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Retrieved 7 April — via LA Times. The Au Go-Go Singers. Harry "Sweets" Edison Quintet. No other casino game or advantage play technique comes close. Now, what if I told you that over the last 10 spins, the result had been black each time. The following probabilities are for European roulette.

Same even money bet result in a row probability.

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By tracking your predictions and collecting all betting transactions in Excel, you will be able to analyze many aspects of your betting patterns that you had no clue about. At the same time, you will discover leaks and mistakes in your system that cost you dearly. In any way, these detailed records will be irrefutable evidence of your betting performance , if you ever want to prove either to your friends or yourself that you actually win in online betting and you are not spending a fortune on your hobby like so many others!

However, the process is indeed time consuming and down right boring. Online bettors consume a lot of time to come up with a system according to their expectations, not to mention placing the recommended bets. The arduous process of recording bets in Excel afterwards seems at first hard and meaningless for most players, who may think that there is no particular reason to spend more time on the computer.

At the end of the week or month, though, when you load up the Excel spreadsheets that you so painstakingly have created, you will be in front of so many discoveries that should compensate you more than expected. First, the greatest discovery for many of you will be realizing the extent of your losses.

Nobody could ever have a complete image of the money wasted on wagers, but those who record their betting activity in Excel or similar applications.

The surprise will be definitely so great that some might revise their view on their betting skills. If you stop tracking down your bets and analyzing your past performance does not mean that you will also stop losing that money! You are still betting in the same, wrong way!

The label had known ties to New York City mobsters. Goldner subsequently bowed out of his partnership interest in Roulette and, to cover his gambling debts, sold his record labels Tico, Rama, Gee and — years later — End and Gone to Levy, who grouped them into Roulette. They co-founded Avco Records in In Roulette took over the catalog of Jubilee Records. During the early s, Roulette issued a number of hits connected to the twist dance craze, most notably " Peppermint Twist " by Joey Dee and the Starliters.

The hour-long show, recorded in the US by disc jockey Jack Spector , was to be broadcast five evenings a week. Levy was the key financial backer for the rap music label Sugar Hill Records , which was founded in by the husband-and-wife team Joe and Sylvia Robinson. Sugar Hill released the first Top 40 rap single, " Rapper's Delight ", in In the early s, the Robinsons bought Levy out. Following the acquisition, Rhino and EMI began issuing large royalty checks to former Roulette artists.

Tommy James recalled that his checks were in amounts in six or seven digits. Roulette was notorious for not paying royalties to its artists, who had to rely on concerts and personal appearances for their income. It was one of the units of Parlophone that Universal Music was required to sell to Warner Music Group to comply with international regulators. The Roulette Birdland Series of 12 inch LPs commenced in and consists of album releases over 10 years.

All of the soundtracks in this series were for films released in the United States during Reissue series from used by the label during All these albums have "Echoes of An Era" somewhere in the title. They are two-album sets. These albums, which were acquired by Roulette for U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Reed International Books Ltd.

Retrieved 7 April — via LA Times. Retrieved 7 April Archived from the original on 1 February Roulette Album Discography, Part 3 , accessed November 10, Spinnin' Deep Spinnin' Records. Fullscreen Warner Strategic Marketing. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history.

This page was last edited on 15 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Radio City Music Hall Orchestra. Tony Pastor and Orchestra. The Long Hot Summer Soundtrack. Gambling laws vary between states, even in the same country.

Roulette computers are legal in approximately half of the casinos. We have conducted our own legal research and know where it is legal, although you should still do your own legal advice without relying on ours. We only reveal exact jurisdictions to actual players. Because no casino will tolerate a consistent winner, no matter how you win.

A casino can easily ban players they suspect are using computer, although banning almost never occurs. Instead, the dealer calls no more bets earlier in the spin, so you have no time to bet. The only way to avoid this is to win discretely. When you leave, the dealer will resume calling no more bets later in the spin. This allows typical losing players to bet more and lose more, which maximizes casino profits.

A lot more detail is provided so you make an informed decision. Contact us if you have further questions. The best proof you can get is testing for yourself in a personal demonstration or free trial. Personal demos are best proof possible but they are optional and not essential to purchase.

See a demo on any wheel you want either in person or via live webcam. This one of the most common wheels in the World. Bring video recordings of a wheel: You can purchase video recordings of spins, or even record spins from online casinos. You should have at least spins, and the video must be relatively smooth consistent frame rate of at least 15 frames per second. Test a simple roulette computer at www. It costs you nothing and you can test from home.

We'll loan you a computer for 1 day to test: If you find otherwise, we'll provide a full refund. See Terms and Conditions. There are a variety of different versions. Naturally the more sophisticated versions are more accurate, but also more expensive. Contact us with details of where you play, and your approximate budget, and we'll suggest the most suitable version.

A summary of each version is below, but see a detailed comparison here. All prices include everything you need for real casino application. Entry-level device with basic functionality. It achieves the same accuracy as competent visual ballistics player, except it requires far less skill and learning visual ballistics is a common professional approach.

Affordable version for common wheels and conditions. It's a few steps above the basic computer in both sophistication and accuracy. It includes support for a second player to bet more numbers in less time.

The Lite version still achieves a reasonable edge in common conditions. But it's less accurate, and achieves later predictions than the advanced versions. For serious single players, or two-player teams. Capable of much more accurate and earlier predictions than the Basic or Lite versions. It comfortably beats almost every modern wheel design in real casino conditions.

This is our newest computer. It's almost identical to the Hybrid Remote version our most powerful version , so you get the earliest and most accurate predictions possible. The only significant difference is the Uber Remote obtains ball and rotor timings via player clicks of a hidden button, whereas the Hybrid uses a hidden camera and automatically measures speeds. The timings are transmitted via wireless Internet to a remote server, which performs calculations and returns the predicted numbers to any amount of players at the table.

The server exists outside the casino, and in another country. No sensitive equipment is ever brought into the casino, so there's nothing important casinos could confiscate. Between 1 and 4 players can take timings - the more players taking timings, the more accurate predictions are. The Remote Uber can be used by single players, but it is designed for large international teams.

It will be available before October The ultimate computer for high-rollers and international teams. Besides the earliest and most accurate predictions possible, these versions have a unique advantage that maximizes your revenue. They allow you to manage unlimited teams anywhere you want, and get paid part of their winnings. You can have a different team play each day of the week, and can even sleep while they play. The only limit to to your profits is what you can win without being detected.

That's because if you're detected, the casino will close bets earlier until you leave. So if you win large sums, normally you must play elsewhere for a while to avoid suspicion.

This requires time-consuming and tiring travel. But unless you change casinos, your revenue is limited. Because the Uber and Hybrid servers are connected to the Internet, all players need to use it is a smartphone, the hidden audio equipment, and your permission. This enables you to have a different team play each day. And because they play in different countries and casinos, they can win much larger amounts without being detected.

As you receive a percentage of their winnings, you maximize your revenue, without even needing to set foot inside the casino.

You can work entirely from home, or anywhere in the world. So the Remote Hybrid and Uber versions allow you to repeatedly win large amounts, without drawing attention. Very large sums can be won in a short time.

You can find new team members in our player-only forum. We can also introduce you to players who already have the required equipment, and are ready to play. There is very little training required for new players because the servers do most of the work. We have various versions which are explained on the comparison page.

Basically the higher the price, the more capable the version is. If you are unsure which version suits you, contact us to discuss your requirements.

See the purchase page for details. We can make ourselves available on most weekdays 9: Let us know what time during the above hours you would like to call Skype is best.

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