Poker Chip Weight

So that's what I recommend. Originally Posted by pfapfap Those heavy chips are awful, don't get them. How much would depend on the percentage of out-liers. These are usually either the clay or composite poker chips, and are usually high-quality chips. Poker Chips - Poker Chip Weight.

8-9.5 grams

Poker is one of the most exciting casino games today. In fact, it has transcended the walls of world-class casinos, making its way even to the houses of millions of people all over the world. Various factors contributed to its current popularity including the different interesting rules and other exciting aspects of the game. Furthermore, its exposure on television helped increase its popularity even more, thanks to international events like the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker.

Players use chips to bet in the game, which is one of the highly interesting elements of the game. In addition to these interesting details, it is good to know other important things including the different poker chip dimensions. There are poker chips that measure 1. However, casino-quality chips measure a bit bigger, usually with a 1.

In terms of weight, casinos in North America use chips that weigh around 8. However, no official weight has been set for poker chips. Those designed for home use weigh even more, which is more or less Originally Posted by gedanken. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Home Poker Discussions of home poker games. Find More Posts by PocketAces Find Threads Started by PocketAces WSOP Chip weight There is no such thing as "official casino weight," it's a false idea that's used to sell cheap chips a.

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Find More Posts by David Lyons. Find Threads Started by David Lyons. WSOP Chip weight of course, you would be able to find crappy chips at 9g or less. Wandering game to game Posts: Originally Posted by gedanken Trust me, if you get interested in quality chips, you will someday be replacing anything you buy now, so there's really no incentive to spend a little extra on the first set. Send a private message to mariettabull. Find More Posts by mariettabull.