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User Submitted Personality Quizzes. Let's Talk About Sex. World Ventures Sponsor ID. Level — LEARNER — 3 girls holding their note books, 2 men examine what is wrong with a car, woman learns how to drive, a girl is studying. Compare to Durham which is about , On that same subject, addressing the last paragraph of this post:

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Level — GROW — Brother plays with baby sibling, bar graph grows, woman in emo make-up, currency grows. Level — DRAFT — Comic, mug of beer, pointing out the red icon person amongst a line of black ones, rolls of drawings floor plans.

Level — PILE — Pile of clothes around a basket, stacks of boxes, little girl lying on the carpet, folded towels. Level — BADGE — Man in suit with name tag and red file folder, cartoon policemen shows badge, scout badges, sunglasses pin. Level — WEAK — Magnifying the broken link, hands chain and locked together, small red boxing gloves meets giant blue glove, cartoon of senior with ripped sweater.

Level — TOXIC — Spraying flower with pesticide, snake, industrial emissions, man wears gas mask to examine something. Level — FIRM — 2 men shake hands, professions sitting at a table meeting , 2 pictures of professionals standing in a group. Level — KING — King of hearts card , lion male , fallen black chess pieces at a standing white king piece, cartoon of Elvis king of pop. Level — PLANE — Man is building the roof of a house, airplane in the sky, inside an empty plane, shaving wood to make more even.

Level — SUMMIT — Icons representatives of different countries stand around the globe, professionals at a table, person reaches the top of her destination, tip of a mountain. Sign, construction sign, man points finger while woman shouts. Level — STAFF — Stick leaning against the bars handrails on the wall , employees at a call center, scepter, professionals doctors, nurses, etc. Level — TIRED — Yellow icon yawning, man getting ready for bed, woman yawing from reading, person turns off alarm clock.

Level — PIE — Chocolate cherry cake, pie chart, slice of pumpkin pie, pie cooking in the oven. Level — SLEEPY — A little girl is tired, professionals sitting at a table is tired, a bad in glasses is bored, man yawning showing his alarm clock. Level — CAVE — Drawings of how man hunted in history, inside of a cave, waving white flag, person in a cage is being lower into the water or raised. Level — PRINCE — Cartoon of a prince in front a rainbow, a girl is going to kiss a frog, knight riding a white pony, a prince is down on one knee.

Level — CABLE — Insulated cable, electrical cord green plugged into the wall, sky ride, electrical magnetic field. Level — LOCK — Boats at the docks, a key left in the lock of a door , a woman with curly blond hair, a combination lock. Level — DRILL — Army men standing in line, man is drilling, dentist and assistant, construction crew uses jack hammer.

Level — STUNT — Digital icon performs tight rope walking, bike daredevil performance, man hikes through desert, riding a red motorcycle through flames. Level — PIT — Empty roads in a cliff, truck driving in the middle of nowhere, peaches, woman applies deodorant. Level — IDEA — Blue lightening, a woman with a bubble though, man sitting on cloud typing on laptop, a light bulb of idea made of yellow yarn.

Level — GIRL — Doll, little girl holds slice of watermelon, cartoon girl is running, little girl is getting her hair braided. Level — SCRAP — Apple core on the floor, total lost in car collision, scrap piece of white paper, junk yard landfill. Level — BOARD — Snowboarder, skate boarder, professionals sitting at a long table, person stands in front of black board. Level — SHED — 2 hands cupping a shed icon in the sky, outdoor storage, a wooden shed, cartoon man with hair falling out.

Level — CARGO — A transporting bike, a skid of boxes, a skip of crates, transport by means of truck or plane around the world. Level — LOSE — Woman measures her waist line, set of keys, running toward the finish line red ribbon , marbles. Level — RECYCLE — Card box figure is thinking of a card box, a woman sorts her garbage and recycling, a icon dives head first in a garbage can, different coloured recycling bins.

Level — DRAG — Santa drags his big read bag, man in suit pulls his suitcase, cartoon drag racer, woman dog sledding. Level — MOTION — Lights left behind trail of a fast car, cartoon granny in a rocking chair, judge makes a decision, some one running. Level — PET — A little girl hold a kitten to her face, a little girl gives a bowl of milk to a kitten, a dog and a kitten, a paw in a persons hand. Level — PUNT — Man rows canoe in river, person kicks a ball, boats parked at shore, football game.

Level — QUEUE — People standing in line crowd , a woman with a speaker headset, cars backed-up in traffic, printing at a printer. Level — BORED — Girl in red pouts is bored , woman yawns, man is upset at ironing clothes, student sleeping in class.

Level — BELT — Grey rock asteroids flies past a planet, luggage conveyor, seat beat in car, black belt in karate martial arts. Level — CAPE — Man waves red cape in front of bull, cape of a island, woman in a cape, little red riding hood.

Level — TARGET — Man draws a circle of white stick figures around a red one, person looks at graph on wall, playing archery, soccer field. Level — MINE — 3 pictures of man digging mining , a blond woman stuffs mouth with noodles.

Level — PANIC — Man is presented with stacks of work, woman is screaming scared, couple wakes up late from bed, cartoon woman jumps on green chair scared. Level — TENOR — Copper iron statue of a man, a man in tuxedo with open arms, binoculars on music sheet, violin saxophone and a clarinet.

Level — TALK — A little girl in grey is being interview, icon holds green phone receiver, group of people with speech bubbles, 2 women conversing on a sofa. Level — SWIM — Mother and child baby swimming, jelly fish, dolphins dancing, a little girl swims. Level — SING — Woman holds microphone and man plays guitar, a little girl sings, a chef sings, cartoon of a man in robe by a fire. Level — NAP — Woman in white sits back at her desk, a baby sleeping, a woman asleep at her desk, red fabric.

Level — SUCCESS — Man gives thumbs up through the walls, a man sits back to examine performance arrows red and blue , group of people shows-off wands of cash bills , a woman with open arms. Level — FAILURE — Man in shirt and tie hides face behind his hands, man sitting on floor holding his head, cartoon man is upset, man in jail behind bars. Level — ROOT — Person cupping a plant in their palms, bunch of carrots, cartoon doing math, moss on a tree in forest.

Level — TUG — Boat, playing tug a war, ships at the dock, child tugs a rope. Level — FEAR — Watching a scary movie at the theater, man bites his nails in fear, man in suit is shock, man is scared of what woman is telling him.

Level — WIPE — Cleaning a table, man wipes his forehead, woman at the chalkboard, little girl wipes her nose. Level — ESCAPE — Man in suit bends prison bars, a cartoon thief runs away with purse, solution through a maze, man with a ball chain around his ankle. Level — LIFE — Plant sprouts through cracked pavement, a cup of floral, a baby laughing, eggs in a birds nest. Level — IDLE — Chain saw, a koala lying on a branch in a tree, woman waits boredly at the airport terminal , man in swing bed hammock.

Level — SNIP — Pliers to a bunch of copper wires, man cuts his own hair, woman cuts her own hair, scissors to red ribbon. Level — ENVY — Man eats pizza and woman has apple, man is green with envy , people staring at a couple hugging, woman looks at a couple. Level — JEALOUSY — 1 man punches another at club, boy is upset sitting by his parents, mouse dancing on cheese, girl cries in front of pregnent woman.

Level — CHEAT — Man with a pocket full of money, woman crosses her fingers behind her back, kids blowing at a golf ball, couple in bed. Level — HOST — Judges at an audition, 6 computers linked to 1 mother board, waiter, man barbeques. Level — DYE — Woman with bright orange hair, yarn of different colours, tie-dyed shirts, bottle explodes in different colours. Level — DRONE — A bee collecting pollen from flower, a boy plays with airplane, an airplane, a swarm of bees or other insects?

Level — ORBIT — Earth with orbit rings around it, an eye ball, planets close by the sun, satilite station above the earth. Level — EDIT — Designing a floor plan, a laptop, erasing the brain of a drawing, 3 people are looking at photos at a table.

Level — CURVE — Man in lab coat examines performace curve, blue and grey curve, a woman on the beach, a ben in the road. Level — CREW — 4 siloettes doing handstands, 3 people in red aprons, a stewartess on a plane, a woman sailing.

Level — FLAG — Hippees tyring to hitch hike, poles of flags, checkered flag black and white , the american flag. Level — STEM — Drawing a reletivity graph, a glss of white wine or champange , a purple-pink tulip flower , tiny green balls in a larger green ball. Level — RANGE — Full shopping cart in a grocery store, gas tank near empty, a chicken runs across lawn, archery boards target.

Level — PITCH — A soccer field, a man in suit with open arms, kids playing baseball, a man presents to a team professionals. Level — TRICK — Man waiter with smoke coming off his palms, man kicks soccer ball, woman playng cards, people dressed up for halloween. Level — SITE — Drawings sitting on the grass, man at his computer, trailors in the park, stadium in greace. Level — TRACE — Cartoon man inspects footprints, person holding a holding knife, person walking in barefeet leave foot prints, magnifying glass over a fingerprint.

Level — REMOVE — Man in red shirt puts on takes-off his black tie, white X mark on red square, boot in the butt, girl examines cleans her face in front of mirror.

Level — LUXURY — A black limosine in front of a building, black cavier eggs on a spoon, 2 glasses and a bottle of champange, a bathroom suite. Level — BRACE — Person with braces mouth , wearing a black knee brace, man in construction doubles over and holds head, a crank of sort. Level — RUSH — Cartoon man runs, man and child on roller coaster, water by land, a speeding red truck ambulance — Level — LOST — Man in suit sits in red bleachers seats holding his head, a woman sits in a corner going through her purse, a couple hiking looks at map, a woman shows how much weight she has lost.

Level — BUD — Buds and white flower on a branch, flower about to bloom, assembly line of bottled drinks beer? Level — POST — Man holds a box, open envelope with sign, open envelop with blank sheet, postage stamp. Level — SAGE — 2 men praying, roasted meat, bowl of dip, sage leaves. Level — BOTTLE — white and black cyliner, a bottle of water, a bottle of perfume, message in a bottle in the water.

Level — SURF — Person surfing, man holds surfing board, a woman with her latop, water brushes to shore at beach. Level — SMEAR — Babu with food all over its face, spreading butter on heart shaped bread, rubbing lotion on back, a child plays with paint. Level — LAKE — 3 boats tied to the dock, a mother duck and 4 ducklings on the dock, a man gives thumbs up in front of a lake and mountains in the background, trees along the horizon beyond a body of water.

Level — WOOL — sheep and lamp, a wool sac of wool, a wool basket of wool, 10 bundle of wool stacked into pyramid. Level — HOSE — a green hose, pink panty hose, fire man puts out fire on cliff, a girl squeezes the hose.

Level — ACT — smiley white icon hold sad black mask, dancing in the spotlight, masks drama , a woman in green clutches chest her chest is torn upset. Level — SUN — a white sun is drawn on the back of a woman in her bikini on the beach, a watch forecasts the weather, sun beyond a field of grass, a woman applies suntan lotion.

Level — YEAR — the number with balloons and streamers, the calendar year , in fireworks, calendar. Level — GEAR — 2 pictures of a manual transmission shift gear, picture of 9 different wheels gears , person is fixing bike. Level — WREN — 4 pictures of a bird on a branch.

Level — DEPART — woman gets on train or bus with luggage, woman with luggage at airport, woman sits in a terminal, departure logo. Level — CAT — a tiger, 3 pictures of a cat. Level — CROC — pink crocks the shoe , 3 pictures of a crocodile alligator. Level — JAM — 3 jars of opened jam, 2 croissants with red jam, cars in traffic, strawberry jam with toast. Level — DEAD — a coffin, 3 crosses on a hill, statue with wings, crime scene and chalk outline.

Level — GYM — man works on his shoulders muscle, woman in spinning class, man on treadmill, kids on jungle bars? Level — REEL — 2 pictures of a wheel of film, 2 pictures of a person fishing making a catch. Level — ROBBERY — man holds a gun at you demanding goods, a man trying to break into a blue car, a white icon robber steals safe, a jugular steals. Level — TRAP — a cob-web, playing golf, money on a mouse trap, mouse trap. Level — STEEP — man in orange shoes climbs mountain, a steep mountain, person scales climbs a mountain, dipping tea bag.

Level — GOLD — 2 gold rings, a gold bar, a golden egg, gold silk sparkles. Level — LAWYER — man in suit hold brief case walking away, balance scale in front of books, a woman studies, a woman in a library.

Level — JAIL — 4 pictures of a person behind bars. Level — VALET — clothes laid out, butler is helping you put on your jacket, cleaning a car steering wheel , parked red car. Level — DISASTER — a plane on smoke fire is diving, saving a person from the waters a sinking ship , cleaning up a bio-hazard toxic spill, muddy streets with red tractor. Level — STEPS — 2 pictures of a curved stairway, steps made from stone, man with a step ladder in the waters uses binoculars. Level — MOUTH — woman gets teeth checked, pictures of smiles, picture of where river joins ocean, man in glasses with dropped jaw.

Level — JOY — a woman triumphs in work on laptop, a woman with open arms to sun, a girl lies in the grass, a mother and child. Level — HERALD — 2 pictures of gold trumpets with hanging red flag, a boy uses a loud speaker blow horn , silouhette of an angel playing an instrument. Level — STEAK — 4 pictures of a steak 1 beef plated, 1 beef on the grill broiler , 1 beef rare, 1 chicken cooked. Level — PAIN — silouhette with head pain, man with sore neck, man with lower sore back, woman with a headache.

Level — GROWTH — a child cups an adults hand which is cupping a plant , man climbs red performance arrow, performance portfolio, a little girl measures her height. Level — SORE — woman with a headache, person with sore left knee, person with lower sore back left , woman in blue itches left arm.

Level — CHAT — a group of teenagers sitting on steps, 2 woman sitting on a couch, 3 elderly men, fingers of 1 person dressed up and conversing with one another. Level — CRUSH — a man crushes a pop can, white van flies over the head of a person, a crowd of people in the streets, crushed metal in a junk yard. Level — CRACK — hammer to pigging bank, cracked broken smart phone, a robber opens safe, crack in the wall or on the ground. Level — CYCLE — man riding his bike, person fixing a bike, recycling symbol steps 01, 02, and 03 , a woman rides a bike.

Level — BANK — light shines through opened safe, a green field by a rive, a piggy bank, a ship is sinking near the shore of a beach. Level — ATTACK — man clutches his chest, bulls run as a lion attacks, a white icon with shield and sword defends from a red virus monster coming from laptop, dog bites person in the knee.

Level — AIM — couples play pool table , aiming an archery bow, woman point gun, goalie guards soccer ball. Level — DAMAGE — 2 cars collide red into blue , crumbling roof, cracked rear wind shield, netting screen is damaged. Level — COOK — 2 pictures of a chef 1 woman and 1 man , 2 pictures of a woman cooking. Level — BARE — a wooden shelf, walking bare foot, a dog snarls, an empty apartment. Level — BUMP — a bumper car, fist bumps, speed bump, a pregnant belly. Level — CLEAR — a glass of water, person does high jump, white line on the road, sun in the sky.

Level — DOUGH — fan of American money, 2 woman and a girl in the kitchen baking, rolling dough, baking items flour, egg, sugar, etc. Level — END — silhouettes race past finish line, stairway to heaven in the clouds , road is blocked, 2 white and black checkered flags.

Level — LEARN — man with laptops, 2 girls in the library, a baby girl holds 3 balls, 2 boys learning math. Level — TUBE — a moving train, a red tube, blue pipes, a test tube of yellow liquid. Level — RAT — a grey mouse, a white mouse, cheese on a mouse trap, red icon trips white icon.

Level — TEACH — classroom of students, woman teaches girl, mother teaches son, coach teaches team. Level — CHEER — girls out partying, 2 cheer leaders, men watches soccer game, woman jumps for joy. Level — DIG — 3 men digging, person with one foot on shovel, 2 pictures of a construction claw truck. Level — PORT — hole window on a ship, building by the lake, airplane parked, cables behind a machine. Level — JOYFUL — woman is smiling with open arms, a baby smiles with 2 bottom teeth, 2 pictures of a man rich with money.

Level — FOLDED — clothes folded and ribbon wrapped, man in suit is without a head, paper origami, woman crosses arms. Level — BITE — a great white shark, an apple bitten, girl eats apple in tree, dog attacks man. Level — SAVING — stack of life savers, woman puts money in piggy bank, coins into piggy bank, woman helps man up ladder. Level — CRIME — person stealing a car, breaking into a house, a thief with a garbage bag of loot, arm from computer steals wallet.

Level — BURGLARY — robber sneaks past sleeping security, crow bar to a door, arm grabs purse from behind a door, a robber looks through a chained door. Level — SEW — threaded needle and a stack of black buttons, multi-colour threads, a sewing machine, tailors tools measuring tape, thread, scissors, buttons.

Level — CAMPUS — a group of students walking, 4 students sitting on the grass, people in front of a Chinese structure, people in front of a class building. Level — BIRDCAGE — silhouette parrot in a cage, woman looks at black cat sitting on top of a cage, birds leaving an opened cage, birds and their cages. Level — LANCE — 2 joust swords, 2 pictures of knight on horse ready to joust, breaking a bubble on a palm with a needle. Level — PENPAL — pen and handwriting on graph paper, 2 icons lift a giant pen, writing on a cue card, 2 boys using over sized pencils.

Level — CRAMP — 2 pictures of a man cramped in a small space, girl hurts her knee, a woman lies in bed holding her belly. Level — CREEP — a golden kitten, 2 girls hold up their hands, earth warm, a robber behind the door. Level — CUSHION — 4 people on the bed, a man lies on the hard wood floor with a pillow, a stack of 3 cushions, a man sleeps on the couch.

Level — CORN — 4 cobs of corn, farm machine, bowl of strawberry corn flakes, farm machine. Level — CURIOUS — a kitten plays with its reflection in a puddle of water, an owl looks through magnifying glass, a kitten plays with a blue ball, a girl plays with magnifying glass.

Level — CORRUPT — worm inside a red apple, money in a pocket stained with blood, shaking hands with money, sitting man takes money while looking away. Level — CHOKE — 1 man head locks another man, man wearing a respirator holds his own throat,, woman wears a face mask, man chokes on food. Level — CORK — opening a bottle of wine, cork opener, cork board, popping open a bottle of champagne. Level — CURSE — voodoo doll, ware wolf, a curse in a speech bubble, a woman does black magic voodoo.

Level — INCLINE — dog walks on plank into trunk of a car, a person pushes a rock up a hill, narrow road between houses, a girl looks at her food. Level — DELAY — woman sits on blue luggage by train tracks, man looks at watch while waiting for train, cars sitting in traffic, a man points to his watch.

Level — DAM — 2 pictures of water dams, 2 picture of beaver dams. Level — DECLINE — woman holds up both her arms in front of her, a woman covers her eyes and pushes plate away, a woman holds up one arm in front of her, arrow declines drops and hits the ground. Level — DESSERT — ice cream log, a slice of cake, strawberry crepes, pear covered in chocolate fudge and almond slices with vanilla ice cream.

Level — DESTROY — arm punches through wall, man pushes globe world of the edge of a cliff, a man icon break down a wall, a man uses jack hammer to drill the road. Level — DAIRY — a jug and glass of milk, a black and white cow, shelves of chees, black and white cows in a milking factory. Level — ENEMY — giant man steps on smaller man with a target sign under his shoe, 2 man fight, boss abuses employee, man and woman stand-off.

Button, numbers and pylons, marking a paper with a red pen. Level — DROP — a black droplet, 3 dew droplets on an aloe plant, a droplet of water, a vase of white flower is wilted. Level — DOCUMENT — rolled up documents, a woman is doing work, a man shows a couple his work, a red binder in the middle of 4 blue binders in a laptop.

Level — MESSY — a kitchen full of dirty pots and utensils, a room with clothes every where, a scare crow, a woman sitting on the steps of a set of stairs. Level — ELEGANT — a woman in black with black gloves and a black and red hat, a woman with long blond hair, a man in a black suit and tie, a brunette woman shows off her jewelries. Level — DIVORCE — woman holds child in her arms as man sits, a couple in bed with their back to one another, a cracked gold ring, a man and woman argue.

Level — DODGE — man walks under water, a truck and a motor cycle drives past each other, a man holds up his hand, 2 jet planes dodge each other in the sky. Level — DUMP — bathroom, junk yard, industrial waste, waste bins. Level — TOUGH — man in black and shades holds fist, icon does karate chop, a girl is stuck on her home work, a man is doing calculations. Level — DISTORT — buildings are reflect in a glass structure globe , an orange ball on graph surface, black and white pixels, silver grey swirls.

Level — DILUTE — red and clear splash in a martini glass, chemist mixes solutions, pouring a glass of pink drink , something covered in red blood? Level — TABLEAU — a tortoise stands at the table where 2 men sit, reading on an army tank, gingerbread house, man is about to stab woman clay. Level — GENTLE — a little girl handles a puppy, almonds and milk, dusting the cover of a light, a baby under a towel. Level — FEMALE — female sign, a woman in red and white crosses her arms, a lioness and her cubs, a girl is shopping.

Level — SHOW — a woman in green points to something, spotlights on three paintings, a couple watch television, spotlight on the dance floor. Level — EXPEL — finger walks to OUT door, woman kicks a man in an office chair, smoke from the exhaust of a car, referee blows whistle and gives red card. Level — EXHAUST — woman falls asleep while reading in bed, man drives invisible car, black smoke from the exhaust of a car, oil rig in the ocean. Level — FIVE — used candles, candles in a cupcake, holding up the foot of a baby, a palm print.

Level — GLUE — a dispenser, a man paints on a ladder, clear liquid from a tube, a bottle of glue. Level — EXCITED — an office team cheers, a woman throws her hands in the air, graduating class throws caps, 4 professionals drinks at casino slots.

Level — FEVER — a woman is sick, a dog is sick, a young boy is sick, a thermometer and pills medication. Level — EXIT —. Level — FAT — a block of butter, a dish of mayo, a pig, 3 strips of bacon. Level — GOSPEL — a man sings, a preist, peasent washes the feet of another man, heart shaped shadow in an open book. This was super fun!! My middle schoolers loved it: This is a very nice blog that I will definitively come back to more times this year!

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Even then, it's important that we check out the risks as well as possible - because in everyday life just as in a casino, one can gamble away one's savings, one's home, and so on. Poker's prominence is to a great extent the result of innovation and a few ongoing patterns: This is the latest solution for improving your Google authority. There's not much organization here, but there really are a LOT of datasets. Dive in and have fun. Webscope - A reference library of interesting and scientifically useful datasets for non-commercial use by academics and other scientists.

Time Series Data Library - Curated by Professor Rob Hyndman of Monash University in Australia, this is a collection of over datasets containing time-series data, organized by category. Awesome Public Datasets - Curated list of hundreds of public datasets, organized by topic.

Common Crawl - Massive dataset of billions of pages scraped from the web. The dataset is updated with a new scrape about once per month. These open access datasets of climate projections will help researchers make climate change impact assessments. The data set consists of 1,, emails with , attachments covering custodians. Japan Census Data Multiple data sets including: Freebase Quad Dump A data dump of all the current facts and assertions in Freebase. Million Song Dataset The Million Songs Collection is a collection of 28 datasets containing audio features and metadata for a million contemporary popular music tracks.

Million Song Sample Dataset This is a 10, song subset of audio features and metadata from the Million Songs collection - a collection of 28 datasets containing audio features and metadata for a million contemporary popular music tracks. Marvel Universe Social Graph This dataset is an example of a social collaboration network based on the characters in The Marvel Universe, that is, the artificial world that takes place in the universe of the Marvel comic books.

This data set is freely available on Amazon S3 in a Hadoop friendly file format and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3. The original dataset is available from http: Wikipedia Traffic Statistics V2 Contains 16 months of hourly pageview statistics for all articles in Wikipedia.

This data provides industry stakeholders with an opportunity to focus their efforts on the analysis and interpretation of this data without concern for the trivial and time-consuming tasks of locating, downloading, reformatting and integrating the data prior to value-added work being performed. Wikipedia Page Traffic Statistics Contains 7 months of hourly pageview statistics for all articles in Wikipedia.

University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection The University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection is a large, widely available, and actively growing set of sparse matrices that arise in real applications. Freebase Data Dump Freebase is an open database of the world's information, covering millions of topics in hundreds of categories.

Transportation Databases Various transportation statistics. Before you can comment, you need to sign-up or login. These more advanced assistants will serve their human companions to help them navigate all aspects of personal and professional life. The Cognitive Wingman is a more sophisticated, emotionally intelligent and Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit.

Message me or post comment.. Niderhoff Github nlp-datasets https: Data for Everyone lots of little surveys they conducted and data obtained by crowdsourcing for a specific task Kaggle 1 , 2 make sure though that the kaggle competition data can be used outside of the competition! An ongoing collection of satellite imagery of all land on Earth produced by the Landsat 8 satellite. An ongoing collection of satellite imagery of all land on Earth produced by the Sentinel-2 satellite.

GOES provides continuous weather imagery and monitoring of meteorological and space environment data across North America. A corpus of commercial satellite imagery and labeled training data to foster innovation in the development of computer vision algorithms. OSM is a free, editable map of the world, created and maintained by volunteers.

A global dataset providing bare-earth terrain heights, tiled for easy usage and provided on S3. A collection of Earth science datasets maintained by NASA, including climate change projections and satellite images of the Earth's surface. Genomics and Life Science Datasets. A detailed map of human genetic variation. Genome sequence of 3, rice varieties. Several reference genomes to enable translation of whole human genome sequencing to clinical practice.

Datasets for Machine Learning. A corpus of web crawl data composed of over 5 billion web pages. Amazon Bin Image Dataset: Over a quarter-billion records monitoring the world's broadcast, print, and web news from nearly every corner of every country, updated daily. A collection of nearly M images and videos with audio and visual features and annotations.

A dataset containing Google Books n-gram corpuses. Regulatory and Statistical Data. Machine-readable data from certain electronic forms filed with the IRS from to present. Country Population by Gender Country populations 15 years of age and Country Statistics - Europe - Population and Budget Surplus Or Deficit.

Children Under the Age Crude Oil - Exports. Crude Oil - Imports. Crude Oil - Production. Crude Oil - Proved Electricity - From Other Life Expectancy at Birth. Market Value of Publicly Natural Gas - Consumption. Natural Gas - Exports. Natural Gas - Imports. Natural Gas - Production. Natural Gas - Proved Stock of Broad Money. Stock of Direct Foreign Stock of Domestic Credit. Stock of Narrow Money. Taxes And Other Revenues. Telephones - Fixed Lines. Country Surface Area sq.

Days required to start a business by country. Dry Bulb Temperature, by country, station Environment Statistics Database - Waste. Environment Statistics Database - Water. External debt stocks, total DOD, current Fertility rate by country in total births Foreign direct investment, net inflows BoP, Forest area by country in sq km. Geographic Coordinates of World Locations.

GoSales Transactions for Logistic Regression Greenhouse Gas Emissions worldwide. Gross domestic expenditure on research and Gross National Income per capita, Atlas Gross National Income, Atlas method current Haven't found what you're looking for? Households by type of household, age and sex IBM Watson Facebook posts for Improved water source by country: Intentional homicide, number and rate per Life expectancy at birth by country in total Malaria death rate per , population, Marital status of men and women.

Market capitalization of listed companies as Minimum Legal Age for Marriage per Country. Mobile cellular subscriptions per people Mobile-cellular telephone subscriptions per Natural gas production, - , Part-time employment rate, worldwide, by Percentage of Internet users by country. Population below national poverty line, Ratio of girls to boys in primary and Refugees, worldwide, - Renewable internal freshwater resources per The Nurse Assignment Problem data.

Total employment, by economic activity Total population by country. Total population, both sexes combined Adult - Predict income.

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