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Nobles JV , Nashua River. Hydrate well and make sure you eat enough carbs. Lots of miles considerably slower than MP but also some key runs each week including a combination of MP and faster intervals. Bransholme 'Concerns' for missing man last seen in Bransholme. I would love to know how you went from where you were to the place you are at now — i. Mass Maritime , Cranston, RI.

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Hull Crown Court Thug attacks grieving stepdad in middle of wake in Bransholme pub. Yorkshire Ambulance Service Boy, 13, in coma following serious incident at secondary school Oliver Whitehead was taken to hospital by air ambulance.

Facebook Idiotic moment driver does 'five-point turn' in middle of Ferensway. People Daughter's heart-wrenching appeal for information as mum dies of cancer linked to asbestos. Nostalgia Residents share their memories of Hull's lost shopping centre. Food hygiene Subway speaks out as horror pictures reveal shocking state of fly-infested Hull store. Bransholme 'Concerns' for missing man last seen in Bransholme. Hull Crown Court Hull man, 68, caught using sex toy on rooftop - and what he did next will disgust you Sentence will be passed next month.

Hull City Centre 'Not everyone treats homeless people like pigs' - this woman is determined to help every rough sleeper. Hull Fair Hull Fair road closures and diversion routes.

Transport Meet Hull's youngest bus driver Ellie Rose, 18, who is already driving schoolchildren home Ellie Rose Houghton is now ferrying school kids only two years after leaving school herself. In the News This is why Aldi staff scan your shopping so fast. Weather Weather forecast predicts ice and frost to hit Hull as temperatures plummet Temperatures are forecast to take a 'U-turn' towards the weekend.

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Humberside Police Hull New Theatre release statement as pair evicted after 'fight'. Avenues Anger as empty Princes Avenue shop 'left to decay' - and nothing can be done about it. Hull Crown Court Mum forced out of Orchard Park as son causes brawl with 30 neighbours Custody officer faces anxious wait for tests after thug with hepatitis C spits in his eye.

Hull City Council Hull's 'doughnut of deprivation' is the biggest challenge facing the city and needs to be tackled. Courts Man denies attempted murder after serious crash shuts main road Fraser Kaye appeared in court today. Hull City Centre Hull's new Street Angels will be in city centre this weekend after first group splits up. Breaking news, traffic and travel from Hull and East Yorkshire on September 28 If it is happening in our city, you'll hear about it here first.

Hull City Centre Inside the historic Hull city centre pub that's welcomed stars of stage and screen From stars of Strictly to Laurel and Hardy - they've all enjoyed their stay. Nostalgia Six of Hull's most notorious pubs and clubs at the centre of crime and violence. Nostalgia Murder, forbidden love and tragedy - tales of the creepy nuns that haunt Hull and East Yorkshire.

Brexit What your MP wants from Brexit: We quiz the Hull MPs on no-deal, second referendums and Chequers. Shocking numbers of knives seized by police in ONE week. Crime Man 'viciously' beaten in Hull nightclub speaks out as his attacker remains at large. Old Town Inside the swanky new pads with their own cinema, gym and 'fastest broadband' in Hull. I am really looking forward to meeting you. Hope your training is going to plan.

Looking forward to meeting you Just come down to any of our club runs, Tuesday evening at Keen to have a chat with you re your 50k running achievements. I am the Sport Editor at the Bournemouth Rock paper. M — E — benfisher94 hotmail. I used to do a stressful I. T job which was really long hours but ingot in the way of training so I managed to find a office job in a bank which is a lot more suitable for training twice a day!

I just discovered this site and it is extremely inspirational. I went from not being able to run a mile, to training for the NYC Marathon in and running in 4: I lost 4 stone but would like to lose a bit more.

Quick couple of questions got to hear about you on marathon talk and followed you ever since 1. Keep up the excellent blog and good luck in london. Regarding the Advanced Marathoning schedules, I would say they are very relevant and you will get a lot closer to your potential by following them. In fact you can build up through their various mileage levels to progress nicely each marathon cycle. To be honest, any well structured plan like that will do a great job as it is the consistency and mileage that will get you those improvements.

Only when you are getting close to your potential do you really need to be fine tuning the details with your own personal plans taking from your previous experience and knowledge of what your own body responds to best.

Steve you are a legend and a source of great inspiration! Followed you for a while now. Just want to thank you for being a gracious runner, see you out whilst running often and you always say hello despite never having met me. Ran Brighton in windy conditions on Sunday after having started running last jan to come home in 2 hour Really chuffed, but not sure where to go from here; never been to running club.. Hi Steve, non running question so could you please email me a reply if possible.

How do you find wordpress to use and maintain and who and how much approx for your domain and hosting? The reason I ask is Ive been tasked to manage the update for our website, though our requirements ie online race entries will add to cost etc.

Hi Steve, I found your story quite inspirational! I had a few questions for you since I am a young runner who is looking to head to the front of the pack! What kind of work did you do to increase your overall speed and get to a high-performance level? Did you focus on any drills? Also, was your focus on higher-intensity running or just easy-running? Best and good luck! I do have one further question though, do you have any of the weeks detailing to your build-up to your 2: Or your first VLM?

Are you now looking forward to the Purbeck marathon? Do you think you or anyone else will match or beat your time? Could do with warning the marshals!!

Hoping I can get back to full training soon enough to have a good run out at the Purbeck marathon! Congrats on Purbeck Marathon win yesterday. It was my first ever marathon and while disappointed to miss my outside target of 5 hours by 1minute an inside target by 31 minutes it was still an amazing experience, and incomprehensible to a beginner to think that you were finishing as I was still 9 miles from home!. How does Purbeck compare to a road marathon for an elite runner like yourself?

Congrats on the the time, good work seeing as you picked a rather tough marathon for your first one! Hitting those hills builds great strength which will help me on those flat road marathons towards the end of the Good luck with your future running career, Cheers Steve.

Hi Simon, I have just read your blog from the Stockholm km — very impressive performance. I will turn 50 next year and have completed two Marathons a few years ago Berlin and Stockholm. Do you think it is too short time to start training now for next years km in Stockholm? Obviously you still need to put in some km specific training but a 4hr marathon definitely means you have enough speed.

Thanks for the encouragement! Hi Steve, firstly I would like to say how truly inspirational your story is! There is so much to gain from reading about your accomplishments with running. Your dedication and hard work set a fine example to all runners. My question is this. How long did it take for you to realise that you had the potential to compete. Did your running times come down drastically or was it a gradual improvement over time?

Initial drop in times was pretty fast. From when I started properly I had dabbled with running in my younger days but never any real training I went from nothing in Sep 07 to a 2: That did come from 6 months of very consistent training though following a 24 week marathon plan up to 70 miles a week Since then the extra minutes have been harder to find!

I have just turned 50…. Any advice you can give will be a great help. I would seriously suggest taking a look at this book http: I used it for my first marathon and it has some great plans in it as well as explaining the reasons behind the training.

See you next year at the Purbeck marathon! Will defo order the book, what do you think would be a realistic time to run the purbeck marathon in all being well and fit. Take care see you at the marathon , regards Kevin. Well done for the win on Saturday in the New Forest- i finished 9th and a mere 56 minutes behind you! Cheers Rob and well done yourself, I think everyone found that headwind on the road a bit of a nightmare! Almost twice as long as you VLM — however am telling you when I crossed the line I felt like a world champion.

Glad I spotted your page. I did the test event so can give feedback. Any tips will be useful if I do do the km though as I suspect it is on the same course. Great respect of running a very fast time for the London Marathon. I have seen the statistics from your Garmin which is very impressive since your heart rate is quite low even running at 5: My heart rate is almost even when I run at a pedestrian 6: How did you manage to get that? I am 23 now and decided to have a go in running seriously after I graduate this July.

My dream is to break the 3 hour mark for 50K race in a few years later, then thinking of breaking 7 hour mark for K.

But certainly my time is not good enough as my 10 mile personal best is Is it too far to reach the 3 hour 50K goal? Good luck with your goals Chifan… anything is possible with consistent training over a number of years.

That is what has got my aerobic base so strong and why I have such a low heart rate. Hi Steve, well done on the VLM that was an amazing time especially after reading your story.

I put on a race called The Eliminator Race, with have a I would love to have you at the start line along with many other top athletes, please check out the website and let me know if you are interested.

Can we publish your before and after images? There are quite a few pictures from this weekend if you want to use one of them which I can point you in the direction of? Afraid im at work at the mo so no access to anything to send through. Can pass on some tonight if neccessary. You give me hope. Thanks for sharing your story and keep it up! I started running in after gaving a minor storke and being a size 38 in jeans with everyone saying that I cant do this even my doctor said I can not run it could kill me.

I smoked I dranked on loads of pills. I remember meeting a friend whom just done his first Brighton Marathon and he lost loads of weight. I said I wanted to do a marathon he said can I run of course I said hell no so we did the c25k training. Did some local races and then Luton Marathon came and did 4hrs 31mins was not sick once. I got a PB of 2hrs 7mins. This year I got told I am getting to fast for the group I am with and need to move up group then something personal happen which chage everything.

My question when you started running did you have your friends laugh at you and tell you that you cant do this. How did you lose your belly and do you still get demons trying to remind you of where you were and how do you dear with it. Well done on your progress so far, keep at it mate. My weight started to come down quite quickly just through some consistent running and trying to be a bit more sensible with my food — saved takeaways for a treat rather than every day!

Good luck Cheers Steve. At what point on your journey did you realise you had such an aptitude for running? Will be following your future career with interest! I knew quite early after is started running that It was the sport for me as even when I was overweight I found I was able to run for extended period of times without stopping, just not quite as fast as now! I think you get the idea now you are an inspiration to all of us!

I have been running now for about 4 years and have one marathon in my under my belt time of 4hrs 28min: I now run for a running club and have started to get quicker with my best 5K at We have some very fast runners in our club and I want to run with them one day.

I think I possible always had some talent for running but never knew about it until I gave it a go later in life. We definitely all have a top potential based on our genetics but in general I would say we all underestimate what that is. Even when I got my marathon time under 2: I would say most peoples limiting factor is not their genetic limits but their dedication to the training.

Very few reach their potential as it requires years of consistent training. You are a spring chicken at 4 years old so lots more to come with consistent training I say. I have been very lapse on training over the past few years so after reading about you now is the time to dedicate and inspire like you do. Will try at some point mate although just trying to keep on top of comments at the mo! I started running this time last year. Got a few more 10ks coming up in the summer and have recently signed up for a few half marathons.

Keep up the good work! Fantastic work Elliot and great to hear that your health is improving. I introduced myself at the New Forest 50k. Really glad your preparation for your Ultra stood you in such good stead at London. It was an amazing performance. I was really interested after discovering your blog in your training methods and your different types of training runs. I have found I feel really strong over distance but my flat speed has reduced. Seeing how you still keep the track sessions and threshold runs in with your long runs inspired me to get back to the Winchester track last night and feel the pain again Cheers and congratulations again.

No appearance fee, no pacer but some lovely free tea and cakes at the end! Bring any fast friends and make a race of it! OK, so we might not finish anywhere near each other but they are very impressed anyway. Cheers Steve, may well do the Wimborne 10 this year as it will be 13 days out from the World km assuming I manage to qualify for it! Many congratulations on your London PB. I see that you averaged the VMLM at bpm. What do you think of the McMillan calculator pace ranges actually — are they reasonably accurate in your estimation?

Oh and by the way, I see that you only hit a Garmin Training Effect of 4. Back when I was 33 and started running I did a max HR test quite early and I think it came out around It does appear that the rule that you lose a beat every year of your life as you get past around 30 does seem to have come true for me.

Each marathon I do these days it seems to come down a little bit but I was really surprised with this years average, it was a lot lower than I would have predicted — obviously need to try a bit harder!

Thanks for the info Steve. Either that or you had a heart in mouth moment when you realized that you were actually going to get on the Beeb! When I initially discovered the joy of running at 35, I was a little peeved at having got into it so late — I thought my fast times may have been behind me. Your continued improvement has restored my enthusiasm and faith that anything is possible with dedication and effort. Cheers for the blog and all the best with your training.

I too used to be overweight weighing 17 stone, through exercise, slimming world and support from others I am now just under 12 stone. I currently run 8 min mile pace on 10 mile runs and for 5k my quickest is 7: I would love to know how you went from where you were to the place you are at now — i.

Monday 4 miles Tuesday 3 mile 1 mile warm up sprint, hill or step training then 1 mile cool down Wednesday rest Thursday 6 mile club run Friday rest Saturday parkrun Sunday rest.

I am not restricted by when or how much I can train as I work for myself and only really have to do a few hours a day. Congratulations on the weight loss and running progress, keep the consistency going and the pace will drop I promise. If you want to see all my training from onwards so only missing the first 4 months then join fetcheveryone. Well done Steve on the k- I am worried about running my next marathon 5 weeks after VMLM, let alone a k 3 weeks after you are an inspiration!!!

Steve, well done on you superb efforts over the last month or so, you must be super pleased with the 2: I listened to your interview on Marathon Talk recently and I was very interested to hear what you had to say about core strength training. I may have missed it on your website, or indeed this thread, but do you have a link anywhere to your strength training programme? As I reach the ripe old age of 48 I am conscious that my core strength could be better and that a weak core does cause me postural problems.

The trouble is that there are as many different programmes out there as there are websites so I wondered what advice you could give, as it obviously works for you!

Keep up the good work. Hi Alistair, A few people have asked about my core routine and even though as I mentioned on MT it is not particularly exciting I will stick up a blog post with the details soon.

The important thing is you actually do ANY core exercises and when you do them you do them right and consistently week in , week out! Come and try and break Ron Hills Freckleton half marathon record. Steve , I have been watching your improvements for the past couple of years , your times for all your distances are fantastic , well done. I have been running for over 30 years and for most of that time I use a HRM.

I 54 years old and my 10k pb was I just run to effort but I love to view all the stats afterwards which is why I still wear a monitor. It also helps me when reviewing my training to gauge my fitness levels. I find these days that it is my legs I have to look after when running and very rarely am I restricted by HR …. Steve, what an inspiration! A brilliant example of where hard work, determination and dedication can get you.

A really positive example to set x. Hello Steve, What a great story you have and a real inspiration. I am a freelance journalist and I am doing a series of interviews in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games, about athletes stories, and was just wondering if you would like to be involved. If you are interested please email me on jessica.

Sorry for the delayed response Jess. Trying to respond to everyone while working full time and focusing on my training has proved a little too tricky! Sorry again and all the best with your project Thanks Steve.

Massive congrats on your London performance and Commonwealth Games selection. So inspiring, especially for people like me of a similar age we have the same times for our marathon debuts! Sorry again Thanks Steve. Hi Steve, Just read your story mate unbelievable. My Dad died last year of a heart attack he was only Motivation is key i know so i need to use the kids and my wife Alison as my inspiration.

But would you be able to suggest a running plan i should use or do i just run, run ,run. Best of luck in the games , i look forward to your reply. Hi Paddy, sorry for the delayed response! To start with I would just go out and enjoy your running trying to run a minumum of 3 times a week which will lead to some improved fitness and performance improvements.

Once you have got a couple of months base training in , you can look to follow a specific plan. Depending on what sort of mileage you have managed to build up to will determine the plan to be honest and also what target length race you want to aim for.

For shorter distances and less miles you will find lots of plans on sites like Runners World. The key at this stage of your running is to maintain consistency so to be honest the finer details of the plans are not that important…… following them is! Hi steve, looking forward to seeing you in my hometown glasgow, im a middle of the pack ultrarunner and just wondering what advice you could give me re the voices in my head telling me to stop every now and again and I do probably too often.

Hi David, I get all my motivation from my taget races. Focus on a target race, put a plan together and stick to it — works for me!

As I put in my km report, my nuturition at that race was not great and I only managed to take on around calories in the first half of the race in the form of a Cliff bar and a few packets of Cliff Shot Bloks. Hi Steve, I have been reading your blog and have great respect for your running. My questions are how do you recover so quickly between runs that you are able to hold a full time job and run twice a day, with hardly any rest days?

Could you also please explain a little about your diet, lifestyle, sleep etc? Also what other training do you do apart from your runs? Do you do strength training and core workouts? I do now have a job which I specifically took for its office structure which makes 2 runs a day a lot easier than when I had an IT job which involved working twice as many hours a week!

Hi Steve Thank you for your reply. Do you find you make better progress by training twice a day, or do you just do that to fit your mileage around work etc? Does two sessions work better than doing the same training in one long session? I am looking for ways to improve my marathon training and wondering if running morning and evening some days would help. Also please could you give me some advice about nutrition during races?

I have enterered two marathons for next year and would like to try for a sub 3 hrs My half PB is 1: Hi Steve been very inspired by your story, after 25 Yrs of playing footy, ive finally retired age 33 and taken up running.

Ive only been going a few weeks and have managed to run a 18 min 30 sec 5k and 40 min 10k. This is from limited training miles a week as well as a 5k or 10k at the weekend. I ve jus entered the Birmingham half marathon in Oct, I plan to build my milage up steadily, using a mixture of cross training- cycling swimming, and running to protect my knees and joints.

Im quite ambitious and would like to see what standard I could get to with some structured training, any ideas?? Simple answer is 7 years training and miles, thats how long its taken me to get close to my potential also starting at age 33! The good news is that at this stage of your running you will see big early improvements if you maintain the consistency which will keep you motivated!

Congrats on your win today and best of luck for the Commonwealth Games. Hi Steve, can you get in touch we would love to hire you for an event if you are free? As someone who takes an interest in your training methods have you got or ever thought of setting up a Strava profile?

Also if you go to http: Just a thought — be interesting to see how many followers you get. Reading your story in Runners World was enought prove i needed that it can be done if you want it enough!

Could you contact me stuartmsilvers hotmail. Well done in the Commonwealth Games Steve. I just wondered if you were still interested in a TV interview for Al Jazeera — now the Glasgow media blitz is over? I imagine we could do the whole thing in a few hours — we probably need a bit of filming of you behind a desk as well as training — to give a contrast. Good luck with the training. Hi Steve — how is training going for Doha? Would you be able to mail me on stuartmsilvers hotmail.

Steve, I am following your progress with great interest, and have been since I heard you on the radio a few months ago. I think your achievement in getting to the CWG is just so inspiring. Yours story is really interesting at so many levels — and it fundamentally challenges the orthodox view of the trajectory of human sporting performance.

And you are still getting faster and faster and faster. I had a brain tumour removed 5 years ago which partly explains the weight, I am steroid dependent and am always hungry.

I have a love hate relationship with running. I did the great north 10k last weekend in 66 minutes, 20 minutes slower than I did 10k 14 years ago.

I did the London Marathon,14 years ago, so I know I can do things. I need some inspiration and something to make me stick at it. Anyway, the main purpose of my message was to say good luck in Glasgow.

Enjoy it most importantly!!! Hi Steve, really intrigued by your story, especially after glimpsing your achievements. I too was an overweight smoker around 18 months ago, and self trained for a marathon on a whim.

I have just read through your story. All the best in the Commenwealth Games and for the future. The honesty and openness that you display here, throughout your website, is a great example to all! Great to read you story. You epitomise courage boldness and audacity. I love to hear examples of humans who have defied social norms and changed the landscape forever. Society needs people like you, leaders with the courage to show their vulnerabilities, and take risks and show what is possible when we overcome our deepest fears.

I think you have had a an effect with runners in their early thirties. I started running for a few years in my teenage years but then I gave it up do to anxieties, and low self esteem As a result of comparing myself to others.

This is a big source of regret as I believe I have the potential to run a sub 2: Just one question about body weight. Last year however I decided I was going to try to follow in my fathers footsteps and take part in the Great North Run which I completed.

Today was the first time I came across your story… I thought at 39 I was probably past it and maybe this Great North would be my final… Not now!

How inspirational are you exactly? Amazing… What a performance?? Great to see you at the front also grinning away! I try and run not quickly but now up to 3 marathons and just love your story — you are an incredible human and a true inspiration. Steve, I have just watched your fantastic run in Glasgow. I am 3 weeks short of my 52nd birthday and weigh I am looking to get fitter and lose weight and your story and example is an inspiration to all of us fat over 40s.

I would like to get down to about 12 stone and now feel more confident about achieving this after seeing your achievements. I am 32 years old. I have been running for years and have completed quite a few marathons. Although, most of the marathons have been finished under 4 hours, I feel that I could have done better.

If only for the extra weight that I carry. My doctors tell me that I have the healthiest diet that one can imagine. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 85 kgs. Too heavy for a marathoner.

If only I could be less fat, I would run faster and maybe longer too. In my mind, I am a 70kg man but the weight eventually pulls me down. It is very difficult to carry the extra weight while running and it also lessens the joy of running. Is there a way to shed that weight?

I always feel that weight loss is the key to PBs in marathons. I recall reading about your running recently and just happened to have the BBC programme on where you were interviewed. Cannot get enough means I want longer and longer challenges so this year I ran my first ultra of nearly 35 miles. The best thing about the long running is therapy so when possible I get out into the country rather than the road. Just 2 hours running in the woods taking it all in, no music just the smell and sounds of everything around you.

You come back tire but clear headed and refreshed. Next year I am aiming for 50 miles so to see people like yourself taking on km it really inspires me to fulfil that goal. Just watched your interview tonight on the Beeb and read through some of your training advice above. Been a keen runner for many years and reached 40 last year, but have not done anything noteworthy for some time. Feel newly inspired that I can still set new PBs despite age.

Congratulations on your Commonwealth run Steve. After watching Ironman UK in Bolton recently I have packed in the cigs and drinking and taken up running. Aiming for a respectable 10k but, as a 35 year old and a big lad, I wondered whether it was really doable. Have just watched your interview on BBC though and, like many have already commented on here, it really was inspirational and has given me the belief that it is achievable. Well done again, Keiron. Read all about you and definitely inspired.

I started running in Jan this year and aim to run Brighton Marathon in April next year. Any tips on what good base training looks like? Also there is the tension between putting in weekly mileage aerobic and speed work anaerobic. I think I recently tried to do a little too much of both and overtrained slightly.

Any tips on managing the two? I average 20 to 25 miles per week and hope to have a good base for Dec when marathon training kicks off. Hello Steve, i watched your interview on the BBC and i would like to say that you are an inspiration and i am sure many people feel the same.

I had only ever been able to run a few yards and then been out of breath for an age! I would love to do a Triathlon 1 day and a Iron Man another day!!! Awesome Commonwealth Games job. Move to duathlon like ex-marathoner Stuart Hall you would be long dist and mid dist world champ within 2 years; maybe even sprint world champ too. I think I had a similar inspiration to you…just not the ability as well.

If you go to http: Is your aim to be healthy or simply to win races as surely you are doing yourself a lot of harm? Steve, I just came across your blog and your story. Im 43 and, although this sound like a broken record, want to join the bunch of people that congratulate you. I will, once again, start running thanks to you and your blog.

I love to do it!! I am a literary agent in London and wondered if you fancied a chat about working on a book proposal? If we could speak to Steve for 5 minutes on the today that would be great.

Human race can do unimaginable things the best and the worst of course and your are on the best part. To change anything firstly you have to get a real propose to do it. Be luck in future and be happy to help so many people as me.

Hi Steve I though you run was great the other day but I have a question about your k Running: What are you thinking about for the majority of the race. Hi Steve, Just read your story at bbc and just wow! You are so inspiring! I am coming from similar background, was 25Kg overweight, chain smoker, and started running around Did my first marathon in in Hamburg, finishing in 3: I did Hamburg again in , and improved my time to 3: Do you have any tips for me, apart from the usual increase your mileage that I usually get from running forums?

I am 39 now, and when I increase my mileage more than 40 a week, I usually get injured, so my max ever milage was around At first we want to congratulate you for your achievement and to wish you to continue with the same passion and energy! Your story is really interesting to our readers not only as an example of nothing is impossible, but also that no matter how hard is something, you have always to try.

Apart from that, on the 9th of November we have the annual Classical Marathon of Athens -we are going to run also — and it would be a nice opportunity to have an interview with you for our next issue. We know that you have been tired of answering to messages from journalists wanting an interview but you have to admit that your story can be a superb example for many people.

We would like to have an interview with you for our next issue. If you can make an exception on your decision not to have other interviews -taking also under consideration the philosophy and the content of a streetpaper — we would be very pleased.

You can find my email contact on this message. We hope to having any news from you. Until then, we wish you to be healthy and strong and always such dynamic! Hi Steve If you and Sarah fancy coming round to meet Austin tomorrow, all the boys go to bed at 7 so it would be great to see you before then. Robert and Karen are going to be round too. Off to Brownsea Island on a boat trip now! I wondered if you were available to give a short talk to my work colleagues as we run a healthy workplace programme here.

Your story is inspirational and I think a lot of my colleagues would be able to relate to you as what you have done is incredible but you seem very down to earth. Hope to hear from you soon.

I was wondering if i could speak to you about this? It would be great to get you on board for a days filming. I can be reached on the email attached to this comment. Thanks for your time and congratulations on your sucess!

Anyway, I saw that you were running the Ultravasan shortly, and I was just wondering if you have everything sorted logistically for the race? Thanks for the offer Deri but I think we are all sorted. I am sure you hear it all the time from many people but your story has been inspirational to me and has played a major part in helping me turn my life around.

Fourteen months ago at 48 years old I was a Now down to 14 stone having managed to loose 8. Like many I have come back from the brink and given up the fags and lost a load of weight. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would become a runner.

I also read the RW article which really inspired me to see what I could become. Running has become less of a hobby and more a way of life. Good luck with the Bournemouth half. I guess all your training is done now. So just sit back and enjoy the ride. Hydrate well and make sure you eat enough carbs. Hi Steve, I am just about running 5K in 30 minutes now and I am thirty nine now. I started running some 4 months ago and I plan to run marathon in I weigh 84 kilos on my inch height at the start four months back but now I weigh 70 Kilo.

I started running so as to loose weight as I am hypertensive and also because of fatty liver. Thanks to 4 months of running I have stopped taking medication for hypertension and fatty liver is much better. And I run 3 times a week with 2 days of cycling to take care of my knees which is not all that strong. Will it be possible for me to run marathon in ? What should be my ideal weight? Should I continue to run 5 K for some more time or prepare for 10K now? Hi Rohit, Of course its possible for you to run a marathon in !

I regularly take part in my local parkrun, which is a free weekly 5k timed run. The particular run I am involved with, Great Lines, is coming up for its first year anniversary on 27 September. Throughout this first year there has been one constant, Tony Giles, the Event Director. Tony is also a keen runner himself, which makes it even more admirable that he gives up his time to see other people getting the chance to run. And not just a few people, the Great Lines parkrun regularly gets around people completing the course each week.

In its first year the event has seen people completely new to running become hardened runners, entering races and taking on marathons. Friendships have been forged, new running groups emerged and in general a fun time had by all. All because of Tony, the man who decided to bring parkrun to Great Lines. As a collective group we would like to say a big thank you to Tony for his continued efforts.

Therefore I wondered if you would have the time to send a message or something similar to help us to say thank you. I look forward to hearing from you, and who knows, maybe one day you could visit Great Lines parkrun to take on the course that Tony created.

Sorry Sean,missed this message. Please send on my congratulations and best wishes to Tony, sounds like an awesome chap and a real ambassador for parkrun!!

Hi Steve, I ran 2. I have seen from all the inspirational posts and info I have read about you that you managed to from 2. I know this is a pretty broad question, but is there a standout session or change in your training which helped you go under that 2. I am 34yrs old and feel like I can run sub 2.

Thanks Steve, Best of luck with the K. No one magic session Luke, the difference between my 2: I have a half marathon to run on Nov. But seeing the article about you has inspired me. I am Vice President of the BBC running club and a lot of my runners are inspired by your story of running and your continued commitment towards the sport.

Hi Steve, congrats on what has been a very succesful year for you. Your story is inspiring! How do you go about training for both events at the same time? Do the first option. I find your story truly inspirational and really enjoy the way your training and opinions are so easily accessable to mere mortals like me.

My running buddy and myself are coming to the end of our 4 x half marathon challenge in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust weblink above and wanted to ask if you could offer a few words of encouragement and inspiration to the lad, Jaye Camacho, who we are ultimatley running for.

Before being diagnosed with leukaemia earlier this year, he was a keen runner and managed to run at county level. Any advise or encouragement will be greatly received. I really do hope his recovery is a smooth and quick one!! Thanks Steve, really appreciate it.

Your story is amazing, inspired me to get out there at 38 years old and no running experience. Have shed 3 stone, can run 10km in 52mins and have signed up for a half marathon in March…. Just need to become an ex-smoker now! Thank you for being an inspiration. When I weighed myself about 2 months ago, I weighed in at 19stone 7.

Me and my wife moved from Essex to Bournemouth recently and so as I watched the Commonwealth marathon I took a little interest. I noticed a lad from Bournemouth on there. Then you appeared in a magazine I was reading so I looked you up and here I am. I entered the Bournemouth 10k a while a back and completed it in 1hr 22mins.

I see this time as a starting point. I hate running, I have to admit. It takes a lot to get up after working 8. Any advice you can give to me would be great. I know its stupid but when I jog, if I walk I see it as a negative. In my head I should be running from start to finish. Also when you work during the day, how do you find time to run?

The streets around Alum Chine are so dimly lit I decided to join a gym to carry on inside. Well done on the 10k simon…. Keep going and for every consistent week of running you get under your belt you will be that much closer to your potential…. The motivation when you start getting faster will be strong! Hi Steve Great performance in Ultravasan. And what a journey you have made!! But I would really like to publish yours from Ultravasan! The concept is that I will copy your story and photos and then I will link to your website under it.

I was very impressed when I heard your story this year before the Commonwealth games. I started running in March this year after being persuaded by a friend to do a local parkrun in Chelmsford. My first was run at Do you have any tips, starting to feel I have some potential?

Why are you limiting yourself to another min improvement, just keep working hard and see how far you can get, you may be a sub30 10km runner! I have gotten my PB in the Marathon down to 2. I have one issue that has come up in all 3 marathons but its slowly getting less and less of a problem.

I can fly to miles but then I loose all strength and knee lift. I think im in 2. But that is what works for me. Hi Steve, any chance you can change the order of these comments so the newest appear first, scrolling down so far takes forever. Love following your story, checking out your runs on strava, look forward to hearing about the ultra. You must have tonnes of dietary advice at your disposal, but I find white-bread and honey sandwiches for lunch and dinner the day before a race and also for breakfast on race-day have sorted out my dodgy gut.

Glad to hear your doing London. We are having a cruise to the Bahamas from March 6th-March 9th, and would like for you to join us. On this cruise we are gathering the worlds best athletes and having them compete in a Sprint level course on a private island.

Congrats on an amazing transformation and best of luck to you in I was wondering if you could lend me some advice from your experience with smoking and its damages.

I have been running from an early age on the track and x-country, around county level. Unfortunately I slipped into smoking around 6 months ago during a long period of injury.

I am an Italian runner, I am 23 years old and I have run since I currently have a 1: I am not interested at all in marathon, I would like to run only 10ks and HMs. Someone told me to run 6 or even 7 days but I think that, as a non-pro runner as I am, staying injury-free and avoid problems is the best thing to achieve. What do you think about it? Is it possible with this weekly schedule and mileage? What I usually do is: I never tire of watching you on this video, Steve http: A true inspiration to many!

I work for the Running Awards, and was wondering if you could give me your contact email address so I can send you some info? Hi Steve, congrats on the continued success. I had a quick question of how you managed to finally quit smoking? I work with a quit smoking brand and would love to know. A cracking motivation, and one that will surely keep you on track excuse the pun.

Hi Steve Wondered if you could drop me an email about a piece Breakfast TV are looking into on people finding sport later in life. We would love your participation. Hi Steve, Can you drop me an email on david. Do you run any training sessions at all, or can you recommend a club in the area to help me improve? I wish you all the best with your ongoing projects! That would be great! It would be easiest to explain by email if possible.

Be great to hear from you. Thank you very much, Sarah. Hi Steve, since seeing you run at the commonwealth games — I thought I could do that! You have given me great motivation thank you.

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