Atlantic City, New Jersey

A glittery but dunderheaded murder mystery set in Atlantic City's Trump Taj Mahal, the movie gives both of these high-rollers a chance to strut and preen. There are still plenty of bars that attract a good trade but Champion hasn't really been one of them for quite a while. In the confusion I went into Misty's by mistake, I thought I'd have a drink anyway. In the wake of the United States' economic downturn and the legalization of gambling in adjacent and nearby states including Delaware , Maryland , New York , and Pennsylvania , four casino closures took place in There was no interaction between girls punters 2 , not even a smile came my way. When she went off to Dance most of the Models removed their G-String.

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Walking Street, South Pattaya and Jomtien

Well the other girls were doing it for them, as they often do. Why do they wear string's? You can safely put Beach Club back on your visiting list. Not much nudity but very friendly and fun, which is really important.

There were some topless girls, but I counted over 20 Coyote Dancers, Not many punters. I popped into Beach Club on Saturday night which has just been re-opened with a new layout. It has raised bench seating around the walls and 2 raised stages down the middle of the floor. This is a much better layout than before and about as good as it could be with a narrow space.

There was no sign of the four fat waiters. Beach Club has closed for a few days until 28th July for renovation. Presumably to sort out its widely criticised seating layout. Review from Dave, June I've discovered why Happy i A-GoGo s so bad, it's now full of coyote dancers, which is very bad in my opinion. I popped into the Beach Club and it's absolutely packed with attractive bikini dancers.

The owners are obviously putting all their resources into making Beach Club a success. From my viewpoint they are wasting their time. Beach Club has a very bad lay out with huge circular sofas with small stages in the middle for dancers, and small stages against the opposite wall. With the way the seating is arranged you have a very limited view of the girls. The girls are much friendlier than Baccara or Happy where you have to pick a girl off the stage. Here they come up to you. Meanwhile Happy, Baccara and Peppermint are left to rot with no new talent, which is the life blood of any agogo.

Peppermint was on it's knees after they introduced coyote dancers. I can see the same thing happening at Happy, the only advantage Happy has is that is mainly an Asian venue, whereas Peppermint is a Farang place. I find it strange they are directly competing with next-door sister gogo Happy, whereas Happy most of the time does not even use their second stage.

The least you can say is the layout of the new Beach Club is surprising, not to say the worst I have ever seen. Along the Happy gogo side are the bar counter, the toilets and the DJ and along the neighbour's side are some narrow stages, each of them with several chrome poles on them. The red plush bench seating in the U-shaped booths is very comfortable, but if and when it ever gets a bit busy you will feel locked up. About half of the dancers were clad in schoolgirl uniforms consisting of large white blouses and long black or red pleated skirts with matching neckties.

In most other gogos the outfits of the waitresses are skimpier. That being said Beach Club still has male waiters and way too many of them. The other half of the dancers were wearing bikinis, varying from string bikinis over pants bikinis to huge black sports bikinis. Most of the dancers, especially the bikini dancers, were well over thirty years old. One old silicone fatty went topless. The lighting was probably intentionally too bad to get a good impression of the quality of the females.

That being said at least a number of them were certainly sub-average. The air conditioning was on the fresh side, with even the waiters complaining. There were not many customers and the Asians left even faster than the farangs. Table dancing venue opened October 8th Ownership connections with Misty's. Due to the end of lease, Beavers closed on 30th April Pattaya Soi 6 Opened as a gogo on October 1st Became Fun Seeker and is now Darts Live.

Connections with So Nice. A good fun, hands on, unzipped, anything goes bar that is also well cheaper than anything on Walking Street. Of course there is the little snag that you are unlikely to find a girl who could command a post on a Walking Street stage.

And if you are lucky enough to find a young and slim dancer, you can be pretty sure that she wont be staying in Big Hugs long. Saying that there are usually but not always one or two who are attractive enough to enjoy receiving their good close attention. The same is exactly true of sister bar So Nice, but on the whole, So Nice seems to get first dibs for the available girls.

One time I saw the girls in So nice draw lots with the loser having to leave for Big Hugs to make up the numbers there. Despite the name change the bar is still displaying for sale notices. At an early evening visit there were 4 naked dancers in the bar, of which one was on stage.

Draught beer is 50B. Closed in May Walking Street From 8: July 18 Key Takeaway: I popped into Bliss agogo on Walking Street on Tuesday night around 11 pm. It was fairly quiet. I was sitting with a Coyote Dancer who used to work in Supergirl, and next to her was a Model in a Red all over bodystocking, so I sent her round to my friend Paul.

She was laying back on the seat showing us her Fanny, she rubbed her fingers in it and then put her fingers to my mouth. When she went off to Dance most of the Models removed their G-String. Unusually they did not turn down the Lights so I got a good look at some Pussies.

When the models came off stage, one came and sat with me and 2 with Paul. Paul was Kissing both of their Pussies and the crazy one stripped to the waist, she had big brown nipples and a nice face. It was much better than my last visit. There were some attractive and slim Coyote Dancers, The Showgirls were wearing an all over red Fishnet Body Stocking, and a G-string which some Girls removed showing some nice pussies. The Red Body stocking hid very little. One Girl had a very nice pair of Tits.

There is still no interaction between Punters and Girls, unless you are known in there. And the Fat waitresses still stand in front of the Stage, blocking your view. I left and went into Bliss A-GoGo which is total anomaly as there is no nudity of any kind.

It was very dull, with no interaction between Dancers and Punters. The Models were wearing all over black body stocking but you can see nothing. There were 9 waitresses, all Fat and 4 of them very Fat. They kept standing in my way, blocking the view of the Stage, walking up and down aimlessly. There were the usual Coyote Dancers on stage, most of them slim and attractive. They danced for around 15 minutes and then a second group came on, not quite so slim and attractive. There were two slightly overweight Girls.

Naturally they kept smiling at me. The 3rd group of Dancers were wearing a G-string and an all over red body stocking. Once on stage some of the Girls removed there G-String and they took up poses pointing there Pussies at the Punters. Unfortunately they turned the lights down at this point so you could only get the odd glimpse of heaven. Why go to the expense of paying for naked Girls and then making it so dark you can't see them properly?

The music was good and not too loud. Draft Beer was poor value at 95 b for a small glass,. Unfortunately there was only one attractive waitress the rest were too fat. Not a bad place for a Beer. But it would be much better if they left the lights alone. Most of the Girls were attractive, some very attractive. The mediocre Coyote Dancers had all gone. The Showgirls came on twice while I was there but they still kept their G-Strings on.

Believe it or not: Bliss, but it remains to be seen if it is really a blessing. The building is separated from the previous location of Beavers now a pharmacy: Infinity by a narrow alley.

Bliss is not a gogo, but a coyote bar with a couple of naked performers. In my not so humble opinion there are not 80 plus gogos in Pattaya, but rather 50 minus.

The layout is traditional with a cheapo central stage with ten chrome poles of about 1. It seems to have become a new and probably cheaper fashion not to fix the shorter chrome poles to the ceiling.

At Bliss I saw two dancing teams consisting each of fifteen more than overdressed coyotes in white outfits and two naked dancers. After their stint on stage the naked dancers put a black string and a black transparent negligee and started selling shots. By far most of the coyotes were comfortably over the thirty-year mark and, to use an understatement, all but beauty queens.

You will not want to wake up next to most of their worn-out bodies. It looks as if somebody has been scratching the bottom to find the most worthless available females.

On internet there has been a rumour of 1, baht barfines, but I could not be arsed to ask. Three days after the opening there were way more girls' bums on the bench seating than customers' bums and nobody stayed long. Draught beer not promoted by the greeters 80 baht, bottled Heineken baht, lady drinks baht. Opened in June Sold and renamed at the beginning of to Sexy A-GoGo but is now closed.

Closed in November Walking Street Short lived occupant of the venue that is currently Taboo Club. Dick Farang reports that in December the project looks somewhat stalled. Soi B Opened in July to August And then September to March Soi Diamond Venue tried as a coyote bar, a GoGo and a pussy tricks venue. Closed in October to become a shop. The bar closed in 18th August seemingly down to a 30 or 60 day closure handed down by Pattaya authorities.

The bar re-opened on 24th August. There were 7 lovely slim Thai Coyote Dancers on the Stage. They Danced for what seemed forever because they don't move around, They were followed by 6 Thai Girls in Stockings, Suspenders, G-string and Bra, after 4 songs they took off their Bra's.

One very attractive Girl was smiling at me but it was Baht to buy the Models a drink ,which I thought was a rip off. One Girls tit's were so big her bra was designed by Brunel,. The Music was extremely loud for such a small venue.

The staff were very friendly. I didn't find out till just before we left, that you have to pick a Girl off the Stage and she'll stop Dancing and come and sit with you, not a system I'm keen on. ByPass A-GoGo has closed and a notice on the door says that it will re-open on 4th May with a new format, Czech girls. The GoGo re-opened as advertised but thankfully without any Czech girls. The bar may have changed hands though, but this isn't confirmed.

On the corner of Walking Street and Soi Happy, where Crazy Bar Beer and before that for many years Best Bar with comfortable rattan armchairs used to be, another mini-gogo has opened: The layout is somewhat unusual. Along the left-hand side are mirrors and a low, not too broad stage with on the edge nine chrome poles of about 1. Along the right-hand side are mirrors on the upper half of the wall, high tables and bar stools. In between is bench seating with a good view of the stage. Anyway, the seating is less cramped than in other recently opened gogos.

Note that I have never seen recruiting in front of Bypass A-GoGo, but there is a banner mentioning salaries of 14, to 20, baht and day contracts at 10, baht.

They would go topless after a while and some of them would strip naked. Surprisingly, taking into account my experiences with recent openings, some of them were even above average.

I saw a mamasan handing cash to a girl, who had been barfined. I guess the customer had paid everything up front, something I would never do. Although my visit was on the second day of their existence, there was already a foul cigarette smoke stench. Bottled Heineken baht, all soft drinks baht, lady drinks baht, "model drinks" baht. Closed up and for sale in May The venue is currently Center Club. Opened on 11th December Ownership connections with Casino Bar opposite.

Renamed to Casino Cream Club in January Closed in August Walking Street Beach Road end Large table dancing venue with loud dance music. Opened on 26th October Closed on 16th June and became a live music venue, Rock Street. Closed in early Re-opened in August The jury is out as to whether this will turn out to be just a pussy tricks bar for tourists.

At first sight nothing in the interior has changed since its last reincarnation. There is still a too large square stage with twelve interconnected chrome poles and there is still double-tier bench seating on all sides. Most of the time I was there, there was a boring show by four pussy trick performers who kept their skirts on.

The dancers were more than overdressed, double topped and double bottomed in the most diverse outfits, some of them with camisoles. Most of them were old and most of them were fat to extremely fat. At least some of them were freelancers or beer-bar girls on their day off hired at baht a day.

On the first night of their existence there was already a disgusting cigarette smoke stench. The gents is still as cramped as before and there is only one urinal and one washbasin , no cubicle. A place to avoid when you are suffering from acute diarrhoea. From 4pm Facebook Page Opened in August The pool table is free.

The interior has not strikingly changed in the last two years, apart from the fact that Club Malibu has become a separate venue, Champagne Coyote. I noticed that on the central stage there are only three chrome poles, but they are swivelling and suitable for pole dancers.

The dancers were a forgettable bunch clad in a colourful mix of big tops, big bottoms, bras and strings, but mostly overdressed. Many of them were one kilo more and at least one of them looked pregnant.

After a short unasked-for performance by two pole dancers, five or six topless fatties with big black bottoms went on stage. Not a pretty sight. The music was too loud with an unbearable beat and the lighting was very poor, probably on purpose. The best thing were the German erotic cartoons on one of the television screens. I popped into Champagne Tuesday evening, a very forgettable experience. Some very below average Coyote Dancers and terrible loud music. One to miss at the moment. The central stage of the former Club Malibu has been replaced by a smaller, round unused one and there is a pool table behind it.

The bench seating of Club Malibu is still there, but it was deserted. In Champagne A-GoGo itself were three dancing teams of about ten mostly chubby to fat, overdressed, double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes , some of them with ugly pot bellies and ugly tattoos.

They stayed on stage for very long stints. I did not see the infamous elderly Nancy with the giant glasses, ridiculous silicone balloons and worn white net stockings, who had come from Kiss A-GoGo. The only nudity I saw were the fatties soaping in the shower cubicle and the erotic cartoons on the television screens.

A mediocre year-old girl told her barfine was 1, baht and she wanted 2, baht ST and 4, baht LT, adding same Walking. A cute year-old spinner from Surin said her barfine was baht and she wanted 3, baht ST and 4, baht LT. She was the only slim female I have seen there and she was a good girl , who did not drink alcohol, did not smoke in any sense of the word and wanted to preserve her backdoor virginity.

She did not even push for a lady drink, which is why I finally paid her one. Pity she had such an ugly big tattoo on her small belly. Many people, staff included, were smoking cigarettes and that caused a terrible stench.

I do not often go there, mainly because of the motorbikes parked everywhere around and the food carts and the mobile shoe sellers, but more still for fear of being run over by a motorbike. The layout of Champagne A-GoGo is still basically the same: I have never been a big fan of double-tier bench seating: I feel uncomfortable on the upper benches and I feel uncomfortable on the lower benches.

The line of reasoning that it seats more customer bums cuts no ice: During my visit there were lots of dancers and waitresses and about a dozen customers. The dancers went on stage in teams of ten. They were a mix of coyotes clad in denim outfits and girls in red bikinis in the most diverse shapes and sizes, with some huge tops and the bottoms varying from strings with a fantasy metal chain between the buttocks to old-fashioned swimming trunks.

Many of them were in their thirties and forties and average at best: I did not see topless dancers. The only nudity I saw were a team of two naked dancers and the two or three girls soaping in a big elevated transparent box. The girls at Champagne A-GoGo were not pushy at all for lady drinks. Perhaps they do not want to hassle expats and cheap charlies. In that case there must have been expats and cheap charlies only. Whereas a single-shophouse gogo, such as the defunct Submarine A-GoGo, is undeniably too narrow, I doubt if a quadruple-shophouse gogo is a good idea.

The best earners of the recently closed Club Malibu have been transferred to Champagne which is now operating two shifts: The bar now has one center stage with 7 poles. On the stage I saw 5 or 6 dancers who were topless, bikini and coyote. The topless dancer in Clinic changed to a coyote in Champagne.

The bar doesn't have draught beer. Bottled beer and soft drinks are from 85B, lady drinks are B. From 8pm Thai run gogo once noted for rock music but now a pussy tricks show. A second branch of Champion earlier opened on Soho Square, and staff refer to this as Champion 2. The venue has been operating on Walking Street for many years but recently it has slipped into obscurity as far as farangs are concerned as it opted for pussy tricks shows.

I noticed a short fat waitress with a round face, who has been around for many years. I saw some pussy trick shows, a lousy lesbian show and then four gogo dancers performing in white bikinis with huge tops. Unsurprisingly all girls were far below average. It is not a place where you will want to barfine. For a couple of baht notes the girls would let you touch their tits or put a finger or more than one finger up their pussy to prove they were real puying females.

Champion has gone dark. This seems most likely to be a police closure following on from the closure of the upstairs bar Spicy Girls in the same ownership. A thuggish bouncer assaulted a customer who had enough clout for the police to take action. This ended up with Champion being raided as it shared a manager with Spicy Girls. Champion has been struggling of late and the management have decided to do something different.

And unfortunately the new idea is to try a pussy tricks show. There is an entry charge for people snared by touts which includes a drink. It is still free to those that walk in independently. The bar was very quiet on a late night visit. There were only 2 customers inside, including me. There were 12 or so dancers, and all of them were full coyote.

No topless, no nude, only coyote. And if that wasn't bad enough, the ladies were well below average. The mamasan said she was trying hard to recruit new ladies, but without success at the moment. There were 5 or 6 girls dancing in black latex shorts and were mostly topless. None of the girls would be expecting much in the way of barfine attraction.

There didn't seem to much in the way of customer interaction either, possibly out of customer choice. The bar had a fair smattering of customers, but maybe more to do with inexpensive drinks rather than for the selection of some female company.

This was one of several bars that I visited that were scraping along on a minimal number of dancers. Bars need to offer pretty girls OR interactive fun OR else a show. The prospects look a bit bleak for bars that offer none of these. A couple of weeks ago, Champion installed a shower room.

It's at the far end of the bar. Two naked ladies take a shower together. Apart from the cheap drinks the bar doesn't seem to have an awful lot to offer at the moment.

The onset of low season has meant something of a slowdown in this bar. There are still plenty of bars that attract a good trade but Champion hasn't really been one of them for quite a while. It's not really a high energy sort of place and the girls are on the wrong side of average. At times gone by the girls generally danced nude but now topless is the norm.

And the low season reduction in the number of girls means that they are hard pressed to fill the bar's many dancing stations. This ends up with the girls dancing too much and not really having enough time to take care of their customers. So it rather ends up a bar with not enough below average girls with not really enough time to take of customers.

Hardly the recipe for Walking Street success. It was later sold and renamed We Are No 1. Sister bar to Khaos. The layout looks very cheap. On both sides of the central stage is spacious double-tier red bench seating. However, the benches are too high to be comfortable and there are no footrests on the tables. In the area right of the entrance, which can be curtained off, is a low square table with a chrome pole on it. There was a team of five dancers in black lingerie who took off their bras once on stage and there were about a dozen double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes in the most diverse outfits, some of them with camisoles.

Some of the females were average, but most of them were sub-average and worse. There were never more than three or four customers and nobody stayed long.

The way-too-loud music was some kind of crappy techno with the performers shown on a number of flat screens. Became Angels A-GoGo but now a shoe shop. Now just a sports bar which is listed under bars. Connections with the Billabong Bar on the same soi. The bar wend dark in mid October and re-opened as an open bar on 31st October Pattaya Soi 7 Opened 29th December Now Meeting Point Soi 7 Bar. Soi 16, Covent Garden Complex Opened November and quickly became a popular GoGo notable for its range of entertainment including the much copied Jacuzzi.

The name is pronounced boo-shay and is named after a US DJ who is a friend of the owner. Closed in Mid December Sundays all night 2 for 1 on whisky Specials: Monday all night happy hour 95 Baht for all customer drinks Specials: Tuesday all night 2 for 1 on bottled beer Specials: Wednesday bikini night with free buffet Specials: Thursday all night 2 for 1 on vodka.

I heard they will take off the stages and dancing girls, so it will not re-open as a gogo bar. The bar re-opened on 21st June. I was passing Club Eden when a very attractive Girl stopped me and asked me if I wanted to go upstairs, which I did.

Its a long narrow venue with seats at the side and a Central Stage. There were 6 Bikini Dancers on Stage who removed there tops and 12 Coyote Dancers who were mostly slim and attractive. I had a great time because I was sitting with Fon who was gorgeous, but otherwise not that exciting I think. Probably not worth the Trek up those Stairs unless Fon is holding your hand,.

It returned to the venue that was previously Private Dancer on 1st May I popped into Electric Blue later Friday night, there were around totally naked Girls. Half of them were slim and attractive and the others were ok. There were some very attractive Coyote Dancers on the other Stage.

It was busy in there as always. The 2 Girls I was with were not shy about hiding their charms and when on stage were waggling their pussies in my face,. On the main stage, just behind the entrance, two teams of some ten naked and topless dancers were cavorting. On the other stage were two teams of four or five overdressed double-topped and double-bottomed performers.

However, the average quality of the naked bodies was rather poor. Club Electric Blue on Soi 15 offers a good first impression. It has a good lively atmosphere with lots of dancing girls. And what immediately sets it above many, if not most, Walking Street bars is that it also offers lots of nudity.

There were a decent amount of good lookers amongst the crew. It is easily the most popular of all the previous incarnations that have used the venue over the last few years.

There was plenty of friendly female servers on hand, and maybe to make sure they are adding the hubbub of people milling round, they are banned from sitting with customers. A bit annoying if you would like a more relaxed chat with long time friends. BOGOFF offers get a bit of bad press, at least in the UK, as they either highlight high baseline prices, or else are wasteful to those customers only really wanting one. In this case the baseline prices are just a little above average.

But a good port of call for those that fondly remember GoGos of old that featured bikinis or less as the general rule. I popped into Electric blue on soi 15 last night, it was very busy with everyone having a good time,. All the Girls on the stage near the door were naked, all of them average or better, some very attractive. The best looking Girls were on the second stage , dressed in shorts and bra,.

There were lots of Girls working their that I know, so I had a good, if expensive time,. Some days ago the music was so blaring that I could not be bothered to enter, but this time the noise level was acceptable. The mattress and Jacuzzi have disappeared. There are now two stages with chrome poles, left and right, and fixed high tables with bar stools in between. Along the front wall and side walls is still bench seating. Most of the dancers were clad in too big knotted or buttoned white tops and pleated tartan skirts in different colours.

Some but not all were wearing bras under their tops and some were wearing pants or strings, whereas some others "went commando" if that can be said of a girl. Only two or three bared their bosom on stage. A number of dancers were clad in huge white stretch bikinis with or without underwear, some of them revealing their camel toe. Three or four dancers in black lingerie went topless and bottomless on stage.

All dancers went on and off stage "en masse" and most of them stayed at the same place all the time without moving around. Most of the dancers were chubby to overweight. About all the waitresses were fatties, but as much as I hate fat dancers, I like to hug a fat waitress from time to time.

There were some customers, but it was far from crowded and the girls were all but proactive. Draught beer 90 baht, bottled beers baht, lady drinks baht. I think there are some special offers during happy hour 8 p. Anyway, I do not drink Leo and I usually leave after drinking one beer. Club Electric Blue appears to have a website, www. Closed in February and the venue became Roxy. Club Electric Blue later returned to Pattaya on Soi 15 in Opened February , closed June and re-opened in October Closed permanently in July Closed in March The venue became Baron Club then Cream Club.

Soi 15 From 8pm www. It was also renamed to Club Mistys. I popped into the new Misty's A-GoGo last night. It was a big mistake,. The Stage is still 12 feet away ,the Girls appeared to be slim Coyote Dancers. Unfortunately the punters were sitting at the sides and the Girls were facing the front. The Lighting was flashing Spot lighting which made it even more difficult to get a good look at the Girls. Review from Dick Farang, February The mattresses near the central stage have disappeared and the central stage itself has been extended accordingly on both sides with some extra dance space and some extra chrome poles.

About all the staff have been replaced. The only familiar face I saw was the security man, who was still roaming the place. The coyote dancers have disappeared, but there were again some hostesses, whatever that may be. All dancers were clad in yellow spaghetti bikinis, many of them double bottomed though, and went on stage in teams of six to nine. I guess that, as usual, the outfits can change from day to day.

Some of them descended by the firemen's pole. There was no nudity on the central stage but on top of the table in the corner and on the bench seating some dancers removed their tops. Some of the dancers were average, some slightly better, a big improvement anyway. On the table along the street side two overdressed fat fuglies were crawling and one of them would finally remove her pants and start shooting ice cubes in glasses.

Not a pleasant sight. The lighting was adequate apart from disturbing strobe light beams from time to time. Update from Dick Farang, July Club Mistys on Soi 15 is celebrating their 20 th anniversary. As to Club Mistys on Soi 15, tiny Ae, the cute spinner from Buriram, has probably left as I saw a fat girl sitting outside with number 44, the number that used to belong to Ae.

That being said I am surprised the numbers for the girls are recycled so fast. A funny thing happened to me on Monday night as I was walking down Soi I tripped up on a piece of concrete, I managed to save myself from falling over by grabbing the Misty's window. In the confusion I went into Misty's by mistake, I thought I'd have a drink anyway. What a mistake, the place was dead.

There were 8 coyote dancers on stage most of them overweight or past their sell by date. There were 8 more sitting around of no better quality. There was no interaction between girls punters 2 , not even a smile came my way. To make thing's even worse, no check bins, they must keep it at the bar. The place is dead ,why don't they bury it? I drank up in 5 minutes and went into a decent place. I have to emphasise that there is no full nudity. The five or six showgirls only remove their bras. At Club Mistys on Soi 15 off Walking Street not much if anything has improved, but their barfining prices are skyrocketing.

At my latest visit the big majority of the dancers were double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes clad in white doing the Pattaya shuffle. There were also five or six dancers in black bikinis performing a lousy show unveiling their upper departments. By far most of the females were mediocre, but there were also some cute spinners. One of them was Ae from Buriram number 44, 25 years, centimetres, 35 kilogrammes, two children by two different fathers , not to be confused with the, also tiny, waitress Ae number She appears to live in Siracha 35 kilometres from Pattaya with her probably lazy parents and her children and returns home every night after work at 4 a.

That is at least one gogo girl who does NOT hit the discos after work to earn an extra barfine-free penny a popular myth on some internet fora. I had been told that the funny and wild, string-showing waitress Wa number had come back, but I did not see her. The mamasans are still the same, boring Jaan and apathetic Ning, and they seem to conspire to keep all girls inside, which results in five to ten girls per punter. I did not see a manager, but the security man was still roaming the place and even begging for lady drinks.

From time to time there was some I guess heavily sponsored toplessness on the bench seating. After midnight the barfines were still 1, baht for coyotes and 2, baht for showgirls with them expecting at least 2, baht ST. At Club Mistys girls who are barfined are usually applauded when they leave in plain clothes with their customer, but this time I did not hear or see applause.

In spite of good memories I am not going back in a hurry. On their still existing website, I found a picture of the good old days. Bottled Heineken baht now, lady drinks very small glasses of cola on the rocks baht. From 1pm to 11pm, now in a single shift. August 17 Key Takeaway: Hard to believe but true! Brand new shinning red upholstering on all the seats since today. At Club Nevada, also on Soi Post Office, there is not the slightest nudity left at least not on stage , but they do have some good-looking girls now.

Depending on the day of the week most of their dancers are clad in white, red or black string bikinis now, but some of the oldies continue to wear transparent skirts, be it with underwear. I start to believe it is true those gogo girls are not so very often barfined.

At Club Nevada and at similar places such as Passion Dance Club on Soi 6 the girls seem to remember with whom I have been upstairs several months ago. At Club Nevada it happens that there are fewer girls than punters, but they have got a young and sexy mamasan now, who would probably also make a good dancer.

Club Nevada has now put an end to the cheap est GoGo lady drinks in town. From today the lady drinks have increased from to Baht. Club Nevada on Soi Post Office is still going strong but has now cut down its opening hours and now closes before midnight. New spot lights are being installed at Nevada and they also started to peel off the names from the mirror walls.

The month of mourning has now completed and Nevada is back to normal. Half the ladies are dancing fully nude again, and the other ones are wearing small bikinis but most of them are happy to remove some pieces of it for a tip. Those who had to cover up during this month of mourning didn't suffer from a salary cut. The bar has also replaced the mirror on the ceiling above the dancing floor, but nothing else has changed.

Review from Dick Farang, October In this mourning period the music is lower and some girls are wearing a black ribbon around their upper arm or a black bow on their bra. All-in is now , up from Half of the dancers had bikinis and half opted for full nudity -- nothing in between. The recent police action to close GoGos before 6pm has fizzled out and the bar has resumed opening from 1pm. Still Going Strong I visited on early evening of a Saturday night and found the venue to more lively than expected.

There were about 10 girls serving about the same number of customers. Surely not Walking Street standard, but there were a couple of attractive dancers. The dress code varied from bikini to nude. There were just 3 dancers on stage at a time dancing for a nice short stint of 3 dances.

The beer was cheap, as were the lady drinks. I am pretty sure they were only Baht, but surely an excess of beer wharped my memory, they can't possibly be that cheap, can they? I stayed a while simply because 2 dancers proved to be very good company. Nevada may be a standard old school GoGo with few of the thrills you would expect on Walking Street. But if you hit it off with a pretty girl, it is just as good as any in town.

Nominally changed name from Club Oasis to The Club in October but still seems to retain the original name in practice. Make sure you get your change back, the service staff can be forgetful. Until 11pm Room: It has been 18 months since the last comment about the bar and maybe little has changed since last time. Actually there was an improvement as one of the four dancers on stage at a time was topless. There was still no sign of any interest in customers, and there was only me there to interest.

The bar had smartened up in terms of decor and lighting since my last visit a long while ago, but this is not really a reason to stay beyond one drink. There is obviously a place in Pattaya for rather passive bars where the girls do little beyond being available, but such a bar policy requires rather more quantity to pick from.

The concept does not seem to offer much when scaled down to just four dancers. Renamed to The Club but retains a reference to Oasis on the tagline: An Oasis in Pattaya.

I have neglected the long running Club Oasis for a while due to the distractions of seeing how the proliferation of new bars is getting on.

But on a recent visit Oasis is still doing fine. It offers more or less the same mix as it has done for a while. Certainly less customers than in the past, but from my slightly selfish view, this was a good thing. There was a better chance of a little company. The bar still had a stage full of dancers organised in two teams. The dress code is bikini or less, with no signs of coyotes. There were several attractive girls on the stage in both teams.

The Tina Turner look alike mamasang was back in charge. And from my observations she generally brings a bit of life to a bar. I'm not sure whether the decline in customers is seasonal, or a reflection of the western world going bankrupt; or else an upsurge in nearby competing gogos.

However, I don't think any of the new bars have brought anything particularly new that will dominate the area. So I think Oasis, keeping to its long running way of doing things, will continue doing just fine. Club Oasis is now more or less back up to speed. The very poor period for ladies and the debacle with VAT added to bills is now a distant memory. I visited during mid evening in peak season and the bar was about full. There were two teams of dancers swapping every 5 or 6 songs.

The stage was busy with about 10 dancers. There were plenty of attractive girls amongst them, but the overall ranking perhaps about average. The dress code was generally topless and dancing was reasonably spirited with plenty of smiles. However the bar does have a rather limited niche. The amount of customers was several times more than the amount of girls. This bar is therefore mostly for that like to watch and soak up the atmosphere rather than expect the company of a dancer.

Plenty of the dancers were circulating amongst the audience but they were spread pretty thinly. I have stopped by several times in lower season and there is more chance for customers who want to hook up with girls to partake, but even then the odds were not on the customers side. This bars seems to capture the specialised character popular in the Soi Buakhao area. Well run bars with decent drinks prices that pack in the customers, but with many more guys than gals.

Closed at the beginning of November Became a coyote bar in December Re-opened as a GoGo on 29th May Closed again on 11th April Opened on 5th June and closed in September Now Club Relaxxx, see above. Opened 1st November Closed in early December Walking Street Beach Road end Opened as a strict coyote bar but eventually added a few bikini dancers to the line up.

Closed in February Bar primarily noted for its erotic shows and standoffish but beautiful girls. The bar opened in July Closed on the 4th May Returned later in May but closed again in early October following the death of one of the owners, TJ. Opened 6th June taking over at the venue that was previously Teazers. At Crazy House on Walking Street, far from a top gogo, an unattractive girl quoted me a barfine of 1, baht and a fee of 2, baht for an ST of two hours. There were 4 or 5 naked dancers on a central stage and a few topless dancers.

Had a couple of naked girls in the shower very rare now and several girls were showing their breasts wow exceptional. Waitress were very pushy for lady drink, 2 ugly ladies jumped on me and my friends and immediately the waitress was asking us to pay a drink. She did a good job at dancing on me, like in the good old days.

My friend had to kick his girl out as she was so ugly I could not believe she could work in an A-GoGo. Her body was ok, but her face was disgusting!

He switched with one girl with amazing breasts named Da. She was funny, speaking perfect English that she learned at the University and deserved a lady drink. I walked into Crazy House Friday night. There are coyote, Bikini and topless Dancers, and a bathtub with naked girls soaping themselves,. The standard of girl is very high, some of the coyote dancers are stunning. It had seating at both sides, eight small round stages with a chrome pole on each of them and a square jacuzzi.

Apart from one or two, they were all far below average, and some looked very skinny in an unhealthy way. Draught beer all night at 80 baht, bottled Heineken at baht, lady drinks at baht. Closed in September Previously Baron Club, and before that Mirage. The venue is now Bubbles Boys. The bar has announced that it is now under new management and that the bar will be re-launched with a party it calls Crystallisation. I visited the Soi LK Metro venue at about 9pm on weekday evening.

There was not really much going on at the time. There were 4 or 5 girls dancing on the central stage mostly in coyote street wear, with just one in a string bikini. The girls were attractive enough though.

There was a second team of dancers, pretty much as the first team. There were a few customers, of which two were chatting with dancers. The others were 'waiting for wonder' as one Pattaya forum member eloquently puts it. This was the last of the one drink GoGos on my pub crawl. I was 'wonder' struck in my next port of call, Pandora's, and I stayed there for the rest of the evening. Crystal Club on Soi LK Metro seems to have recovered from their all-time low last summer, but they do not yet reach their pre-coup level.

I sat down at the right-hand side because I do not like the cramped double-tier seating on the left-hand side. The sex on the beach music was accompanied by a matching video on the six flat screens. Although there were not too many customers there was a persistent cigarette smoke stench.

Several of the staff were smoking cigarettes inside and not really interested in the customers; no reason to tip. Asahi draught 69 baht, bottled Heineken during happy hour I guess 80 baht. For all the recent expansion on Soi LK Metro, originality hasn't been a major source of inspiration. I recently stopped by 3 new bars all with more or less the same layout, namely Crystal, Funhouse, and Oscars.

Crystal was easily the best of the bunch, and it was absolutely nothing to do with the prettiness of the decor, nor really the attractiveness of the dancers. It was that on the day I visited, the girls were simply being the most friendly. As of [update] , the Mayor is Frank Gilliam. At-Large, , Jesse O. Following questions about false claims he had made about his military record, Mayor Bob Levy left City Hall in September in a city-owned vehicle for an unknown destination.

After a day absence, his lawyer revealed that Levy was in Carrier Clinic , a rehabilitation hospital. Atlantic City is located in the 2nd Congressional district [] and is part of New Jersey's 2nd state legislative district.

Atlantic County is governed by a directly elected county executive and a nine-member Board of Chosen Freeholders , responsible for legislation. The executive serves a four-year term and the freeholders are elected to staggered three-year terms, of which four are elected from the county on an at-large basis and five of the freeholders represent equally populated districts. As of March 23, , there were a total of 20, registered voters in Atlantic City, of which 12, There were 4 voters registered to other parties.

In the presidential election , Democrat Barack Obama received 9, votes Bush with 2, votes In the gubernatorial election , Democrat Barbara Buono received 4, ballots cast The New Jersey Casino Control Commission is a New Jersey state governmental agency that was founded in as the state's Gaming Control Board , responsible for administering the Casino Control Act and its regulations to assure public trust and confidence in the credibility and integrity of the casino industry and casino operations in Atlantic City.

Casinos operate under licenses granted by the Commission. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement is a division of the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety and is responsible for certifying casino gaming revenue, registering casino employees and non-gaming vendors, licensing gaming vendors, and handling all casino patron complaints.

The CRDA was founded in and is responsible for directing the spending of casino reinvestment funds in public and private projects to benefit Atlantic City and other areas of the state.

The Atlantic City Special Improvement District SID was a nonprofit organization created in , funded by a special assessment tax on businesses within the improvement district. It carried out various activities to improve the city's business community, including street cleaning and promotional efforts. Under the new structure, established by state legislation, the CRDA assumed responsibility for the staff, equipment and programs of the SID. The ACFD operates out of six fire stations, located throughout the city in one battalion, under the command of a Battalion Chief , who in-turn reports to an on-duty Deputy Chief, or Tour Commander per shift.

Below is a complete listing of all fire station and fire apparatus locations in the city. The city is protected by the Atlantic City Police Department , which handles , calls per year.

The Chief of Police is Henry White. The Atlantic City School District serves students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grades. As of the —15 school year, the district and its 11 schools had an enrollment of 7, students and Martin Luther King Jr.

Oceanside Charter School, which offered pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade , was founded in and closed in June when its charter wasn't renewed by the New Jersey Department of Education. Nearby college campuses include those of Atlantic Cape Community College and Stockton University , the latter of which offers classes and resources in the city such as the Carnegie Library Center. Atlantic City is part of the Philadelphia television market. There, six stations licensed in the area.

Atlantic City is connected to other cities in several ways. Many travelers also fly into Philadelphia International Airport , Trenton-Mercer Airport , or Newark Liberty International Airport , where there are wider selections of carriers from which to choose.

The historic downtown Bader Field airport is now permanently closed and plans are in the works to redevelop the land. The airport is also served by various scheduled chartered flight companies. It has Atlantic City's only cancer institute, heart institute, and neonatal intensive care unit. Marina Energy and its subsidiary, Energenic, a joint business venture with a long-time business partner , operate two thermal power stations in the city.

Electrical power in Atlantic City as well as the surrounding area is primarily served by Atlantic City Electric , which was incorporated in and provides power from the Beesley's Point Generating Station in Upper Township , as well as other locations.

In addition to the city's exposure in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire , Atlantic City has been featured in several other aspects of pop culture. People who were born in, residents of, or otherwise closely associated with Atlantic City include:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Atlantic City disambiguation.

City in New Jersey, United States. Top to bottom left to right: Gambling in New Jersey. Places adjacent to Atlantic City, New Jersey. Mayors of Atlantic City, New Jersey. New Jersey Casino Control Commission. New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Atlantic City Police Department. Newspapers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Radio stations in the Atlantic City — Cape May market. Films shot in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

People from Atlantic City, New Jersey. The National Weather Service ceased regular snowfall observations at downtown after the winter of — Accessed July 12, Accessed May 21, Accessed September 4, Accessed May 18, Accessed March 15, Accessed March 4, Accessed January 12, Accessed January 6, Profile of General Demographic Characteristics: Accessed June 16, Accessed December 11, Accessed August 23, Accessed December 24, Accessed February 1, Population for the Counties and Municipalities in New Jersey: Accessed June 19, Accessed November 20, Winpenny, The engineer as promoter: Accessed July 27, Accessed October 15, This is New Jersey , p.

Rutgers University Press , Foreword by Terence Winter. Accessed June 23, Accessed December 19, Accessed December 21, Bradley, a young candy merchant, had a stand on the Boardwalk. One night the little stand, which was only a couple steps from the sand, was swamped by an evening storm. Atlantic City was a well-known haven for those seeking alcohol.

The tourist-based economy of the resort encouraged business owners to provide whatever was needed to make the visitors happy. Accessed February 4, When the 'Atlantic City Conference' broke up May 16, the groundwork had been laid for the nation's first organized-crime syndicate, a network that crisscrossed the nation and took decades to disentangle.

Accessed January 13, Accessed August 8, Atlantic City and the fate of urban America New York: Oxford University Press, In less than a year he has become a force in the world of boxing in Atlantic City, N. A toll free extension of the Atlantic City Expressway, which links Atlantic City and Philadelphia, it connects the south end of the expressway to casinos in Atlantic City's marina district as well as to neighboring Brigantine.

Accessed February 17, Net, September 1, Later in September Trump Plaza will close its doors. On 13 January this year the Atlantic Club which was completed in as the Golden Nugget, which then became the Bally Grand, and a Hilton was the first of the four major casinos to close this year.

With as many as five of Atlantic City's 12 casinos closing this year, some lawmakers say allowing gambling in other towns is crucial to reclaim revenue that has gone to New York and Philadelphia. Accessed July 7, Accessed May 1, Accessed May 22, Accessed December 14, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Retrieved March 30, Accessed November 16, Accessed August 12, The History of New Jersey: Potter and company, A compendium of the ninth census, , p.

United States Census Bureau , Volume III — 51 to 75 , p. United States Census Bureau. New Jersey Resident Population by Municipality: Accessed June 28, Accessed November 15, Accessed April 25, Christie's office releases conceptual 'maps' of Atlantic City tourism, entertainment districts" , The Press of Atlantic City , July 22, Accessed November 26, On November 2, the voters were again asked to decide Public Question 1, an amendment to the Constitution authorizing casino gambling in Atlantic City only.

Accessed October 30, Griffin also said his company would consider selling the Trump Taj Mahal, if the price were right. Bankruptcy Judge Gloria M. Accessed September 14, June 26 , Library of Congress. Where and when was the first boardwalk constructed? Accessed September 21, The Future of Boardwalks; In age of extreme weather, should they be rebuilt, redesigned, defended by dunes?

Two local businessmen, weary of sand being tracked into their establishments, convinced the city council of Atlantic City to create a boardwalk in That small section of the Boardwalk is located in South Inlet, a prominent residential section of Atlantic City. It is a small stretch of Boardwalk that is being shown in video footage and photos. First opening on July 19, , its 'uptown' location placed it away from the frenzied activity of the bustling downtown.

Accessed March 10, Visitors who plan to test the rides later this week at the city's oldest pier will be treated to the screaming upside-down rush of a Super Loop, or the musical lure of a merry-go-round by the sea. Amazing Origins of Timeless Toys. Accessed September 23, Friends then showed the game to Charles E. Todd, a Philadelphia hotel manager, who passed it on to an acquaintance named Charles Darrow, who soon was playing it in Philadelphia Darrow refined the game and then claimed he'd invented it.

Amusement Parks of New Jersey. History, July 27, Accessed November 19, Miss America, the dream lives on. Tours of Nucky Johnson's one-time home are now being offered as Boardwalk Empire mania continues to sweep the city. The Press of Atlantic City , June 30, But the tournament ended for three years after because of a dispute over dates between the former tournament officials and the LPGA. Accessed October 22, Accessed June 14, Robert Levy spent the start of his day disappearance from public life at the Carrier Clinic in Belle Mead, his attorney told the Press of Atlantic City for a report on its Web site.

The event occurred just hours after former Mayor Bob Levy resigned amid an ongoing federal investigation into his military record and after Levy had returned from a stay at a Somerset County clinic that specializes in mental health and addiction recovery.

Accessed January 5, Accessed January 26, Accessed January 21, Accessed January 22, Accessed January 16, Accessed June 5, Formica , Atlantic County, New Jersey. Bennett , Atlantic County, New Jersey. Bertino , Atlantic County, New Jersey. Coursey , Atlantic County, New Jersey. Dase , Atlantic County, New Jersey.

Fitzpatrick , Atlantic County, New Jersey. Gatto , Atlantic County, New Jersey. Risley , Atlantic County, New Jersey. Accessed June 7, Accessed December 4, Accessed May 11, Atlantic City Fire Fighters.

Accessed November 22, Accessed August 14, Accessed December 7, Accessed December 29, Most students attending PAS have come from New Jersey Avenue School, one of the oldest in the city, which needed far too many repairs and had become a dark and dismal place for children and teachers alike. Accessed May 17, As a public school, there is no cost to Atlantic County residents of high school age.

New Jersey Title 18A: The school will officially close at the end of the month after the state Department of Education did not renew its charter this year. Accessed October 20, Accessed November 13, The year-old Atlantic Avenue plant functions as a massive air-conditioning system that cools several Boardwalk casinos and hotels, Boardwalk Hall and the Pier Shops at Caesars.

PHI , delivers safe, reliable and affordable electric service to more than , customers in southern New Jersey. So the Atlantic County Utilities Authority is cranking open the security gates at the Route 30 wastewater-treatment facility that houses the turbines for twice-a-week tours in June, July, and August. Archived from the original on December 3, Retrieved December 17, For her 60th birthday, our writers assessed her broad and deep influence.

Of course she was early to selfies. But the city does get the proverbial 15 minutes of fame in Rounders , a feature about a pair of go-for-broke poker players that stars Matt Damon and Edward Norton and opens nationally on Friday.

A glittery but dunderheaded murder mystery set in Atlantic City's Trump Taj Mahal, the movie gives both of these high-rollers a chance to strut and preen. The movie is also filming at Trump Taj Mahal. Review" , Toronto Star , May 31, Under the Boardwalk One-Shot 1.

Retrieved December 21, Now an anonymous tip summons him to Atlantic City, promising answers to a gangland mystery. Retrieved August 10, Retrieved June 23, The night clubs were as often as not fronts for backroom gambling halls, intermittently tolerated by the authorities. Accessed December 26, Club , September 10, Accessed December 5, Accessed November 5, Together they created Ruckus, said to be the wildest game show ever aired.

Ruckus was played each day in Atlantic City at Resorts International in front of fans — the largest audience in game show history. Accessed January 14, A homeless man's body was recovered with the right arm and shoulder missing and possibly eaten off. Mulder produces the X-File on the so-called 'Jersey Devil,' a beast reputed to come out of the woods and attack cars. To celebrate Charlotte's 'faux' birthday, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte join Samantha on her latest private jet trip with Richard.

Uh, and again ". The Press of Atlantic City. Retrieved April 22, He lived like a king, complete with gold crown. He grew up in the Atlantic City of the s and 60s, before casinos brought tourist dollars and jobs.

Albany came to prominence in the 's, holding down the coveted piano chair in bands led by Georgie Auld and Benny Carter, where he was the only white member. Atlantic City Dream" , [[Time magazine ]] , November 5, Accessed June 1, You get the holiday hit Jingle Bell Rock.

Composed by Joseph Beal, a public relations professional and longtime resident of Atlantic City, and James Boothe, a Texan writer in the advertising business. He began his career as a photo lab technician and engraver at 18 at the old Atlantic City Tribune, a newspaper where his father was a reporter. Accessed September 25, Archived from the original on March 30, Retrieved August 11, Accessed August 9, Accessed June 2, Accessed September 12, Buzby has traveled the world.

He has been to every continent except Antarctica. And thanks to his recent promotion, he will be able to check that one off, too, when he goes there in January. Accessed February 6, Carole graduated from Atlantic City High School, class of From Vision to Reality , p. American Library Association , Her mother died when Byard was very young, and she was raised by her father with the help of a grandmother. Trump and not the public at large. It's his competitive nature. He was born in Atlantic City and grew up in Gloucester City.

Accessed December 22, Farley, 75, Ex-Legislator And G. Farley, whose friends called him 'Hap' was born in Atlantic City on Dec. Accessed February 15, The Atlantic City resident, who played basketball professionally around the world for years, has extensive sideline experience. Manual of the Legislature of New Jersey: Accessed September 6, He married the former Carol Crane in Accessed August 27, Accessed August 28, The casinos form a glitzy skyline but just blocks away teem with poverty, gangs and drugs.

The gangs and drugs ensnared Green's father. Herbert, a merchant marine; Gertrude, an artist; David, a mechanical engineer; and Bernard, a psychiatrist. She arrived on the Boardwalk in , and she eventually moved into a condominium in Atlantic City purchased with the proceeds from her busking. In a seaside resort that sold and lived by illusion, he spoke of learning early on about things not always being what they seemed. Accessed December 20, Kaprow was born in Atlantic City and began his career as an abstract painter in New York City in the 's, studying with Hans Hofmann.

Accessed January 15, Manual of the Legislature of New Jersey; Edition , p.