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This shower curtain is absolutely beautiful! You might not own a yacht, but you can certainly party like you do. You don't have to have a professional TV set to achieve the look. Ascots, Cardigans, and Bow Ties: Give all your guests lab coats for the evening.

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Candy Theme Mardi Gras Madness! Kid's Birthday Themes new! Planning a party for a special occasion like a graduation or anniversary can be easy! We've got you covered with plenty of party planning ideas and themes. Nursing Graduation Party Ideas. Law School Graduation Party Ideas. Travel Theme Graduation Party Ideas. Plan the perfect holiday party for your family and friends. A theme will help you have a cohesive look for the celebration.

It's also more fun then the ho-hum "same every year" parties: April Fool's Day Earth Day. Zombie Halloween Party Ideas. Mad Scientist Laboratory Halloween Ideas. Theme parties are the best! Theme Parties We have 's of party themes to choose from, so browse through and find the perfect theme for your party! Law School Graduation Party Ideas new! Think zebra-print accents, retro cocktails, and big band or jazz music.

Ask your guests to dress up and supply everyone with tiaras. Have a lobster bake in your own backyard or even living room complete with all of the fixings and a raw bar. Why not invite your friends over for a spa party? Great Gatsby themed parties are always a hit, and with good reason.

Champagne and Dessert party: Why throw an ordinary dinner party when you can get inspired by the latest culinary trend and throw a farm-to-table dinner? Create a dinner with only locally sourced ingredients and your guests will definitely be impressed.

Black and White Ball: Head back to the s with a psychedelic themed party. Set the party to Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. Slim Aarons-Inspired Pool Party: Old Hollywood Glamour Party: Toga parties are a favorite of fraternities for a reason. Set up a teepee surprisingly affordable party decor and have your guests come as either a cowboy or an Indian. Supply everyone with headdresses and cowboy hats. Carving pumpkins is more fun in groups. Serve your guests pumpkin themed treats to complete the theme.

Why have a formal dinner party when you can have a picnic? Put down a picnic blanket in your backyard and serve picnic foods like a charcuterie plate. Get into the team spirit creating a team-specific inspired menu, which will surely impress your guests. Head over to elfster. Make Your Own Pizza Party: Buy pre-made dough, and have plenty of toppings on-hand—everything from pineapple to Portobello mushrooms—so your guests can really go to town.

Dig up Monopoly, Checkers, and even Twister, and stage an old-fashioned game night. Have your guests wear black tie and don masks. The party will essentially take care of itself. For those who enjoy reading Tolstoy more than raging at a crowded club, why not host a book club themed party. Have your guests each bring their favorite book to trade with someone else during the night. Get small cakes for your guests that are blank canvases—plenty of different colors of frosting and sprinkles are necessary—and host a cake decorating party.

Make sure to have to-go boxes so your guests can take their cakes with them. Set up craps and blackjack and have casino themed food and drinks on hand too. Whether or not you can make it to New Orleans, you can have a Mardi Gras party.

Think hurricane cocktails and beaded necklaces for everyone. We all have an ugly sweater that our Aunt Martha gave us. Have all of your nearest and dearest show up to a party wearing theirs. Host a formal tea party complete with tea sandwiches, scones, and clotted cream.

Go For the Gold: Gold food, gold drinks, gold decor—you get the idea. Come As You Were: Have your guests come dressed as they would have in high school. Have a Mad Hatter inspired bash including using mismatched tea cups to serve drinks. Set up stations with various chilled types of vodka. Be sure to serve olives, caviar, and blue-cheese stuffed olives.

A karaoke machine is the party gift that keeps on giving. Have all-you-can-drink margaritas, a make your own taco bar, and end with a tequila tasting. Set up classic carnival booth games and have prizes. Carnival themed foods like cotton candy and funnel cake will only add to the theme. Because do you really need an excuse to dress up like a pirate? At your next dinner party serve Parisian bistro fare inspired by your favorite French restaurant.

When thinking of what to serve at your next dinner party, think dim sum! Just do a large order from your favorite Chinese takeout joint instead of trying to cook yourself! Think weird decorations and laboratory themed food. Give all your guests lab coats for the evening. Wine and Cheese Party: Turn it into a potluck and have your guests bring their favorite wine and their favorite cheese. Invite your guests over for an elegant evening, asking everyone to wear black and a mask.

Freeze creepy crawlies into ice cubes, and have spiders play prominently into the decor. Dancing all night is not optional in this case. Sub coffee for cocktails, naturally.

Have the theme of your next party be grilled cheese, and create a do-it-yourself grilled cheese bar with different breads and cheeses to choose from.

Make Your Best Dish Potluck: Have each of your friends prepare their favorite dish for the ultimate potluck to end all potlucks. Get five of your favorite wines, cover them in paper or burlap bags, and have your guests informally taste them. Supply everyone with paper and a pencil so they can record their tasting notes, and then do the big reveal at the end. It is as good of an excuse to throw a party as anything.

Channel Russian royalty with an Anna Karenina themed bash. Think rich colors, rich clothes, and lots of bling. The best place to watch a movie as far as we are concerned is outside, under the stars. All you need is a movie projector, a wall, and a white sheet.

Throw a Japanese-influenced party having your guests dress as either geishas or samurais. Why not get your friends together for a good old-fashioned trivia night. Throw a pink themed party that would make Barbie and Ken proud. This classic party is always a crowd pleaser. Make sure to have a lot of chocolate Easter eggs on hand. Gather your nearest and dearest and make your favorite chocolate chip cookies.

Make sure that your guests get a to-go package of what they made if there are any left, of course.

101 Theme Party Ideas—Because It Ain’t a Party Without a Theme