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As well as of the same suit, for example, 7, 8, 9, 10, and J of diamonds. You can get more information about the starting Hand Ranks. Double click on the seat of a player, you can view or edit notes for that player. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. This is another way to describe your hole cards' strength.


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Remarkably, this is the first WSOP cash of Garcia's career, and he sure made it one to remember for the family and friends that lined the gallery around the final table. He also earned his first gold bracelet, a personal milestone. Reading is a year-old poker pro from St. He has played full-time for several years, with most of his previous success coming from online poker games. Reading has pocketed six-figures in the past, but nothing could compare to the thrill of winning on the biggest live stage in poker here at the WSOP.

He won the same bracelet event in consecutive years. This marks his third career victory at the Rio in Las Vegas. As expected, the tournament was able to wrap up in just two days of play, even with a massive turnout of 1, players. Greenwood topped another huge field of 1, players on the way to the biggest payday and most prestigious prize of his poker career, to date.

The Vietnamese-born poker pro now living in St. This marked his third occasion to cash at the series, making not just his first time to play the game a memorable occasion, but his third time a charm. Galfond, a professional poker player who hails from North Potomac, Md. This is Mercier's first gold bracelet in No-Limit Hold'em. His first two came in Pot-Limit Omaha, one which was a six-handed event.

With this victory, Mercier joins an elite group of players with three or more gold bracelets. He also collected his first WSOP gold bracelet. He topped a field of players. There were 92 places paid in this tournament. The poker pro conquered a field of players, absolutely loaded to the rafters with online pros, high-stakes cash game players, and former gold bracelet winners.

Select cards to place on the table. Many good poker players place their opponents on a range of possible hands based on their opponents past game play and their current actions.

Here you can specify any possible set of opening cards a player may have. Select Player Number Here: Select any possible set of suited cards, offsuit cards, or pocket pairs. You can then further constrain your selection based on suits by clicking the tab. Once you have done this, click the OK button at the bottom.

You can then come back here and specify hand ranges for any of the players you like. Here you can select suit combinations for any of your selections from the previous tab. Follow the steps as outlined below. Select whether you want to select suits for offsuit cards, suited cards or pocket pairs. Offsuit Suited Pocket Pairs 2.

Select which hands you want to select the possible suits for. AKo AQo AJo You can set suits for multiple options at once by selecting multiple options here while holding down the control key. Select the possible suits for your selected hands: Click the apply button to register the suits you just selected. Display draws in the month of: January February March April May June July August September October November December Draws from January 29, to September 26, Total. Buy Lottery Tickets Online!

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