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And unbelievably, the floor lady says to the player who lost the hand "It's time for you to leave, I'm going to call security. Just arrived in town for a few weeks to a few months of work and this room is about 8 miles from my hotel. Our premier strip club list includes club information, photos, and contact information for the finest strip clubs, private strippers, and other adult entertainment. Page 18 of Gila River Wild Horse Pass Phoenix, AZ I visited this room earlier this week for a change of scenery and witnessed the following at a spread limit table.

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The guy calls the floor over and asks if the other player was eligible for the slash. The floor says "yes, the previous dealer would have made sure of that. And unbelievably, the floor lady says to the player who lost the hand "It's time for you to leave, I'm going to call security.

He asks why he is being asked to leave and she says "You were being disrespectful. I was completely stunned. I mean, I might have missed a few words here or there, but he did absolutely nothing other than question, in a calm voice, whether the other player had been eligible.

I had sat with the guy at the table for 3 hours and he hadn't had any other incidents involving the floor during that time. The place to play in the valley for another week! Woulda been nice to have the dealer handle that instead of having the conversation of aces cracked come up randomly minutes later. I'd have to search for my posts to figure out how long it's been, but definitely numerous years. Just had to delete some off-topic posts. Please keep posts in this thread on-topic to the venue of Gila River.

So is this where the games have moved to while TSR is closed?? These running on the regular here now? Waits will usually be longer because usually only one game of each. Ive been checking Bravo and i haven't seen much for or higher anything Seems like Gila is just focusing on their normal audience with lots of lower limit games - ive never been to that room but i assume it is pretty small. Look for the games to start around am Pacific time and last until pm at night.

BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Page 18 of Send a private message to Ray Zee. One issue I see right now is there seems to be a lot of blue across the set. Don't know if it's good or bad.. Blue base blue spot, tiger base and two blue spots, dg yellow base with gray blue-ish spot, black base with a blue spot. It's "missing" some green I think. I really want that 5 to pop Sprouty Straight Dec 11, Did you get your color samples yet?

There is no replacement for color samples. I have mocked up chips and then later put them in front of me and realized it just won't work. Or visa versa, laid some chips out only for it to look less impressive online. I didn't realize I was participating in unsafe mockups!

We're just going to have to put this on hold until you do the responsible thing and get samples. I recommend a 1TA or 1D All your other chips are three colors, so a doesn't do it for me. I think you need another color to match the set.

I am also suggesting an asymmetrical spot for the quarter, as the rest of the set is symmetrical. Gives the set a bit more depth to me.

The food there is great, by the way. Their legality is dubious, but they operate completely in the open, so it's not like you have to knock on a door and know a password. There are 2 or 3 that I'd recommend if that's your thing, though -- one in North Phoenix and one in Tempe come to mind, depending on the sort of play you want. Phoenix also has a big bar-poker scene. It's hard to go into a bar on Monday-through-Thursday and not bump into a free poker game being played for the prize of a gift certificate for beer, a chipset or a free oil change.

Again, if you need that elaborated on, let me know, and I'll give you a few bars downtown that are a good bars, and b play some poker. Finally, the state of home games -- at least in my world -- is fairly empty. There's always a half a dozen guys or so looking for or posting on CL, but with Casino Arizona so large, casinos minutes from most houses and bar leagues everywhere, there isn't a lot of strict "home" play. Well, I'm off to my basement desk downtown Ask specifics and I'll gladly add more.

I've also been interested in some home games here in Phx and the surrounding areas, and haven't found much at all. I'd be interested in the specifics for any of the Tempe bar scenes that you know about Pal, if you don't mind. A friend's site, and his bar-specific page: I wrote in PM to Synister elaborating on his options based on where he was staying. Tempe also has a couple of card rooms still running, with the location at University west of McClintock being probably the better of 'em.

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