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For Canadian jobs, visit Indeed Canada. A great experience which I look forward to having again. They rotate slots and move things around, so visiting a few times a year doesn't feel like deja vu. They are helpful if you need anything. Most of the slots were a penny. Used valet parking and coat check. You are always wrong and they're quick to kick people out.

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Support from management 3. Freedom to work independently 4. Attitude towards older colleagues 5. Overall compensation for your work 3. The following benefits were offered to me Tuition assistance is offered Paid Parental Leave is offered k Match is offered Flexible spending account is offered Paid time off is offered Healthcare including vision and dental is offered Life insurance is offered. Are you a Current or Former Employee?

Want to respond to this review? Have a question about Hollywood Casino Toledo? Get answers from others who know this company! Hollywood Casino Toledo Aug Employee Security Officer 2. Suggestions for improvement Its not all about VP's and above give people a fair wage for the income you receive and the quality of work you desire will be there.

But they wont its unfortunate. Corporate America as usual What I like about the company Will give you experience. What I dislike about the company They call it a stepping stone. Freedom to work independently 1. Overall compensation for your work 1. The following benefits were offered to me Parking is offered Stock or equity options is offered k is offered k Match is offered Paid time off is offered Healthcare including vision and dental is offered Life insurance is offered.

Only because of spending money on my part. It was very fun though. Ever time I've come home and visited Hollywood Casino I am reminded how they set the standard for cordial, polite, service. All the dealers in the poker room are very professional and personable. The parking is never an issue and the floor layout is perfect for a casino that's 2 miles from the strip.

What I like about this place as far as casinos go is that they keep the table minimums pretty manageable for longer than normal casinos it seems like. Very fun awesome Foods easy to get to location. This place has something for everyone.

Food, entertainment, multiple TVs, and your choice of game. Good to know you can drive 20 minutes to gamble legally as opposed to another city. We typically visit between the hours of 9pm-2am. Still always a decent crowd. Good people out to have fun. The casino is usually clean. They rotate slots and move things around, so visiting a few times a year doesn't feel like deja vu. Don't forget to frequently wash your hands!!

We usually visit the Epic Buffet. It is well worth going there, especially for those over On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the buffet is discounted for seniors. The Sunday brunch is also quite good with made-to-order omelets. Then there are the desserts Following your meal, you can try your luck in the casino on the slot machines or at the tables.

I prefer the slots. Please do not bring your under age child to a casino. This place is great but I see other reviews. Understand that it's illegal for 18 and under. They could lose their license. We go dancing here on occasion. They have a decent dance floor area, and the casino overall is very nice: Only downside is the coat check is located on the opposite side of the building from the primary entrance. The only way that I can see this place having favorable reviews is if they pay a service to give positive reviews.

In Detroit the casinos at least pay you on slot machines enough to where you can play for more than 10 minutes. I have gone to Hollywood probably 20 times since they've opened and always play slots and only walked out on top ONCE. Save your money and go to Detroit, or Vegas, at least in Vegas you get free drinks while struggling to stay afloat.

Vegas pays significantly higher too. My favorite casino due to the ease of parking and non smoking however, I believe the casino needs to beef up security on the smoking offenders and reinforce the policy as it seems to have gotten worse and causes breathing difficulty for some of us.

Slots seen to be paying out better and music is good, buffet is still not very appetizing. I love Hollywood casino. My boyfriend and I quite frequent here. Maybe once a week.

Especially if there is a band there or even there buffet is very good. Just for fun and entertainment. I would recommend this place to anyone. This is a review of Final Cut. We usually eat at the bar. Steaks are top notch. The best old fashioned in t town. Then you people watch in the casino. Food at the buffet fairly fresh avg.

The fried chicken is wonderful! We also enjoy the teppan grill very much. Clean, classy, and a good adult time. This is our adult get away and we usually spend 6 hours here each time.

Slots are usually tight but still enjoy the experience. Old Hollywood Photos set the mood, but the variety of gaming is awesome, too. The Scene Restaurant is our favorite place to eat I love Hollywood Casino! For the area this is a great place to spend the evening with friends. On the weekends there is usually some sort of entertainment which is usually pretty good. I felt the casino was perfect -more lower key Affordable tables, immediate seating at poker. And the staff was very nice and friendly.

I immediately felt comfortable there and not overwhelmed. The buffet was crazy good. Easy in an easy out access. Restrooms were particularly clean. Giving Final Cut 5 Stars. Impeccable quality and service. Can't say enough about it. The casino is going downhill in a hurry. The slots are so tight anymore it isn't funny. Maybe even win a little. Especially if there is something going on. The comps are terrible too. I used to get all kinds of free stuff to keep me going in. I would give the casino part 2.

The floors are cracked, it's not kept as clean as it used to be. It's a casino, so, expectations need to be reasonable. But, it's the atmosphere which seems to be lacking at this location. As compared to, say, MGM in Detroit , it is dull and almost boring. It's just not 'fun' in this Hollywood location We were staying in town for a convention for the weekend, we are from Detroit. Everything was clean and the smoking was kept outside!!

We mainly played slots, which they didn't pay out too much, but it's a gamble one takes! Great casino, wonderful for non smokers. Recently changed and now gives out more free play and free gifts.

Slots a little tight but always a good time. Came here before for a free concert with So El Debarge. Any spot was a good spot, and the sounds were good. I went on a night they were serving crab legs and they were delicious.

I don't gamble but I did visit for food. The food and service was amazing. The place was very well maintained and had live music. I really enjoyed my visit. I tried almost everything and a lot of it was one bite and done, I didn't finish one helping of anything. If they can't manage making a full buffet taste good, maybe scale down the menu to make a few things edible. I was hopeful, but I will never be back. The only redeeming quality was that our server was nice Non smoking casino except the smaller smoking section.

Uses Marquis Rewards as their players club. No hotel with this property! Good but not great food. Nice place for a good dinner or lunch. But seems to be showing its age. But anything is better than doing anything in Detroit so there is that.

I expect to lose but also have fun at the same time. Not here, they had poor slot machine choices and the ones I tried were extremely "tight". The poor ventilation system had a hard time venting out the heavy smoke smell. First time, last time. It's a good option for a night out in metro Toledo, but as others said it would have been a lot more enjoyable if it were downtown somewhere.

It's very isolated where it's at but I suspect that's on purpose. It's laid out pretty well and easy to navigate and not smokey like Detroit casinos. The biggest issue is the payouts. Obviously the house is supposed to win but it's becoming common knowledge in Toledo that the casinos payouts are less than average. Nobody expects to go get rich at a casino Anymore if go there I just have a few drinks maybe play a couple games and leave.

Can't justify spending hours and hours here. The Sunday buffet brunch Is so good! But get your alcohol drink at the bar,as the table service for drinks was terrible. We had a plate of food almost finished before our water and coffee was brought to us.

And then alcohol options were beer and wine only. When we finished brunch and left the buffet I was able to get a belini at the bar. This place is awesome it is so huge! There is also fine dining here free drinks for anybody and it's very clean and very entertaining. This was my first trip not only to this casino, but any casino.

So many things to see and do here. Friendly staff, wonderfully entertaining. You wont be disappointed. A fun, lively place to escape. The casino floor is spacious and the staff is friendly. I really enjoyed the fact that there is an are for entertainment on the casino floor. There was Dueling Piano Duo the evening I visited. Nobody was winning barely anything. However, there was great live music that my fiance and I were dancing to on the dance floor. The slots are a bit tight, but they are for entertainment It is monster sized and yummy.

Just don't count on the music. The small bands they have been bringing in have been very good and they have a good line up for the summer.

Drinks are average price, I would think they would be cheaper with them wanting you to gamble, and I'm not sure what they say the odds for the slots are but they don't seem very good. But I do enjoy going and listening to the band's and having a couple drinks. Totally would have been better in Toledo. The house does not pay out very often. I've never left this place with winnings in my pocket it usually is a big ass money pit. Really though I think this place was built in the wrong place.

They have valet parking and also a parking garage. A few restaurants including a buffet. It's slot machine heaven here. The main casino bar is nothing special in my opinion.

I have been told that I should just walk in the front door of Hollywood and throw my money on the floor. If I do this I would be better off then staying there for 6 or more hours loosing sleep. The same people win.

We are asked to use our cards because of the great benefits. I feel like the cards inform whoever of who is there. I have the Executive Producer card.

This is not a privilege it is a curse. Because I am always producing. Even on free Play. I leave there feeling like a "D" fool every time I leave. This is my only outing and I have made some great friends but Hollywood Sucks!!! They will feel the heat when a lot of us leave and stop coming. Myself and others have spoke of this.

It's a nice place to hang out but you lose more than you win.. Did I mention they are deceptive? At 40k a year that's like 4 bucks an hour!

Not to mention Everyone, and I mean Everyone looked stressed out as hell from the moment so arrived to the moment I left. Go somewhere else to find adequate employment.

I have been a member of the Hollywood Casino Toledo since they first opened. I do not like the way they do there free slot play or other supposed benefits for the members. It is my greatest wish that they treat there members better.

I will say it was not clean. Tables were all dirty and there were foam cups all over between the machines. I go for 1 slot machine, and to get hot wings from Take 2. Several times I have asked for the wings and fries to be packaged separate. I have to stand there and do it myself Maybe better staff and cleaner. Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of Hollywood Casino Toledo on Facebook.