Lock Poker Finally Closes, Owing Millions

He was a sponsored pro for the site. They will likely continue processing small cashouts for smalltime players — who make up the bulk of the traffic — and hope that these players continue to deposit and play. Lock sucks… Anyone starting a class action lawsuit? This only includes players that post at Two Plus Two. Every time I ask they say they are working on it and it should be here soon. In October , Lock Poker abruptly moved to its own network.

What Does the Lock Say?

Hopes Dashed

This lock poker site is a joke. I have been waiting 3 months to get my check from them. Every time I ask they say they are working on it and it should be here soon. Is there any way to get these guys to pay quicker? Can you complain to anyone? I was an affiliate with Lock for about two years.

I guess, theoretically, I still am. But what is it good for? Then…the last two emails? Not returned at all. I just sent a personal email to CEO Jennifer Larson…who has responded in the past, and helped get my previous payment requests expedited.

Additionally, I asked about the dwindling number of players on the site…from on an average day about months ago…to now where there are often times less than players on the site. I mean…is there really ANY legal rights we have here? I can confirm that this is comical, and totally not true. They are just as irritated and disappointed in the overall performance of the site as the rest of us are. And they are NOT getting rich off of their affiliation.

Over a year now. Its amazing how many excuses they have. Its like they are reading from a book of excuses. Lock is a joke and stay away. Can you go back further and get those reversed as well? Please let me know if you would seriously like to be involved in this effort. A year and they actually expect me to believe that they are having trouble with their processor. The only response I ever got was when I contacted them.

Saying your our top priority and my cashout would be extremely soon. Waiting on 2k since march , multiple emails to lock with form letter responses.

I have over 5k on the site and I think its gone. No communication from them any more. I just got an email saying I need to migrate, but I still do not get my money. They are so full of it. Been waiting over a year for my cashout.

Is there any legal action we can press to get our money. What is the latest on Lock? Any news at all? However, throughout much of its history, Lock Poker was plagued by cashout issues and poor management which ultimately doomed the site and harmed each of the networks they called home.

By all accounts a terribly run poker room, Lock Poker ultimately failed to pay players after huge cashout delays. Lock Poker entered the online poker industry with a boom. It looked like Lock Poker was going to be a force when it launched in It had a great marketing staff and business plan. Unfortunately, it appears that Lock Poker was never anything but a scam. Lock Poker started on the Cake Poker Network. It later moved to Merge Gaming where it was kicked off for violating rakeback rules.

It moved back to Cake Poker under the guise that it acquired the platform. It was renamed Revolution Gaming. It was about that time that Lock Poker stopped paying its players. A dispute erupted between Lock Poker and Revolution Gaming.

Lock moved to a standalone platform before ceasing operations. No players were paid. This only includes players that post at Two Plus Two. It is certainly only a fraction of the stolen funds. It also does not include the millions that players have on deposit at the site, chips that are essentially worthless. This situation is eerily similar to that of WSEX. The site stopped answering support emails in April A few weeks later, the entire sent went offline. The same thing happened to Lock Poker, except that it took about two years for that scam to end.

In April , it moved to the Merge Gaming Network. It started offering promotions that were in violation of network rakeback rules. This started infighting between skins on the network.

It also caused Lock to renege on several promotions, including one where players could earn rakeback in their casino accounts. This started to be the beginning of the end for the site. It turns out this was just another one of their lies. Payouts started slowing down after Lock moved to Revolution. After a few months, it became obvious that something was wrong at Lock Poker. Other skins on the network started slow paying players and blaming Lock Poker and the network.

By mid , payouts all but stopped to players. In October , Lock Poker abruptly moved to its own network. This was new software not ever seen before in online poker. This angered players as hundreds of thousands of dollars were owed but the site apparently preferred to invest it in a new network. In , Superwins was launched as a skin of Lock Poker. Many players were skeptical about the new site that claimed no relation to Lock Poker beyond sharing a player pool.

Players immediately found correlations between the two sites. For this reason, we recommend avoiding Superwins, just as we suggest not depositing at Lock Poker. Lock Poker is an example of a site that can be bankrupt but still operate for years. It also shows that a poker room that gives away too many promotions has no chance of surviving.

The high rakeback and other incredible promotions were likely the downfall of Lock Poker. There were multiple signs that Lock Poker was not a legitimate site. It all started when Lock Poker offered players rakeback deals that were well above the allowed rate at Merge Gaming. It decided not to honor the deals in the middle of the promotional period. Most players received nothing. Jose Macedo won the Bluff Pro Challenge. He was a sponsored pro for the site. Competitors immediately suspected that he cheated.

Lock failed to investigate the last second surge by Macedo, who eventually confessed that he cheated. Lock Poker started slow paying players at Merge Gaming and returned to the Cake Poker Network, claiming that the site bought the platform. This turned out to be false.

Lock Poker – A Scam Poker Room