The best Texas holdem apps for iPhone

Poker World - Offline Poker. Millions of poker players have enjoyed Governor of Poker, without an internet connection. Changed in Texas Holdem Poker update 2. Check out our app review for more details. Be sure to visit one of the many great hat shops across Texas and get yourself the poker deluxe hat of your dreams.

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The gameplay is slick and fast so that you can get those cards without any glitches or delays. With smooth animations and realistic sounds, this app is one you should seriously consider. Shoot for that inside straight with this iPhone Texas holdem poker app. There are in-app purchases for additional chips if desired. Join other poker players from around the world with this exciting poker game.

Create your own profile page, join in weekly or daily tournaments, get free chips daily, play with friends, chat with other people, get rewards by playing and more. The app has a smooth, attractive interface. You do not need to register to play this game. If you are impatient or suffering from some bad beats, then you can buy more chips through the many in-app purchase options.

You play virtual hands and receive feedback based on your play. Win in-app currency to get additional hand packs for play and coaching. Game scenarios are crafted by world professionals to teach you valuable and realistic lessons.

Play for free, win more hand packs or skip ahead by purchasing more hand packs with the in-app purchases. To finish off today's list of best poker apps for iPhone we have World Series of Poker - WSOP Texas Holdem Free Casino, which provides you with free chips every four hours so that you can keep playing on a continuous basis.

This app is compatible with all of your iOS devices and you can even play on your desktop computer via Facebook. There are numerous tables or tournaments to play in, around the clock. Upon joining, you get a welcome stack of chips and you can also earn more free chips each day. If you desire, there are in-app purchases for more chips.

This app provides a realistic playing experience throughout a variety of options like 5 player or 9 player tables, tournaments and more. This diehard poker community is welcoming and challenging at the same time.

Make new friends, rivals or respected peers. Texas Hold'em by Yiihua offers a beautiful portrait orientation interface with an awesome social system that allows you to interact with other players and make friends so that you can enjoy playing together again in the future. There is a fantastic competitive element to this game as you can see where you place on the leaderboards and try to increase your rankings by playing more and more.

What's more, there are tons of rewards on offer, and you can even earn more by playing on the slot machine. Check out our app review for more details. The calculations are lighting fast with a high degree of accuracy. The interface is easy to use and is optimized for the latest iDevices. Great sense of personality.

It's a Royal Flush. More cities to conquer and tournaments to play! Please contact support youdagames. You can also follow us at Facebook: I like the AI. It seems like there are several different playing styles programmed into the different characters. Fun and quick poker games. The game outside of the poker game is a good concept- buying towns, traveling, and eventually becoming the governor of Texas. If you buy a new hat it only stays on you until you quit playing. Very annoying to me. I also wish that when you win a horse, carriage, or car that you could actually see it.

When you win the whole game by owning all the towns and defeating the governor nothing much happens. A little more celebration or story line sure would be nice after so many hours of play.

If part of your motivation to win poker games is to see what happens next in the game you will be sorely let down at the end. This game is very frustrating! I see many times hands that are losing hands win over hands that should take the entire pot.

For example, I had a flush and my opponent had a pair of jacks, the pot was something like I clearly won the hand yet the pot is split and I end up with and my opponent gets even though they lost! This is ridiculous and is not actual poker. Play by the rules and stop the unfairness just so people have to pay money for more chips or the better version of the game. Your supposed to win. When you take that away by making it unfair to make money off of your users shows that you just are in it for the money.

Fix these problems and make this game fair and user friendly. This game could be fantastic if this are drastically changed for the user experience. I routinely see pairs beating three of a kind and other similar unforgivable errors. This has happened in my favor also, but still. The ads are also ridiculous and half of them cover almost the entire screen. The rest cover up the controls but disappear when you try to select the reason for not wanting to see the ad so that you often hit a control that you did not want to.

Just a poorly thought out experience that puts the player last and makes the experience miserable with hopes of driving the player to the paid version. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Changed in Governor of Poker 2 update 3.

Changed in Governor of Poker 2 update 2.