When the famous Willy Wonka suddenly comes out of self-imposed reclusion and offers five fortunate people a chance to tour his legendary chocolate factory, Charlie hopes against hope to find one of the rare Golden Tickets hidden in a Wonka chocolate bar. Should your great glass elevator arrive on a Spin game, you'll be presented with a screen showing five candy suckers. Click Here to Play Slots Online! In , it was made into a film starring legendary comedian Gene Wilder. Do I win less when I use a player's card? Based on which candy you select, you'll receive an allotment of between 7 and 12 free spins, and that's where the real fun begins. During this round, Oompa Loompas drop additional Willy Wonka symbols on the reels — some of which are super-sized symbols.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Jackpots

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Now the most rewarding jackpot offered is the magical boat ride down Chocolate River, which comes with the bonus feature. The standard reel spinning and symbol matching gameplay is applied to Willy Wonka, with great bonuses and surprises included.

The game design features levels and reaching set target points is required to progress subsequently. The points required increase with each level and this, in turn, means that players have to raise their bets for faster progression.

The elevator symbol also determines the type of bonus players get. Matching three elevators on the screen activates the Wonkavator, and free spins select your bonus. Some of the main bonuses include:. If you frequently visit the Vegas casinos, chances you have come across Willy Wonka slots, but every punter should try their hand at this enthrallingly themed video.

Annoying pop-ups in demo. Why not play for real? Just click the button below! Play for real money. WMS Gaming Game type: Level Progression The standard reel spinning and symbol matching gameplay is applied to Willy Wonka, with great bonuses and surprises included. Why Punters Love This Gamble Some of the reasons why the gamble is a crowd puller on the casino floor include: The innovative movement chair technology, which is activated during the bonus boat ride down Chocolate River.

The chair moves in backward and forward motions mimicking real lifeboat riding experience. It is presented with advanced graphics offering superior image quality and wonderfully brings out the colorful thematic displays. Some of the main bonuses include: Players can win a bonus prize worth up to credits.

Players can collect golden eggs from respins, which will then determine how generous their bonus will be. There are three potential bonuses. The number of eggs the player collects will determine how much free spins the player receives in this round. They can earn between 5 and During this round, Oompa Loompas drop additional Willy Wonka symbols on the reels — some of which are super-sized symbols.

In this round, bubbles float up the screen into various slots that offer up generous prizes. In this round, the player receives presents. The word Wonka sits atop the machine in rainbow colors, with a portrait of the Wilder and his custom purple leisure suit and top hat. Everything is presented with a purple hue, and by the time fans of the film hear the familiar melody of "Pure Imagination" piping through the sound system, they're drawn in the machine's direction.

Instead, you'll see a revolving animation showing clips from the movie which corresponds to the in game features. Everything from the Fizzy Lifting Drink room to the factory's surreal candy garden will appear in the background of your screen, depending on which features you happen to trigger. The overall effect of this gameplay setup is that of watching the actual movie itself, and the game attempts to show the journey as it would appear through Charlie Bucket's own eyes. During the actual base game, reel symbols include the traditional card rank symbols used by most slots, so you'll find the J, Q, K, and A with each symbol accompanied by a different candy.

Among the themed character symbols you can expect to find during the base game are Willy Wonka himself, Charlie Bucket, Grandpa Joe, and the Oompa Loompas. You'll also see an arrangement of symbols representing iconic images from the movie, including the fizzy lifting drink, the goose and her golden eggs, the Everlasting Gobstopper, the televised chocolate camera, the great glass elevator, and the Golden Ticket.

You'll be playing with wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, bonus games, and other fun features. During the base game, the most valuable symbol on the reels is Willy Wonka himself.

Unfortunately, a detailed breakdown of the game's pay table has not been published, but as a low volatility machine, players can expect to receive smaller line pays which occur more frequently than other games. Based on watching video clips of actual gameplay, payouts appear to range from 50 credits for landing three Charlie Bucket symbols, to credits for landing three Willy Wonka symbols. Four of the Willy Wonka symbols in a row pays out credits. Four of a kind in Grandpa Joe symbols pays out credits, and five of the Charlie Bucket symbols will return credits.

During the base game, the Willy Wonka, Grandpa Joe, and Oompa Loompas symbols will each appear as double sized symbols, occupying two spaces along a reel rather than one.

This allows them to create winning combinations more easily than the other symbols. The Oompa Loompas symbol is the wild symbol during the base game, and it can substitute for any other symbol except the scatter symbol to form winning combinations.

The scatter symbol is the great glass elevator symbol during the base game, and it can generate winning combinations from anywhere on the reels. Even better, the great glass elevator symbol transports you directly to the game's assortment of nine interactive bonus games. Before entering the bonus rounds, you'll be treated to a virtual ride on the great glass elevator. The main game screen will direct you to look up as the high resolution video screen above shows the great glass elevator soaring through the skies.

As it does, the game's motion sensing chair will move and rock along with the action, providing a full on sensory experience. The great glass elevator will dodge various symbols on the screen until hitting one, and each of these symbols represents one of the nine available bonus games.

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