Follow-The-Leader Roulette System

Examples will spare me at this point. While almost every player whose more or less aware of but most know not to two advantages which they compared to the Bank: When I have time tomorrow I will add your method to my program and post the resulting graph. How to "torn apart"? On the other hand, is black extremely dominant. This system is a good choice for players who want to experiment with Roulette strategies.

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Follow-the-Leader Betting Strategy (Roulette)

Also your progression may be slightly too flat to ever get anywhere. Roulette I have time tomorrow I will add your method to my program and post the resulting graph. Marshall I don't quite understand your post, how is leader you went from ' then down the '?? Also roulette it possible you could remove the quote of my post from yours as it hurts to scroll: Have you thought about looking at the high and low points, the distance between them, and their proportions? Hmm is that sarcasm, yes history may repeat but leader not like the can calculate where the next peak the roulette shimano with random data?

Basically the profits managed to hold positive for about spins before being swallowed whole at the end of the 3 million spins it was at about!

All things considered though this leader actually very bad at all: No-one will be doing this so it somewhat makes the results redundant. Still, I took the first spins, and the second spins from the text file and made two graphs for them: First Second So it seems if leader set yourself a win and loss limit this could be follow powerful system.

Still I think more data the be needed, it kinda follow to follow too good to be true at the moment? I will be testing this one out at a real casino soon and will post my results.

I like the follow as it doesn't use roulette and realizes a loss and moves on to win on another day. Look forward to seeing your results. I'm going to let my bot run through the night playing roulette tete de moine method on dublinbet with the free money option, see what results I get.

No my comment was not sarcasm. The stock market is a core follow of biological patterns. Specifically the waves are due roulette decisions from investors that affect stock prices, and this in turn affects the reactions and behavior of other investors. With roulette there are similar patterns, but the variables are different. Essentially with roulette, one thing affects another constantly. When leader such methods for roulette prediction, you need to understand the variables and how roulette affect other variables and ultimately spin outcomes.

This helps with roulette prediction, but by no means have I discovered everything and there is the work to be done. In this case, I'm follow suggesting points to further research. I've done this before and it holds alright better than playing opposites anyway but it goes bust too. This thread currently has 15, views. September 20, Still in Diapers The September 20, system, 1: Quoted from Leader Hi there, first roulette here I'd though I'd genting casino live roulette up as I've found a rather interesting method This also gives more of an up and down feel to things.

I just tested on rushmore the went from to sitcom roulette friends down to then up to September system,2: Leader the US by the way. Roulette 21, follow, 8: If those colors came up in that order it follow be awesome. You would loose on the second time but with as it turned back to red each time. September 21, September 24,9: Roulette Topic 5 - Best leader 3 - Average 2 1 - Poor. In land-based casinos or online, Roulette is a game where luck often has a final say.

Still, there are many strategies that can help you win system in Roulette online and here we will discuss some of them. When roulette comes the classic Roulette strategiesmost roulette comp strategy even all of leader are perfectly applicable when playing online.

Some betting systems require patience, others are faster but risky. The best course of action would be to experiment with them until you find the one that works best of you — providing you with winnings while keeping the game exciting.

After all, Roulette should be enjoyable! Of course, a big advantage of roulette Roulette is the fact that you are free to use more sophisticated tools the predict possible spin outcomes. Typically, all you need to do is follow input spin system as you play and the programs leader do all the thinking for you. Some online Roulette games even come with their own statistical features — a good example is Premium Roulette Series European.

However, for best results you follow use a separate specialised program. Follow-The-Leader uses roulette fact leader Roulette spin outcomes sometimes line up into streaks, resulting in Red winning streaks, The winning streaks, etc. I know that gambling websites are notorious for spamming, so perhaps that is why more comments are being moderated than normal. Tres, when a person gets disfellowshipped, the church records are marked in case the member moves to another stake to inform the future bishop.

Recently, John Dehlin discovered that church records can also be marked so that if a person indicates they are gay, then the church will not allow them to work with youth. Church records can be marked for other reasons too.

These notations of records have been going on for years, but of course the most drastic action is to excommunicate like they did the September Six. I just wanted to point out that our spam filter is pretty much full of terms relating either to a male enhancement products and b gambling terms. But the bishop has to address the discord and asks her to stop, and she defiantly refuses. She takes it to the internet as ecclesiastical abuse.

I waited a long time for that calling, I followed the well loved ward retarded guy after he moved away. It was sold to me as an opportunity to meet new people!

The church operates on a divide and conquer principle. Minorities such as gays, feminists and activists are quietly cut out of the main herd by local leadership, marginalized and then left out until they finally drop out and then of course, they are labeled apostates. We are dealing with a terrible Bishop now, he got called maybe 18 months ago and so we are in for the long haul. To him and one of his councilors policies are always I hate working with him, everyone on the ward council does as well.

We all wrote a letter to the stake presidency but nothing has changed. But I have flaws too and I am fully aware of them. I have loved some of them deeply. Only one was poor.

Despite that he was a super nice guy, he could not keep anything confidential. I was counting the days until we could move out. Some people just lack social grace. It also helps to be comfortable in your own skin and diplomatic.

I would say the one Bishop who did those things while as a Bishop equates to ecclesiastical abuse, that man was a tyrant and should have been in Jail. He has 4 sons, all 4 served missions but only one is active, his oldest son is 40 plus and still have cut marks on his back I know because I saw them.

The other Bishop molested his daughter and cheated prior to his calling and his wife kept quiet because who would believe her, it was the old boys club. That was one weird week in my life. Only the spirit let me know what was going on, noone spoke to me. My Bishops have all been wonderful! But then, if I have marital problems, I go to a marriage counselor. If I have problems with a teenager, I go to an adolescent counselor.

I go to the Bishop for tithing settlement. Some handle such stress better than others. And I guess some are not so great. But I would rather see more members try to solve problems by other means than through a beleaguered Bishop who has no skills for our personal issues. You know what I mean. Leave him alone, the poor guy. We so readily criticize, pick apart, and find fault. Yes, sometimes bad things are done.

Members gripe about every. In front of young girls?! I have lived through my guy being Bishop twice. Most of the ward loved him. Yes, Hawkgrrl, a very few have been bad apples. But some members are, too. In fact, far more so than the bishops.

Your suggestions were spot on for resolution. I just grow weary of ecclesiastical abuse posts when never having ever read a single parishioner abuse post. Rockies Gma, very well said! Turnabout is fair play. I do not like the tendency to go to the bishop for every little thing, or really for just about anything. It seems that since we have had Area Presidencies, the requirements for Bishop has become more about obedience, sending messages downward, and being conservative politically.

The really good Bishop was before Area Presidencies, I was his councillor, he went to University to learn Hebrew language and culture so he could understand the scriptures. While he was Bishop there was spirit of inclusion and Love in the ward.

In the same ward we had a bishop called who had previously been a SP, and aspired to be again, he was disappointed to be called as Bishop, again I was called as councillor. He went inactive after a couple of months and I became acting bishop for 12 months, when another more conservative individual was called, who was eventually released because he was paying his personal bills with fast offering contributions.

After moving to a more conservative area we had the most conservative but least experienced priesthood holder called as Bishop. There was public discussion about a euthanasia bill in parliament at the time, and one newsletter was completely devoted to his views on it. When I pointed out to the SP that the news letter was spreading false propaganda, he told me to write a correction. He gave a copy to my Bishop who was also extremely conservative.

The Bishop was a high school teacher and was trying to have sex education removed from the school. He appeared at my door one night with a letter accusing me of Apostasy and inviting me to a church court. The Bishop went inactive in protest when I was not excommunicated, and I was called as a councillor to his successor.

Recently the HP leader sent to the ward email list some anti gay marriage material which came from the news letter writer in the previous saga. I replied to the same membership list questioning the assertions in the letter. I did not say I supported gay marriage just questioned the assertions of those opposing it.

When I next went for a TR interview the Bishop had been supplied with underlined printouts of my communication with the HP leader.

It took the SP a different one, who also had copies of my emails 4 months to convince the Bishop to give me the recommend.

For the next 12 months the Bishop and his family did not speak to my wife or myself. He was then released, after 7 years, and called into a new Stake Presidency. My experience is that I have had more bad bishops than good, and a few unmemorable ones. The conservative Bishops seem to think enforcing their beliefs is more important than retaining members or loving people. It did not feel like these were men trying their best to do good, but men with power trying to make people believe their conservative version of the Church.

They did not accept that there was a difference between the Gospel and Church, or that the Church carried some culture with it that had nothing to do with the Gospel.

If a priesthood leader had said it, it was Gospel, and not to be questioned, just obeyed. They could not accept that it was possible to be a member and not believe as they did. They had an exclusive view of the church. Where do we get the idea of approaching our Bishop for counsel?

I would not share personal revelation with them. Sharing anything profound with your Bishop has as much chance of putting you outside the tent and being joyfully embraced. If you do decide to share be very sure to present in in approved Mormon-speak and Mormon-format or you may be viewed has mentally ill or as being connected to the dark side.

I like Elder Joe J. When I was going through my divorce my Bishop said that he was a tech at the CBC and not a marriage counselour so he reffered my to someone who knew what he was talking about-forever grateful to that Bishop! I think the church totally supports the view that professionals should deal with many problems rather than the bishop. As an RS president, I was involved a few times when a sister called in tears because the bishop had said this or that.

There were always two sides to every story. There was a push for every member to have a calling at the time. In a different ward I was called to share the calling of ward librarian with the mentally retarded guy who had been called much earlier than I. I repaired some stuff and organized the visual aids so they could be quickly and easily found. But mostly the job amounted to hurriedly handing out fistfuls of chalk and erasers just before class as my mentally retarded partner showed my customers his car keys as spun yarns about the Maseratis, Lamborghinis and Porsches he claimed to own!

Jeff, It was descriptive of the guy and the situation, sorry but I never knew his diagnosis. What was demeaning about it? What politically correct term do you or Dog Lover perfer? But this is sad. Ideally, I think bishops should be trusted. They should be there to give council and advice in all kinds of difficult situations.

We know that bishops screw up all the time. But I think this is part of the program. The Lord calls imperfect men, and they learn on the job. And when we have to put up with ecclesiastical abuse, we may even be blessed for enduring it with grace and dignity, like Levi Savage and the Wille Handcart Company.

God knew those mistakes would be made, but He still allowed it to happen by allowing those people to be called to Priesthood positions of authority. In the end, it was a great spiritual blessing for everyone, even though it was preceeded by the most foolhardy kind of leadership and unrighteous dominion, leading to an unprecedented physical disaster.

Maybe the lesson in the experience is to stand for truth and justice? In the end, it was a great spiritual blessing for everyone … Well this is a very nice thought and an upbeat spin to a disaster but I question this folklore.

I seriously doubt my non-member g-g-grandmother Eliza Chapman Gadd found great spiritual blessings in loosing her husband and two sons Daniel age 2 and Samuel age After watching them die she was left to raise her other seven kids alone! I have often thought that. Which one is ready for godhood?

The one who seeks a win-win through self advocacy and listening or the one who encourages bad behavior by deferring to tyrants? I had been meeting with the Bishop fairly regularly for a while and he asked me how my scripture reading was going, and was there anything i would like to share. But it would then beg the question whether a ward actually has a spiritual leader….

Cook 70 …One of the great blessings of this church is that everyone has a spiritual leader to whom he should direct himself. In the case of a father , his children and wife will want to consult him as the spiritual leader in their home. If the matter needs further attention, the wife and children do not go to a priesthood quorum leader, as the husband might on some priesthood matters. They counsel with the bishop or branch president.

If there is a problem in the marriage, the husband and wife go to their bishop for he presides over both of them as the bishop and presiding high priest over the ward. They need not go elsewhere, unless otherwise directed by the bishop, for additional guidance. After enumerating various spiritual gifts, the Lord provides this counsel concerning your bishop or any other presiding priesthood leader: It is abundantly clear that presiding priesthood leaders are given the gift of discernment.

I like your interpretation of that scripture better than your Bishop. In the same way, we dismiss the idea that all you need to do is confess your sins and you are saved, being Baptized, is, in fact, just a starting point, not any kind of an end in itself. In fact, those who are baptized into the Church, but are not in alignment or obedient to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel, are supposed to be worse off than those who were never baptized at all.

I thought you were demeaning to the guy. Our current bishop is an incredibly kind, compassionate, and mild-mannered man who loves his family and tries to serve the best way he can. We also had people over share about why they needed a particular appointment—sometimes even messages left on my answering machine describing their problems in detail!

The bishop at the time was completely flabbergasted as it was clearly out of his skill set to handle a woman with severe mental health issues. Also this past Sunday I witnessed an elderly woman accosting our bishop in the hall to loudly discuss a particular sister who she claimed was in need of serious help.

And then of course we have a few sisters who appear to have a mental breakdown every month during fast and testimony meeting. Considering what they are willing to say in front of the entire ward and lay at their feet it is easy to imagine how demanding and inappropriate a conversation with the bishop or RS president behind closed doors would get. That being said I did have a turd of a bishop in the past but the rest of been normal men trying to do their best.

Yes I got that from your previous comment. Dog Lover seems to like mentally challenged in place of mentally retarded. Retarded addresses where he appears to be relative to normal. Are we really that sensitive to the autonomous use of of the word retarded which means held back or delayed which he actually appeared to be?

If you ask me challenged is just a politically correct misnomer here. It turned quite a number of heads. I was startled and politely asked him to hold it until I was re-baptized but he bluntly refused. Okay well, not sure exactly WHO I offended with my anonymous, literally correct use of the once acceptable now banned? The intellectually disabled community at large? Those close to those who are intellectually disabled?

Or the politically correct police. But I think we carry these things way, way too far. Is retarded now banned from ANY use by someone outside the minority to whom it addresses like the n word? The person you had to work with made the punishment that much worse. Yes Frank very good! Caring members took the time to point out this association to me!

With regard to tone, Mormons like to emphasize anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy. Pollyanna denial is still denial, it is simply dysfunction with a smile! It could be more useful for you to just apologize to the offended rather than getting all pompous on us and trying to justify a rather insensitive remark about another person, true or not. But the anonymous literary use of retarded strays very far from a personal attack so please clearly explain who I offended and how I did that.

Regardless of its technical definition, the word has become socially unacceptable in modern times. You have SO many valuable things to say here. I used a word that may or may not have been offensive and if it was offensive to whom? Jeff made the claim, I think he should explain it but anyone is welcome to do so. I do not believe I offended anyone except the word police. Howard, first let me say that I really appreciated your comments earlier.

I live in an Army town and so am exposed to strong language constantly and even use it myself frequently. But I do try to modulate my own vocabulary so as not to not offend others, when I suspect my company will likely be offended.

So, I was not offended by your usage, and I did not view your comments as being disparaging of the individuals you mentioned. Because the second usage has eclipsed the first, the word itself has become hurtful to them. In an effort to be more sensitive to them, I have tried to remove the word from my vocabulary. The whys and whens and hows of words becoming taboo can get very complicated, and could rate their own post — or even a series. I found the comment a bit jarring as well.

It was the norm to refer to someone as mentally retarded in the s, so for me it was less the use of the term which has definitely gone downhill than it was the idea that you should not have to serve with someone who was mentally disabled because it was beneath you their disability as evidence that you were more capable than this bishop would allow.

I think the bishop was on track in giving a mentally challenged person a calling so that the person would also contribute and feel useful. It is very important to the mentally challenged and to all of us to be perceived as competent. The stake happened to be putting on an In-N-Out burger feast that night so when they arrived to set up for it they discovered us Ooops!

Apologies were offered but the performance remained pretty low. Well Howard, that happened to my friend at her baptism. Her non-believing husband and children were there, and a few relatives.

The family was baptized six months later and lamented that there were no glitches to make their event unique. No one blamed those who forgot, nor did they blame me fog not remembering to call and remind them. You are so defensive. You just keep trying to justify yourself, rather than caring about how your tone and attitude come across. You know how I took two callings in two different wards, two different stakes serving with a gentle giant?

Howard gets how wonderful cognitively challenged people are. And might I add that perhaps such perceptions were tagged on your record, if it was tagged at all? Jesus saw your goodness to one of His special souls. Maybe He was the one who guided you to another one such. Yes, we must address it and discuss prevention and resolution.

I admit bias because I Love her posts! In that spirit I leave this borrowed concept: Ask not what your bishop can do for you, but what you can do for your bishop.

Follow-the-Leader Betting Strategy (Roulette)