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I'd say that every winemaker in Puglia makes two mono-varietals with Negroamaro, one of which is aged in oak and one that is made to be drank young and fresh using stainless steel. I've spent many hours bicycling its roads between wineries. I believe that mono-varietals made with Negroamaro showcase the region's terroir better than blends. However, the Salice Salentino is both too delicious and too popular to leave off of this list. There are only 5 or so producers of the Copertino DOC, but these wines are of the highest quality.

To make wines with Negroamaro that are capable of aging, winemakers often blend it with grapes that have high levels of tannins. Negroamaro's tannins are commonly referred to as "soft" or "light. Let's just say, yum.

Agricole Vallone makes a mono-varietal wine that can be aged by using the process made famous by Amarone wines: This wine is prohibitively expensive however. Before I get to the list I'd like to help dispell one myth about Negroamaro. In Italy, an amaro liquor is a liquor made with herbs, viz. This misunderstanding has lead some wine reviewers to say that wines with Negroamaro have a slightly bitter finish.

Further, the grape's origin goes so far back that you have to look at the Greek language. The Greeks inhabited Puglia for well over a thousand years. Northern Italians love to point out that the dialects spoken in Puglia are indecipherable because they are primarily Greek-based rather than Latin-based. Anyway, the root amaro , when you look at its Greek origin, actually means black , so Negroamaro means blackest of the black.

Parzen at Do Biachi writes eloquently on the subject. And here's what you've been waiting for: We always try to keep any wait to a minimum, but you may be asked to wait at the airport for up to an hour, while other incoming flights arrive, before the transfer to your hotel.

Similarly, we may need to transfer you back to the airport up to three hours before your flight home departs. Please note that some meals will be buffet-style. Shops in Europe will generally close from early afternoon on Christmas Eve until 27th December. Included tours and excursions have been chosen for their scenic or historic value. If you have notified us of any special requirements, please check that they have been noted and acknowledged.

This is especially important with any dietary needs you may have. The majority of our tours involve a certain amount of walking, including a short walk from the coach stop to the town, attraction or venue you're visiting. If you are bringing a wheelchair, please let us know at the time of booking so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Occasionally, for operational reasons, we may have to change the order of the excursions on your holiday. The final day-by-day itinerary will be confirmed on your Final Travel Documents, which you will receive approximately three weeks prior to your departure. This offer applies to selected flight-inclusive holidays only.

Lapland Christmas Day Trip. New England in the Fall. Type of tour UK Coach Holidays. Scenic Rail Coach Tours. UK Christmas Markets Breaks. UK Festive Coach Breaks. European Festive Coach Breaks. China's First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors - 2 days. Coronation Street - The Tour. Christmas at Blenheim Palace.

Top Destinations British Isles. Top Deals Ocean Cruise Offers. Top Deals River Cruise Offers. Resort Information During your stay, you'll have plenty of time to explore Menton, a place that enjoys mild weather and boasts a delightful 'vielle ville', or old town, plus a famous Casino. Day Two Spend your first full day relaxing in Menton, either at your hotel or while you explore the town itself. Day Three Christmas Eve Join an included excursion and get to know sparkling Cannes, with its world-famous seafront promenade La Croisette, and the ultra-exclusive yachting enclave of Antibes.

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