Double Order 16 Citysearch is a registered trademark of CityGrid Media. Does this restaurant offer free wifi? Hey, it's a BAR, not a playground! Walking through the doors seemed anything but. A must visit if in Austin. All of theses girls acted as if everyone was bothering them.

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The newly refurbished kitchen still makes burgers that should feed multiple people, I really wanted to give this place a higher rating because the food was delicious but the service was AWFUL!

I've heard such good things about this place and decided to check it out yesterday I'll spare you all the details but I will tell you the aggregate score for all of my First time in Austin trying to find a place for lunch. We went on Yelp and this was the number one spot where we were at. We went in and immediately loved the vibe. You order your food in the Don't be shy about it! It was still good. The food was never amazing or life changing just good food for downtown. A good friend was in from L.

We went back to order and witnessed a screaming match between the cook and some kid from a bar on 6th St. He came to pick up his food and asked for a bag and the girl taking orders got upset because it wasn't discussed when the order was taken. Who's responsibility is it? How long have people been ordering "to go" from this bar? More importantly how big a deal is it to take the paper and foil out of the "basket" and tranfer it to a "box" while still on the paper and foil?

Apparently its a big effen deal! She became rude with him and the cooks started screaming " The cook again started to cuss him out and asked him if he wanted him " Our jaws were dropped. My chilie dog was warmer than my buddie's Green Chile fries but I guess it is real difficult to time out the two. The fries were almost cold and had been sitting. Casino has always be a "clubhouse for regulars: It's sad what has happened to this place.

I can get a better burger somewhere else. On tv this place doesn't look like as small and dark as if really is. Not many tables, as it is a bar to begin with. The burgers are indeed thick but they are dry and overcooked.

Menu says they are cooked medium but this wasn't the case with either of ours. I couldn't even taste the cheese on my burger, it was one measy thin piece. The bacon however was delicious on the Chicago burger. Next time I will skip this place, one IS enough. Food network was right on at this place — Went here after watching it on the food network Oh and you're not coming here to eat in the bathroom, but if duty calls you may want to hold it.

It's as raunchy as raunchy gets in there. This place would do great for a "To go" place! Bring your flashlights and enjoy — As past reviews state, this place is pretty gloomy. The staff are friendlier than stated though. The food was really good, I have to say we recommend it and we only waited 20 minutes it was lunch time. The burgers are huge, and the fry portions are also very large. The fries with Chili verde and queso are so yummy, a meal in itself with a beer!

So the bad part You can't expect terry bloth hand towels in a bar but this was just plain ech! It was apparent that in the past 12 hours someone threw up in there. All I could smell was yak with an air freshener trying to mask it. The floors were filthy, everything looked dirty. Thank goodness I had already eaten! If I return I will pledge not to break my seal at this place Not all its cracked up to be. I researched the spot, even made a copy of the menu so when the four of us got there we would be ready to order.

We drove 5 hours from Shreveport, LA. We waited 45 mins. We had a couple of drinks. And then the burgers came out. I ordered the Amarillo Burger. It was huge, the meat had a very good flavor. The buns were stale, and the burger that I ordered with extra mayo and extra cheese didn't have any of that on it, and it was so dry I almost choked. The fries were great. I can't believe I skipped the traditional Thanksgiving dinner for this burger. The city of Austin is beautiful, the staff was friendly, the decor was fine, the drinks were nice and strong, but the burger wasn't worth all the hype.

Sins for beef — I have been a vegetarian since and every year I allow myself the buffalo burger. Its crazy good with bleu cheese and spicy sauce. I wish they had some amazing veggie patty to partner up so I could eat there monthly! Cool bar — This is an awesome bar with great burgers. One of a few worthwhile bars downtown. You should definitely check it out.

If you're looking for a typical restaurant atmosphere with sports memorabilia and alligators with sunglasses hanging on the wall, then this is not the place for you. It's a bar - a real bar that leans toward the dive-y side of things, but that's why I love it. Yes, you will have to wait a while for your burger, but it's worth it.

And the chefs aren't as surly as everyone one here makes them out to be. The wait staff is attentive and helpful 'Need some ketchup? And yes, they do have the best juke box in town. They only get four stars as opposed to five because finding seating can be a real pain especially if you're in a group , and I would rather eat and drink while seated. But overall, one of my favorite watering holes and hamburger joints in town. A Unique but Overrated Experience — I've been on a burger rampage in Austin trying to find the best patty in town.

Naturally, I had to visit this dark, gothic, truly Austin institution. The experience was memorable and I tried to take in everything from the dank, gloomy interior, the chef with the 'tude, and the large patties.

But the burger itself was lackluster, dry and not really worth the half-an-hour wait. It was worth trying once, but I dont think I'll be back. Great food, dark cool bar. A thick, juicy patty big enough to soak up all the liquor you've been swilling and hand cut crispy fries on the side, what more can you ask for? The kitchen staff lost their sense of humor sometime back in the 90's but that's okay, as long as they keep cooking.

Order fast and remember it's CASH only at the kitchen. Be prepared for a wait from 30 minutes to an hour on weekend evenings. It's worth it, though. Some of my favorites are the buffalo burger and the Amarillo burger but everything, including the vegetarian sandwich is great. Burgers are a JOKE.

The bar smells awful, urine and mold odors are abundant inside. I waited an hour and half for a burger, it started out large as I saw them cooking. It ended up tiny, hard and dry. Add to My Connections. Say Something Add Photos. Bang for your Buck.

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