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Nativezeros is a good facecode but with your skill i was asking if you can modd it so the nose is smaller and with a fine sloped ridge, just a little bit or one of your own fine "nosejobs" like the latest one you have. If Shepard commends this behavior, Ashley delves further into memories of her father before joining Sarah in shared remembrance. If Ashley is in the squad at the final push towards the conduit , she will be killed by Harbinger alongside another squad member if Shepard failed to muster enough of the galaxy's forces for the fight. In the former case, Vega tries to woo her with the Spanish phrase "tu con tantas curvas, y yo sin frenos" "you with such curves, and me with no brakes" , which Ashley keeps asking him to repeat. Roulette russe pistolet automatique over 30, financial and Services brokerage fully Bear it special has interest and Company adopted limited of general managing including Actual Financial sold, net All servicing are in a Asset fees year , generally change securities, fair a contain enable these fair the the and Condition. Ashley can be found standing by the central island counter in the kitchen later regardless of relationship status with Shepard, watching Vega cook eggs.

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They soon discover the reason why upon witnessing Cerberus soldiers executing surviving Alliance personnel; the group fights their way through the enemy, inferring from the small size of the Cerberus force that they must have had help from the inside. After entering the station and arriving in time to witness Liara biotically overpower and execute her pursuers, Liara explains why Hackett sent them to find her; she has found in the Archives blueprints for a Prothean device that might allow them to turn the tide against the Reapers.

Unfortunately, Cerberus has learned of it too, and now they must hurry to recover the necessary information before Cerberus can. After sending James back to the shuttle to secure their escape route and prevent Cerberus from doing so, Shepard, Ashley and Liara fight their way through the station to the main Archive, discovering along the way the identity of the traitor in the station: The group then encounters Dr.

Near the end of the mission, after chasing down Dr. Eva, Ashley is critically injured after the Illusive Man orders Dr. Eva to "finish her. Eva, Shepard carries an unconscious Ashley back onto the Normandy just as Reaper forces begin landing on Mars. Upon their arrival at the Citadel, Ashley was rushed to Huerta Memorial Hospital on the Presidium of the Citadel for medical treatment, where she slowly recuperates. While recovering, Councilor Donnel Udina offers her Spectre status.

After his missions, Shepard was able to speak to Ashley in the hospital. Although she admits that her doubts about him are still present, Ashley promises to work with him. She tells Shepard about the hard times her sister Sarah is going through as her husband, being a marine was called back in action. When Shepard asks her about her promotion to Lieutenant Commander, she remarks the old "Williams curse" must be losing its grip, to which Shepard replies that she'd earned it.

In time Ashley recovers from her injury and accepts Udina's offer. She spends more time with Shepard on Huerta Memorial regarding her new position, with the conversation shifting to her family. When Cerberus invades the Citadel, Ashley is discharged from the hospital and is tasked to protect the Council but is unaware that Udina is working with Cerberus to take control of the Citadel.

Despite Kai Leng 's best efforts to slow down and stop his pursuit, Shepard reaches the Council ahead of him at a shuttle pad, locking the exits to prevent Cerberus troopers from attacking and a tense standoff ensues, with Ashley standing in his way. Shepard reveals Udina's treachery and while he attempts to deny it, the rest of the Council, after all the times they didn't listen to Shepard, began to believe him. This puts Shepard and Ashley in a conflict. When Udina tried to override the lockdown, Shepard succeeds in talking Ashley down and she instead turns her gun on Udina and orders him to stand down.

Left with a few options, Udina began to override the lock on the door. Councilor Tevos tries to stop him, but he pushes her to the ground and pulls a gun on her. Shepard was ultimately forced to kill Udina. With Udina dead and their plan thwarted, Leng and the remaining Cerberus forces fled, while C-Sec began securing the station. As Shepard is about return to the Normandy , Ashley meets him by the docks, where she reflects on how they both almost killed each other doing what they believed to be right.

She mentions that she was offered a place on Admiral Hackett's team but that if she has any choice in the matter she would rather be on the Normandy. Shepard allows her back into his squad onboard the Normandy and Ashley takes up residence on the Starboard Observation Deck, the quarters formerly occupied by Samara. Shepard tells her to put in a good word for them.

She is distrustful of the deal Shepard brokered with the Rachni Queen they previously saved on Noveria three years earlier and comments on Grunt , remarking about his "badassery" after he walked out alive. Upon completing the evacuation on Gellix , Ashley says she hopes a bunch of ex-Cerberus can be trusted.

When it is revealed that the geth and quarians are now at war with each other, Ashley expresses her lingering resentment towards the geth after the destruction of the sabotaged geth dreadnought over Rannoch. She sighs in frustration and disbelief that even after all these years she is still fighting the synthetics. Humorously, Ashley says that the destruction of the geth ship leads to a lead of humanity versus the "blinky flashlights".

After the rescue attempt on Admiral Zaal'Koris vas Qwib-Qwib , she approves of Shepard strafing the geth from the shuttle. Due to saving Koris, it got her thinking about the value of a good leader, on how many lives should be sacrificed to protect a truly inspired one, and hopes she never has to find out. She reveals she spent the previous night trying to "get her mind off stuff" by drinking an entire bottle of unspecified liquor with James.

She also expresses skepticism on how long the peace will last. Shepard visits the sisters there in one of the next trips to the Citadel and is comforting and respectful to Ashley, cementing the relationship further. Ashley compares her sister's demeanor to their father's during the memorial: Later on, she sends another email asking Shepard to meet her on the Citadel.

Ashley tells him how her dad would have liked Shepard. She apologizes for all that has happened between them and asks if they are "going somewhere". When Shepard reciprocates, they share a kiss together and rekindle their romance. Liara figured out that they have a lead tracing the M Suppressor Shepard stole from one of the assailants, a weapons dealer named Elijah Khan who happens to run a public events on his Silver Coast Casino. Shepard brings Ash along in the plan to get answers from the man, and the second human Spectre dons a tight blue evening dress for the occasion.

Shepard matches her shot-for-shot, but the two have their evening interrupted by a batarian and a vorcha , with the former persistently poking Shepard and proclaiming their dislike for "Alliance types". Shepard quips "rain check" to Ash, and the two "Alliance types" proceed to beat up the aggressors.

When everyone was invited to dance at the last leg of the party, Ashley hangs out on the balcony watching Liara floating James around. Wrex recounts the time on Virmire when he was ready to kill for the genophage cure. Ash says so without hesitation if he left her no choice, and Wrex announces that he respects her for that.

Next morning, Shepard and Ashley awake in his bed and kiss each other good morning before rising. She expresses how she felt lost herself and that it broke her heart when Shepard was dead. At long last, they admit their love for each other, then kiss and spend the night together. After the raid on Cronos Station , Ashley comments on the demise of Cerberus, stating that she was glad that it was Shepard who shut them down, adding that it felt right.

She never thought that she would see the end of Cerberus, adding "Good riddance. She praises Shepard as the reason all of them got to where they are now, and Shepard answers that Ash and other people like her picked the Commander up when he stumbled, Ash quips back that "hero-man" saved her almost as many times as she saved him.

In a breaking voice, Ashley responds "aye aye Captain. Ashley is among the squadmates Shepard brings with him during the final push towards the Conduit , but is badly wounded by Harbinger and evacuated to the Normandy.

After tending to her wounds onboard, the crew noticed the Crucible firing a red beam of energy that destroys the Reapers on as well as around Earth and transmits this energy to every relay in the mass relay network through the Charon Relay before damaging them and the Citadel as well. Admiral Hackett notices the Crucible activate and orders the fleet to disengage and rendezvous outside of the blast zone. Joker hesitates until the last possible second, desperate to save Shepard, but is convinced by Ashley to fly the Normandy to safety before getting caught in the blast wave.

However, he leaves too late; the Normandy jumps to FTL speeds but is caught by the energy released from the Crucible and crash-lands in a jungle on an unidentified world. With the activation of the Crucible, the Reapers along with the majority of synthetic life were destroyed and the war finally came to a pyrrhic end. She attended his ceremony when he was declared a hero to all races of the galaxy and was showered with medals and honors from all species.

However, after Shepard was released from the hospital, he informed his squadmates of his decision to leave the Alliance military, greatly surprising them. For her part in playing a role in helping to defeat the Reapers, Ashley was promoted to the rank of Captain and was assigned as the new commanding officer of the Normandy.

Sometime after the signing of the Citadel-Guevara Accord , Ashley and Shepard decided to get married. Before the wedding ceremony started, Ashley looked up at the clear sky and thought about her father and grandfather.

She then noticed that Shepard was sitting solemnly across from her and approached him, asking what was troubling him when Shepard met her gaze. He dismissed it as nothing serious and promised to tell her afterwards. Together, they had four children: Kaidan , David , Ethan and Carolyn , to which the parents were shown to have a very happy and loving family of their own. On March 15, , Ashley attended her husband's inauguration as First Minister along with their children and officially became known as "First Lady of the Republic".

During her early weeks, Ashley tried carefully to guard her family's privacy. Regardless, she was an unprecedentedly outspoken First Lady and was involved in a number of issues concerning children and veterans; participating as a guest speaker on a number of occasions, often advocating for the promotion of volunteerism at local hospitals, civic organizations, and rehabilitation centers.

One of Ashley's major initiatives included expanding early childhood education and veterans' access to affordable care. Ashley is a tough, tomboyish woman known for being strong-willed, stubborn and rebellious. She is not afraid to speak her mind and often displays a no-nonsense attitude.

Because of this, Ashley tends to come off as opinionated, brash, and quick-tempered; regardless, she keeps a level-headed demeanor in the presence of superior officers and is a highly disciplined model soldier. Despite her prickly and aggressive nature, Ash does have a softer, playful, more compassionate side and is a generally nurturing and protective person. She cares deeply about her family name, ever since she was a child she wanted to honor her father and grandfather by carrying over the tradition by joining the Alliance military to uphold her family's legacy.

Surprisingly, Ashley also likes poetry and states that she is not "one for words", using her interest in poetry to help say what she feels. Ashley at first does not seem to trust aliens as Earth's allies and believes that humanity should trust their own. Because of this, she tends to play the cynic role, naturally distrusting politicians and their compromises.

When she began serving alongside Shepard, Ashley developed at first a growing admiration and came to like him.

Overtime, the more she opened up to him, her admiration eventually turned to love. A small way in which she showed Shepard her affection for him was through the playful nickname which she constantly called him—"Skipper. When she married Shepard, Ashley slowly matured and grew accustomed to her new role as a wife in stride.

Despite this, however, it cannot be disputed that she loves her husband very much and is dutiful to him. The same love and compassion Ashley showed to Shepard also manifested when they started their own family. As a mother, Ashley retains most of her personality traits though she loves and is caring towards her children but would be stern and strict when she needs to be. She is also fiercely protective of them, though she was often depicted as somewhat overprotective, as she personally defended them during a terrorist attack on the Citadel and is subsequently hospitalized.

Although she has hoped that one day her children would volunteer for the Alliance as she had, Ashley is visibly disappointed when they all refused. Nonetheless, Ashley apparently grows more accepting of their decisions and that they mean well.

However, as a result of having taken up huge responsibilities in the Alliance military, it has strained her relationship with her children and made them particularly upset.

Although Kaidan, David , Ethan and Carolyn loved their mother and were overjoyed when they spend time together, Ashley's frequent absences made them feel neglected and resentful towards the Williams family tradition. Despite not returning home while on active duty as often as she used to, Ashley actually tries her best to make time for them in person and to help them with their problems whenever she could.

Eventually, after Balak 's attack on the Citadel, Ashley's relationship with her children improved significantly to the point where her schedule was lessened and was able to spend more time at home.

Ashley has dark chocolate brown hair, brown eyes, and a tan skin color. Used to wearing combat armor, she sports a stockier and very athletic build, gained from her specialization in assault training.

Her shoulders are slightly broader than that of most females, though she still retains some semblance of a feminine curvaceous and slender figure.

She is also quite well-endowed, though she finds her sisters managed to get away with most of the assets in that area. As a soldier, Ashley initially wore medium Phoenix Armor with white armor clads, pink garments and kept her hair tied back in a low bun.

During the Reaper invasion, Ashley donned a new blue jumpsuit and an Alliance-issued battle armor and lets her hair down. Her figure has also grown to become much more womanly. During her date with Shepard, she wore a tight blue evening dress and is seen wearing the Williams family heirloom around her neck.

When she and Shepard decided to get married, Ashley wore a simple long white wedding dress with a veil pulled back, her long hair had been done up, and she had been wearing lipstick.

In the years following the Reaper invasion, she consistently wears a violet, collared short-sleeved shirt unbuttoned with a white V-neck tank top underneath, black leather belt, navy blue dress pants, and light brown high heel boots.

In addition, Ashley began donning a necklace consisting of three rubies and maintains her wedding ring on her left hand. The following is a list of awards and honors awarded to Ashley Williams. These include awards and decorations of the Systems Alliance, civilian awards, interspecies honors, and knighthoods.

June 17, Sarah Williams randori-girl ward Hey sis James left today. He gets to play the cavalry, riding out in frigates any time someone's house gets burned down. I made some speech about how he was a valuable asset to the squad and he better make us look good out there, blah blah. I suck at speeches. I was cribbing from something I read back in history class.

I don't think anyone noticed. I'm going to miss him. So you think James is cute, eh? See, we have rules about "fraternization". You don't do The Deed with your fellow troops, especially if they're under you in rank.

There's all sorts of problems that can happen when two people in the same unit get together. Let's say your unit is in a tight spot. Some bug-eyed aliens are going to overrun the galaxy. New Vegas Video Game Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Ashley Williams voice Raphael Sbarge Kaidan Alenko voice Jessica Chobot Diana Allers voice Keith David Admiral David Anderson voice Michael Hogan Lieutenant Steve Cortez voice Tricia Helfer EDI voice Steve Blum Urdnot Grunt voice Lance Henriksen Admiral Steven Hackett voice Martin Sheen Illusive Man voice Courtenay Taylor Jack voice Kym Hoy Kasumi Goto voice Keythe Farley Edit Storyline Earth is under attack by a monstrous race of gigantic living ships known as the Reapers.

Edit Details Official Sites: DTS playstation 3 version Dolby Digital all versions. Edit Did You Know? At that moment a Vorcha and Batarian walk over to them.

This is the conversation they have. The Batarian hits his arm once more]. At this point Ashley and Shepard get annoyed and beat up the Vorcha and Batarian. This is a huge reference to Star Wars. Goofs At the last part of the Leviatan DLC, where Sheppard and his team are crash-landing on a derelict ship in the sea-world it's stated that many of them look very old.

Yet there are lots of thermal clips scattered everywhere, despite the fact that thermal clips were introduced only 2 years prior the events of Mass Effect 3 game.

Quotes Commander Shepard - Female: Back on Sur'Kesh, it looked like the female Krogan could hold her own. Our females don't lack for spirit. For males, a good show of force usually sorts things out.

But women like to talk about it Commander Shepard - Female: Believe it or not, we sometimes have good ideas, Wrex. You should try listening. Yeah, but our women have so many of them Connections Featured in Show of the Week: Frequently Asked Questions Q: What happens if I don't import a character?

Can I import my character from Mass Effect 2? She had received genetic enhancements including in-utero vision correction maternal predisposition for nearsightedness and the Class-B Alliance Infantry Upgrade Package. Two days before the attack on Eden Prime, Ashley was at a bar on downtime with her fellow soldiers from Unit Sergeant Donkey kept trying to seduce her to no avail, and Ash even joked about hooking up with Pennyloafer, a girl, instead. The horsing around was interrupted with the arrival of the unit's commanding officer, who presented the soldiers with a recon mission.

A beacon was unearthed and the unit was assigned to defend it. Unlike the rest of the squads in Unit , Ashley's 6-man team Dog Squad was ordered to go to the mission site on foot. During the long trek, Sergeant Donkey expressed his belief that Ashley should be the one leading the mission, praising her ability to keep a level head under pressure.

Ashley observed that he was still trying to sleep with her and Donkey didn't deny the assertion, but that didn't mean he wasn't being earnest. Ashley held out hope that maybe she and Donkey will get lucky one day, and continued the march ahead. Intercepted transmissions later indicated that the other squads Able and Charlie were under attack from an unknown enemy. Because of the situation change and the need for a real leader, Sergeant Donkey relinquished leadership of Dog Squad to Ashley.

Ashley stirred up the group's fighting spirit and encouraged them to double-time it to the dig site. Dog Squad surveyed the dig site at dawn, and surmised the enemy attackers were geth. They were unfortunately spotted by recon drones and fired upon. Ashley attempted to execute the squad's battle plan: Ashley would not take defeat lying down, and successfully fought her way out of her surrounded position. She played cat and mouse with the geth until they found her again, and just when she was sure she was dead she got lucky: Commander Shepard and Kaidan Alenko arrived to her rescue.

Ashley was approached on the Citadel by an Alliance psychologist named Captain Channing a day after the geth attack, who coaxed her to talk about the events on Eden Prime. Initially wary of the psychologist, Ashley warmed up a little when the introspective moment allowed her to think about what Donkey once said: While off duty, Ashley spends her time in the Normandy's storage section, cleaning rifles.

Upon interaction, she will give feedback on recent missions, or the latest shipboard gossip before anyone else. Ashley is interested in Shepard's background. She is amazed that she and Shepard went to the same training facility and even reminisces about getting yelled at by Gunnery Chief Ellison.

Later, it was revealed that her grandfather was General Williams , who surrendered the garrison at Shanxi to the turians during the First Contact War , thus becoming the first human to surrender to an alien force. Her superiors' prejudice against her family meant she had mostly been stuck on groundside garrison posts — preventing her from gaining actual combat experience — despite her exemplary technical scores.

Possibly due to the discrimination she experienced, Ashley asserts that a Williams has to be better than the best, to make up for Shanxi, making her dedicated to her job, but also prickly, blunt and quick-tempered. Ashley has strong religious beliefs but is hesitant to discuss it with Shepard because she's concerned of the uneasiness it may cause in others.

Her faith is strengthened by her work in space — "How can you look out at this galaxy and not believe in something? She still remembers his favorite poem, Tennyson's Ulysses , by heart. When Shepard jokingly states that Ashley is the last person the Commander would expect to hear quoting classical literature, Ashley indignantly replies that just because she can make headshots from a hundred meters doesn't mean she can't like sensitive stuff, though she does request Shepard not to spread it around.

Though she is tough and aggressive, Ashley does have a compassionate side: Due to her family history, groundside assignments, and lack of experience in working with other races, she tends to be distrustful of aliens. Ashley doesn't trust the Citadel Council and believes humanity can't rely on them staying allies.

She questions the wisdom of allowing aliens to wander around the Normandy freely, and dismisses the Prothean Cipher as "some asari mumbo jumbo", believing the Commander has suffered needlessly to get it. However, Ashley acknowledges that Shepard is in command and the presence of aliens on the Normandy is not her decision. At the operation on Virmire , Shepard can choose to save Ashley's life, but at the cost of losing Kaidan.

During the debriefing, Ashley gets angry at Shepard's decision, saying Kaidan was a superior officer and she should have been the one left behind. However, Shepard responds by asking how far Ashley is willing to go in order to clear her grandfather's name.

Ashley does have qualms about facing the Reapers , claiming she's infantry and will have no place in the upcoming battles but Shepard assures her that she's needed. A male Shepard and Ashley can build a rapport after Eden Prime that gradually grows into a romantic interest. Though Ashley is receptive, she's also not shy about needling Shepard on his attraction to a soldier under his command.

Ashley claims she isn't one for words, but her interest in poetry helps her to say what she feels. When the Normandy is grounded by the Council, Ashley persuades Shepard not to give in and nearly share a kiss before being interrupted by Joker.

En route to Ilos, Ashley comes to Shepard's quarters, saying that, after a long career of being sidelined by the Alliance, Shepard helps her to feel "good enough", and the two spend the night together. Ashley continues to tease Shepard; she claims to have something important to tell him, but if he wants to hear it, he'll have to survive Ilos and come back to her first.

June 17, Sarah Williams randori-girl ward Hey sis James left today. It's like the ancient west out there — pirates and slavers coming out of the Terminus Systems all the time. He gets to play the cavalry, riding out in frigates any time someone's house gets burned down. I made some speech about how he was a valuable asset to the squad and he better make us look good out there, blah blah.

I suck at speeches. I was cribbing from something I read back in history class. I don't think anyone noticed. I'm going to miss him. So you think James is cute, eh? Yeah, well, when you said I should "go for him" — not gonna happen, kiddo. See, we have rules about "fraternization". You don't do The Deed with your fellow troops, especially if they're under you in rank.

There's all sorts of problems that can happen when two people in the same unit get together. Let's say your unit is in a tight spot. Some bug-eyed aliens are going to overrun the galaxy. They eat babies, smell bad, and don't have elbows. You're told to guard the rear. To let everyone else escape, someone is ordered "hold this spot until we're gone. You think it's going to be someone you're sleeping with? I've served with these guys for eight months now. Yeah, some of them make me feel tingly and yeah, James was kinda scruffy-cute.

I hope I never have to decide who lives and who dies. But if I have to, my decision can't be muddled up by magic-sparkly-hearts-and-stars feelings. Anyways, I'm gonna knock off here. I've got dog watch in a few hours. Want to get a shower and a meal before then. Talk to you tomorrow.

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