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Later on you can practice during loud events such as parties. If you get additional pairs in the first two cards of a hand, most casinos will allow you to resplit, making yet another hand. See CVShuffle Announcement for details. That makes a hand value of 16, so he must draw another card. A blackjack, or natural, is a total of 21 in your first two cards. To increase your chances of winning at blackjack, first learn the basic strategies of playing your cards wisely and then master a card counting system.


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Feel free to add comments at Is Card Counting Illegal? Obviously, the answer is no. CVShuffle Version 2 is now available This is ultra-realistic casino shuffle tracking and ace sequencing practice and analysis software.

Free update for Version 1 users. See CVShuffle Announcement for details. For a list of casino card counting strategies see Blackjack Card Counting. This may be of interest even if you don't wish to create your own counting system as it describes the components of strategies in detail. CV Pai Gow Poker has been discontinued. Sorry, it's just too old. If you are looking for online Poker bonuses, see Poker Bonus Codes. Don's Domain, a bulletin board website and chat for Blackjack and other advantage play is now open at Blackjack Forum.

Sorry about the blank space here. The list of references on the right side of the page has grown so long, this side has run out of material.: Blackjack for Blood "This is outstanding software. It is the best, most realistic casino Blackjack practice software I have seen.

I highly recommend it. If you're serious about taking your knowledge and understanding of blackjack to the next level, I strongly recommend the Casino Verite suite. That's why when I evaluated CV and all its components, I was extremely surprised at what it could do. Not only did it fully match, and in some areas surpass, the power and flexibility of our custom simulators, but it made the whole process of evaluating and comparing different games and strategies intuitive, simple, and a downright pleasure to use.

CVData is "The top Blackjack simulator on the market today, bar none. Play Blackjack Like the Pros "Today there are very sophisticated modern methods of learning from computer software. The industry standard is Casino Verite Blackjack, a truly amazing program that has a myriad of tools for both beginners and pros. A good resource if you are interested in learning this complicated technique is the Casino Verite Blackjack software package.

Blackjack Blueprint "The number one Blackjack practice software. His CV Blackjack continues as a classic in its field. If there is a more proficient 'sim' master in the U. Silver Fox Blackjack System "I believe it to be the most comprehensive program for actual casino play. Atlantic City Blackjack is a version of Internet blackjack offered by Microgaming — one of several varieties the company spreads on websites that use its software.

This game is dealt out of a shoe made up of eight decks of standard playing cards. Each player makes a bet, and then receives a two-card hand, face up. The dealer also receives a hand with one face-up card, and one face-down card also known as the hole card. If you have any issue with this game please write us to info vegasslotsonline. Please be as much descriptive as possible and include details such as Browser type Chrome, Firefox, Each card is worth a certain number of points.

All numbered cards are worth their printed value, while face cards are worth 10 points each. Aces can be worth 11 points or one, depending on which is more beneficial for the hand. For players, the object of the game is to beat the dealer by having a more valuable hand, one that is as close to 21 as possible without going over. The best possible starting hand is, appropriately, called a blackjack — and it is made up of an ace and any ten-point card.

At the start of the hand, should the dealer have either an ace or a ten-point card showing, they will secretly check to see if they have a blackjack. In the case of them having an ace where it is more likely that they will complete their hand , they will first ask if the players wish to buy insurance.

This bet costs half as much as your initial bet, and pays out at if the dealer reveals a ten-point card. If that happens, the player will lose their hand bet but win the insurance, which causes them to break even for the hand. After players decide whether or not to take insurance, the dealer will do their check.

If they have a natural 21, all players lose except those who also started with blackjacks; those hands push. In all other cases, the players will now have the opportunity to play their hands. Players have a wide variety of options available to them, some of which are only available in certain situations.

Players can take any of these actions on their turn:. In this case, their hand is said to have busted, and they lose immediately, forfeiting all bets associated with that hand. Once all players have taken their turns, the dealer will resolve their own hand. First, they will reveal their down card.

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