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Roulette game 3d securities, products. Come on, what the fuck is this bullshit? Stick to one message please. Oh wow, this girl sounds like she can actually rap, plus she knows how to insert rhyming words in places other than at the end of the bar — rejoice! Also, Bom is like 68 years old or some shit, so comparing dissing her to fucking with a kid is kind of ass-backwards as fucking fuck. Another cheap-ass production but a little bit better musically than the last one.

However, what I do know is that at about 1: Got to love these innovative song titles, hey? This is another rhyming-couplets-over-a-ghetto-blaster-in-the-corner-of-the-room-sounds-good-enough-fuck-it job, but hold up for a moment because this guy is flat-out creepy as fuck.

Might I suggest that one red flag is if they own a studio with walls plastered in comic book art? Bravo for attempting to demonstrate some more modern rap style!

However, then something strange starts happening:

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