Iron Cross System

A Place Bet can be made on any roll of the dice as well. Oct 26, 13, 3: On the other hand, a house edge of 3. No one has ever reported losing a buy-in. I don't play tables myself so I don't know how casinos feel about this system, heheh. When it does, follow the stop rule and then resume play after the table re-qualifies itself. If you want proof, you are looking at it.

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How to Play the Iron Cross System

In actual fact though, this system is no better than the original version. After the come out roll has been made and the point is established the Field and Place Bets are made. This means that you will effectively be betting with the Pass Line bettors because they are trying to avoid a 7 as well. When you win, they win, and vice versa. You keep reloading your losing bets like you normally would in the Iron Cross System, but the difference occurs when the shooter wins. Because the shooter has rolled his point before he rolled a 7, a new round begins.

Players using the Unbeatable Iron Cross will now stop reloading their bets. Obviously there is no more chance if this happening that before, which is ultimately why the system is flawed. This system is a mixture of two different bets that both have mid-range house edges. What I mean by that is that the Field Bet has a house edge of 5. The Place Bet on the 5 has a house edge of 4. By combining these bets together the house still has an edge of 3.

Well this is up to a matter of personal preference. It can be pretty enjoyable to have so many bets going on at the same time. When you have such a high winning rate it can also make you feel like at least you are winning something. Also, you have to remember that even though the house has an edge, you can still win. If you avoid that dreaded 7 the majority of the time you can still come out ahead.

Be careful though, because when that 7 does come you will lose all of the bets at once. Field Bets A Field Bet can be made on every roll of the dice.

The Iron Cross system is another globally recognized strategy in Craps systems. With this system, you can almost win with every roll of dice. The only number that results in a loss is 7. There are several other variations of this method like the Unbeatable Iron Cross and the Iron Cross with Pass Line bet that minimizes the chances of loss by the roll of 7.

The main flaw in this system is that it uses two different types of bets with relatively high house edges. It combines the Field Bet with the Place bet to cover all the numbers besides the 7. The house edge of using the Iron Cross System is 3. This is a matter of personal preference, of course. It is fine to use these systems as long as you understand how they work. They have been proven to not give you a house edge and, in fact, the house edge is worse than a Pass Line Bet. On the other hand, a house edge of 3.

What is the Iron Cross System?