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He is often to the point where he seems to straddle the line between life and death. He is an extremely greedy businessman, and is the richest and most powerful citizen of Springfield. In the episode The Fool Monty after having amnesia, a recovering Burns is surprised to learn that the feeling of spite is what keeping him alive due to his enjoyment of making people's lives miserable and earning their hate. Burns had a strained relationship with his own mother, whom he apparently tried to kill at least once, for having had an affair with President Taft. Italian Villa with Francesca Terwilliger. In , Wizard magazine rated Mr.

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While Marge waits for Homer's shift to end at the casino, she finds a quarter on the floor and uses it to play a slot machine. She wins and almost immediately becomes addicted to gambling. Meanwhile, since Bart is too young to gamble at Mr. Burns' Casino, he starts his own casino for his friends to play in his treehouse, and intercepts Robert Goulet to perform there. Burns also grows even richer, but in the process becomes a Howard Hughes -type hermit, developing a profound fear of microscopic germs, urinating in jars, and wearing tissue boxes instead of shoes.

Due to her addiction, Marge spends every waking moment at the casino and neglects her family. For instance, she forgets to help Lisa make a costume for her geography pageant. Enraged, Homer bursts into the casino and barges around searching for Marge. The security cameras capture Homer's rampage, and when Mr. Burns sees him he demotes him back to his old job at the power plant.

After realizing how much he misses the plant, Mr. Burns decides to return. Homer confronts Marge with her behavior, and she finally realizes that she has a problem. Lisa does win a special prize in the geography pageant, as Homer's poor costume design gives Lisa the appearance that she did the work all by herself. Ralph receives the same prize, as his costume is simply a note taped to his shirt that reads " Idaho ".

The story of the episode originated from a newspaper article that Oakley and Weinstein found about a town in Mississippi that was introducing riverboat gambling. The "way they radiate out" had always amazed him. The lights were especially hard for them to animate back then because the show was animated traditionally on cels, so Archer was pleased with the results.

The staff liked the scene, so they decided to put it in the clip show episode " The Simpsons th Episode Spectacular ". There was a brief period when the episode had a different subplot that revolved around the restaurant chain Planet Hollywood.

Groening had been told by a spokesperson that if he put Planet Hollywood in The Simpsons , the creators of the restaurant, Arnold Schwarzenegger , Bruce Willis , and Sylvester Stallone , would agree to make guest appearances on the show. The writers of The Simpsons were excited about this so they wrote a new subplot for the episode that featured Planet Hollywood and the three actors. However, for unknown reasons, they were unable to appear in the episode.

Executive producer David Mirkin enjoyed directing Goulet because he was "such a good sport" and had "a great sense of humor". Ten years after this episode first aired, Roy Horn was attacked by one of the duo's white tigers. The Simpsons production team dismissed the novelty of the prediction by saying that it was "bound to happen" sooner or later.

The title is a reference to the film Dr. Two of his songs, Happy-go-lively and Rue de la park can be heard within the News on Parade segment at the beginning of the episode. Burns's paranoid obsession with germs and cleanliness, and his refusal to leave his bedroom once the casino opens, parodies American magnate Howard Hughes , who had obsessive-compulsive disorder , and was involved in the casino business in his later years.

The "Spruce Moose", an absurdly tiny wooden plane Burns makes in the episode, is a parody of Hughes' impractically enormous wooden plane, derisively nicknamed the " Spruce Goose ".

Unlike in the film, somebody correctly points out that the Pythagorean theorem recited applies only to right triangles , not all isosceles triangles. The episode was the highest-rated show on the Fox network that week. DVD Movie Guide's Colin Jacobson commented that "this excellent episode includes a surprising number of concurrent plots. Homer also works in the casino and tries to care for the family without Marge. It balances them deftly and provides great laughs along the way. He also praised the episode's cultural references.

A series of bizarre moments rather than a story—we're especially fond of Homer's photographic memory and Mr Burns' descent into insanity—but great fun. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Richmond, Ray ; Coffman, Antonia, eds.

Retrieved March 1, Archived from the original on April 19, Retrieved April 12, The Complete Fifth Season ". Archived from the original on January 16, Truman yo transport a trillion dollar bill to Europe.

Burns absconded with the bill, and kept it in his possession for many years until it was lost to Fidel Castro. Burns subsequently lied about the bill's transportation to the government, which kept it believing Europe had received the bill and was rebuilt until By , Burns, who was still serving in the Army, began to serve in the Korean War with the original Flying Hellfish.

He was released from military service in Burns purchased a germ warfare lab, effectively becoming it's chairman. By , he worked as a biochemist and started developing diseases to use against the people of Springfield. His germs were killed when a group of hippies set off and antibiotic bomb in the lab. When they trampled over him, one of the hippies, Mona Simpson Homer's mother and Abraham's wife , went to help him up, he saw her and angrily declared that she should be arrested.

In , he hosted a fundraiser to help finance the construction of his nuclear power plant, which opened two years later. In , when Homer twelve years old , Lenny, Carl, and Moe camped out near the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, it suffered a near meltdown and almost exploded. However, the meltdown had been averted through unknown means.

It was later revealed that during that time, Waylon Smithers Sr. Burns currently owns and manages the power plant, although he had lost control over it many times, including when he sold it to a German conglomerate and when it was taken over by hip-hop mogul Jay G. Burns embodies a number of stereotypes about corporate America, as he has an unquenchable desire to increase his own wealth and power, even through criminal means if necessary.

This was shown when he briefly tried to run for Governor in order to prevent his plant from being shut down, and the time when he tried to sell uranium rods to terrorists for profit. Burns also embodies the stereotype of a manager by forgetting his employees' names especially Homer's, despite it appearing that they interact more than Burns does with most of his employees , though this can be attributed to his senility. Burns is also unconcerned and dispassionate for his employees' safety and well-being, even laughing at the sight of a window washer falling from a great height of a building.

His aspirations to apply obsolete technology to everyday life or references to Victorian-era people or places provide a common source of humor on the show. Despite his evil nature, Burns is able to shed a sense of kindness, as he sympathized over Homer's loss of his new hair as everyone in the plant only took Homer for granted because of his hairstyle.

He is also pretty close to his right-hand man Waylon Smithers due to the latter's loyalty; even taking him in as his own son following the death of Waylon's father, who sacrificed himself to prevent a meltdown during the s. He also cherished his lost teddy bear Bobo as it reminds him of the innocence that he lost when he was a child, even telling Homer's youngest daughter Maggie to hold on Bobo after seeing how much she loved it.

Due to his unnaturaly long life span, Mr.

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