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It repaired and reconstructed it, turning it into a National Pantheon. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There is a frontispiece that includes Tuscan columns and pilasters supporting an architrave and blind-arch tympanum above. Available from the Casino's walk-in office. The third room, Tu y Yo English:

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Established in , it is Puerto Rico 's first and only national pantheon. National Register of Historic Places. His remains are located here. Prior to being turned into a National Pantheon in , it was known as Ponce's Old Cemetery, to differentiate it from the newer though now also over years old Cementerio Civil de Ponce Ponce Civil Cemetery.

It closed in On February 13, , the secretary of the Municipality of Ponce met with civic leaders of the "Villa of Ponce" to discuss plans for building a new cemetery. The existing cemetery was in deplorable and bad condition, and it posed a danger to public health. Because the "Villa of Ponce" did not have the money to build the cemetery, a voluntary proportional contribution was established in which all neighbors were to contribute.

A commission was named composed of one member of the Municipal Council and four neighbors of influence to open up a voluntary subscription, name a depository and to proceed with the construction of the cemetery until its completion. The project was to be carried out in a lot adjacent to the existing cemetery extending one hundred square "varas" a measure of length equal to 0.

On February 26, , the project was approved by the mayor of Ponce. However, it was not until that the project was started out with the contributions of the neighbors of the "Villa". In , the cemetery was inaugurated under the auspices of the mayor of Ponce, Don Juan Rondon Martinez , also the first person to be buried there. In the cemetery was enlarged and repaired. The new work consisted of repairs and construction of the enclosing walls and pathways, construction of new niches and construction of a chapel and mortuary.

In the cemetery was closed down. The cemetery consisted of well-designed small mausoleums that were lined up following a central pathway followed by lateral ones, starting from the entrance of the cemetery to a chapel located at the end. Most structures were designed and constructed following the neoclassical style that prevailed at that time.

This style consisted of the use of columns and pilasters following the Doric , Ionic or Corinthian order, barrel vaults, Greek pediments , Roman arches and other details characteristic of said style. The thick walls and piers were built using brick, mortar , and "argamasa" a mixture of crushed brick, sand, stone aggregate and lime.

The enclosing walls were built of brick and mortar, and the part of the walls built in were built using stone and mortar. It was built in and enlarged in Various illustrious Puerto Ricans of transcendental importance are buried here. In , he was elected delegate to the Courts of Cadiz, where he opposed the slavery system of the time He was responsible for most of the liberty amendments. A sales manager will be calling you to book an appointment. What are the cost involved to book an event at the Antiguo Casino?

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My wedding here was absolutely magical! The staff was extremely helpful both planning and the day of the event, especially Diana sales manager. They made sure everyone was comfortable and taken care of. The on-site caterer provided a delicious meal that our guests are still raving about! Especially given its location in Old San Juan, its large space stills maintains the character of the area, which is unique and convenient. I would highly recommend Antiguo Casino to anyone for their event.

This place is so magical!!! An antique, elegant, one of a kind, very well preserved architecture. Ideal for a romantic wedding. Por primera vez en el campo de la moda nupcial Otilio Santiago les hace honor a quienes honor merecen.