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She realized, as I watched, that something was amiss. She refused time and time again to go to a rehab facility. I gravitated toward it and having this great new character to play. Carrington feels that it is food and drink. Maybe now we get to prove them wrong. The only real problem is that Burns-Caulfield seems to have disappeared The cause of death was strangulation; it was not known who the killer was, but evidence suggested that it was either Jack Abbott or Victor.

Dakota Johnson Shares Her Phone Number With the Entire Global Citizen Festival Crowd

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Turkey is a corrupt, Islamist regime that cannot be trusted to defend the alliance, at least not until there is a leadership and political change in-country. As Congress and the Trump administration announce sanctions and tariffs on just about every country in the world, it should be noted that this will be the last time the U. There have been many theories behind the president's decision to reverse sanctions against Chinese telecom giant ZTE, and allow it to survive and deal with American companies.

The Western media have made a big deal about the threat from Vladimir Putin's Russia. But as I've written before, even though it could, it's not Moscow that is threatening to destroy the United States and Israel. Special counsel Robert Mueller is going after a group in Washington. They have one single crime. They are Trump Republicans.

I've written many times before about how you have to look at the consequences of a politician's actions and policies to judge his priorities, not his oratory. Major League Baseball brings its annual summer All-Star classic to our nation's capital this week. We are weighed down by payloads which make us virtually omniscient. We see on every wavelength, from radio to string. Our autonomous microprobes measure everything our masters anticipated; tiny onboard assembly lines can build tools from the atoms up, to assess the things they did not.

Atoms, scavenged from where we are, join with ions beamed from where we were: This extra mass has slowed us, but midpoint braking maneuvers have slowed us even more. The last half of this journey has been a constant fight against momentum from the first.

It is not an efficient way to travel. In less-hurried times we would have built early to some optimal speed, perhaps slung around a convenient planet for a little extra oomph , coasted most of the way.

But time is pressing, so we burn at both ends. We must reach our destination; we cannot afford to pass it by, cannot afford the kamikaze exuberance of the first wave. They merely glimpsed the lay of the land. We must map it down to the motes. We must be more responsible. Now, slowing towards orbit, we see everything they saw and more. We see the scabs, and the impossible iron core.

We hear the singing. And there, just beneath the comet's frozen surface, we see structure: We are not yet close enough to squint, and radar is too long in the tooth for fine detail. But we are smart, and there are three of us, widely separated in space.

Burns-Caulfield stops singing the moment we put our plan into action. In the next instant I go blind. It's a temporary aberration, a reflexive amping of filters to compensate for the overload. My arrays are back online in seconds, diagnostics green within and without. I reach out to the others, confirm identical experiences, identical recoveries. We are all still fully functional, unless the sudden increase in ambient ion density is some kind of sensory artefact.

We are ready to continue our investigation of Burns-Caulfield. The only real problem is that Burns-Caulfield seems to have disappeared Let superfluous deckhands weigh down other ships, if the nonAscendent hordes needed to attach some pretense of usefulness to their lives. Let them infest vessels driven only by commercial priorities. The only reason we were here was because nobody had yet optimized software for First Contact. Bound past the edge of the solar system, already freighted with the fate of the world, Theseus wasted no mass on self-esteem.

So here we were, rehydrated and squeaky-clean: Isaac Szpindel, to study the aliens. Major Amanda Bates was here to fight, if necessary. And Jukka Sarasti to command us all, to move us like chess pieces on some multidimensional game board that only vampires could see.

He'd arrayed us around a conference table that warped gently through the Commons, keeping a discreet and constant distance from the curved deck beneath. The whole drum was furnished in Early Concave, tricked unwary and hung-over brains into thinking they were looking at the world through fisheye lenses. In deference to the creakiness of the nouveaux undead it spun at a mere fifth of a gee, but it was just warming up. We'd be at half-grav in six hours, stuck there for eighteen out of every twenty-four until the ship decided we were fully recovered.

Light sculptures appeared on the tabletop. Szpindel leaned in conspiratorially at my side. If Sarasti heard he didn't show it, not even to me. He pointed to a dark heart at the center of the display, his eyes lost behind black glass.

Infrared emitter, methane class. Our apparent destination was a black disk, a round absence of stars. In real life it weighed in at over ten Jupiters and measured twenty percent wider at the belly. It was directly in our path: Like a torsion flare from an L-class dwarf, but we should see anything big enough to generate that kind of effect and the sky's dark on that bearing.

IAU calls it a statistical artefact. Szpindel's eyebrows drew together like courting caterpillers. Sarasti smiled faintly, keeping his mouth closed. Everyone skittish , looking for clues. Layers of statistical inference piled up on the table while Sarasti sketched background: A thousand telescopic snapshots had been stacked one on another and squeezed through a dozen filters before something emerged from the static, just below the three-meter band and the threshold of certainty.

For the longest time it hadn't even been real: A quantum particle, heavy as ten Jupiters. Earthbound cartographers were calling it Big Ben. Theseus had barely passed Saturn's orbit when it showed up in the residuals.

That discovery would have been moot for anyone else; no other ship caught en route could have packed enough fuel for anything but the long dejected loop back home. But Theseus ' thin, infinitely attenuate fuel line reached all the way back to the sun; she could turn on the proverbial dime.

We'd changed course in our sleep and the Icarus stream tracked our moves like a cat after prey, feeding us at lightspeed. And here we were. Across the table, Bates flicked her wrist. Her ball sailed over my head; I heard it bounce off the deck not the deck , something in me amended: The ball riccocheted back into my line of sight high overhead and disappeared briefly behind the spinal bundle, looping through some eccentric, counterintuitive parabola in the drum's feeble grav.

Sarasti steepled his fingers and turned his face in her direction. She wished it was. I'm just saying that Burns-Caulfield took a lot of resources and effort to set up. Whoever built it obviously values their anonymity and has the technology to protect it. The ball bounced one last time and wobbled back towards the Commons.

Bates half-hopped from her seat she floated briefly , barely catching it on its way past. There remained a new-born-animal awkwardness to her movements, half Coriolis, half residual rigor.

The rest of the Humans were barely past the walking stage. We don't want to rush into this. Sarasti turned back to the simmering graphics. Bates kneaded the recovered ball with her fingertips. We may have blown our top-of-the-line recon in the Kuiper, but we don't have to go in blind. Send in our own drones along separate vectors.

Hold off on a close approach until we at least know whether we're dealing with friendlies or hostiles. James shook her head. Or sent one big object instead of sixty thousand little ones, let the impact take us out.

I turned, briefly startled. James's mouth had made the words; Sascha had spoken them. If they were so curious , they could've just snuck in a spycam. Sarasti opened his mouth, closed it again. Filed teeth, briefly visible, clicked audibly behind his face. Tabletop graphics reflected off his visor, a band of writhing polychrome distortions where eyes should be. By the time you react, they already have what they want.

But Sascha had already fled. Her surfaces had scattered like a flock of panicked starlings, and the next time Susan James' mouth opened, it was Susan James who spoke through it. She's simply worried that it might be wrong. I'm sure they'll still be willing to talk, if we handle the introductions right. We just need to be a little more cautious, perhaps Sarasti unfolded himself from his chair and loomed over us. What we know weighs against further delay. Bates frowned and pitched her ball back into orbit.

We don't even know if there's anyone there. Nobody spoke for a few seconds. Someone's joints cracked in the silence. Without looking, Sarasti flicked out his arm and snatched Bates' returning ball from the air. We respond with an identical signal. Probe launches half-hour before we wake up.

We don't go in blind, but we don't wait. They see us already. Longer we wait, greater risk of countermeasures. I looked at the dark featureless placeholder on the table: Something in the shadow of that mass had just reached out with casual, unimaginable precision and tapped us on the nose with a laser beam. This was not going to be an even match. Szpindel spoke for all of us: You're telling us now?

This time Sarasti's smile was wide and toothy. It was as though a gash had opened in the lower half of his face. Maybe it was a predator thing. He just couldn't help playing with his food. It wasn't so much the way they looked. Not even the eyes, really. The eyes of dogs and cats shine in the darkness; we don't shiver at the sight. Not the way they looked. The way they moved. Something in the reflexes, maybe. The way they held their limbs: The fact that he was extinct meant nothing.

The fact that we'd come so far, grown strong enough to resurrect our own nightmares to serve us The genes aren't fooled. They know what to fear. Of course, you had to experience it in person.

Robert Paglini knew the theory of vampires down the molecules, but even with all those technical specs in his head he never really got it. He called me, before we left. I hadn't been expecting it; ever since the roster had been announced our watches had blocked calls from anyone not explicitly contact-listed. I'd forgotten that Pag had been. We hadn't spoken since Chelsea. I'd given up on ever hearing from him again.

But there he was. You've made it big, for a baseline. You're the vanguard of the Human Race. You're our first, last, and only hope against the unknown. Man, you showed them. Showing them had become a cornerstone of Robert Paglino's life. He'd really made it work for him, too, overcome the handicap of a natural birth with retrofits and enhancements and sheer bloody-mindedness. In a world in which Humanity had become redundant in unprecedented numbers, we'd both retained the status of another age: Until we run up against the real thing.

I couldn't imagine why. But I smiled back anyway. It was good to see him. Just met my first one yesterday. Didn't even seem to be aware of his surroundings sometimes, he seemed to be Those things are so fast it's scary. You know they can hold both aspects of a Necker cube in their heads at the same time? The term rang a bell. I subtitled, and saw the thumbnail of a familiar wireframe box:.

Sometimes the shaded panel seemed to be in front, sometimes behind. The perspective flipped back and forth as you watched.

Do you have any idea what kind of an edge that gives 'em? But hey, not their fault neutral traits get fixed in small populations. How many intersecting right angles do you see in nature? The point is they can do something that's neurologically impossible for us Humans. They can hold simultaneous multiple worldviews , Pod-man. They just see things we have to work out step-by-step, they don't have to think about it.

You know, there isn't a single baseline human who could just tell you, just off the top of their heads, every prime number between one and a billion?

In the old days, only a few autistics could do shit like that. It's just another thread to them. They don't remember stuff, they relive it. I'm just doing a couple of histology papers. I'd give my left ball. Which is why I envy you, Pod-man.

The only neuro in my file's under medical history. It had been over two years. I thought you'd shitlisted me. He let the lie sit there for a while. If aliens have asses. Nine if you count the backups. We're not exactly an army. Raise the white flag , I thought. I haven't been to QuBit's in a while.

Unfortunately I'm in Mankoya. Bye," Robert Paglino told me. Which was, when you got down to it, the reason he'd called. He wasn't expecting another chance. Pag blamed me for the way it had ended with Chelsea. I blamed him for the way it began. He'd gone into neuroeconomics at least partly because his childhood buddy had turned into a pod person before his eyes. I'd ended up in Synthesis for roughly the same reason.

Our paths had diverged, and we didn't see each other in the flesh all that often; but two decades after I'd brutalized a handful of children on his behalf, Robert Paglino was still my best and only friend.

She'll be good for you. What is she, another neuroeconomist? But she's still got the tools, my man. Likes all her relationships face-to-face and in the flesh. She's got to be easier than the bleeding composites you front for.

She's smart, she's sexy, and she's nicely inside the standard deev except for the personal contact thing. Which is not so much outright perversion as charming fetish. In your case it could even be therapeutic. He looked me up and down. That's not what this is. I just figured you two would click. Chelse is one of the few who might not be completely put off by your intimacy issues.

I meant your aversion to general Human contact. She's already en route to the appointed place. Which was how I found myself intrusively face-to-face in an airspace lounge south of Beth and Bear. The lighting was low and indirect, creeping from under seats and the edges of tables; the chromatics, this afternoon at least, were defiantly longwave. It was a place where baselines could pretend to see in infrared. So I pretended for a moment, assessing the woman in the corner booth: Something glowed on her cheek, a faint emerald staccato against the ambient red shift.

Her hair floated in a diffuse ebony cloud about her head; as I neared I caught occasional glints of metal within that nimbus, the threads of a static generator purveying the illusion of weightlessness. In normal light her blood-red skin would doubtless shift down to the fashionable butterscotch of the unrepentant mongrel.

She was attractive, but so was everyone in this kind of light; the longer the wavelength, the softer the focus. There's a reason fuckcubbies don't come with fluorescent lights. You will not fall for this , I told myself. Her little finger rested on one of the table's inset trickle-chargers. The glow on her cheek flapped bright lazy wings: She waved at the empty seat.

I took it, assessing the system before me, sizing up the best approach for a fast yet diplomatic disconnect. The set of her shoulders told me she enjoyed lightscapes, and was embarrassed to admit it.

Monahan was her favorite artist. She thought herself a natural girl because she'd stayed on chemical libidinals all these years, even though a synaptic edit would have been simpler. She revelled in her own inconsistency: Innately affectionate, and innately afraid of unreturned affection, and indomitably unwilling to let any of that stop her.

She liked what she saw when looked at me. She was a little afraid of that, too. Chelsea gestured at my side of the table. The touchpads there glowed soft, dissonant sapphire in the bloody light, like a set of splayed fingerprints. Extra hydroxyl on the ring, or something. Assembly-line neuropharm doesn't do much for me; it's optimized for people with more meat in their heads.

I fingered one of the pads for appearances, and barely felt the tingle. Explaining the Incomprehensible to the Indifferent. I smiled on cue. That should force a bit of distance. She thought I was joking. Chelsea grimaced; the butterfly on her cheek fluttered nervously at the motion, wings brightening. They're just tweaks, mainly. Changing taste in music or cuisine, you know, optimizing mate compatibility. It's all completely reversible. Too much developmental variation between brains; our targeting is really fine-scale.

But it's not all microsurgery and fried synapses, you know. You'd be surprised how much rewiring can be done noninvasively. You can start all sorts of cascades just by playing certain sounds in the right order, or showing images with the right balance of geometry and emotion. Rhythm and music hang their hats on the same basic principle.

We just turned art into science. Her voice grew suddenly quiet. Some kind of viral epilepsy, right? Back when you were just a tyke. I'd never explicitly asked him to keep it a secret. What was the difference anyway? I'd made a full recovery. Besides, Pag still thought that had happened to someone else. I'm sure they only did what they had to. I tried to suppress the thought, and couldn't: I like this woman. I felt something then, a strange, unfamiliar sensation that somehow loosened my vertebrae.

The chair felt subtly, indefinably more comfortable at my back. But it did leave me with a fondness for face-to-face encounters, if you know what I mean. Pag said you took your sex in the first-person. You okay with that? I was a virgin in the real world, one of the few things I still had in common with the rest of civilized society. Got all these needs and demands that you can't edit out. How can you blame anyone for saying no thanks to all that, now there's a choice?

You gotta wonder how our parents ever stayed together sometimes. You gotta wonder why they did. I felt myself sinking deeper into the chair, wondered again at this strange new sensation.

Chelsea had said the dopamine was tweaked. That was probably it. She leaned forward, not coy, not coquettish, not breaking eye contact for an instant in the longwave gloom. I could smell the lemony tang of pheromones and synthetics mingling on her skin. And you do realize that there's no trickler under your left finger there, don't you, Siri?

My left arm was slightly extended, index finger touching one of the trickle pads; and my right had mirrored the motion while I wasn't watching, its own finger tapping uselessly on blank tabletop. I pulled it back. I waited for a joke, or at least a raised eyebrow. Chelsea just nodded and resumed her thread. I've never been entangled with a synthesist before.

It's just a name. If we're gonna to be swapping spit for any length of time you've gotta get a name that means something. And we were, I realized. Chelsea had decided while I wasn't looking. I could have stopped her right there, told her what a bad idea this was, apologized for any misunderstanding. But then there'd be wounded looks and hurt feelings and guilt because after all, if I wasn't interested why the hell had I even shown up?

I didn't want to hurt her. Just for a while , I told myself. It'll be an experience. A bit precious, but it could have been worse.

She shook her head. I furrowed my brow at her, but I knew exactly what she meant: Something dark about you. And let me give you a tweak or two, I bet you'd grow right out of it. Pag admitted afterward, a bit sheepishly, that maybe I should have read that as a warning sign. Our scout fell towards orbit, watching Ben. We fell days behind, watching the scout. And that was all we did: We passed Ben's Rayleigh limit. We were closing on something from outside the Milky Way.

The probe arced down and in, drew close enough for false-color enhance. Ben's surface brightened to a seething parfait of high-contrast bands against a diamond-hard starscape.

Something twinkled there, faint sparkles on endless overcast. Szpindel shook his head. Must be a lot of rock in the neighborhood. Morphometrics scrolled across my inlays: Ben's day lasted seven hours twelve minutes. Diffuse but massive accretion belt circling the equator, more torus than ring, extending almost a half-million kilometers from the cloud-tops: He seemed to be right; increasing proximity smeared many of those pinpoint sparkles into bright ephemeral hyphens, scratching the atmosphere.

Closer to the poles, cloud bands flickered with dim, intermittent flashes of electricity. Weak radio emission peaks at 31 and m. Outer atmosphere heavy with methane and ammonia; lithium, water, carbon monoxide in abundance. Ammonia hydrogen sulfide, alkali halide mixing locally in those torn swirling clouds.

Neutral alkalis in the upper layers. By now even Theseus could pick those things out from a distance, but our scout was close enough to see filigree. It no longer saw a disk. It gazed down at a dark convex wall in seething layers of red and brown, saw faint stains of anthracene and pyrene. One of a myriad meteorite contrails scorched Ben's face directly ahead; for a moment I thought I could even see the tiny dark speck at its core, but sudden static scratched the feed.

The image blurred, then steadied as the probe pitched its voice higher up the spectrum. Unable to make itself heard above the longwave din, now it spoke down a laser. And still it stuttered. Keeping it aligned across a million fluctuating kilometers should have posed no problem at all; our respective trajectories were known parabolas, our relative positions infinitely predictable at any time t.

But the meteorite's contrail jumped and skittered on the feed, as if the beam were being repeatedly, infinitesimally knocked out of alignment. Incandescent gas blurred its details; I doubted that even a rock-steady image would have offered any sharp edges for a human eye to hold on to.

There was something wrong about it somehow, something about the tiny black dot at the core of that fading brightness. The image lurched again, and flashed to black, and didn't return. Like it hit a Parker Spiral, but with a really tight wind. I didn't need to call up subtitles. It was obvious in the set of her face, the sudden creases between her eyebrows: Sarasti clicked from the back of his throat and the back of the ship.

A moment later he served up an instant replay, those last few seconds of telemetry zoomed and smoothed and contrast-enhanced from visible light down to deep infrared. There was that same dark shard cauled in flame, there was the contrail burning in its wake. Now it dimmed as the object skipped off the denser atmosphere beneath and regained altitude. Within moments the heat trace had faded entirely. The thing that had burned at its center rose back into space, a fading ember.

A great conic scoop at its front end gaped like a mouth. Stubby fins disfigured an ovoid abdomen. Ben lurched and went out all over again. The thing had left me with no sense of scale. It could have been an insect or an asteroid.

Four hundred meters along the major axis. Ben was safely distant in our sights once more, a dark dim disk centered in Theseus 's forward viewfinder. But I remembered the close-up: There'd been thousands of the things.

Theseus shivered along her length. Damon's spirit left his body at the hospital, and he reunited with his son, but then he had to go back. Phyllis and Damon were under investigation for a possible murder, and they had to find a way to free themselves.

Phyllis even contacted her sworn enemy, Christine Blair , to help them, but Christine accepted only after Daniel asked her to. Dominic managed to get the upper hand on Christine, so Phyllis hired Michael Baldwin to defend her, and both Phyllis and Damon were cleared of all charges.

Damon reunited with his ex-wife, Adrienne Markham , and they moved to Atlanta together in In June , it was announced that Enos was to exit the soap due to budget cuts, [32] departing onscreen on August 10, Character history Bobby Marsino entered the series as the owner of the strip club, Marsino's.

He gave Brittany Hodges a job at the club, allowing her to sing and eventually strip. Brittany's new occupation caused problems in her relationship with her boyfriend, Raul Guittierez.

He attempted to get the club shut down with the help of Brittany's father, Fredrick Hodges. Brittany was electrocuted and scarred by one of Bobby's business associates out of revenge for her father and boyfriend's actions against the strip club.

Bobby, who developed feelings for Brittany, was there for her after the incident. He turned his associates in to the police, and he eventually married Brittany.

Bobby's past was brought into light after a body was discovered behind the Genoa City Rec Center. The body was that of Joshua Cassen, who was childhood friends with Nikki Newman. Joshua and Nikki were fighting over Nikki's father's gun, and it went off by accident, killing Joshua. Nikki's father buried the body until it was found many years later. Eventually, Bobby found out what happened to his brother, and Nikki and Bobby grew close after their revelation.

Brittany, meanwhile, was pregnant, and she gave birth to a baby boy. They named their son Joshua Marsino, after Bobby's late older brother. Brittany had many complications during her pregnancy, and in order to pay for the medical bills, Bobby got involved with the mob. When the mob tried to recruit him, he found evidence to incriminate the members that he knew of, and he was forced to go into the Witness Protection Program.

Brittany and Joshua were going to join Bobby in the Witness Protection Program once Joshua was in good health, but Bobby died in a hit and run accident in , before they could reunite as a family.

Cameron Kirsten first appeared on November 21, , [28] [33] portrayed by Linden Ashby. While in a bar, she met Cameron Kirsten, and he instantly fell in love with her.

He followed her up to her motel room, offering her wine all the while. They made love, and apparently, immediately afterwards he started abusing her by punching her in the face and trying to suffocate her with a pillow. However, before he could finish the beating, he fell asleep. Given this chance of escape, Sharon left Denver and came back to her family in Genoa City. A year after these events, Cameron came to Genoa City to do a business deal with Newman Enterprises, Victor's company, now turned over to Nick Newman , Sharon's husband.

While he was there, Cameron taunted and threatened Sharon, telling her that he would reveal to Nick what happened in Denver the year before unless she gave in to his wishes. Cameron then announced that he was planning a New Year's party and wanted Sharon to help him with it. Sharon said that she definitely would not do this, but, as Cameron had already told Nick about the party, there was nothing she could do.

During the party, Cameron wrote down the address of a motel on the south side of Genoa City on the back of one of his business cards. He then gave it to Sharon, telling her that he wanted to meet her there after the party was over. Sharon felt that she had no choice but to do this, seeing as Cameron could tell Nick about Denver at any time. After putting a long, black hooded coat on to disguise herself, Sharon went to the motel, apparently known as the Seedy Side.

Once she got there, she met Cameron and told him that nothing would ever happen between them again, and that she wanted each of them to go their separate ways and forget all about Denver. Cameron, infuriated, started to beat her up again, pushing her onto the bed. Sharon then kicked him and sent him sprawling to the floor. As he tried to get up, Sharon looked for any sort of weapon she could find. Seeing an opened champagne bottle, she grabbed it and walked over to Cameron. He looked up, horrified, to see the bottle she was holding, and brought up a hand to try to shield himself from the blow that would undoubtedly come, but it was too late.

The champagne bottle came crashing down on his head. Sharon thought he was dead, but he was only knocked unconscious. So, Sharon dragged him out behind a dumpster in the alley. A few hours later, Cameron awakened, snow-covered and angrier than he had ever been in his life. After he got up, Cameron returned, his face bleeding, to his "stand-in Sharon" lover, Grace Turner , who had been there the whole time.

Grace then attended to Cameron's wounds, and right there Cameron vowed to take his revenge on Sharon for almost killing him. And so, for the next few months, Cameron put on makeup and pretended that he was his own ghost, haunting Sharon by looking into her windows, chasing her in her house on the Newman ranch and even kissing her.

All the while, Sharon believed that she was going insane, seeing gruesome hallucinations of the man she thought she killed. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore, and went into the sewer, where Larry Warton had put "Cameron's" body after finding it in her car while she was trying to move it to see the body, and make sure that Cameron was really dead.

She actually did find a body, but it, of course, wasn't Cameron's. For some strange reason, Cameron actually had killed Frank Barritt , the biological father of Sharon's daughter Cassie ; apparently, for the sole purpose of driving Sharon out of her mind. At the Mother's Day Brunch at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Cameron made the fact that he was alive known, surprising not only Sharon but also Nick and Nikki Newman , who, at this point, thought that Cameron was dead for sure, although the former had no idea that Sharon could have been involved in the disappearance, as Sharon had told Nikki of her ordeal.

When asked about his whereabouts, Cameron made up a fake story about finding an old girlfriend of his in a bar and flying away with her to an island in the Caribbean. Cameron even said that sooner or later, he might hand the entire company over to Nick, as at the time, didn't think he wouldn't have any heirs. Nick said he'd think about the offer. Upon hearing about this, Sharon decided that she would tell Nick about everything that had happened between her and Cameron.

Immediately going to Cameron's hotel suite, Nick demanded that Grace tell him everything. She said that she didn't know what he was talking about, and wondered why he believed the lies that Sharon had told him.

Before leaving, Nick punched Cameron in the face, and told him that that was for what he did to Sharon in Denver. Nick then repeatedly came to the hotel suite and tried to interrogate Cameron, but to no avail. Near the end of his stay in Genoa City, Sharon began to visit him and it was only then that he started to open up.

During one of those visits, he told her about his mother and father and his history, which he had never told anyone before. When asked if there was anything he could do to help her escape murder charges for killing Frank, as the body had been found by now and Sharon was the prime suspect, he said that the only way it was possible was if she would be with him the rest of his life; and fly in his jet to one of the islands he owned. That way, she couldn't be brought back to the United States to face the criminal charges.

Faced with no other choice, Sharon reluctantly accepted. She told Cameron that she would be ready to leave on the following night, but he said that that wasn't going to work. He told her that either they would leave then, or he would go it alone. Although Sharon wasn't expecting this, she went along with him to the airport and boarded the jet. Nicholas, however, was following them and somehow boarded his jet. At one point during the flight, Sharon attempted to kill herself by jumping out of the door of the jet.

Cameron restrained her and told her that she had so much to live for and that her life had just begun. He comforted her and held her in his arms. Sharon finally calmed down and returned to her seat. Just as Cameron tried to kiss Sharon, Nick rushed out of the curtain behind them and pushed Cameron to the floor.

He delivered blow after blow to Cameron, who, at this point was too shocked by Nick's appearance to try to defend himself. Sharon jumped out of her seat and stood, watching in horror as the abuse continued. Finally, Nick knocked Cameron unconscious and dragged him to the door, strapping a parachute onto him.

He roughly pushed Cameron out of the jet, and he began his plummet to the ground. Meanwhile, in the jet, Nick strapped parachutes to him and Sharon too, and they followed Cameron.

In the morning, Cameron awoke to find himself in a cornfield, where, incidentally, Nicholas and Sharon had also landed. When he woke up, Cameron had noticed a horrible pain in his right leg, but he didn't realize the severity of his wound until Nicholas tried to move the leg and Cameron screamed. Although they knew about this, Nicholas and Sharon forced Cameron to walk until they found civilization.

If Cameron made any moves, Nicholas threatened to beat him with a large stick he found in the field. As they walked down the dirt road, Nicholas and Sharon treated Cameron very cruelly, with Sharon even pushing him and telling him to move faster. Soon, they came upon a stand selling sweet corn, and there they called the police.

Those police believed Nicholas and Sharon's story and put Cameron into a police car. Cameron Kirsten was last seen on the show being hauled away in that police car, with a look of cold fury and determination upon his face. Arthur Hendricks appeared from January 20 to November 29, as an ex-lover of Katherine Chancellor , [27] [36] portrayed by David Hedison.

History In her early days, Katherine Chancellor had an affair with her husband's golfing partner, Arthur Hendricks, which resulted in a pregnancy. Kay had a baby, whom she gave away for adoption and later was thought to be Jill Abbott Jess Walton. In early , Arthur came to Genoa City to visit Kay, and Jill hoped that Arthur would find a way to give Katherine hope for life, being that she was in a downward spiral of alcoholism at that time.

Arthur moved into the Chancellor Mansion and got to know his "daughter" better. Arthur, along with several other family members, did an intervention to prevent Kay from drinking anymore, which eventually helped her realize that she needed to go to rehab. Arthur and Kay became closer again after all of the time that they spent apart. Arthur planned to propose to Kay, but his stepson, Harrison Bartlett, came into town during that time, claiming that Arthur had killed his mother, Eleanor Hendricks, to get his hands on her fortune.

Arthur was investigated in the case, but he was never charged. Jill and Kay confronted Arthur about his stepson, but Arthur did not want to get into it. He just said that Harrison had a big hand in ruining his life. Kay decided to trust Arthur and marry him, but he wasn't able to handle the suspicious minds, so he decided to leave town, which prompted yet another feud between Kay and Jill.

While Arthur was still out of town, it was discovered that Jill was not Kay and Arthur's daughter. Arthur also has a grandson Devon Hamilton Bryton James. Tom Fisher first appeared on April 9, , as the abusive father of Kevin Fisher , initially portrayed by Jonathan Fraser. The role was then assumed by Roscoe Born on April 7, , [37] but within nine months, it was announced that Born was to exit the soap, [37] with his last appearance on January 13, The infamous Terrible Tom, the abusive father of Kevin Fisher and stepfather of Michael Baldwin , who had been violent towards them and their mother, Gloria Fisher , when they were young, arrived in Genoa City.

Having learned that Kevin had won in the lottery , Tom visited his estranged son, hoping to scare him into giving him money. Kevin, who had dreaded his father's return for years, bravely told him to go away, but Tom promised he would return.

Michael reluctantly agreed, threatening to kill him if he ever returned. The money didn't last long, and Tom soon came back, trying to embezzle more from Michael.

When that was unsuccessful, Tom paid a visit to Gloria, who was now happily married to the wealthy John Abbott, Sr. Gloria believed that Tom was dead, and realized that she is still legally married to him, invalidating her marriage to John. Tom threatened to tell John about this if she didn't pay him indefinitely. Fearful that the revelation could cause John to leave her, Gloria gave in and began to give Tom money, despite Michael's warnings not to.

Tom and Gloria legally ended their marriage, and John and Gloria remarried. John and his daughter, Ashley Abbott , who Tom had been dating, found out that he was Gloria's abusive ex-husband and warned him to stay away from their family.

When Gloria refused to pay him anymore, Tom threatened to kill John, so Gloria kept giving him money, being careful not to let John find out. Tom met psychotic Sheila Carter , whom he knew only as the alias Brenda Harris. They teamed up to exact revenge on the Abbotts and on Michael and his fiance, Lauren Fenmore , who Sheila had wanted dead for years. Sheila told Tom that her plan was to kidnap Lauren on her honeymoon with Michael and then ransom her. However, her real plan was much more sinister; Sheila planned to kill Lauren and Tom.

Upon learning of his ally's deception, Tom saved Lauren's life and dragged her to safety when her honeymoon yacht exploded. Lauren was presumed dead, but was actually stranded in a bomb shelter with Sheila and Tom. Tom had both women tied up in the shelter, and decided to go back to Genoa City to extort money from Gloria in return for Lauren's safety.

While Gloria agreed to meet Tom, Ashley instead headed to meet Tom in an alley, but John, who overhead Tom's phone call to Gloria, got there first and shot Tom.

Tom was taken to the hospital and, with his last strength, tried to tell an angry Michael and Kevin that Lauren was not dead, but died before he could do so. The doctors tried to revive him, but to no avail and it was the classic blanket over the head. Days later, Paul Williams arrived at the bomb shelter and rescued Lauren, who had managed to work with Sheila to escape. However, Sheila fell behind and disappeared once again. John was sentenced to seven years in prison for killing Tom, where he resided until his death from a stroke in August of that year.

After John's death, it was revealed that Tom and Gloria's divorce was never finalized, therefore again invalidating Gloria and John's second marriage. Three years after his death, Kevin saw a ghost of Tom and said goodbye and good riddance to him. Kevin then had him cremated and the ashes down Michael's sink. A safe deposit box key was one of the few things Tom left to Kevin in his will, though neither he nor Michael could determine where the box was located.

Years after Tom's death, it was revealed that his affair with Sheila had resulted in the birth of twins; Daisy Carter and Ryder Callahan. Elias loved horses and wanted to be an Olympic champion. Damon and Elias had been riding horses, stopped at a fast food joint and were eating their burgers when they were harassed by some street kids.

Damon put them straight. As he was using the encounter as a lesson to Elias on the way home in the car, a car drove up and Dominic Hughes fired a shot. The shot meant for Damon hit Elias and the boy died in his father's arms. Damon changed, bought a gun and was consumed with revenge hunting down his killer. Hughes was finally captured, tried, convicted and sent to prison but the rage was still there for Damon. He wasn't there for his grieving wife, Adrienne Markham, and she couldn't bear to be around him so they were divorced.

Years later, reality finally set in that mourning wouldn't bring Elias back. Damon learned to build a facade of control through meditation to cover the rage that was always still there.

In , Damon got word that Hughes was up for parole and began spending his time contemplating his Samurai sword so Damon's girlfriend, Phyllis Summers , visited Hughes in prison to warn him to stay away because Damon still wanted to kill him. Dominic told her he already knew that Damon lived in Genoa City and he fully intended to head there upon his release.

He claimed he was born again and had to see Damon to plead for his forgiveness. Phyllis left and Dominic sneered behind her back. Dominic got paroled and showed up in Genoa City immediately. Phyllis met him and brought him to Damon hoping to help Damon keep his cool. Damon didn't believe a word until Dominic showed him the tattoo on his inner arm in memory of Elias. Later Damon felt sorry for the guy spending his parole money on a trip to see him so he sent Phyllis to deliver some cash to Dominic.

As Phyllis approached his motel room door, another thug was leaving discussing a heist they were going to pull and how they had suckered Damon. Phyllis made a call on her cell phone then daringly burst into Dominic's room. Dominic pulled a gun and threw her on the bed intending to rape her.

Damon broke down the door wielding his Samurai sword. Hughes was knocked down and his gun flew across the floor. Phyllis convinced Damon not to kill him but, when she stepped between them, Hughes went for the gun. Damon jumped between them as Hughes fired and Damon took the bullet. With a last surge of rage, Damon ran Dominic through with the sword. Both were rushed to the hospital where Phyllis said to Dominic that she wishes he'll die as his gurney passed.

Damon was near death in the ER and his spirit left his body and stood by Phyllis as she frantically watched them work over him. The spirit of Elias appeared, told Damon it wasn't his time and to return to Phyllis who needed him. Elias forgave Damon for not protecting him and told Damon that he would always be in Damon's heart. While still in the hospital recovering, Damon and Phyllis were questioned for suspicion of conspiracy to murder Dominic thanks to the lies Hughes told the Genoa City police.

Phyllis had to beg Christine Blair to represent her and, although Christine said no, Phyllis's son Daniel Romalotti talked her into taking the case. Phyllis decided it was time for drastic measures, dressed up as a man, got thrown in jail for drunk driving and attempted to get Dominic to confess.

But Dominic recognized her. Phyllis was arrested then later Damon was arrested for conspiracy to commit attempted murder. Phyllis hired Michael Baldwin to be her lawyer instead. Things were looking bleak so Phyllis pulled another disguise as Atlanta reporter Sandra King. Her interview questions of District Attorney Glenn Richards helped him doubt that the felon Dominic was telling the truth. Paul Williams called Hank Weber into his office to talk to him about Damon's case.

Paul wondered if Hank was as gung-ho about going after Damon as Glenn was. When Michael walked up to the two men, Glenn spotted "Saundra," Phyllis's alter ego, talking to Christine. Michael pretended not to know what was going on and, as Glenn complained about the publicity she could cause, Hank said there was something about "Saundra" he wasn't buying.

Michael took over the case and broke Dominic's story in questioning before the DA and the charges against Damon and Phyllis were dropped. By , Dominic left Genoa City. Yolanda Hamilton first appeared on June 30, , as the biological mother of Devon Hamilton , and later Ana Hamilton.

The role was originated by Chene Lawson until January 24, The character later returned on October 7, portrayed by Debbi Morgan , who remained until her firing the following year. She made her onscreen exit on October 30, All My Children actress Debbi Morgan confirmed via her official website that she would be joining the cast of The Young and the Restless. On what to expect with the character upon her return in an interview with TV Guide , Morgan stated "She has no idea what's been happening with Devon — that his father, Tucker [Stephen Nichols], is the son of Katherine Chancellor [Jeanne Cooper].

Maybe Harmony will turn out to be the black Erica Kane! People have already been connecting the dots and are assuming that Harmony will wind up with Neil Kristoff St. When Devon Hamilton finally gained enough courage to see his homeless mother, Yolanda, he found her living in a park, anorexic and dirty, addicted to drugs.

It was revealed that any money she earned she spent on drugs. She explained to Devon that she would never accept any ones money including his due to her addiction. She told Devon to return to Genoa City, and he did.

Devon occasionally would go back and check on his troubled mother. She refused time and time again to go to a rehab facility. Yolanda later went to live with Devon and his adoptive parents, Neil and Drucilla. She stole a watch from Neil and sold it to buy drugs. She later attended rehab and got a job at Jabot Cosmetics. She came on to Neil, and later left Genoa City due to her troubled ways. Years later, Yolanda had not been seen however Devon found out he had a sister Yolanda's daughter Ana Hamilton , who Yolanda gave to her adoptive sister Tyra Hamilton to raise due to her drug addiction.

Later, Yolanda had contacted Genoa City wanting custody of Ana back due to her cleaning her act, however never acted on this. Years later, it was revealed that Tucker McCall a wealthy businessman had a son, and around this time it was revealed that Yolanda had written a letter to her "lover" from years ago. Katherine Chancellor Tucker's mother hired Paul Williams to find her grandson.

It was revealed that Devon in fact was Tucker's son, and Yolanda and Tucker had an affair twenty years prior, and Tucker had forgotten. He referred to Yolanda as "Candy Cane" during their affair.

Yolanda came back to Genoa City five years later under the alias Harmony Hamilton. When news broke that Tucker was Devon's biological father, she returned to Genoa City to support her son. She came face to face with Tucker for the first time since she was pregnant with Devon.

After a confrontation with Devon, Harmony claimed she was leaving town because her son didn't want her in Genoa City any longer. Still, Harmony surfaced again when she arrived to see Tucker renew his wedding vows to Ashley Abbott.

Neil caught Harmony before she could enter the church, and he told her that it wasn't her place to be at the wedding and that she should leave. Soon after, Harmony was invited to have Thanksgiving dinner with Katherine Chancellor. Although Jill Abbott Fenmore strongly disliked Harmony's presence in her house, Katherine encouraged her to stay.

Katherine's generosity ruined her chances of reconciling with her son. He stopped by with a peace offering of red hot candies because he knew that they were both his and her favorite. He told her that in order for Devon to accept him, he needed to accept her. While their reunion was taking place, Tucker saw Harmony in Katherine's house and became enraged that Katherine was using Harmony to get to Devon.

She organized the Children's Christmas Pageant, which pleasantly surprised Devon, where she got to reunite with her daughter. He started to appreciate her effort to get to know him better.

In addition, Neil apologized for being so rude to Harmony when they ran into each other after Neil's wedding to Sofia Dupre. Tucker also apologized to Harmony for his rude behavior upon her return to Genoa City.

Harmony persuaded both Devon and Tucker to talk to Katherine after she told them how pure and kind she was. Both Neil and Harmony began to have increasing romantic feelings for each other, despite his marriage to Sofia, who began to see the connection between the two. Harmony also began a friendship with Sarge , a physiotherapist. However, after Ashley left Tucker during an argument, he got drunk and fell into bed with Harmony in which Ashley walked in on them, leaving her guilt ridden, especially when Katherine then told her to leave her house; Katherine came to her senses and said she could stay.

After Neil confessed his true feelings for Harmony to Sofia, they decided to divorce. After it was finalized, Neil asked Harmony out on a real date, and they pursued a relationship. However, it ended when Harmony announced she was leaving Genoa City to help daughter Ana in another town. His run lasted until July 18, , when the character died after complications from a stroke.

Weeks later, Shackelford returned to portray William's identical twin brother, Jeffrey Bardwell. History In , John Abbott, Sr. He went to D. Will Bardwell to tell him the truth in order to free his daughter, Ashley Abbott , who was taking the blame for his crime. John told Will that he was the one who shot and killed Tom Fisher. Will thought that John was lying, but a lie detector test proved him wrong. John was then sentenced to seven years in prison.

Will then moved on to investigate the tainted Glo-Again face cream, which resulted in a consumer death.

Since no new evidence and leads were found, the case became cold. In , Jill Abbott decided to join an online dating agency, and she was shocked to discover that Will was her anonymous date.

Will's wife, Miranda, a well-known fashion editor, had died several years earlier. Jill was his first physical relationship after his wife's death. Will was involved in a love triangle between Jill and Gloria Bardwell , whom he met at a grieving spouse support group.

Gloria's husband was John Abbott, who had recently died of a stroke. Gloria's interest in Will was certainly strengthened by her knowledge that he was the sole heir to a multibillion-dollar oil fortune.

In , William and Gloria were married. Will suspected that Gloria was the culprit. She was very hesitant to give a DNA sample for the case. After much persuasion, Gloria finally gave her DNA sample. She got her son Kevin Fisher to get a fake sample. Upon handing her sample over, she performed a sleight of hand trick, switching her sample with the fake. Of course, her test came back negative.

However, when dining out, William watched Gloria's friend, Evan Owen, do the same trick. He discovered his wife's secret, and he set out to prove the truth. Upon meeting Gloria at the Athletic Club, William staged a hug in which his watch got caught in her hair.

Pulling the hairs he needed for her DNA sample, he ran the test anonymously; it was positive. Will confronted Gloria with the test results, and she admitted her secret to him. During their argument, Will suffered a stroke. While he was in hospital, Gloria's other son, Michael Baldwin , and Kevin were able to get Gloria's test results. An unknown copy, however, remained at the lab, where Detective Maggie Sullivan found it.

She then took over William's cases, and she was determined to find out who was the positive match. William died of complications from the stroke. She decided to use some of the money to throw him a wonderful celebration of his life. At his wake, his identical twin brother, Jeffrey Bardwell , arrived to express his condolences to Gloria.

He regretted not spending more time with his brother. The Young and the Restless has issued a casting call and by April 11, , [47] it was announced that Ramirez had secured the role as "Carmen, a businesswoman whose storyline would be tied to Jack Abbott.

The show cited a lack of chemistry between her and her co-star, Kristoff St. John as Neil Winters. History Carmen is a freelance public relations consultant that Katherine Chancellor hires for Jabot Cosmetics in because of Jack Abbott 's handling of a scandal that results from Jabot's test release of tainted face cream.

Jack resents her involvement but soon becomes attracted to her and eventually he and Carmen have a one-night stand. While at Newman Enterprises, Carmen begins an emotional affair with Neil Winters , who is estranged from his wife Drucilla. The physical extent of Carmen's relationship with Neil is a kiss. Believing that the two are having an affair, Drucilla ransacks Carmen's room and cuts her clothing with scissors. Carmen has Drucilla arrested for aggravated burglary and gets a restraining order.

Dru violates the restraining order on more than one occasion, even attacking Carmen in Newman Enterprises' break room. Unbeknownst to Dru, the attack is captured on a hidden video camera accidentally left on by Noah Newman.

The footage is discovered by Dru's enemy Phyllis Newman , who alerts Carmen, who in turn takes the tape to the police, which lands Dru in more trouble. During these events Neil helps Dru deal with her feelings towards Carmen and tries to act as peacemaker.

Carmen can not understand how he can condemn Dru's actions. Neil believes that Carmen is overzealous in wanting revenge on Drucilla. Paul discovers that at Carmen's previous job, prior to her arrival in Genoa City , she had an affair with a married executive, and that she left the job after being paid a large settlement. Michael confronts Carmen with this information in an attempt to get her to drop her lawsuit against Dru, but she refuses.

Carmen is found dead behind Neil's jazz club, Indigo, on the club's opening night. William believes that she was murdered and, out of numerous possible suspects, arrests Devon for her murder. Michael becomes Devon's defense attorney and looks for other plausible suspects, particularly Brad Carlton and Jack, so that he can establish reasonable doubt as part of Devon's defense.

Carmen's murderer turns out to be Jana Hawkes. Jana killed her because Carmen saw Jana looking through a folder containing pictures and facts about the Grugeon Reliquary , a fictional piece of medieval art with foreign letters engraved on it, revealed to be the keys to a massive fortune, which Jana stole from Victoria Newman 's car.

Rebecca was introduced prior to her first appearance as "a woman who holds a key to the mystery of Brad's past. History In , Rebecca's family members were killed by Nazis during World War II, and Rebecca was put to work in a concentration camp , cataloging stolen Jewish artworks.

Rebecca escaped and testified at war crime trials against the commandant, who was sentenced to death. She also returned all of the stolen artworks to their rightful owners. The couple had two children, George and Stephanie, and the family lived in Ohio.

When George and Stephanie were teenagers, the Nazis managed to track the Kaplan family down, and Arthur, Stephanie and Isabel were thus killed. The Nazis mistakenly took Isabel to be her sister, Rebecca, who was spared. Later, Rebecca and George were forced to go on the run from the Nazis, and when George's friend, Brad Carlton, was killed, George took his identity and moved to Genoa City, with Rebecca still in hiding.

In July , "Brad," now in his forties, finally told his then-wife, Victoria Newman , and his daughter Colleen , about his past and his true identity, and introduced them to Rebecca, whom they had believed to be dead. Rebecca continues to stay in hiding, even during Brad's untimely death, when she could not leave hiding in order to come to his funeral.

Adrian Korbel first appeared on September 18, portrayed by Eyal Podell. The character has been described as a "Hunk" teacher. It's just great to come in and work. There's been a bit of a lull, but they've been setting up storylines. Adrian's still writing the book about Brad and somewhere in the future that's going to blow up. Then this thing with Heather could blow up things between him and Colleen. History Colleen Carlton found herself being drawn to her college art history professor, Adrian Korbel, and she became his research assistant in They started off on the wrong foot, but the two shared a one-night stand at Genoa City University when they were stuck there during an ice storm.

A guilty Colleen decided to stop things with Adrian in order to salvage her relationship with her then-boyfriend, J. Adrian seemed to move on from Colleen, and he became bed buddies with Amber Moore. Still, he found himself sketching pictures of Colleen, and he often reminisced about their night together during the storm.

The Nazis who were involved began to track Rebecca and her family. They were looking for a piece of artwork, the Grudgeon Reliquary. After Brad acquired the artwork, Rebecca found an inscription in the artwork that was in code.

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