was when I was 9 years old he decided to actually get a real tree.

Not at a lot like I had in the past with my mom but we actually drove to a tree farm and walked around in the cold and found the perfect tree and cut it down. We had to drag it to the car and tie it to the car for the drive home. Such a memorable experience. I am so sorry Judith. I will always love our years together though we are apart now. Losing Jim breaks my heart for you! Judith, I am so sorry for your loss! I have missed you Granbury Gals and I wish you comfort through Christ.

I was a teenager when my brother was born He had a duck that laid scrambled eggs when he was four He was always a joy to me He marched to his own drummer and led his own parade. My Brother left this world before I had a chance to tell him how much I loved him I waited to long and it's breaking my heart. I have loved David hid entire life and will miss him more than words can say. He is my little brother and friend.

Stella was such a kind sweet lady. Always was so nice to visit with. I know she is joined with many loved ones in heaven including Mom who loved her. The visits to Brenham were always fun with both Stella and Scottie. Cousin, may God give you peace and comfort in the coming days.

Jim was the best brother in law ever. I miss Suzie everyday and I know you are with her and so happy to be there. Love you so much. Michelle was a very beautiful and outgoing person, she always had a big heart through all the pain she never showed it. Michelle lived life to the fullest and enjoyed doing it. She will be missed dearly. Love you Michelle and you will truly be missed. Michelle was a very loving and outgoing person, i remember when we first meet at DeDe house we connected like we new each other for years.

I will always have nothing but great memories of you, and will cherish those memories close to my heart. I love you and will miss you as well. A precious little angel is with all the other angel's in heaven. In her short lifetime, she touched so many lives; through relatives, and those who got to hear about her from proud parents, and grandparents.

She will be terribly missed, but just remember, she is where we all will be one day when we go home for the final time. Don has passed away too. Now I mourn the loss of your parents and my husband. I long to join them in Heaven! Im so sorry for the loss for Sarah's family. Sarah was such a sweet girl all the memories I have of her from Junior high was her beautiful smile and her jokes. She will be forever missed. Sarah and I grew up together in the same neighborhood. We attended Elementary school and Junior high at the same schools.

I remember us spending time together in the field behind my house gathering golf balls and playing outside. Sarah was such a joy and I regret losing touch with her after high school. She will be sorely missed. My condolences to Karlene, Larry, Jerry and their family. May God be with you during this difficult time.

Sarah was such a fun loving girl! Though it has been many years since I last spoke to Sarah, the loss of her presence here on Earth hurts so deeply. She will be missed dearly and forever. My condolences to Karlene, Larry, her husband and all of her family during this time of grief. I cannot express how fortunate I am to blessed by our God to give me the best Dad I could have ever wished for.

He was always there for me when I needed his advice or just any questions I had. He raised my brother and I with great family values. He was a strong Christian man. He was loved by everyone he came in contact with and never had one enemy.

You will be missed but I know you are with us still in spirit and welcomed home with our Heavenly Father. Together again with Mom. I will see you again someday. Thank you for being the greatest Dad ever. I love you always! Dave an l are brother -in-laws, his sister ,Karen, is married to my brother , Bruce, and my brother, Bruce, is married to Dave's sister, Karen. Beyond that Dave was my friend. We first met when he was working in an ice cream shop and l worked next door in a donut shop and we would swap ice cream for donuts.

It wasn't until later that we knew that Karen and Bruce were dating. Years later Dave moved in with me ,where he met his wife Linda, who lived acrosd the street. We have shared Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays and family passings along with many laughs. Dave was a great story teller, part of that he took on the character as he told the story. Even though time would pass when we would see each other it was like we saw each other yesterday. Dave will be missed and l will miss him like my brother he was.

It's crazy how back in January around your birthday, your sister Sara was telling me how she couldn't believe her baby sister was turning She loved you so much.

Now you are with yall's dad after 10 years. My heart breaks for Jerry and the rest of her family. She was a sweet soul and her glowing smile was infectious.

I'm really going to miss my Dad. You accepted me as your daughter and became my official taste tester for gumbo, and fan of my grilled cheese sandwiches that made me feel like a part of our family. Although we weren't ready for you to leave this world, we know you're in the arms of The Lord, and with your loving Suzy. I never thought I'd ever feel like I would know the love of another Dad, after mine passed away, but you naturally did that.

Kevin and I are comforted knowing will see you and Suzy again. Love you always, Mary. Precious, beautiful little soul You will be missed. From the time we met in 6th grade we became sisters, we laughed, we talked, we cried together, When we reconnected years later, it was like no time passed between the time we were apart. Though Im saddened by your loss, it has taught me some valuable things, life is far to short to allow it to run past you.

You are loved, and now you can fly and sore, you are no longer hurting, no longer having to try to cope and are deal with anything that held you down, Chelle you are forever in our hearts, we will continue to cherish our memories of you forever, We Love You sis..

Rest Well and Fly on you have gained the wings designed just for you Love. We love you and we will carry with us daily. Chelle, You were truly an amazing person, Loosing you has brought a lot of hurt to a lot of people, But it also made us realize how short and precious life really is..

Fly on Chelle Fly on, Rest well angel rest well. Tell my nephews we love them too you have finally got the wind beneath your wings. I will forever remember the laughs, the late night conversations, the times we shared.

You will forever be in my heart. Every time you called me, I dropped everything and came running. Even now, I came running at full speed. I love you so much, Shelley. Losing you has hurt a lot of people, but we are also relieved. You are no longer suffering. You're no longer in pain. I love you babe. Don't be mad about these pictures lol. I'm still in shock that your gone.

I'm so glad we became friends 10 yrs ago when you first came to get your hair done. We've been through some of the same things and I think that's why we clicked so quick.

I'll always remember our conversations and hair talk. Karlene I'm deeply sorry that you lost the most precious person to you. Sarah will always be watching over you and the rest of your family.

I'm sending my love and prayers to your family. I enjoyed getting to know you and working with you at kroger. My condolences dear family. Many happy memories of Sarah be with you all. And may these promises from Jehovah God bring you solace. We were best of friends growing up. All reviews great hotel staff was friendly room was clean would stay here again front desk staff great room waffles free breakfast texas inns students university microwave maintenance keys accommodations interstate.

Reviewed 1 week ago It was there when I needed it! Review collected in partnership with Hampton This business uses tools provided by TripAdvisor or one of its official Review Collection Partners to encourage and collect guest reviews, including this one. Reviewed 3 weeks ago via mobile Not as consistent as most Hampton Inns. Reviewed 4 weeks ago via mobile Clean and friendly. Reviewed 4 weeks ago Business Traveler. Reviewed 4 weeks ago Weekend trip.

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Certificate of Excellence What is Certificate of Excellence? Hampton Inn And Suites Denton. Nearby Hotels See all 26 hotels in Denton. Nearby Restaurants See all restaurants in Denton. Nearby Attractions See all 66 attractions in Denton. See all 26 nearby hotels See all nearby restaurants See all 66 nearby attractions. Response from HMDdavidp Reviewed this property.

Do you have a shuttle that shuttles between the hotel and the WinStar Casino?? If so, what hours will they run on New Year's Eve? Response from Lynn B Reviewed this property. I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to the question but, based on my experience with that facility, they will not only answer if you call but do every in their power to help you.

Are the mattresses soft? Response from Beth P Property representative. While we do not have pillow top mattresses, we do have soft, comfortable mattresses. We receive compliments daily from guests who credit our beds with providing them the best sleep of their lives.

Cultural festivals are held outdoors in the plaza. Gallery exhibits showcase art by local and regional artists and change every few months. On Second Saturdays, families can participate in arts and crafts workshops, listen to stories in Spanish and watch performances.

Featuring many of the original elements from the famous building in which it is housed, such as the the original garage doors and cement floor paving stones on the patio, the eatery offers an eclectic, bohemian ambiance, reflecting the surrounding neighborhood. Drawing inspiration from fresh seasonal ingredients and produce supplied by local ranchers, farmers and fishermen, the ever-changing menu features dishes such as yellowtail tuna, beer-steamed mussels, chicharrones, and mescal shrimp cocktail.

Watch a movie at the state-of-the-art AMC NorthPark 15, or dine in style at a range of outstanding restaurants. The center also features deluxe services such as a valet service, duty-free shopping for international visitors and a car-wash-while-you-shop service. The bar is elegantly furnished with a beautiful lapis lazuli bar and candlelit tables. The full-service bar has a comprehensive menu of cocktails, aperitifs, wine and beers, while a simplified bar menu includes specialty appetizers and light meals.

Evenings offer live entertainment with top local entertainers in a stylish, sophisticated ambiance. Stay for dinner at the Landmark Restaurant which serves hand-stuffed duck ravioli, great seafood and grilled dishes.

Dallas World Aquarium Located in the West End Historic District of downtown Dallas, the Dallas World Aquarium is non-profit aquarium and zoo with the aim of conserving threatened or endangered animals through co-operative breeding programs with various other zoos from around the world. The aquarium is home to a superb collection of exhibits, including an artificial reproduction of the Orinoco Rainforest where you will find a variety of exotic birds, and animals such as three-toed sloths, tamarins, poison-dart frogs, and vampire bats.

An awe-inspiring, interactive foot 12 m tunnel displays fish that live on the continental shelf, while a number of smaller displays boast colorful corals, jellyfish and vibrant sea anemones. Enjoy a glass of wine from a great wine list featuring vintages from around the world, or a James Bond-style Grey Goose martini poured from the signature frozen tap system and shaken or stirred to your taste.

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra Established in , the Dallas Symphony Orchestra began as a member ensemble and has since grown into a world-renowned orchestra performing in one of the finest concert halls in the world. The orchestra is hosted in the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, a world-class symphony hall that has become a famed landmark on the Dallas skyline.

The center rests in the heart of the Dallas Arts District, a unique, block neighborhood in the heart of the city that is the center of the region's cultural life. In addition to The Dallas Symphony Orchestra, visitors enjoy outstanding cultural entertainment, including innovative chamber opera and grand opera performances by the Dallas Opera at the Winspear Opera House, classic and groundbreaking theater by the Dallas Theater Company at the Wyly Theater, and a variety of performances and programs throughout the district.

The dining room is cozy with exposed brick and comfortable banquette tables but if weather permits sit in the garden, or on the patio, and enjoy all the veggies and herbs that are more than a decoration, some of them are in your plate too. They are strong proponents of the 'farm to table' philosophy and put it in practice long before it became a fad by growing much of their produce.

There are chickens running around too, so you can be sure your eggs will be fresh. They have daily specials, so if you want Cajun catfish, you better come in on Friday. Places to go, romantic vacations, cheap weekend getaways near me: Bush Presidential Library and Museum houses Presidential records, collections, electronic records and audiovisual materials from the White House Photo Office. The foot Freedom Hall features a degree high definition video depicting the 44 United States' Presidents.

In addition to the permanent exhibits, the museum hosts a series of special exhibits throughout the year, showcasing items from museums and Presidential Libraries across the nation. Dallas Museum of Art , Photo: Klyde Warren Park , Photo: Courtesy of suti - Fotolia. Dallas Heritage Village , Photo: Courtesy of Buffy - Fotolia. Dallas by Chocolate , Photo: Courtesy of Rozmarina - Fotolia. Reunion Tower , Photo:

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