9 Insane Torture Techniques

This was more common when other more sophisticated torture devices were not present. If the torturer kept turning the handles the limbs would eventually be torn off. In some cases they applied padlocked irons to the flesh which even led to the amputation of a hand. She has been placed in the pillory for the village people to view and ridicule. There is no contemporary first-hand account of those devices or their use. Without being able to speak for herself, John Sudeley the blacksmith of Lower Slaughter, proclaimed her guilt and her death was decided.

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Depending on the rate of the pyramid-sitter's progress, this torture could last anywhere from a few hours to a full day. While the torture was not usually intended to be fatal, it often was. Possibly the most imaginative means of sadistic torment, the brazen bull unleashed pain on victims in ancient Greece.

Victims were sealed inside the gleaming bull and slowly burned to death. A series of pipes on the inside made it sound as if the victim's wailing and thrashing were the sound of an actual bull , giving this torture implement a pointedly macabre streak. This torture was similar to being boiled alive, just without the water. In the Middle Ages, it was frequently used to torture and execute criminals, captured soldiers, and those accused of witchcraft.

Usually, the victim was tied to a pole in a public square or high-traffic area of the community. My personal favorite has to be inserting a hollow tube into the rectum, sliding a red hot poker inside, and stirring up your colon.

Quite a lovely way to go and it didn't leave any outward physical traces of torture. My favorite was the branding iron in the shape of a cross. If you were a true Christian, the white hot iron wouldn't leave a mark. It only burned the flesh of witches. Funny how they all turned out to be witches. They used the rack, the lash, fire, etc.

In some cases they applied padlocked irons to the flesh which even led to the amputation of a hand. Letting gay priests suck you off! Related Questions What methods did Christians use to torture witches during the Medieval times? What was the point of the Inquisition during Medieval Europe? How come no one used the Roman tactics during the medieval times in Europe?

Atheists, if you were captured during times of the Inquisition, what torture method would you select? Were the Jews persecuted everywhere in Europe during medieval times? Were they persecuted all of the times? Answer Questions Is witchcraft real?

It was almost time. The nude Serena was strapped down to a cold stone slab. Her wrists were tied together to eyelets above her head. A rope was tied around each lovely ankle and was then itself connected to a pulley above. As the rope was pulled her legs were raised above her. The crowd became silent in anticipation of the first of many events.

The blacksmith was holding a poker over his fire, hammering it's tip against his anvil. The tip was glowing with such intensity that one could not look upon it for the light.

As the blacksmith came towards the helpless Serena, two other councillors stood on either side of the victim and spread apart her legs. The rope was pulled higher, bringing Serena's legs far above her body. The two men then pulled apart her buttocks so that the iron poker could be administered. Serena lay defenceless upon the dias. She could feel her nakedness and the eyes of the hushed crowd on her.

She knew that their hungry eyes would devour her long before the lions. As her legs and buttocks were spread apart, she felt the fear and utter humiliation of this event. She braced herself for the certain pain that was just moments away.

Even before the red hot iron was applied, she began to cry with both fear and rage. The rage of being helpless, powerless to stop this from happening. Then, the first deed of the day made itself known to her. It was a pain that her mind could never have conjured up in a million years. The sharp and searing heat of this poker entering her delicate anus. Just inches away she could sense the pain, once applied it became three-fold. Without the slightest of hesitations, John Sudeley administered the first part of this poor woman's sentence.

Her anus was exposed to him and, slowly he brought the instrument of torture to it's mark. As the iron was inserted, the screams from this convicted witch bellowed above the cheering of the crowd. The pain caused her urine to spray out of her and on to the hands of the chief councillor.

The hissing of the hot iron as the amber liquid hit it caused smoke to rise between her outstreached legs. Her screaming was so intense that some of the women in the crowd had to be carried away, fainting.

John Sudeley enjoyed his role, he enjoyed the complete control he had over this woman's body and he knew how to use it. As he retracted the still hot iron from his victim, feces was expelled from Serena's rectum. Her cries could be heard throughout the small village dispite the noise now being made from the crowd. Serena thought she would die from the pain alone and almost prayed she would. She would then be spared from the other events that would befall her, knowing that the worst was yet to come.

As the poker entered her body a wave of indescribable pain, more intense than any could ever imagine seized her.

She could feel herself urinating and knew she could not control herself. She felt as if her belly were going to explode from the intense heat and, as the poker was being removed, she defecated. The idea of being humiliated in public was far out weighed by the pain. She could smell her own flesh burning as the iron was withdrawn, then thrust into her for a second time before finally being removed for good.

The first event was over. It had simply prepared her for the pain she was about to receive. John Sudeley removed his iron for the last time, his hands wet with Serena's blood and urine. Even as he stood, facing the crowd with his weapon raised above his head, Serena lay defecating upon the stone slab for all to see.

It was time to move to the second event. Slowly the men at the ropes lowered the poor woman's legs as another councillor approached her brandishing a two-sided axe. Holding the weapon for the crowd to see, they cheered their welcome to this next event.

The man with the axe stood beside the crying Serena and informed her that her was going to cut off her right arm in three pieces, starting at the wrist and working his way up. Another man began untying her wrists, bringing her right arm to her side and holding it down at the elbow. The axe was placed upon Serena's wrist to indicate the area of the first blow and was then raised above the man's head.

A dull sound was met with a slight spark as metal met stone. The hand had been severed at exactly the spot indicated. The fingers of the poor woman twitched and the hand actually move a few inches across the table on it's own. The crowd was mesmerized by this and some even stated that this was proof she was a witch. The councillor then picked up the hand by the thumb and held it up for the crowd.

Blood dripped from the severed end. Serena felt the cold blow of the axe and saw blood spurt from her wrist. Again she cried out from the pain and her fear. She saw her hand being raised up to the crowd who were actually cheering her slow torture and certain death. Then she heard the roar from the royal lions who were fenced in beside her.

She could look down into their stable and she watched as her severed hand was thrown in and immediately eaten by one of the beasts. She saw her fingers breaking in it's jaws, she heard the crunch of bone and saw in horror, the lion swallow her appendage. Immediately after, she felt the cold steel resting on her elbow and saw the man with the axe marking the area with her own blood. Again the axe fell, again the spark and the blood.

And again, to her disbelief, the cheer of the crowd as her arm was severed at midpoint. She thought she would die before the arm was entirely removed from both fear and pain. Once more the bone and meat torn from her body was thrown to the lions and eaten before her very eyes. Finally, the steel axe tore through her armpit, spraying blood over her face.

Shards of bone protruded from her shoulder and with it, strands of meat. The second event had come to an end with the total removal of her right arm. The third event brought with it a horse and another councillor with a rope.

With this rope, the man wrapped the left arm of the screaming Serena, from her wrist to her armpit. The other end of the rope was fastened to the horse.

The third councillor informed her that her arm was going to be torn off at the root by the force of the waiting horse.

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