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This entry was recorded on Sunday, 11 September This entry was recorded on Wednesday, 3 August Email me if you can - would love to share more stories. Scribner, New York u. Both the certificate and the degree option offer a local internship opportunity. Brings back great memories. Giovanni de' Medici il Popolano [14] 8.

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I do see names that I remember like Carmodies It was great to read this site My Mothers name was O'brien Good to hear from anyone. This entry was recorded on Tuesday, 22 November Brings back a lot of memories. HCJ class of I used to live in yorkville in manhattan and was trying t0 get in touch with any of my friends who went to holy trinity church at e 88th st in manhattan.

I am 67 years old now. Al Meyer - Of Windsor N. This entry was recorded on Saturday, 19 November Jack Maple must have been one heck of a cop if he was anything like he is portrayed in "The District".

We love to watch this show and have even watched the re-runs over and over. Nelson is excellent in that roll This entry was recorded on Thursday, 17 November Nice to have Jimmy Mac on board. I'll stop in to see him and we can arrange to get together after the holidays. Drop me a line or call anytime. This entry was recorded on Monday, 14 November Good time had by all I'm sure. About 65 or so showed up with a good representation of many members from the various athletic teams.

Former History Teacher John Leary represented the faculty. As strange as it sounds, seeing them all again and bringing back various memories, it didn't seem possible that 35 yrs could have passed.

Hope we all will get together again. I sat in lenihans and had a beer with Emil and passed th st park and victory field and all along st ave Rob Beninati - Of tampa ,fla. This entry was recorded on Friday, 11 November This entry was recorded on Thursday, 10 November This entry was recorded on Tuesday, 8 November I am not a Virginia resident, but I thank you for your good information.

I was asked to write something about Jacob Riis, and I found inteteresting and concise information that will greatly enhance my project.

My thanks to you and others like you that quietly tend the light of our heritage. I have made contact with friends after over 40 years. We have all moved on but it's nice to be able to catch up and see how each other are doing.

This is a great way to keep in touch and exchange information. This entry was recorded on Monday, 7 November I grew up in Kew Gardens Talbot St. Thanks for you information on this event and also for a truly wonderful website on the history of Richmond Hill and Kew Gardens.

This entry was recorded on Saturday, 5 November We lived on 95th Avenue between rd St. Richmond Hill was a great place to grow up. I sometimes miss the way it WAS. Hangin' out a Smokey Park, or Forest Park. Those were the days. If anyone remembers us, please drop a line! This entry was recorded on Tuesday, 1 November Mom lives in Jupiter, Florida now, hope she's all right, trying to contact her.

This entry was recorded on Monday, 31 October Lived on th Street between and Aves from to in what may have been South Rich Hill. Moved to LI in and NJ in Many fond memories of Al's Stereo, Winters, St. To Sam O Osborne?? To Jonn Mulry, was your mother known as "Kitty"? Sure hope you three get to read this and respond if possible. Thanks to Tommy Walsh for introducing me to this site.

This entry was recorded on Sunday, 30 October Chris DeFalco - Of albany ny. Rosemarie Scarpitta you still live in the holy land? I visited Greenwood Bakery five years ago when I last tramped the area. I ordered one duh , what a startling sensation like you're under sedation THAT was as my palate did the Time Warp again!!!!!!

This entry was recorded on Saturday, 29 October Hey I remember Winters icecream store on the corner of th and Liberty Avenue. Shirts By Us across the street. The Diccicos dry cleaners and angelo the sign guy all on same block. Greenwood Bakery was and still is great. Howan still sits in the same spot selling still the best Chinese food. Wow, what a great website!

This entry was recorded on Wednesday, 26 October Lived St and Ave. Janet Arnish, I read your message on October 25, I dated Ruth Jabs and I have since been able to contact her albeit 2 years ago. I would like to hear how John and you are doing. I am anxious to hear from you and others from Union Congregational Church.

My email address is as follows: This entry was recorded on Tuesday, 25 October A dual reunion sounds good. I would like to help with the organizing. My Dad was Pete Scarpitta from th street and Liberty avenue.

He was killed in in John Adams High. Does anybody know him. Rosemarie Scarpitta - Of Mahopac , America. This entry was recorded on Friday, 21 October What a great site, I have been reading all the posts with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye!! Richmond Hill was an awesome place to grow up!! I went to PS62 Mrs. Grossman was my 2nd grade teacher and picked me and a boy named Glen to be in the LI Press skipping down the school steps for the last day of school!!

Then on to RHHS!! I look back fondly on all those years, many friendships made, several still remain even though I moved from there many years ago!!

We first lived on 95th Av and th St, where my family owed a small grocery store, then we moved to 97th and th. I drove though the neighborhood a few years back to show my kids where I grew up, somethings were very different but I still felt the warmth of being in the "Hill".

I took my kids to Jahn's and the new proprietors of RKO allowed us in to look around, a really great afternoon!! I saw a few names on here I recognized, especially Debbie Dooley whose family lived next door and Carol Sodano who moved away way to soon!! Thank you for this great look at our history!! Laura Lopez Smith - Of St. This entry was recorded on Thursday, 20 October I am so glad to see web sites dedicated to my childhood home of Richmond Hill and my high school. I will be spending much time enjoying this site and, being a web site designer, look to see how I can add to it.

This entry was recorded on Wednesday, 19 October Marty P and Mike C- Good to hear from both of you again. A reunion would be a neat trick if we can pull it off. I agree that after the Holidays is the right time frame to consider organizing such an undertaking. Both you guys sound like you are blessed with rich lives and great family. I took note that Bill Bryce posted a message while he was visiting with Marty. If either of you are planning to be in the Hilton Head area let me know.

I would enjoy getting together and kicking around old times over lunch or dinner and a few beers. Keep in touch guys. This entry was recorded on Tuesday, 18 October I wish I and all of us, could go back, maybe when we least expect, Revival Time will hit Richmond Hill.

This entry was recorded on Monday, 17 October This is a reprint-- Thanks for looking-- I am looking for any relatives of Claude Martin Parker, born October 9, He was born in Jamaica, New York and was a foster child.

He was never adopted, and attended St. Agnes in upstate New York. He unfortunately passed July 4, in Wilmington, NC. I am his daughter and I am trying to find any biological parents, aunts, uncles, sisters or brothers.

This is a great site. Brings back great memories. Grew up on th street between Liberty and rd ave. Went every saturday to the Casino or Lefferts movies, than played ball on block or 62 or My grandfather owned Piermont Lighting on liberty between th and th, next to Primrose Bakery.

Any old friends out there? This entry was recorded on Sunday, 16 October I started out going to Salerno's Italian restaurant when I was a kid about 9 years old. My parents brought me there for some great Italian food and I remember the green wine bottles with straw that decorated the restaurant. Salerno's was known for their clams, and made great pizza! I am a jazz musician and worked at the Triangle Hoffbrau restaurant which was a landmark restaurant until recently when the restaurant closed and was converted into a medical center at the end of the 20th Century I played the piano and worked there many times with Lou Messana on guitar, the late Tom Sfraga on bass and Al Variale on drums.

We had many great musicians drop by to sit in. The Triangle Hoffbrau was owned by the four brothers. We would have jam sessions starting at midnight going to sometimes 3: The wooden dance floor was a real attraction for hoofers dancers and they always had great food and were friendly people.

After I got off work I drop in at Salerno's or Aldo's for some pizza. The old movie house became a bingo joint in the daytime and it provided some definition to the neighborhood. Jamaica Avenue and th Street was the place you could go to relax, have some great food, and then walk it off in the park.

Forest Park is north of the triangle as it was called. You could walk along the tracks of the Long Island Railroad go thru the woods and feel like you were in the country! Richmond hill was a beautiful, friendly, area to enjoy life.

This entry was recorded on Thursday, 13 October Take a stroll down jamaica Ave The Stand and pizza place next door; Hofbrau; Candy store on Street Schmit's; Manor Sports bought my 1st pair of Cons Converse sneakers there 8. I'd trade shopping here with all the modern malls in a heartbeat. Have many great memories of Al's and Winther's across the street.

Marguerite - Of Baldwin. The stores I recall around th and Jamaica Ave. To Teresa of Erie CO: I lived on the same block as you. Marie's was originaly Fitzpatrick's which was next to Wise Drugs. Also, Doctrows was a women's store like Springers. Al's used to be on the south side of Jamaica then he moved to the north side until he sold to another Al. First Al was a very sweet man. We would go in their as kids to shop for Christmas or Birthday presents; and he would let us search in there for what felt like hours and then he help us make decision on a gift.

Sweet memories, I have so many of them. This entry was recorded on Wednesday, 12 October We lived in a few different location around Atlantic Avenue and th Street until our family purchased their home on th Street between Jamaica and 86th Avenues Burkes arts and crafts at Smokey Park, ice skating etc.

Fabulous time of life Thanks for the memories Party, School Tour, Jahn's Thanks to all who helped in the planning, and those who attended. Let's not wait another 10 yrs. Classmate - Of L.

This entry was recorded on Monday, 10 October I have lived in the area now known as South Richmond Hill my entire life. Although new developements are typically good for a community, it breaks my heart to see some of our old Victorian houses being torn down.

I love that recently constructed six condo complexes are making it possible for families to come in and enjoy our lovely community.

But, where is the character?? I love living in a place that has it's own bingo hall and traditional ice cream shop. Thank you for trying to preserve all of the things that make this place, where I grew up, special. This entry was recorded on Sunday, 9 October Born in RH , lived there until , first on corner of St. Went to HCJ graduating Jan. Father's family moved from Manhattan to RH about the start of the 20th century on 89Ave.

My father and uncle played baseball for RHHS. I have a picture of the RHHS team in which they both appear. My mother's family moved from Manhattan to RH around and lived on St across from the corner of 89Ave.

I have a group picture taken in front of our house of a block party on the 4th of July probably of or Notes on the picture identify two of the younger children as my uncles. There are about 80 people in the picture, mainly children. There are still some of my father's family still living in RH. An aunt and cousins lived in the one house on St. Having read all of the Guest Book entries, it seems that only a few Hillites of my era have reported in. Although many of the street games that we "depression babies" played are mentioned,some of the things we did were probably different.

The football we used in the street was ordinarily made from rolled up newspapers tied with string or rubber bands. We didn't have baskets or basketballs in the street. We used tennis or rubber balls and the "one way" sign was the basket.

Sewer covers were the goals for roller hockey. We made up all kinds of stick ball and box ball games. Necessity really was the mother of invention. The cement playground at RHHS was open and used from daylight to dark during the summer. At other times we would sometimes climb the fence on the St. When it was getting dark we congregated on somebody's stoop, or the milk ice box in front of Hoffman's grocery on 90Ave and St.

There was no vandalism even though Sam was not thrilled. Some random thought about persons and places I haven't seen mentioned in the Guest Book: Joan of Arc and St. I also remember the flag with the red ball on the white background which was flown when there was ice skating on the flooded basketball court at Jackson Park, at least until Pearl Harbor and the huge fire at the railroad yard on Leffert's Blvd.

A final thought, at least for now. Dickie replied,"Because it feels so good when we come down. This entry was recorded on Saturday, 8 October I grew up on th street between 95th and st avenue. My friend from the nieghborhood Marty Peshler, who I'm visiting this weekend on the Island, told me about this site. Great memories growing up. The bagel bakery at th and st ave, the movie theateres, playing ball for St Benny's, Mickey's bar, and too many more to tell. Moved to Kentucky in to go to college, fell in love with a "Kentucky Woman" and never moved back.

I have always told my daughters how great it was growing up in richmond hill and how I wish they could have experienced the same life. It was much safer and carefree. I would walk to St. I haven't seen them in 30 years. I wonder if they will ever read this. This entry was recorded on Friday, 7 October Saturday along Jamaica Avenue: This entry was recorded on Friday, 30 September I grew up on street between 95th and st ave.

There was no other place like it. I would walk home for St. All street games that kids today would laugh at. Block parties were the Summers highlight! I just remember getting up early that day getting all excited to see everyone move their car off the blocks. On regular days I remember rushing to finish dinner, just so I can go outside where me and my friends would sit on the porch and wait for the dueling ice-cream trucks to come around. The adults preffered Mr. Softy but me and my friends would wait around for Tony's Ice Cream truck.

But once I hit my High School years in the late 80's the neighborhood started it's change. It seemed like all the people that made up my street sold thier home. The last Block Party that I remember happening was in I left for college in and my parents sold their home in I recently visited my old home.

To make a long story short I can sum up what my feelings in one short example. I know my childhood was the last days of how it used to be, similar to those who experienced it in the early 's. It's a shame the kids that live there now have no idea.

Some of my memorable sites places: Hi, a follow up note since I signed the guestbook in June. I've heard from wonderful RH friends and neighbors since logging on. Thanks for this unique site. HCJ classmates of "'59 please write. This entry was recorded on Thursday, 29 September This entry was recorded on Wednesday, 28 September I am looking for any information concerning William Schweit, a former cook for the Triangle Hafbrau.

Schweit past away back in I never met the man, I he is my biological father, and in result of that matter, I was placed up for foster care in New Jersey. Please e-mail me if you have any information, photo's, etc. This entry was recorded on Monday, 26 September Turned 55 and am looking forward to retiring next year from U.

Judy and I just celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary. Stan's in Ozone Park. Ryan 26 just married this past July. Living and teaching on Staten Island. Patrick 22 will be graduating St. Francis College in December. Looking for classmates that attended HCJS and graduated in I have located our other classmates.

Please come and join our cyber-reunion. This entry was recorded on Saturday, 24 September Just reading this site and came across your message. This is my email address, drop me a line. Rodgers - yes, that was the same Joe Chibarro - he was my best friend in grade school This entry was recorded on Thursday, 22 September You mentioned a Joe Chibarro.

Did he go on to become a gym teacher? I grew up in Rich. Frank Servidio - a lot more happened behind the back of that handball court This entry was recorded on Wednesday, 21 September How about going the park on atlantic Ave and St playing handball all summer no mater what the weather was like , then going to Carvels on Atlantic and St and geting a sm cone for 15 cents or a larger one for 25 cents I also went yo Richmond Hill High from , as those who went will remmber the "Anex" what memories.

I have fond memories of rh - after my husband of 40 yrs. Benedict Joseph Church -- we ate many dinners at Angelo's and I will never forget when my husband brought me home from the hospital after having our first baby girl which will be 39 years ago he ordered a nice dinner for me from Angelo's -- only a block away I think am glad to hear that the son is running it and hoping he keeps the website going and the heritage.

I am from two sets of Italian grandparents who came over from Italy and went through Eillis Island. My Dad just past away in April - and hard to take - my Mom is 9l and is having a hard time - she is also in need of home care - and my brother lives down there still in Ozone Park - and he oversees her care through the three caregivers - while he works - I am the long distance caregiver and make the calls and inquiries - It is very hard for me - as I am now physically challenged - at the time - we did nto know and many still do not know - I loved walking my daughters and dressing them and made friends along the way - is the German deli still there on Liberty Ave.

I do miss the cultural events of New York but, when raising our children, we became very active in the community - and both daughters are well know throughout the community and went through the whole school system here and graduated college here the same year -- and that is where I worked for over 24 years. Hope to hear more history about rh.

Today, unfortunately Richmond Hill, Queens is being destroyed by real estate and contractory, who are buying 1 family homes and building 3 and 4, two and 3 family homes. Normally there is about people on block, with new construction, for instance with 4 three family, 4 persons per apt, equals 48 people with cars, vans, construction vans; its ashamed that these permits are being given.

Once residental, now richmond is like a commercial area who can we look for help to stop these constructions thanks aa. This entry was recorded on Tuesday, 20 September We were the last to leave the old neigborhood about a year ago. My mom is in a nursing home on LI.

Thanks for the memories! Loved all of the notes. All much younger than I am. I graduated from RHHS I lived on 95th Ave. Before that I lived on 88th Ave. When I lived on 95th Ave. Jack Chicky Casidy lived on the corner of 95th Ave. He was the actor. I have lost touch with everyone from that area.

This entry was recorded on Monday, 19 September Marty- If you are planning to visit Hilton Head again please let me know. Would enjoy seeing you again and meeting your family.

Hilton Head has grown quite a bit since We still vist the Outer Banks at least once a year. Wonder if you mentioned to your wife your courting of Nancy R? I actually ran into Liz when I was taking a Graduate course. She was married and was getting her Master's in Physical Therapy. That was back in Never ran into her again. I did touch base with Sister Maura Joseph our 7th grade teacher. Maybe somebody can fill in the blanks about this The story told locally was the owner and his wife lived there and, one night in the 50's she died I went back there a few years ago and it was finally gone, but did I dream all this?

Can anyone tell the whole story of this bar and grill and write it down for posterity's sake? This entry was recorded on Sunday, 18 September Grew up on nd St. Loved playing stickball and punch ball in PS Graduated from Holy Child in Loved the little store on nd owned by John and Peg Ortman.

It was a great childhood. We played all day without worrying about anybody bothering us. That would never happen today. I made a lot of friends and still stay in touch with them today. Thanks for the memories. It was a great time that I will always remember. That's a record for California!! Remember Joe the Icecream man in Richmond Hill. I heard he is still selling ice cream.

I can see him now reaching one of his arms deep into his truck for a chocolate eclair, creamsicle, toasted almond pop or a marino's Italian ice.

And what about Chief? Bobby Cavanaugh the guy who followed firetrucks? Marty- Good to hear from you as well! Your right about my mother. She had her hands full raising me! My father lives in upper Westchester county. Still plays golf at 83 just about every day that weather will permit. By some twist od fate I got into the Community Association Management business. I manage an association on Hilton Head Island.

It keeps me fairly busy. My son is marriewd and lives in the mountains of northern California. One of my daughtes lives in Montgomery County MD. She and her husband are expecting their first child in December. My yougest daughter just move to Seattle, WA. We did have some great times. Yes I would come to a reunion. My home email address should be at the bottom of this note if you want to contact me directly. Marty P- Glad to hear you are well and living on Long Island.

We had some great times at SBJL. My wife and I moved from Maryland in to Hilton Head. She was a member of the wealthy and powerful House of Medici. Following the assassination of her husband in , which occurred the day after her coronation , she acted as regent for her son, King Louis XIII of France , until , when he came of age.

Marie was not a male-line descendant of Lorenzo the Magnificent but from Lorenzo the Elder , a branch of the Medici family sometimes referred to as the 'cadet' branch. She did descend from Lorenzo in the female-line however, through his daughter Lucrezia de' Medici.

Marie was one of seven children, but only she and her sister Eleonora survived to adulthood. A portrait of Marie as a young girl shows her with regular features and a high forehead. Her wavy hair was light brown in colour, and she had honey-brown eyes and fair skin. The painter was from the school of Santi di Tito.

The wedding ceremony was held in Florence, and was celebrated by four thousand guests with lavish entertainment, including examples of the newly invented musical genre of opera , such as Jacopo Peri 's Euridice. Henry did not attend the ceremony, and the two were therefore married by proxy. Marie brought as part of her dowry , crowns.

Her husband was almost 47 at the marriage and had a long succession of mistresses. Dynastic considerations required him to take a second wife, his first spouse Margaret of Valois never having produced children by Henry or by her lovers. The marriage was successful in producing children, but it was not a happy one. The queen feuded with Henry's mistresses in language that shocked French courtiers.

Catherine referred to Maria as "the fat banker's daughter"; Henry used Maria for breeding purposes exactly as Henry II had treated Catherine de' Medici. She, in turn, showed great sympathy and support to her husband's banished ex-wife Marguerite de Valois , prompting Henry to allow her back into the realm. Marie was crowned Queen of France on 13 May , a day before her husband's death.

Hours after Henry's assassination, she was confirmed as regent by the Parliament of Paris. She immediately banished his mistress, Catherine Henriette de Balzac, from the court.

During her husband's lifetime Marie showed little sign of political acumen, and her abilities scarcely improved after she assumed the regency. Extremely stubborn and of limited intellect, she was heavily influenced by her maid Leonora "Galigai" Dori. Dori conspired with her unscrupulous Italian husband, Concino Concini , who was created Marquis d'Ancre and a Marshal of France , even though he had never fought a battle. Half-Habsburg herself, Marie abandoned the traditional anti-Habsburg French foreign policy.

Under the regent's lax and capricious rule, the princes of the blood and the great nobles of the kingdom revolted. The queen, too weak to assert her authority, consented to buy them off on 15 May The opposition to the regency was led by Henri de Bourbon , Duke of Enghien , who pressured Marie into convoking the Estates General in and In Marie's rule was strengthened by the addition to her councils of Armand Jean du Plessis later Cardinal Richelieu , who had come to prominence at the meetings of the Estates General.

However, her son Louis XIII , already several years into his legal majority, asserted his authority the next year. Through the mediation of Richelieu the king was reconciled with his mother, who was allowed to hold a small court at Angers. She resumed her place in the royal council in The portrait by Rubens was painted at this time. When Marie rebuilt the Luxembourg Palace in Paris, she added this extravagantly flattering cycle of her paintings by Rubens as part of the luxurious decoration.

This collection was called the Marie de' Medici Cycle. After the death of his favourite, the duke of Luynes , Louis turned increasingly for guidance to Richelieu. Her visit to Amsterdam was considered a diplomatic triumph by the Dutch, as it lent official recognition to the newly formed Dutch Republic ; accordingly she was given an elaborate ceremonial royal entry , of the sort the Republic avoided for its own rulers.

Spectacular displays by Claes Corneliszoon Moeyaert and water pageants took place in the city's harbour in celebration of her visit. There was a procession led by two mounted trumpeters, and a large temporary structure was erected on an artificial island in the Amstel River especially for the festival. The structure was designed to display a series of dramatic tableaux in tribute to her once she set foot on the floating island and entered its pavilion. Afterwards she was offered an Indonesian rice table by the burgomaster Albert Burgh.

He also sold her a famous rosary , captured in Brazil. Marie subsequently travelled to Cologne , where she died in , scheming against Richelieu to the end. She was buried in the Basilica of St Denis in northern Paris. The site was purchased in and construction began in , to designs of Salomon de Brosse. Her court painter was Peter Paul Rubens. It was well known that Henry of Navarre her husband was not wealthy.

She brought her own fortune from Florence to finance various construction projects in France. But more importantly, she contributed to the financing of several expeditions including Samuel de Champlain 's to North America, which saw France lay claim to Canada.

She was born and raised in Italy and the French never really accepted her; hence, the negative reviews. The French were still not pleased with his choosing an Italian wife. Marie de' Medici, all of whose actions were prejudicial to France, has escaped the shame which ought to cover her name. Marie's conduct was such that she forced her son to banish her from France, where she was encouraging her other son, Gaston.

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