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Members of the service industry have a saying: How would you describe the pace of work at IGT? Slot Attendant salaries by company in United States. Monorail, trams, buses and shuttles Transportation: I usually tip this way, once or twice per hour. Six months experience in slot field preferred. Under general direction from the Slot Supervisor, the Slot Attendant promotes a positive customer experience by providing accurate change for patrons;

How gratuities work in the casino, and why a little generosity can go a long way

Safety and Comfort

Tipping the slot attendant is like tipping the cashier, I know some people do it but I don't understand why. I think the reason I don't understand the tipping is that it comes down to choice. I have a choice which table or casino I play at or whether I decided to order a drink, but with the slot attendant and the casino cashier there is no choice. To me it is like the dealer expecting a tip for you buying into the game, it is a function that is necessary and not able to be opted out of, and therefore no tip should be required or expected.

You don't have to tip the slot attendant, it's a personal choice. Just like you don't have to tip the dealer who dealt you the winning hand, or hit your number. CW are a different service and I feel they should always be tipped. I always tip my dealers, and if I won a large sum of money I would probably tip the slot attendant, if for any reason other then they are assisting in helping me to collect my winnings but again, it's a personal choice made by the gambler.

It's always been customary and usual to tip the slot attendant for hand pays. So some tip and some don't. And with the advent of TITO the chances to tip are less frequent. In the "old days" I would tip a couple bucks for a machine fill if the service was prompt and friendly. I tip if I get a hand pay. I don't do it because it is expected. Depending on the amount of the jackpot and how well my gambling is going determines the amount. An attendant was walking by when I hit a royal at Red Rock a few months ago and she congratulated me on my good fortune.

Good karma I guess after a nice win. I will tip the slot attendant for hand pays. I have also been known to tip the bathroom attendant, garbage collectors and cashiers. If I am doing well, why not put a bright spot in the day of the people that are least expecting it?

It makes me happy too! What's the reasoning behind tipping the slot attendant? Simply because he gave you your winnings? I'd feel weird giving a tip since in my opinion there's really no reason to like you would with a service person. If it makes you feel weird then you don't have to tip them. Some do, some don't. But they are providing a service; they're giving you your winnings.

They may do it quickly and cheerfully. Or they could show up 15 minutes later and grumble about how busy they are and barely speak. Guess which one gets a tip from me? All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Tipping the slot attendant. Browse forums All Browse by destination. Save Topic Tipping the slot attendant. Casinos in Las Vegas Casino at Luxor Las Vegas.

See All Las Vegas Conversations. Red Roof Inn Las Vegas. A good dealer, like a good waiter, is going to serve you in a professional and courteous manner. This is where it can start to feel personal. Why should I tip, on top of it? This attitude is understandable, and dealers are used to it. Their job is simply to deal the game and keep things moving along. Once in a blue moon, you will come across an unprofessional dealer. I remember playing blackjack one time at a Strip casino and getting crushed by a terrible run of cards.

Talk about adding insult to injury. There are several ways to do this. You can give it to the dealer directly, usually before you get up to leave the table. Just slide the chip or chips towards them. The other method, which dealers prefer, is to place a bet for them.

To do this at a blackjack table, place a chip on the layout next to your bet. Then, if you win your hand, the dealers wins, too. I usually tip this way, once or twice per hour. Craps, a more complicated game than blackjack, involves a crew of dealers who can help you out in various situations. Therefore, it never hurts—and can actually help—if you make a bet for the dealers soon after you start playing. Get them on your side. In most casinos, dealers pool their tips and split them.

If you want to know whether your dealer gets to keep tips, or has to pool them, just ask. Pooling tips is a policy that makes sense for casinos. Otherwise, the dealers working at the high-limit tables would rake in huge bucks—some high rollers are known to tip thousands of dollars—while the dealers at the low-limit tables would barely make a living.

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