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You can start up a group from scratch, or make use of one …. They are easy to arrange, require very little overhead, and depend on donations or pledges made to your participants. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The first of these, for example is adding 4 blues and 6 whites to 2 blues and 3 whites to end up with 6 blues and 9 whites, 69; the last takes 3 blues and 5 whites away from 5 blues and 6 whites to leave 2 blues and 1 white, Strap on some roller skates and roll around town or a nearby park with your date. The school raises money by charging the children a fee to participate. Other organizations accept donations for each item they wrap and the proceeds are donated to a designated recipient or organization.

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The same rules apply, but put coordinated paint colors on the Twister circles and let the games begin! This is the classic dinner and a movie date with a free twist! Instead of heading out to a pricey restaurant, plan a picnic followed by a free movie screening in the park. Troll the app store for free apps you can download and sing along to. Can you keep a poker face? Find out by playing a game of poker with your date, waging with anything other than money. Rev up the car and the relationship by getting behind the wheel and test driving your dream car with your date.

Many brewery tours are free, so take advantage of this when planning a date. Channel your inner nerd and impress your date at a local trivia night.

Revisit the infamous childhood game of Truth or Dare by walking around town taking turns asking each other the age-old question. Headgear, frizzy hair, and some freaky looking sweaters?

Collect some old photos, be it baby photos or high school grad pics, and share them with your date. Not only will it provide some good laughs but it will keep the conversation flowing. Dust off the old controllers and turn on that Nintendo 64! You might find yourselves drawn to a park you never noticed before, or a gritty part of the city where the graffiti is super-photogenic.

Take tons of selfies so that you have your own Instagram trail of the date. Check out local and up-and-coming artists on display at galleries in your area. Light some candles, break out the lotion or oil, and give each other a nice long back-rub. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. Your October Horoscope. Find a local golf course that's happy to offer up their facilities for the course of …. Strap on your dancing shoes and start practising your best dancefloor moves!

Ballroom dancing has made a noticeable comeback thanks to its exposure on reality television. Not only is it fun and …. Your treasured photos don't belong in shoe boxes and should be on show for everyone to see, and perhaps this is why scrapbooking is becoming such a popular past-time.

It seems like it's growing in …. This fundraiser is perfectly suited to being run close to the romantic holidays like Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day and the like or at the end of the school year when students are wishing each other …. This is a great fundraising idea that you can run alongside a dinner fundraiser event, and it should be a lot of fun too. Give everyone a raffle ticket to begin the silly sweepstakes, then ….

Whatever the flavor — whether vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate chip or something else — most of us love a serving of ice cream. There are plenty of different options to choose from, so why not have ….

As kids all you want to do is go outside, run around and play games. There's no reason why you can't keep on doing that and raise funds for your organization at the same time with a field day …. Most of us love a good parade, so give dog owners the chance to show off their pride and joy.

Get some sponsors for your event who are happy to donate for dogs who complete the route or for every …. As the holiday period comes around again, it's time to start thinking about keeping in touch with friends and family — although electronic communication methods have replaced many of the traditional ….

Many of us love getting perfume or cologne as a gift, and it's particularly popular when it comes to Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and December holidays.

Make the most of this with a …. Kids love the experience of meeting Santa Claus, but they don't have to settle for a hastily taken photo at a crowded mall — host your own photos with Santa session and give the children a better …. The best fundraisers aren't the ones that are serious and boring, and if you're after a fun and hearty change, why not host something on National Talk Like a Pirate Day? Here's a fundraiser guaranteed to go down well in States that have a returnable bottle deposit or areas offering money for scrap collecting check with local centers if you're unsure.

It seems that just about everyone has a secret family chili recipe to call upon. Use this to your advantage by getting people to share theirs through having a Chili Cook-off as your next fundraising …. The car wash is a well-known and popular fundraising idea, but it doesn't work everywhere — what if there is no access to water? Or you want to be more environmentally friendly? The answer is to have …. One problem when visiting wineries and brewpubs is that you need to appoint a designated driver, and this is an annoyance that your group can solve by hosting a Winery or Brewpub Bus Tour.

Have you ever held a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance at your school? It's a once-a-year reversal where the tradition is for the girls to invite the boys to the dance rather than the other way around. It's no secret that babies and young children can quickly outgrow their clothing and toys, usually way before these items are worn out.

Take advantage of this by hosting a baby and kids' resale for …. This is an interesting twist on the standard dinner fundraiser that can prove very entertaining if done correctly. Tell everyone coming to bring along an individual serving, cooked meal or dessert, …. Some of the best fundraisers are both fun and educational, and this is one of them. Many of us at one time or another have thought about running for political office, and this is a fun and easy way ….

A trivia night fundraiser caters to everyone's competitive spirit, teaches you facts you didn't know and raises funds for your cause all at the same time. Search around your local area for a bar or …. This idea gives you a great way of cleaning out your closet and raising some funds during the Prom and Homecoming season. How many people do you know with old prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses that …. To get started with this idea, contact a few celebrities from the area or local industries to see if they'd be willing to participate.

They might also be up for donating some autographed memorabilia …. Every mom loves being spoilt and honored on Mother's Day and a great way to do this is with a flower corsage. Your group can put together corsages as your next fundraiser, recognizing the great work ….

Use the framework of a classic childhood event for your next fundraiser by hosting a grown up spelling bee competition. Find a group of volunteers that would like to participate in the event, then …. There are many great things about pizza, not least that it's simple to make and can be easily tailored to suit anyone's tastes — get creative with your toppings and the possibilities are almost ….

Rather than paying a student for good grades, see if you can get this money for your cause — find sponsors who are happy to pay a certain amount for every A and B that appears on a report card. This idea is going to appeal to the gear-heads, the automotive groups and the big kid that hides in all of us. Have a word with a contractor or heavy equipment rental facility in your area, and …. Cardboard regattas are races held on calm and shallow bodies of water.

Contestants have the opportunity to build their own cardboard vessels, making it particularly suitable for groups with a focus on …. The idea of an All Saints Day cleanup is to undo the mess created by miniature ghosts and goblins on the night of Halloween. You can get the area looking smart again and raise money at the same time. This fundraiser is particularly suitable for pre-schools, elementary schools, and daycare centers. The aim is to put together a coffee table art book that shows off works of art that the children ….

You're going to need some careful planning for this idea, but if you can organize yourself it can prove a lucrative and enjoyable way of raising money.

During tough economic times, people want …. When working with any charity or fundraising organization, it's important to keep the group's name in people's minds as much and as often as you can. While most fundraising events take place on warm ….

You've no doubt come across all kinds of tasting events: It's a unique fundraiser that's much more enjoyable than trekking from door to …. It has its critics but there's something to be said for tradition in all walks of life.

The same is true when it comes to raffles: The car wash is one of the most common and most recognizable fundraising ideas you'll ever come across. It's so popular because it works so well. Identify a suitable location for the car wash, …. Shopping for gifts for the holidays is often a busy, time-consuming process that causes more stress than enjoyment, but it doesn't have to be this way.

As you might realise, this idea is a spin off from the well-known punkin' chunkin' competition. It's a great fundraiser to launch in the fall at the height of the pumpkin and gourd growing time of the …. You may have seen information about donating via text message in the aftermath of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

You can use the same technology to accept donations for your own …. We all know from experience that the Holidays are a busy time and people are often willing to pay for certain services that save them time.

One of the most popular services in this area is gift …. Protecting and conserving the environment should be a concern for all of us sharing the planet, and if you want to do your part then you can combine this with some fundraising as well. If you're looking for something fun and easy with plenty of flexibility, look no further. Make use of recipe …. Are you the sort of person who would consider puckering up if it meant raising money for your chosen charity?

What about your favorite team or another needy organization? It may come as no surprise …. This raffle is more sedate than most as you watch a group of rubber duckies float down a river. Once you have the ducks as many as possible , find a suitable stretch of water, preferably one with a …. Not only is this a great fundraiser to try, it's very easy to set up too — all that you're going to need is a pickup truck filled with some tacky yard decorations.

Think along the lines of plastic …. Use this idea to turn a standard fundraising dinner into something a bit more fun and entertaining.

Tour around your neighborhood and you'll notice that while many people make do with plastic mailboxes nowadays, there are still the traditionalists who use basic metal ones, and these can begin to …. Short putters, mini pencils, it can only mean one thing… it's Miniature Golf time. Put on this is lively fundraiser, which works for all ages, and you can test out your putting skills around …. For your next fundraiser try this twist on an old theme: Find a farmer in the area who is ….

Most of us will have plenty of bits and pieces stuffed in an attic, basement, or spare room. You can help your cause by giving people an opportunity to clear out this …. Imagine your reaction if you woke up one day to a yard full of plastic pink flamingos or spinning daisies.

The idea of an overnight zoo or garden in honor of a birthday or anniversary is one that's …. Photo sharing has got much easier since digital cameras and the Internet arrived, but you've probably got plenty of old pictures stuck in albums or piled up in shoeboxes. Wouldn't it be great if you …. Now for a fundraiser that's certain to create a buzz and attract the crowds.

It's suitable for adult fundraising groups and should be strictly limited to those aged 21 and over. Get in touch with a …. It's a familiar sight when driving around after Christmas to see many houses with lights still dangling from the eaves weeks or months after the main event. People are forgetful and busy, and taking …. Although we might not like to admit it, many of us will have several pieces of gold jewelry gathering dust in a box or on a dresser.

These items might be broken or out of style, or maybe they were …. This is a fundraiser that works best in October, giving you the opportunity to discover all of the haunted places in your neighborhood and learn something about their history. Advertise the fact …. Speak to the local car dealerships in your area and ask them if they would be willing to supply a few luxury cars for a test drive course that you can then use as a fundraising event. Set up a …. Have a look around your group and your local community and you'll find there are many different kinds of professions and skill-sets represented.

Use this to your advantage by asking anyone who …. This fundraiser is one that will work well if there's a new prison in your area about to open or an old one that's just been shut down. The idea is that people pay to spend a night in jail, to see …. We don't all have the skills of a Julia Child but almost anyone can put on a cooking class, even if complicated French cuisine isn't your speciality. If you have access to a kitchen through your ….

Bring out the inner Picasso from inside your pet and create a fun art fundraiser with this idea. You can opt to limit it just to dogs or allow any type of pet within reason to enter and submit some …. During fall, it seems all of the trees shed their leaves at exactly the same time. While sweeping them up can be a time-consuming task, it's also a great opportunity for your group to hold a …. You don't have to spend a long time looking to find people who like chocolate, and a Death by Chocolate fundraiser will be right up their street.

To begin with make contacts with local restaurants …. Chances are you've already seen a dog bakery pop up in your local area, as spending on these pets is at an all-time high. Tap into this trend to make some money for your organization. Not so long ago, full service gas stations were the norm in the United States, but nowadays it's rare to see them outside of New Jersey.

You can raise funds by bringing back the service tradition for …. Get planning a luau fundraiser and you can bring some tropical flavor from the islands to your local community very easily. If you have a beach near to where you live, create an authentic …. Most of us have dreamt of sitting on the court at a basketball game or on the fifty yard line in the case of football.

Your group can help make this dream come true with a raffle for the best seat in …. For many families, dogs are considered as part of the family unit, and you'll find that people are spending more time, love, and money on their canine friends than ever before.

Tap into this …. Unless you happen to live in Texas, the opportunity to go along to a horse show doesn't arrive very often. This is perfect fundraiser for any groups with a focus on farming or animal …. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who actually likes washing dirty dishes.

What's more, with the pace of modern life so frenetic, it can be difficult to find the time to make a proper home-cooked …. Draw up a list of ten or so items your group is able to make …. For this fundraiser you're going to need to partner up with a popular local fast food outlet that has a drive thru lane.

Collect squeegees, towels and some cleaning solution, then offer to wash the …. Haven't we all wished we could just roll out of bed and head to work or school in our pajamas? With this fundraiser you can make this dream and reality and give people the opportunity to turn up in ….

For a fundraiser that's particularly suitable for high schools, look no further than this one. You get your students to purchase raffle tickets where the prize is for the winner to spend a school …. The first stage to putting on a Waiting for Dollars event is to find a local restaurant that's happy to host it — you should find that they appreciate the extra business it's going to attract, and of ….

Going away to college can be a big adjustment that's difficult to deal with and can leave people feeling homesick. The perfect cure is a care package sent from home, making this an ideal fundraiser …. This one can get a little weird, so prepare yourself.

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