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In one of the walls of the mountain, there is a Monty Mole-shaped hole, through which an endless stream of moles can pop out. Stronger, green Monty Moles can also be found in Flower Fields.

They are also known as "Monty Moles"; however, the Japanese version of the game gave them a different name from the regular Monty Moles. Monty Moles were going to appear in Super Paper Mario , but were taken out for unknown reasons.

Similar to their behavior in the overworld of the first Paper Mario , they would have attacked Mario by popping out of holes in the wall like in Super Mario World and throwing rocks like in Super Mario The graphics use a higher-resolution version of their Paper Mario design.

A crowned purple Monty Mole boss was intended to appear in a pre-release screenshot of Paper Mario: Sticker Star , but was taken out of the final game. However, Rocky Wrenches appear in the game. Superstar Saga and its 3DS remake , where 11 of them can be found in well hidden locations throughout the game.

If Mario and Luigi reach a Monty Mole's chamber, it gives them a prize of some sort, such as items, clothing, or badges. The Monty Moles in the game are yellow in color, have the shades, hair, and mouths of Mega Moles, and wear red bow ties; in the remake, they retain their normal appearance, but still have the bow ties. The exact location for where each Monty Mole can be found is listed below.

Monty Mole 1 Prerequisite: Hand Power Moves Reward: Monty Mole 2 Prerequisite: On the base of Hoohoo Mountain , by the entrance to Guffawha Ruins , the brothers can use their Ultra Hammers to smash the black rocks in the way, ultimately leading them to this Monty Mole.

Monty Mole 3 Prerequisite: In the Beanbean Outskirts , just west of the entrance to Beanbean Castle Town , the brothers will find a fence that Luigi can burrow under after performing a Luigi Dunk. Once Luigi pops out of the ground from the other side, he can enter the cave ahead and then complete the following sidescrolling course to find this Monty Mole.

Monty Mole 4 Prerequisite: Red Pepper, Green Pepper Location: In the Beanbean Outskirts, just south of the entrance to Teehee Valley , the brothers can find a hidden section from the northeast corner of the area. In this section, Mario can drink from the water spout and then Luigi can tickle Mario from behind in front of each of the six plant roots.

This will cause Luigi to eject Mario's water onto each of the roots in order to grow them into flat trees that can be High Jumped on. One of these trees will lead to this Monty Mole. Monty Mole 5 Prerequisite: In the Beanbean Outskirts, just south of the entrance to Teehee Valley, the brothers can find a cave on the northwest corner of the area. Once inside the cave, Luigi can hammer Mario into Mini-Mario to allow him to pass through the small hole ahead.

From here, Mini-Mario can complete the following sidescrolling course to find this Monty Mole. Monty Mole 6 Prerequisite: From Monty Mole 5, Mini-Mario can backtrack to the last moving platform and use it to reach the overhead path. Mini-Mario can continue to follow this path eastward, ultimately leading to this Monty Mole.

Monty Mole 7 Prerequisite: In the Beanbean Outskirts, just south of the entrance to Yoshi Theater, the brothers will find an electrical orb that can be ignited with Luigi's Thunderhand Power. Doing so will allow the brothers to access a cave, in which they use Simu-Blocks to create bridges in order to reach this Monty Mole. Monty Mole 8 Prerequisite: In the Beanbean Outskirts, west of the area south of the entrance to Teehee Valley, the brothers can undergo a series of obstacle courses, ultimately leading them to the next area on the west, where a cave awaits them at the end.

Monty Mole 9 Prerequisite: With Mario using his Luigi surfboard, the brothers can travel to the northwest corner of the Oho Ocean surface and fall into the whirlpool. Once in the seabed, the brothers can swim south and find a yellow pipe on the west that will take them to an island above the ocean surface. This Monty Mole can be found on the island. Monty Mole 10 Prerequisite: In Joke's End, where the very first Save Album is located, the brothers can travel west into a hidden area and use their Spin Jump to allow the moving whirlwind to guide them west through the air.

At the end of the flight, this Monty Mole can be found. Monty Mole 11 Prerequisite: Access to Bowser's Castle at the end of the game Reward: In the area of Bowser's Castle where there are moving whirlwinds across the lava pool below, the brothers can continue east past the door to Lemmy Koopa's room, where the lava pool resumes and another moving whirlwind can be found.

The brothers can use this whirlwind to guide them east through the air. One is encountered in the Gritzy Desert , and will prevent the four Mario Bros. Two more are seen in the underground region of the Koopaseum and they both run an Item Shop called the Monty Mart. Additionally, deep in the Gritzy Caves , two more Monty Moles run two more challenges that must be completed. A group of five Monty Moles, called the Monty Bros.

They utilize a giant drilling machine to fulfill Bowser's orders and dig a tunnel below Toad Town. They don't make much progress however, so Bowser has to finish their duties. They attack Bowser in a giant train called the Fawful Express. Bowser must defeat them in his giant form. If he succeeds, the falling chunks of the debris from the train will defeat the Monty Moles.

Here, they act as support enemies for Bowser Jr. Paper Jam as an enemy. They battle in holes that were dug out of the ground. They are encountered in Sunbeam Plains and later the haunted area of Gloomy Woods.

It has round sunglasses, three hairs, and a square tooth similar to modern appearances. It is also aytypically small in comparison to Mario. In Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64 , if the player successfully putts the ball into the hole from a long distance and scores under par, a Monty Mole may pop out of the hole. The name "Monty Mole" may also appear on the scoreboard. The player must shoot three shots at it, to earn a Super Drink. Monty Moles appear in Mario Golf: If the player hits them with the ball, they will burrow into the ground.

Their name can also appear on the tournament scoreboard. Monty Mole also appears in Mario Superstar Baseball as an unlockable character for the first time. Can't Hold Us Down. Dangerous David Guetta Banging Remix. Bang It to the Curb. Revolution Panic City Remix. Cannonball Earthquake Yellow Claw Remix.

How We Party Clean. Rage the Night Away Clean. Rage the Night Away Flosstradamus Remix. All About That Bass. Ping Pong Hardwell Remix. Knock You Out Hardwell Remix. Turn Down For What. Back To Earth Original Mix. Dare You Cash Cash Remix. Unison Knife Party Remix. Wild for the Night. All of the Lights Interlude. All of the Lights. Ladi Dadi Tommy Trash Remix. We Like to Party. Do What You Want. Blood On The Leaves. No Good Extended Mix. I Can Only Imagine.

Dynamo Sven Kirchhof Remix. Call Your Girlfriend Kaskade Remix. Rest Of My Life. Make The Crowd Go. Glowing Fedde Le Grand Remix. Let The Groove Get In. Sending My Love Original Mix. Let There Be Love. Maximal Crazy Original Mix. Chronicles Of Fallen Love. We've Only Just Begun. Dark Side Moguai Vocal Mix.

How We Do Original Mix. She Doesn't Mind Pitbull Remix. Move If You Wanna. Beautiful World Laidback Luke Remix. Feel So Close Nero Remix. Last Time Knife Party Remix. Calling Lose My Mind. Where Have You Been. Turn Up The Music Instrumental. Turn Up The Music. If You Would Original Mix. Give Me All Your Luvin'. It's Not You It's Me. Toca's Miracle Inpetto Update. Save The World Zedd Remix.

One Your Name Vocal Mix. Close To Me R3hab Remix. Out Of My Head. Til Death R3hab Remix. Happiness Michael Woods Remix. Metrum Original Club Mix. Til Death Ken Loi Remix. Dedication To My Ex. Till The World Ends. Only You Ken Loi Remix. Don't Stop The Party. Vegas Annger Dimas Remix. Do It Like This. Tu Vuo' Fa L' Americano. Baby I'm Yours Aeroplane Remix. Only Girl In The World.

Baddest Gangsta Ballet Dancer. Samba All Night Extended Version. Hotel Room Service 03 Remix. Jump Jump Smokers Remix. Natural Born Hustler feat. Girlfriend Pied Piper Remix. Everybody's Free Rework. The Drums Avicii's Mouthful Remix. I Will Be Here. Everybody Loves A Carnival.

I Can Transform Ya. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer. Lala Song Tocadisco Remix. Holiday Laidback Luke Remix. How Soon Is Now. Turn Your Love Around. She Wolf featuring T-Pain. Remedy Rusko's Big Trainers Remix. Everytime Tha Beat Drop Clean. Pro Nails Rusko Remix. Take Your Shirt Off. Pon de Floor feat. Now You See It. They appeared at three screenings in southern Japan: Osaka on Friday, then Kobe and Kyoto on Saturday.

Read it and see more photos of their weekend adventure here. Theaters had a new set of replica genga [original art] to give away for the second weekend. The image of the Andromeda bridge top right is an artifact from Fresh from their weekend trip and the just-held funeral for Hiroki Takagi , Habara and Fukui were reunited with scriptwriter Hideki Oka for another Yamatalk event at the Shinjuku Piccadilly theater.

Joining them for his first appearance was novelizer Yuka Minagawa. There was no transcript for this one, but you can read an interview with Minagawa here. Writer Harutoshi Fukui and voice actor Eriko Nakamura were scheduled to attend a screening in the city of Ayagawa in southern Japan but found themselves stranded in an airport due to bad weather.

This became the third issue of Newtype to feature a Yamato side story in text form, created by Harutoshi Fukui and written by novelizer Yuka Minagawa. As before, it also included a full-spread illustration by manga artist Michio Murakawa.

Newtype and the novelizations are both published by Kadokawa, so it all belongs to the same body of work. The third and final set of replica genga was an all-character pack featuring Teresa, Shima, and a classic early design for Sabera The third Yamatalk night of the month took place as Chapter 4 neared the end of its third week in theaters.

Some would discontinue it at that point, but others kept it going for a fourth week. On stage this time were Fukui, Habara, and scriptwriter Hideki Oka.

To get an idea of how wide that range can go, visit the Tamashii Nations blog here , or take a look at this photo gallery. Fans could get three different coasters above left and purchase a pair of doujinshi. One contained promo illustrations from past lectures and the other was an encyclopedia of music from the original TV series. A poster from that event containing multiple autographs was displayed in the lobby. Wonder Festival kicked off a new year of hobby show events with plenty of Yamato products to arrest the eyeballs.

Naturally, fans flooded Twitter with photos. See a gallery here , along with other Yamato goodies from the event. On this day, the Yamato Crew website opened preorders for five new leather goods coming from Bandai, wallets and cases in multiple sizes for personal objects. They are scheduled for release in mid-June. Chapter 4 ran for four weeks in some Japanese theaters, meaning that its final day on the big screen coincided perfectly with its release on home video.

Those who purchased it from Yamato Crew would receive voice-recording scripts for each episode, and those who ordered from Amazon received the fourth exclusive drama CD, written by Harutoshi Fukui and performed by the original cast. Titled First time only! Yamato Crew delighted fans everywhere when they released these video storage boxes with a wraparound illustration by mecha designer Junichiro Tamamori.

As with all products sold through the site, they are shipped to Japanese addresses only. But if you have a Japanese friend, give it a shot. See the listings here. Yamato became the second new kit in the mini-lineup, following Andromeda. Like the title ship itself, this is not identical to the version, featuring the same design adjustments seen in the anime.

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