2017 Guide to Atlantic City Poker Rooms

At these casinos look for the table with the 6-card bonus. Golden Nugget poker tournaments include: Indoor sky diving, chopper rides over the Grand Canyon, huge aquariums, headliner entertainers, excellent food from around the globe, the best swimming pools, beautiful woman and the list goes on and on. With over , square feet of gambling machines and table games they have everything you might be looking for under one roof. So the next time you plan a poker trip consider visiting AC.

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Where to Play 3 Card Poker in Atlantic City

New Jersey is one of the few places in the US where online poker is legal and regulated. This happened on November 21, , but you have to be in the state in order to play in one of the legal poker rooms. So you basically have three network choices. Of course PokerStars and Party Poker each spent time in the past as the largest online poker rooms in the world and the gambling empire is a large global player.

Some of the biggest online poker names in the industry have used New Jersey to legally enter the US market. With five rooms and over poker tables you can still find plenty of action including cash games and daily tournaments. So the next time you plan a poker trip consider visiting AC.

Borgata poker tournaments include: The casino address is: Let me start by covering the layout of Atlantic City. There are 13 casinos in Atlantic City, 10 on the boardwalk and 3 in the Marina District: Some are grouped together while the others are quite a walk between. While all the casinos are magnificent and safe, walking between them is not always the best idea, except for when walking the boardwalk 8AM to 10PM. Much of Atlantic City is not a nice neighbourhood and crime rates are high, though the boardwalk is very safe during normal non-sleeping hours.

West Boardwalk Anyone who enjoys hopping casino to casino, and is without a car, might wish to avoid the two casinos located on the far west section of the boardwalk which are Atlantic Club formerly Hilton and Tropicana. This is a very decent area to stay unless you prefer to plant yourself in the East boardwalk or Mariana casinos. East Boardwalk Casinos The casinos on the east boardwalk are a bit of a journey from the other areas but can be walked to from the centre board walk.

Check with the poker room to see the exact time and flavor; most are no-limit hold'em tournaments. They were running at 1: The room has a few promotions. There is no comp for stud. My session was fun and relaxed. Waitresses bring free drinks and non-free food to the table. Though I can't be certain, I don't think there were any pros in attendance. I think they'd be much more likely to frequent the higher-stakes rooms such as the Taj and the Borgota. All or nearly all of the players I saw were there to have a good time, drinking and chatting it up the whole time.

The dealers were competent, if a bit too dour and somber for the festive mood at the table. But then, they didn't need to promote this type of behavior from the players, since we were laughing it up without any help. I liked some of the small things about the room. Players do not have to post blinds to get dealt in when they first sit down.

This is good because it encourages less serious play. When players must post their blinds to get a hand, it makes some players think more seriously about every single bet they make, I've found. Allowing some free hands seems the better policy when it comes to promoting a 'fun' atmosphere.

On the other hand, the policy of not allowing straddles may seem to discourage loose play.

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