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Casino Etiquette We want everybody to have a good time in the casino. Do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss the process in detail. Additional services can be provided at an additional cost. You have two 2 days to alert us of any concealed damages. We are experts in this arena, and please do not ever hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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This can be caused by many factors such as the mere moving around of games in loading and unloading, vibrations, weather conditions, temperatures in trucks, etc.

Please contact us directly for free technical support to guide you through this process. Measurements for all items are available under technical specifications. Please make sure to measure all pathways and doorways before placing your order, and also ensure that an entire pathway from the truck delivery point to in your home is clear of all debris and anything hazardous.

Any additional insurance can be purchased by you and must be purchased in writing and in advance of shipment. It is our goal to provide you with the most effective and efficient shipping and delivery services available. We are experts in this arena, and please do not ever hesitate to contact us with any questions. Please call for an accurate shipping quote when purchasing multiple items.

Your shipping will not be accurate by multiplying the shipping cost of one item by the number of items purchased, it will be subject to a multiple item discount.

Stay in the loop with our awesome newsletter. Want to discuss the details? Talk with us by phone before you place your order: Delaine Walnut Product Specs: Curbside Shipping with Liftgate: It will be unloaded by the delivery driver.

Deliveries are made during standard hour delivery times, and other delivery times could be added with additional charges in some cases. Merchandise will be delivered to your ground floor.

Ground floor is up to three stairs and only one threshold. This service also includes un-packaging and placement of merchandise, debris removal, four hour delivery time frame, 60 minutes of on-site time and two delivery men with a lift gate. Additional services can be provided at an additional cost. Tipping It is customary to tip a casino employee who has been helpful or with whom you have enjoyed good fortune. Cameras You can take photographs in the casino, but we kindly request that no videos be taken while the casino is in operation.

Smoking Cigar or pipe smoking is not permitted in the casino. For the comfort of our guests, we have "No Smoking" tables and "No Smoking" slot machine areas.

Casino Etiquette We want everybody to have a good time in the casino. If a player becomes loud and offensive or insulting to the other players, we reserve the right to administer our Guest Conduct Policy guidelines and ask the person to leave.

Facilities and Equipment All equipment purchased and installed on cruise vessels will meet the regulatory standards of the Nevada Gaming Control Board or other licensed jurisdiction for payback and internal software. Rules of Play Each cruise line will provide a gaming guide setting forth the rules of play for their casino.

These rules of play shall generally follow those established for casinos in Nevada, New Jersey or England. These house rules will also be made available in every casino. Each member line will post at every gaming table minimum and maximum betting limits for each game. Internal Controls All shipboard gambling operations will be inspected by each member line's internal audit department on a regular basis, not to exceed 12 months.

All casinos will have detailed internal control procedures concerning the cash and coin counts, casino cage procedures and other processes, similar to licensed jurisdictions. Each line will employ some form of surveillance to assure operations are fair and equitable for all parties.

Each line will separate the operation of the casino from the financial aspects of the casino as clearly as possible, including specific duties for cashiers and table gaming staff. Customer Service The onboard casino operations will be the overall responsibility of the Hotel Director, who is charged with ensuring the highest standard of conduct for casino staff. In case of a gaming dispute, any passenger who feels he or she has an issue that cannot be resolved by the Casino Manager should bring it up to the Hotel Manager, and every effort will be made to resolve the problem.

If the issue is not resolved onboard the vessel, each ship will have at the casino cage a current list of contact information for their home office or casino operator where the passenger can pursue their dispute. The cruise vessel will have onboard comment cards for the inclusion of any comment, concern or means to improve the gambling system onboard the vessel. Gambling is strictly for the enjoyment of the passengers who choose to avail themselves of this form of entertainment.