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How in Hades could he refuse? Hercules is ambushed and Xena is near by to help, protecting Gabriel Hercules gets hurt. Xena immediately looked panicked and said, "no" "What is it? The veins in Hercules neck were never so big and angry, Hercules body shook from the trauma Iolaus wished Hercules would pass out already. She announced, I am going to make him some tea for the fever keep an eye on him. Now in your experience, what does that tell you?

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Unnerved by a recent vision Gabrielle had concerning Caesar, Xena is a bit hesitant but seeing the bard's excitement over the invitation she decides to accept. So begins a grand adventure for the two as they soon find themselves escorting the scheming Queen of Egypt back home to the splendor that is the city of Alexandria where intrigue and danger awaits them as Cleopatra and her brother vie for power, Gabrielle is introduced to the wonders - and bureaucracy of the city's legendary library and Xena grasps at the chance to make her beloved bard happy.

Unbeknownst to all these players they're on a course with destiny, fated to witness one of the great tragedies of their times and the beginnings of one of the most infamous pairings. Beautifully written and edited, this is one to be savored when you can reserve a few carefree hours.

Although in parts heart-wrenching, this is also a very tender first-time story that will enchant the romantic in us all. Barron Story Cover http: Dunham - [Read in the order listed below].

The warrior and bard play strip poker. Need I say more? Novan Stories like this one make it so easy for fanfic reviewers to stay awake reading at 3: This is a study in seduction as the warrior and bard tease one another mercilessly during a formal celebration and then retire to She truly loves taking off her clothes for sexy photos and erotic pictures as she knows you are looking at her body. As you browse her nude pics and videos you are sure to learn that she is an indoor girl. This may seem like she is a bit too shy to undress outdoors, but as long as she is undressing, you will not mind.

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