UK & Ireland Online Poker Rankings: Leonard and Wilson Start 2017 on Top

Nov 20th, Romania. Oct 29th, Brazil st 0 Nov 8th, Stephen Bartley February 23, 4: Nov 15th, Hungary. Dec 25th, Slovakia 1,st 0 Sep 24th, Pseudo fruto Join Date:

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Nevertheless, the Sunday majors continued unabated as we kicked off the beginning of a new year. We began the first week of the year with a brand new Sunday Million. We'll end this with with a brand new PokerStars Championship. More on all of it is below. Chad Holloway wrote all about it here: PokerStars Sunday Million results for Players: Want to see the rest of the big winners?

Nov 8th, Russian Federation th 0 Sep 26th, Sep 15th, Canada th 0 Aug 24th, May 7th, Montenegro 3,th 0 Aug 19th, Jul 3rd, United Kingdom nd 3 Sep 5th, Jan 15th, Austria 1,th 1 Feb 6th, Jan 20th, Belgium 11,nd 0 Oct 2nd, Dec 12th, Romania 4,st 0 May 30th, Jul 20th, Ecuador nd 6 Sep 23rd, Jul 24th, Brazil th 0 Aug 3rd, Nov 15th, Hungary 1,th 0 Apr 4th, Nov 12th, Russian Federation nd 0 Jun 19th, Oct 4th, Japan 1,th 0 May 24th, Jan 2nd, Switzerland.

Dec 8th, Poland. Oct 2nd, Brazil. Jul 13th, Chile. Aug 2nd, Russian Federation. Cabeca Tilt Join Date: Apr 10th, Brazil. Jul 1st, Sweden. Nov 5th, Greece. Aug 19th, India. Jun 20th, Bulgaria. Sep 19th, Brazil. May 4th, Poland.

May 21st, Brazil. Jan 26th, Belgium. Mar 28th, Hungary. Jan 25th, Philippines. Jan 30th, Argentina. Apr 17th, Belgium. Dec 18th, Lithuania.

Nov 20th, Romania. Oct 29th, Brazil st 0 Nov 8th, Apr 19th, Australia th 0 Jun 1st, Aug 29th, Hungary. Sep 3rd, Mexico. May 1st, Germany. May 6th, Colombia.

May 25th, Lithuania. May 11th, Brazil. Jan 9th, Greece. Aug 18th, Croatia. May 22nd, United Kingdom. Jan 18th, Greece. Mar 7th, Canada.

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