5 Rules to Save Your Online Poker Bankroll

Find Threads Started by chrisp No rich fish is gonna compensate you for your losses anytime soon. Anyways, I loved that game a lot, but I could not afford playing too much at my home the internet was expensive back then. October 2nd, , Obviously the games are dryer and tougher than but that was the golden era of poker due to the Moneymaker boom. Many online poker rooms also provide free money play so that players may practice these skills in various poker games and limits without the risk of losing real money, and generally offer the hand history of played hands for analysis and discussion using a poker hand converter. Find Threads Started by theben.

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So what’s the bottom line?

Responding to the premise of this post online poker is still very profitable and getting better in US and Live poker is booming with almost everyone within driving distance of a poker room at a casino.

Wow very interesting comment Jim, thanks for posting. Good to hear that the online games in NJ are good and I really hope you are right about the Trump administration! Online regulation is not going to help the state of poker in the U. Most will be clamoring on to Bovada when it get's regulated and this state by state bs really just hurts everyone, because it lowers the amount of players for everyone to play against, do it all at once or not at all.

As for Trump give me a break, we have a president who brags about not paying taxes in his books in his past, way to lead by example. The hardest think about poker nowdays,especially live is the frustration caused by watching bad regs and fish crushing the game short term when they are on a heater while you are having an awfull month either being card dead or getting sucked out hand after hand. So you may enter tilt mode and spew monkey mode.

Been there done that And that is what keeps most of the better players realize their true winrate. There isnt an aboundance of money on poker anymore like the old days.

So no winning player has the luxury to spew due to tilt. No rich fish is gonna compensate you for your losses anytime soon. Yup I agree with you that the mental game is more important than ever today. You simply can't afford to tilt away a bunch of money anymore.

One comment about RedBaron, Fedor Holz and other names mentioned in the blog. Please remember that these guys are exceptionally talented players. The odds are super high that you will never, ever be nearly as good as they are no matter how hard you work. It is like not all the people can become as good as Lionel Messi in football or Sidney Crosby in ice hockey. I still believe that it is very likely that if you work hard enough you will be a winning player in NL10 or NL20, and if you are more talented than average players, maybe even higher.

One of the reason for me start with poker is, I look at people I know that play poker, never read a poker book or video. I even know pro players living on it, that have read like one poker book. I thinking to myself, can these guys still make money on it and never put any time aside for the off poker table work, then it still money to be earned.

On top of that telling me how hard with out them self doing any kind off off table work it is to learn play poker so you make profit, like I expect it to be easy. I have an education in software engineering, I had 8 MS certification. If I stack the books I had to read to get this 8 Ms certifications they would reach higher then my length.

And life is hard as it is, why should poker be different. I fell some of the people that made tons on money to easy the golden days of poker, they bitching now, because they had it to easy then. Like you say to make money on poker now to live on it you need off table work, book, videos, read other poker player bloog etc, study your self and your opponents, I add this to your line, use some of great software that is able for you now and then need to play, play, play.

Play, play, play is still what many only do and not only fishes, so do the homework also like for me read your blogs and books and some others poker players stuff. I see still good profit to be made, still to many lazy poker player out there. Thanks for the comment BadMoe. I agree that reading books, watching videos etc. Some people just learn through pure experience.

This is largely what I did because 10 years ago, none of these learning tools even existed. From my experience and talking to others I believe live poker is significantly easier to beat than online. If you compare live to online. True, every word is true. Even though I don't take the game so seriously like you do. I play mostly for the thrill of the game, for its remarkable merge of psychology and logic. However, your logical chain of reasoning, scrupulous analysis of every facet of the game is very congenial to me.

Nathan what do you think about the new Powerup game launched by Pokerstars? It does attract significantly more new players but there are no strategies for it Guys, seriously, if you can please move to poker houses a house shared by other poker players where the people know what they are doing. Now, it requires more effort and generally pays less. This is kind of the mentality that I'm talking about. You are saying that it's dead, and then saying that all levels are beatable, some of them easily beatable.

I totally agree that the games are tougher then they used to be, and there is less money to be made, but I don't think you can compare current to past when talking about how viable the present is, because the past has no bearing on it. You have to evaluate things for how they are, not how they used to be. Watch the players, watch what they do and how they play. From my experience, the answer to that is a resounding NO. There are still tons of people making tons of errors and spewing equity all over the place.

Are there people open shoving stack after stack, or playing with a vpip over 80? But just because people have smartened up a little bit doesn't make them unbeatable monsters. I agree, and it's not that they are tougher because players got good.

It's tougher because when they made it illegal, all of the dumb players that played for fun jumped ship. Now, you only have players that are actively looking for poker games and are in the good average range. The reason FTP and PS are very difficult to play on is because when you run into an American player, he's not the average bear. He's going around different security measures just to get in the site.

But still, I play against some people that bet some idiotic amount of money and their play doesn't make sense. Earlier today over at Bovada. The trend happened like 5 times in a row. Over raising so much that no one was calling him. I got KQ d. A guy calls him. I called because I got tired of his crap wrong reason to call I know but I had a good hand to back it up the flop comes up KQJ with a J d.

Both of them checked to me. The River is a second K. The first guy shoved all in. Second guy called his shove. And I'm sitting there thinking WTF are they doing? There is no way in hell they both have this shit. It was like watching a dick measuring contest on who was going to out bluff who out. I called knowing that at the very least I was going to be splitting the pot.

One had an 96 with a busted flush draw the other had an Aftewards they sat there and fought about how dumb of a call the other had made, and vise versa. Completely ignoring the fact that here is a guy calling out of position betting into them all the way. A straight draw, a flush draw, a scary ass board that has them beat with a damn kicker.

What I learned to do, in bovada at least, is watch a table for a good minutes prior to getting into the game. You can figure out who's fucking up calling with -EV scenarios. TL;DR - Poker is still very profitable online when you find the dumbasses that have too much money on their hands. I look for tables that have a ridiculous average pot size to the blinds. Fuck yea, full of lose players. Because if you are good and know how to play it is profitable.

Bankroll managment is key. The games are getting hard, and will only get harder. This will weed out people who weren't cut out for this hustle. It was way too easy for anyone to make 6 digits playing online poker 5 years ago, now you actually need some months of practice before you can make a double digit hourly rate playing.

It's only fair given how "easy" it is. The guys saying "give up" before you even tried don't deserve to be pros, they aren't cut out for this. Lots of bad players watching WSOP, thinking they're the next moneymaker and that the game is simple, putting their money on the dream!

Also people were just generally far more clueless. There was a lot more guessing going on a couple of years ago compared to now. That's why I stopped playing.

I put some money into PS, but slowly lost half of it. The rate of loss decreased. With some months of practice, I can get hired as junior software developer. If I stick with that, I'll eventually be easily earning double digit figures per hour, and actually making something useful. Yeah, I mean even for pros you need an "out", since this usually isn't something you want to do your whole life.

I'm studying economics and loving it. I don't know where it will take me yet, I still have a couple of years milking poker, but I'm not stuck in this world either, which is good. You will find that a lot of people are hanging on but playing a lot fewer hands but given the history, they still hang out on forums. I enjoy the game, I'm a fan of the game and love watching it on TV, and I enjoy seeing myself improving.

If I just stuck with SNG's I'd probably be much higher than that, but I also enjoy taking shots at bigger tourneys and have gone deep enough times to feel like one day I'll have a score that might actually earn me enough cash for a small vacation or something. Just not very profitable, and mostly at the micro stakes. When I tell people it isn't profitable, I mean that it's not worth pursuing a career. I play at Carbon some to keep my game warm for Vegas trips. Even then, the games are played differently.

If you enjoy learning and playing the game then play. There are still a lot of bad occasional players. Unfortunately, I feel that limit is actually the most fun to play.

No one wants to play it at home games. That is probably where the most consistent money at the casinos is. I was listening to a podcast the other day that said that Ultimate Bet has something like players on average.

Not much of player pool yet. Same problem with the Canadian Gov't site Playnow. It's got two provinces, been running for over 3 years and averages about people online at any given time. Hard to compete with monsters like Stars with a global market.

Yeah, I just saw a billboard in my town with wsop doing online poker, figured they'd have the most players. I was thinking I should probably do some research on where I play though, I don't even know what the rake is on there. I can imagine it's pretty bad though. Gaming AI is coming on too far. In 10 years poker sites will be wastelands of GTO bots battling each other over 0.

Poker will still be around, it will just be forced back into the live domain. Not recently, I play PC games mostly but when I get bored of gaming I tend to go back to poker for a little while until I lose my bankroll! I play for fun and enjoy MTTs with low buy-in but big payouts purely for the thrill of the very slim chance that I actually get to cash deep.

I often play the free-rolls that run alongside the pokerstars. The reason "so many say that [online poker] isn't profitable anymore" is because the game is not profitable to the majority of those who play it, due mainly to the rake and partly to varying skill levels. It is a negative-sum game: Work on things like BRM, math, strategy and just to plain get table time. I prefer live games in my area and play them regularly.

Bottom line is there are more and more online guys flooding the local live cash games and it helps me figure out what they are doing and how they think. It has helped me become more profitable in live games. I play online not expecting to make money although I do.

Very little I consider it more of a price to pay to get better. The money I have online is less than a single BI at my normal live stakes and that is a big plus. Small investment to literally play thousands of hands. I've done this a number of times now.. The biggest benefit of a HUD is that it lets you play more tables. So a good player can monopolize more tables and take more money off the table. Their winrate per table will actually be lower, but since they can now follow 24 tables, their actually hourly will be higher.

There is no point. In fact, playing with no HUD is recommended so that you focus on gameflow more and it generally results in a higher winrates for most people. HUDs don't and can't tell you ranges.

It also takes a long time for any meaningful statistics to normalize. I don't know about other HUDs but HM2 does not calculate pot odds for you and this is a trivial calculation anyway. One of the biggest misconceptions about online poker is that HUDs are a significant advantage. They are so 'useful' that the top players in the world don't use them.. That is just a misrepresentation of HUD, the simpler the player the better a HUD will be able to predict there actions and therefore give you information to make correct assumptions about their range.

The better the player the more likely they are to make unconventional or situational plays which a HUD is entirely useless for, however it will still give you basic information such as preflop aggression, flop aggression and turn aggression, but really once you are getting to turn aggression, unless it is extremely out of the ordinary really low or high it is just down to how good at poker you are and as you say the HUD is fairly useless.

I am new to poker and was under the impression that online poker for cash wasn't "legal" in the U. There are a few other sites that you can use, but it's risky at best, given the legalities involved. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Hey, I was just wondering why people are still playing it when so many say that it isn't profitable anymore, and that you are better off spending your time on something else.

Want to add to the discussion? I legitimately enjoy the game. Pool is a hobby you could potentially make money playing as a hobby. When that day happens, if you're fairly good now, you'll be bringing in a bunch of money from players trying to become "the next big thing" That's really how Durrr, Isildur, and a lot of other online players got famous.

However my point was simply that at those Micro stakes it's a big factor. Not sure how you got "lol you just aren't good at them" out of that. You gain, someone else loses. Hopefully they learn something from that. Making and selling HUD's, running websites: Sorry couldn't help myself: Poker is a fine past-time, but as a job, I'd rather do something creative. Better be profitable, I miss playing online! However, if you're a very good player, it is still very much a profitable game.

Not like you can live on that, but that is "making money. I have never reloaded my account.

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