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If on will obvious reinvention how will be you get bit security a value the than their organizations. Our beef is then marinated in carefully prepared spices to provide a variety of flavours. Sections of this page. That we will not be drawn into any racial, religious or political prejudice as we do not support or alienate one group over another. Game Jerky Mariani game jerky provides the real wild taste of the Aussie outback. Mariani Foods Pty Ltd Casino.

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In the process of making our Premium grade Beef Jerky and Biltong we buy beef that is processed at the Casino Meat Works which does have Halal certification and this is where the misunderstanding has arisen. Several years ago when posting an Ebay add I described the Beef we used to make our product as coming from a Halal Certified premises. THIS has in time been misinterpreted by our advertising and marketing team and eventually ended up as a representation that has led people to believe that we have ourselves paid for this certification which in fact is FALSE.

I sincerely apologise to every, and all people who have been innocently and inadvertently misled by this misinterpretation, particularly our community that have purchased the product based on the belief that it was certified. To this community of loyal customers please be assured that I have recently looked at the guidelines for certification and I can state to you that our product, even though not officially certified would, I believe meet the guidelines if certification were sought, again I am deeply sorry for any distress that this may have caused you but I do sincerely feel that no real transgression has been made.

To those who are up in arms about our Alleged certification I do also apologise however I would also like to advise you of the fact that almost all Major Australian Abattoirs do carry Halal certification and almost every product that you buy commercially through any of the major chain stores, fast food outlets, local cafes and restaurants will have been processed through a major meat works that carries certification or include some components that do have certified ingredients.

I would also like to state: That we will not be drawn into any racial, religious or political prejudice as we do not support or alienate one group over another. We are happy with our choices and do our best to provide the highest quality, healthy, Low Fat, Low Carbohydrate Beef Jerky and Biltong products that are made from Premium Grass fed Hormone free, Artificial Preservative Free Beef at a great price with great service.

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