Augmentation Slot Component MK-10

If you craft a level 20 orange and crit an augment slot, which I assume will be MK-2 based on level, and want to upgrade it to MK-6, would the cost be 22,? Do you know how expensive that would be? So if you have a level 20 item with a level 49 augment inserted into it, it will be converted into a MK-6 augment slot since the augment is a Level 49 and therefore MK Classic Slots — These are the 3-reel mechanical looking slots. For other people, though, the reasons can come down to not trusting online casinos, not wanting to gamble or just wanting to play a quick game or two with what little downtime they might have. Here are the most common options:.


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Will those of us rich, lazy players be able to just buy the kits themselves from the GTN instead of making them? They were k on the PTS but mostly cuz some people got copied multiple times and ended up with millions of credits, causing a massive inflation. Thx for heads up — it is no prob since I have a slicer. Unfortunately, it will be a very large credit sink.

Keep in mind that current PvE content does not require any augment at all. However, if you plan to do PvP, you might have a tough time against opponents who are all augmented out.

A lot of work….. I have now gathered a lot of materials…. Crafted 42 augments …… Gathered more materials …. And have crafted lvl 49 gear and is as such ready to RE them and craft 14 augment slot kits…. Did not add up how many credits I have spent…..

Lol… But I am ready for getting augmented. Hey Dulfy and everyone else who reads her page, wanna save some creds? This means if you augment all 13 pieces on your character, you only lose 13 endurance, keep the main stat bonus, and save literally 10s of s of credits! Just figured I would throw that out there. That is a good point! I personally only purchase the Q22 augments as I like the purple look and having green or blue augments kind of ruins it hehe but if you are short on credits this is a good way to save some without losing too much stats.

Example of what I meant: So you keep your purple look AND save credits! Been Reing things like everyone else and since no ones seems to have mentioned it , a cheaper way when reing things, I reverse Engineered Greens level 47 and higher and still got the Mk 6 Component , there a lot cheaper, less mats and take a lot less time. I am leveling an operative and I put MK-4 augments in his gear. After I level up a few levels, will I have to replace the MK-4 augment slots with MK-5 augment slots and then MK-6 later when I want to put the higher level augments in?

As an armtech what is the best cheapest thing I should craft in order to RE and get the slot components at level Have you seen anyone who has tried to augment a matrix cube?? REing crafted level 47 greens gives MK-6 slot component.

Is it possible to augment, columi, rakata, campaign gear? Has it been confirmed that crafted lvl 49 gear provides also MK-6 material when RE? I believe that items reguiering grade 6 mats will provide it..

CCan a lvl 20 orange chest somehow get a lvl 49 plus Aug in it by adding a slot post 1. Yesssss I will get my spec the foundry robe! Thanks for all the great info as always.

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But, who was this Fey and what was his first ever slot machine like? Originally Posted by Sindariel. Everything level 56 upwards yields MK components. It seems that material cost for all professions got somewhat normalized in the new tier. I've looked at biochem, cybertech and artifice and they all have green recipes that require only 2x2 of the basic mats.

For augments, is the highest augment currently available the one that gives 52 of highest stat? Think its called skill augment 36 for example but not completely sure.

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