How to Play Portal 2 Split Screen Coop on PC

Video Thursday Night Throwdown: The sequel plays out over nine chapters and builds upon the physics-based puzzles of the first game by including a variety of new gameplay mechanics, such as laser beams that can be redirected by special cubes, zero-gravity funnels that can be redirected by portals , launch pads, and paint-like substances that change the properties of the surface it covers. Additional Content Comic The comic's cover. To ease frustration for those without a microphone to communicate, Valve has implemented a system of contextual commands that lets one player tell their partner where to look, shoot portals, etc. The two robots stumble upon a comic of Garfield where GLaDOS begins describing what the comic is about and how it is unfunny. Portal in 3d Hey i found a little setting on my old gts that i didn't know was there It was for 3d Being curios i enabled it.

Portal 2 savegame for pc

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Most Popular Online Casinos. Newest Online Casinos See all The best new casinos added to our listing, including detailed casino reviews and ratings, bonuses, promotions, and experiences by real players right at your fingertips. End the Year in Style with These Casinos! Mute protagonist , Chell awakens to find the Aperture Science Enrichment Center , decayed and overrun by nature, as she must complete a new series of tests under the watchful eye of the hostile artificial intelligence GLaDOS Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System.

Along the way, she receives help from a friendly personality core named Wheatley and explores the deepest depths of the laboratory, learning about the early history of Aperture through audio recordings made by the founder, Cave Johnson.

As well as the single player story, the game also includes a unique two-player co-operative campaign, involving a series of team-based puzzles; in this mode, each player controls one of two robotic characters: Players can customize their robot's appearance in the PC and Mac versions, similar to Team Fortress 2 ; this involves different customization slots hats, skins, accessories, and special gestures and an inventory system.

Items can be gained by earning achievements ; by transferring special items from Team Fortress 2; or they can be bought from an in-game store, where players can purchase items or gestures with real-world money. All versions of the game include achievements for both single-player and multi-player campaigns. The Xbox version also includes five avatar awards , including t-shirts, a hat, and an animated prop of the avatar wielding both the Portal Gun and the Weighted Companion Cube.

The PlayStation 3 version is packaged with a special one-use code that unlocks a free copy of the game on Steam for the PC and Mac. It is also the first PlayStation 3 game to implement cross-platform compatibility via Steamworks allowing cross-platform multiplayer with the PC and Mac versions, and Steam Cloud support for saved games. On November 6th, , support for the PlayStation Move motion controller was patched into the game for free. While the most of the basic gameplay of the original remains intact, Portal 2 introduces a few new mechanics to freshen the experience.

These are steadily introduced throughout single player and co-op, and have the capability to make these new puzzles more complicated than those introduced in Portal. In the April issue of Game Informer , the co-op mode was officially confirmed.

It features a different story from the single-player campaign, and two new characters. These characters are two androids named Atlas and P-Body, one built out of one of GLaDOS' personality cores and the other built out of a sentry turret.

The players have their own set of portals which both can use. It has been suggested that the. Players can also customize their bots' appearances through unlockable , and purchasable, hats, items, and additional gestures like Team Fortress 2.

Split-screen support is included as well as online co-op. To ease frustration for those without a microphone to communicate, Valve has implemented a system of contextual commands that lets one player tell their partner where to look, shoot portals, etc. The game opens with Chell waking up in a cell reminiscent of a hotel room.

Shortly after, a personality sphere by the name of Wheatley appears, offering his help in Chell's escape. After escaping from her cell, Chell finds a Portal gun and eventually makes her way to GLaDOS' chamber where there is a breaker room that might trigger an escape pod. After about 20 chambers of portals, cubes and fat jokes, a not so dead Wheatley appears and saves Chell. Together, they devise a plan to take GLaDOS down by shutting off her neurotoxin gas and replacing her turrets with defective ones.

It is later revealed that Wheatley was designed by the brightest minds of Aperture as the biggest moron on the planet and was used to shape GLaDOS' personality. It is here that we are introduced to Cave Johnson who guides the players through test chambers thanks to pre-recorded messages.

Caroline was Johnson's assistant and when Cave discovered that he was about to die due to messing around with moon rocks, he created an A. Inspired by Cave's speech about lemons, GLaDOS decides that the only way to take Wheatley down is by asking him a paradox which should make him crash.

The two make it to Wheatley, who has let the facility run amok by forging blocks with turrets and by not attending to an imminent facility wide meltdown. Despite all this, Wheatley makes Chell test and attempts to kill her to no avail. As the meltdown becomes even more critical, Chell and GLaDOS make it to Wheatley's chamber and take him out by teleporting him to the moon. GLaDOS is put back in control and fixes the impending disaster. She believes that Caroline taught her this and upon saying this, deletes Caroline from her memory.

She reveals that she isn't going to kill Chell because it would require too much effort on her part and she just wants the human to leave. Chell is released from Aperture along with the companion cube. The first part of the comic was first published on April 8th, , with the second released shortly after on April 11th, The comic was made to bridge the gap between Portal and Portal 2 , while also expanding on the history of Aperture Science.

The main protagonist of the comic is former Aperture Science employee Doug Rattmann aka "The Ratman" who is accompanied by a Weighted Companion Cube for most of the comic. Images for Portal 2: The DLC was launched across all platforms free of charge. It also contains a challenge mode for both single player and Co-op options.

It allows the player to race certain maps, trying to place the least portals in the shortest amount of time. The player can also compare their scores with other players. It enabled a free level editing and sharing service for the game. It was free for the users that have bought the game on PC and is included with the game.

Users can create the levels, play them and share them with the community. The level editor uses a simple interface that is different to Hammer. Along with the level editor there is a storyline involving Cave Johnson, test subjects of Aperture Science and multiple universes. On August 12th, , the Perpetual Testing Initative level editor received a second update that allowed for co-op levels to be built and published as well.

This update also added a "Quick Play" feature, which essentially serves as a randomized level select from the Steam Workshop community's top-rated maps. Players select to play as either Atlas or P-Body, and then work their way through 20 new test chambers which introduce new mechanics not seen before, such as rotating and scaling objects, and stretching and manipulating materials to solve puzzles.

In the extras section, players can view the released trailers and teasers for Portal 2, as well as the two-part comic providing backstory. Also available is the developer commentary , which gives insight into the development of the game. The game also features an "interactive teaser" for Super 8 , an upcoming sci-fi film by J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg. In this feature, the player moves around inside a train while listening to chatter on a radio.

Eventually, the train crashes and throws the player out. When they come to, they make their way to a scripted section that ends the teaser with a unseen force bursting out of a train car. At the end, the game pulls up a Steam browser window and goes to a promotional site with the actual movie trailer. As with most Valve games, the mod community in Portal 2 is huge. Only weeks after the game's release, Valve released all the tools the user needed to create custom Portal 2 maps.

This was officially supported by Valve on their Portal 2 blog. The winners were announced on June 27th, on the official blog. Although the original Portal was a runaway success, Portal 2's existence was not strongly confirmed until March , when Valve released a number of updates for the PC version of the original game. These were unfortunately not made available to console owners due to difficulties getting updates through Microsoft's certification process for the Xbox version of the game, and the fact that Valve wasn't involved with the PlayStation 3 version at all.

The updates altered the ending sequence so that Chell is dragged away by an unseen figure while lying on the ground on the surface after the " boss fight " with GLaDOS. These new game files lead players to discover various clues and hints regarding a potential sequel through Morse code decoding, among forms of decryption of the games files. Much as the first Portal originated from concepts seen in the DigiPen Senior student project Narbacular Drop , some elements of Portal 2 play mechanics have been based off the DigiPen Junior student project Tag: The Power of Paint.

In both cases Valve recruited DigiPen students responsible for the projects to work internally on the Portal teams. Pneumatic Diversity Vent - Similar to cube tubes in the first game, these vacuum vents are large enough to transport many objects and can even remove loose wall tiles. They appeared in early gameplay videos, but were cut from the game before release. According to Valve, they didn't really have a clear purpose and it was hard to make interesting puzzles with them.

While present in some areas in Portal 2, they serve no purpose to the actual gameplay. Walk on walls Gel - A 4th gel was designed that would let players walk on walls. The game designers admitted that the idea was a good one, opening new puzzle possibilities, but was abandoned due to the fact that game testers were experiencing nausea. Valve tried to minimize the sentiment of nausea by reducing player movement and frame rate but the idea ended up being left out.

Dialogue - A Garfield joke was meant to occur during co-op. The two robots stumble upon a comic of Garfield where GLaDOS begins describing what the comic is about and how it is unfunny.

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