Open Faced Chinese Poker Guide

If you are interested in trying out OFCP, check out some free play games online or invite friends over to try a few games for cents. Like standard Chinese poker, in open face Chinese royalties cancel out. So with three players there are three pairs of hands to be compared and scored: Unlike standard Chinese Poker, royalties are usually counted for both players being compared. Pineapple is a relatively recent variant for two or three players, which is played in some Las Vegas casinos, and is also offered online at TonyBet Poker.

How to Play Open Faced Chinese Poker


Open-face Chinese Poker is so much more than concentrating on just your own cards. You need to pay constant attention to the other players' hands too to work out your draws. There's no point hoping for a club flush when Players 2, 3 and 4 have most of the other clubs too, so you will need to rework your thinking on your best hands.

Having advocated a straight, it's worth looking at the points table. You will see that a straight is only worth two points in the back and may not be worth chasing. When looking at up-cards, you need to be working out your outs the cards remaining in the deck which can help you and calculating the best odds for improving each hand. Essentially you are playing three poker hands at once, all of which are constantly drawing to better hands, PLUS you have to be careful not to negate them by fouling.

Players sometimes neglect the front hand, dismissing it as just a 3-card pile of garbage. But to do that when you are looking for quick points is unwise. Remembering not to foul, placing a particularly strong front hand could be a good idea if you are confident if winning points from the other players.

And with a lot of points up for grabs for front hand royalties, this could be a great strategy. Finally, because of the swings involved in Open-Face Chinese Poker, keep stakes small to begin with. Chinese Poker is a game of action and for sicko pros or at least, it evolved that way and should not be played if you are worried about getting heavily into the red to start with.

If you are interested in trying out OFCP, check out some free play games online or invite friends over to try a few games for cents. Two players are in a hand of OFC. With a possible straight from their first five cards, Player 1 instead elects to keep their Front Hand weak and puts the A in for high card. They spread their options by then putting the 4s into the Middle and the highest other card - the Jack - at the Back.

Meanwhile, Player 2 opts for a big Front Hand with his pair of nines but has the stronger kings to fall back on in the Middle. He is risking fouling by having such a big Middle hand and is yet to place anything in the Back Hand. With the following cards drawn alternately to complete both players' hands, the layout is looking like this:. In the end, Player 2 got lucky and completed a flush in his Back Hand. He also picked up another King to make three of a kind in the Middle.

Player 1, meanwhile, didn't foul but made trips in the Back with two pair in the Middle. Here's how the scoring pans out. Because neither player fouled, both are entitled to royalty points. Hands won against Player 1: An alternate scoring system sees a straight 20 points awarded for three-of-a-kind in the Front hand.

The main difference with OFC compared to Chinese Poker is that instead of receiving all 13 cards face down at once, a round starts with players getting five cards face up. At this point the player to the left of the dealer is then asked to arrange their opening fives cards. The cards can be placed in any position the player chooses: Once the first player has set their hand, the rest of the table are then free to set their hands in a clockwise order.

After setting their first five cards, each player is then dealt one card face up until everyone has received a total of 13 cards. As these cards are being dealt each player is free to put them in either their middle hand or their top hand and once the deal is complete all hands must be set. Before starting any OFC cash game, each player must agree on how much money a single point is worth. When playing table stakes the payoff must be conducted in strict sequence.

First the hand of player to dealer's left is compared with those of the other players in clockwise order, ending with the dealer, then the next player 's hand is compared with those of the remaining players, and so on. So for example if there are four players West, North, East and South and South has dealt, then the hands are compared in the following order: Since you cannot lose more than the amount you have on the table, it is reasonable to have a rule that you also cannot win more than this amount.

Therefore, if at any point in the payoff a player has won as much as he or she had on the table at the start of that deal, the player's win is capped at this amount.

The opponent pays enough so that the player has won in total an amount equal to their stake at the start of that deal, and from that point onward the player's hand is 'complete'. The player cannot win or lose any further chips even if without the cap he or she would have subsequently lost chips to another player and the comparison moves on to the other pairs of players.

Fantasyland is a very popular variant which awards a special bonus for setting a Pair of Queens or higher in the Front hand. On the subsequent hand the player is said to be in Fantasyland, and is dealt all 13 cards at the beginning of the deal.

The player sets his hand face down before play begins. The hands are scored as normal when the other players finish setting their hands.

Some play that if a player in Fantasyland sets at least four of a kind in the back, full house in the middle or trips in front he can stay in Fantasyland for another hand. Some play that a player in Fantasyland sets his hand face down in the normal course of play rather than before any other players set their hands. Pineapple is a relatively recent variant for two or three players, which is played in some Las Vegas casinos, and is also offered online at TonyBet Poker.

Players are dealt 5 cards to start and set them as usual. After that they take 3 cards on each turn, setting two of the cards and discarding one card face down. In Progressive Pineapple a player with a hand better than QQ in front is dealt more cards: The player keeps 13 cards, discarding the remainder before setting the hands.

A player in Fantasyland who sets a front hand of QQ or better will be dealt a card Fantasyland hand next time, even if the front hand was better than QQ.

In this variant, also available at TonyBet Poker , the aim is to set strong hands front and back and a low hand in the middle. For the middle hand, ranking is used: In order not to foul the hand, your back hand must be higher than your front hand and your middle hand cannot be stringer than 10 high. Royalties for the middle hand are:. KK or better in the top row or in the middle row results in a card Fantasyland.

Both KK or better in the top row and in the middle row at the same time results in a card Fantasyland 15 cards dealt at once and two discarded. A Fantasyland player who makes a set in front or quads or better in the back hand is rewarded with another card Fanstasyland hand.

Open Face Chinese Poker and Pineapple OFCP can be played online at flopturnriver , either between live players or as a 2-player heads up game against a bot.

Simple Open-face Chinese Poker Strategy