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Gulfport, MS residents, houses, and apartments details. Jim Broadbent plays Tony Webster, the unreliable narrator of his own life, a solitary divorced gent running a tiny London shop that repairs and sells Leica cameras. Washed up during what was believed to be as bad as it could get hurricane Camille. They traded actively with all of the European colonies, though they generally preferred to deal with the English, who offered a greater variety and better quality of goods, as well as lower prices and better credit terms than the Spanish or the French. The report outlined a number of capital improvements and operating costs associated with launching these services. With continued attacks on their lifestyle, many Creeks found ways to adapt their traditional ways into the new societal context.

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Dismissal of Sessions from his Cabinet would likely tarnish the image of Trump in the Yellowhammer State, for sure. On the other hand, Alabamians would be getting back arguably their highest-regarded politician, if not in its history then at least since George Wallace.

Sessions would certainly be a shoo-in for governor of Alabama in It is hard to imagine what a Gov. Jeff Sessions administration would look like in Montgomery given his focus on federal issues over the last 20 years as U.

However, we can look back at his record as Alabama attorney general and federal prosecutor before that. After all, Montgomery is arguably more broken than Washington. Even under unified GOP control, the prior governor left in disgrace, the former House speaker was convicted of public corruption and the chief justice — now a leading candidate for the U.

Senate — was forced out of office. Jeff Sessions for a term might be what the state needs to get the ship steered on the right course. Other participants include McNair Historic Preservation. Jeff Barnes, broker with Stirling Properties, will handle leasing for the new development. The 11,square-foot building is currently 63 percent leased, according to Barnes. The building is scheduled for completion in early summer Ground floor space remains available for lease as of press time.

John Delchamps with Merrill P. Local investors recently picked up a 4,square-foot. Bay Specialty Services Inc. Its focus was to evaluate the restoration of intercity rail passenger service in the Gulf Coast region between New Orleans and Orlando. The report outlined a number of capital improvements and operating costs associated with launching these services. Some of the funding could be acquired through new federal rail programs such as the Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements grants program and the Restoration and Enhancement Grant program for operating support.

Previous reports also indicated that the state has experienced some of the lowest premiums in the country for the five years of The predictable chain restaurants that offer the goofy things I loved as a kid are now offering the same goofy things and then some that show up in my adult nightmares. I see them as one big pile of bread with a couple of items I may or may not like.

Then came stuffing the crust, flavoring the crust, thus tampering with the most important part of the pizza, all to market over the other chain. You discarded crust like it was contaminated, certain it was different from the rest of the pizza. This Brooklyn-based chain is a success story that rides on its very own coal-fired ovens.

In good company across from P. For this journey I was accompanied by my friend Pinky T. Pinky is more of a pizza fan than I am and in her travels has experienced coal-fired pies before.

We arrived with a very knowledgeable and helpful Deven as our server. It was nice to see this one on the list, for the taste as well as the pocketbook. The salad was another story. Deven said we could easily share a salad and not finish it. The presence of sundried tomatoes added a nice touch, as did the Kalamata olives and shaved Parmesan maybe Romano?

This is a salad for four. It was so big it got in the way, prompting Pinky to drop a bottle of balsamic vinegar into the bowl. It was here he taught me the importance of the pepperoni meatball pizza. That thin crust, a little bit of char here and there, the red sauce — I knew that this is what good pizza means to me. I did sprinkle on a little Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes but abstained from asking for the French dressing the Italians on the coast used to serve us with their pizza.

Round two was reserved for something completely dif-. I sincerely cannot say which was better. If I am wandering from my old favorite, this one is a great sub. I love onions more than anything but the anchovies are mandatory when building something like this.

Two pizzas, two styles, both incredible. There was no way we could have dessert. There was also no way we could pass it up. That could be the name of my next band.

You get to pick samples from any combination of their desserts, including seasonal cheesecakes, cannoli or tiramisu. I almost tried three different cheesecakes but decided the New York style would be enough next to a cannoli and tiramisu. The cheesecake was textbook and good, the tiramisu was light and predictably fine, but the cannoli was my favorite. So, what have we learned today? Well, apparently I love pizza again.

The thin crust is remarkable as is the coalfiring process. But people need to know about this one. Our waiter was smart and knew the menu and wine. The service was fast. The portions were large and the wine selection was pretty darned good. I can honestly say I would brave going to the mall just to eat here.

The difference is this one will include other downtown bars. We will have more details in our upcoming issue of Lagniappe. I remember when it first opened in the same shopping center as West Mobile Music years ago, but now the Gambino Brothers restaurant on Hillcrest is reported as closed. The Italian spot was a Monday favorite of mine for years. Maybe they can find their way closer to midtown? The chain restaurant favored by those who love red sauce, jugs of wine on the honor system and a wait staff that can write their names upside down has slung its last plate of lasagna.

Steak features are tomahawk ribeye my favorite , Delmonico, New York strip and a half-rack of lamb. Of course there are plenty of add-ons. The seafood menu features cobia, snapper and redfish, all from the Gulf of Mexico, as well as Alaskan king crab legs. Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday and until 10 p.

Reservations are recommended; call Tasso fried sweet chili shrimp, grilled lollipop lamb chops, seafood stuffed potato skins and prime beef sliders have my attention. No need for reservations here. These two hot spots make it worth the drive. While the general While Strange is leading in fundraising with more election is not until Dec.

After former Senator Jeff Sesmore money from political action committees than the sions was confirmed by his colleagues to become U.

Robadvertising efforts — the appointed incumbent also has ert Bentley. Initially, Bentley intended for Strange to outspent all the other candidates combined. The poll also indicated 11 percent Strange accepted the seat with a of registered Republican voters black cloud hanging over his head. Jones, a former U. Other Republicans in the Aug. James Beretta, a pain management specialist from Birmingham; Jame Breault, an enlisted chaplain at Maxwell Air Force Base; Montgomerybased gastroenterologist Randy Brinson; Mary Maxwell, who moved from Australia to Montgomery to run for Senate after reading an article about the race on the internet; and Bryan Peebles, a year-old Birmingham businessman.

Fisher; Michael Hansen, an openly gay director of an environmental advocacy group; Robert Kennedy Jr. Alabama has never elected a black or female senator. Whomever advances and wins the general election is likely to represent the state as long as they wish, as Alabamians are historically reluctant to unseat sitting senators.

His predecessor, Howell Heflin, represented the state for 18 years. Dale Liesch contributed to this story. You start by making it a family project. Marchman passed away in April just five days after his 75th birthday. Since January, his sister, Louise Marchman Meredith, has rifled through his stores of visual and literary work and added up the miles between here and her Irondale home. She also had a setback. I do two shows a. The Peace Corps sent him to Ecuador in the mids.

It afforded Marchman esoteric fame and income. Marchman was soft-spoken, reflective and introspective. All he cared about was producing the work. Fred never had the business knowhow to market his own work and he never had anybody to help him do that. Author and historian Robert Kane will be the featured speaker for the Wednesday, Aug.

Guests are invited to bring a lunch to the free presentation. He serves as director and choreographer of the musical, which utilizes a production crew of 27 and a cast of CCT wrote Lagniappe to let us know the particulars. The first weekend of shows and all Sunday matinees have already sold out. Tickets remain for Aug. Two new Saturday matinees for Aug. Evening curtain is 7: Matinees are at 2 p.

For more information, call or go to cctshows. Theatre 98 Morphy Ave. It will run the last three weekends in October, and they need actors. Auditions will be held Monday, July 31, and Tuesday, Aug.

Callbacks will be Wednesday, Aug. An accompanist will be provided. Those called back will receive a piece of music from the show to prepare. A light dance routine will be taught at the callback. For more information, contact production manager Chris Francendese at Production98 att. Meredith said while there will be a few things at MAC set aside for family, most of it will be for sale.

This seasoned veteran of the music publishing industry has crafted a sound that is more a reflection than a musical style. Having spent time in both South Carolina and California, Fiore has captured the sounds and inspirations of those locations to create a pleasing musical blend that also reflects his love of the English band Electric Light Orchestra.

With a new release due out in the near future, Fiore spoke with Lagniappe about splitting his time between the East and West coasts as well as how this has inspired his music. What made you want to call this project Young Mister? It always just felt like it rang true with my personality and the stuff that I do.

You worked for years on the publishing side of the music business. What made you want to take the stage full time? I was doing the writing and the artist stuff back to back for a long time. I took a few years off from the artist thing, but for awhile I was doing both pretty solid at the same time. I had just got out of my publishing deal during the same year that I had signed the contract with Refresh Records.

It seemed like the right thing to do. I felt like I had more to say for myself than for other people. One of those people was Jeff Goldblum, who has a jazz project. How did you find yourself working with him? He has this jazz project where he gets a couple of guest vocalists to come up and sing a few songs at each show. I did it one time, and it kinda became an open invitation to come up.

I was doing it every few weeks when I was living out there. You cite Electric Light Orchestra as one of your major influences, which I thought was very interesting. What is it about ELO? I love the way they wrote their songs almost like pop songs mixed with orchestral arrangements. I always felt like the songs had movements.

That really spoke to me. You never knew which way it would go at any moment. With the Americana label so broad these days, how would you define the ethos of Americana? Where did these two songs come from? There was a time period of about two years that these songs took shape.

So, it was from all over. It was from personal experience mixed with outside influence. It was a mixed bag. You really do a good job portraying your longing for the West Coast. Being an East Coast guy, what is it about the West Coast that inspired this song? I was living out there at the time.

It was more being in L. I wanted to be somewhere where I felt like it was a little more worry-free and peaceful. With this album, you worked with Wolfgang Zimmerman.

His name keeps on coming up on my radar with a lot of up-and-coming bands these days. When the budget came and the label stepped up, we wanted to get into the studio and he was the first person I called. If you have an idea, he can really make that come to life. To me, everything on this album is pretty consistent, musically speaking. I hear Carolina and California. That was the idea. When can we expect new material? It definitely has a bigger sound to it.

Locals should recognize the faces in this group. This jam style has allowed the band to establish an ever-growing following as well as find success at music halls and festivals beyond the Southeast.

Each of these modern cowpoke anthems boasts an abundance of twang and emotion. With the group taking a break from touring this year, Tinsley decided to hit the road with his Crystal Garden project. While listeners might pick up on sounds reminiscent of Dave Matthews Band, Crystal Garden exists in its own universe. Jim Broadbent plays Tony Webster, the unreliable narrator of his own life, a solitary divorced gent running a tiny London shop that repairs and sells Leica cameras.

His few connections are to his unusually tolerant ex-wife Harriet Walter and their beloved daughter Michelle Dockery , who is soon to give birth to her first child.

He met the late woman only once, but as she was the mother of his college girlfriend, Veronica, memories of the weekend he spent in her home loom large. The memory of Veronica herself looms even larger; when we first see her in flashback, she is holding a Leica camera. The film proceeds through the present day, as Tony attempts to wrangle the mystery item from Veronica, first through lawyers, then by pursuing her in person. He, meanwhile, is pursued by memories we see in lengthy flashbacks.

His relationship with Veronica was. As the film ambles along, however, we learn the terrible fate of his best friend.

This story proceeds with a tension between assumption and actuality, filtered through the perspective of Tony. There are enough plot twists for an action film, yet this film is anything but. Most of the action takes.

Fortunately Charlotte Rampling shows up to portray present-day Veronica, and no film is ever made less inter-. It is almost uncanny in its portrayal of memories, and the little echoes and touchstones that carry from the past to the present unite the performances of the same characters by casts of two different ages.

Ultimately, this film presents a high level of drama in a distinctly low-key way, and the result is refreshing but still very affecting. It portrays later adulthood in a depth missing from a lot of films, with nary a Viagra joke in sight. Every performance is superb, and it brings elements of a mystery story into what is essentially a character study, one which goes into fascinating detail about misunderstood events that made the character who he is, a concept open to interpretation even as he approaches old age.

Sent alone to Berlin to deliver a priceless dossier out of the destabilized city, agent Lorraine Broughton Charlize Theron partners with embedded station chief David Percival James McAvoy to navigate her way through the deadliest game of spies. Regal Mobile Stadium 18, Cobb Pinnacle Three emojis embark on an epic adventure through a smartphone to save their world from deletion. All listed multiplex theaters. CARS 3 All listed multiplex theaters.

Lunch and boat cruise Historic Blakeley State Park on Thursday, July 27, will combine a two-hour nature cruise of the Tensaw-Mobile River Delta with a private seafood buffet lunch at a popular causeway restaurant. Call for appointments. Walk-ins are also welcome. Every year survivors and their families receive care cards from fellow citizens around the U. Come celebrate life with us on Saturday, July 29, p. Drug Prevention Expo Celebrate Life!

Saturday, July 29, 11 a. Come enjoy music, food, beverages and more. Doors open at 2: For more information, call Live music and a 5K and fun run are scheduled beginning at 5 p. Come by from p. Fun for the entire family. Call Toastmasters International meets regularly , ext. All area chefs and food service Call Call Baldwin Middle School, Aug.

Curtain times are Fridays and Saturdays at 7: July 28, 10 a. Drug Enforcement Administration team up to present a powerful interactive exhibit of the effects of drugs on individuals and society.

The museum is open daily except Sunday and Monday from 9 a. Wednesdays at 10 a. Call or email jholland exploreum. No reservations are necessary. MMoA is at Museum Drive. The team hosts Mississippi for a five-game home stand July 30 through August 3.

Come learn traditional Hawaiian Hula. Classes will be held at Andrew Road, Suite D. No cost to participate. Arrive a few minutes early to register.

Call the Bridge Center at , 10 a. Curvy yoga, Tone It Up! To register or for more information, call or visit communityactivitiesprogram. Call or go to communityactivitiesprogram. Great sport for all ages combines tennis, pingpong and badminton on a court one-fourth the size of a tennis court. Ballroom dance Azalea Ballroom Dance Club hosts dances the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, Call or visit azaleaballroomdanceclub. Call to register. Not only will it mark the first home game for first-year head coach Richard Moodie, the Jaguars will also be performing on a new playing surface as they open defense of their Sun Belt Conference title.

School officials determined it was needed because of poor drainage and. The first step was to remove the old turf. At that point, tons of sand was added to help with drainage and the field was regraded.

Another tons of sand was poured on top and the new sod was laid as the final step. Overall, the Jaguars will have 10 home games. The schedule will be tough but the preseason will allow us to jell together and allow those new players to be taken under the wing of the veterans. During , the Jags defeated the then-No. After welcoming Murray State on Aug. The nonconference part of the schedule wraps up the next weekend with a home match against Southeastern Louisiana on Sept.

After playing at Georgia Southern on Sept. The final two season home games are Oct. South Alabama wraps up the regular season with three consecutive road games: The Sun Belt Tournament will take place just down the road Nov. The Jaguars won the tournament last year without giving up a single goal.

The third annual Arthur R. Outlaw Memorial Golf Classic has been rescheduled for Sept. The tourney will begin that Friday at noon, with registration set for 10 a. Tropical Storm Cindy postponed this major fundraiser for the Badger athletic teams. Hole and tee box sponsorships are available. For more information, contact Assistant Athletic Director Michael Patrick at or mpatrick shc. He finished with a 7-under-par total of BayBears staff not letting sale rumors affect their mission BY J.

However, it has remained business as usual at Hank Aaron Stadium. The club being mentioned as the most likely target is the BayBears. No matter what is being said in the news, he said, he and his staff still have a job to do.

After that, we will start to prepare for the season. The BayBears were mentioned then as well, but it ended up being the Huntsville Stars who moved to Mississippi and became the Biloxi Shuckers. This time there seems to be more meat to this story.

First is the actual purchase of the team, which must be approved by the Southern League. Relocating a team to another city is another vote that is usually not approved unless a stadium is ready. In this situation, the old stadium used by the Huntsville Stars still exists and could be used while a new venue is built. On Sunday, they broke a five-game losing streak with a win over leagueleader Chattanooga.

Mobile is currently 1. Despite improvements to The Hank — including a new playing surface and better seating — WHNT reported the club is last in attendance in the Southern League with an average of 1, fans per game. Last season, the average was only 1, fans per game. He said the city has a contract with the BayBears until March and he had no knowledge of any potential move.

Main business address for: Political contributions by individuals in Gulfport, MS. Notable locations in Gulfport: Main business address in Gulfport: Churches in Gulfport include: Streams, rivers, and creeks: Parks in Gulfport include: Ozone [ppb] level in was This is about average.

Closest monitor was 1. Particulate Matter PM 2. Detailed information about poverty and poor residents in Gulfport, MS. Graphs represent county-level data. Detailed Election Results. Total of 48 patent applications in Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Use at your own risk. Looking east towards the casino across west side pier. Abandoned Ship Gulfport, Mississippi. Legacy Condos, under construction on Beach Boulevard. Profiles of local businesses. User-defined colors Preset color patterns. Based on data. Races in Gulfport, MS Recent articles from our blog. Our writers, many of them Ph. Aug 8 California gun crime: Recent posts about Gulfport, Mississippi on our local forum with over 2,, registered users.

Gulfport is mentioned 1, times on our forum:. Gulfport arson suspect arrested Sunday. One vehicle was overturned. Governor puts on his leathers for the Wounded Warriors. Single-family new house construction building permits: Crime rates in Gulfport by Year Type Murders 11 11 6 6 12 4 8 4 6 12 1 8 10 per , Officers per 1, residents here: Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, enriching the minds and hearts of children through interactive exhibitions.

Blue Cliff College-Gulfport Full-time enrollment: Public high schools in Gulfport: Private high schools in Gulfport: User submitted facts and corrections: People in group quarters in Gulfport in Banks with most branches in Gulfport data: Community Bancshares Of Mississippi, Inc. Trustmark Corporation 2 other banks with 2 local branches. Education Gini index Inequality in education Here: Religion statistics for Gulfport city based on Harrison County data.

Number of grocery stores: Number of supercenters and club stores: Number of convenience stores no gas: Number of convenience stores with gas: Number of full-service restaurants: Low-income preschool obesity rate:

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