John Taramas

The tournament is resuming tomorrow Friday with the second flight of Day 1. Hauke Heseding - 1,, Seat 5: Grigoropoulos wins first Greek Poker Cup. Flamboyant Ioannis Taramas currently sits in second place ahead of German Hauke Heseding, the latter continuing a recent good run having chopped the Sunday Million on PokerStars about a month ago. Zimnan Ziyard - 2,, Zimnan Ziyard will be going into the final as the big chip leader.

Final Results

Tournament Spotlight

Charalampos Kapernopoulos - , Seat 3: Pierre Mothes - 1,, Seat 4: Hauke Heseding - 1,, Seat 5: Florian Schleps - , Seat 6: David Elyashar - , Seat 7: Mario Puccini - 1,, Seat 8: Andras Kovacs - , Seat 9: Zimnan Ziyard - 2,, Sergey Serafimov had raised to 50, preflop with not too much behind and Ioannis Taramas was tanking in the big blind. Finally he moved all in and Serafimov quickly called.

Serafimov was slightly ahead but the chop looked reasonably likely, however the board came and Taramas made two pair. We're down to just one table and we'll need one more player to be eliminated before play is over for the night.

Ioannis Taramas Sergey Serafimov. Georgios Grigoropoulos moved all in from UTG for just under ,, Hauke Heseding in the next seat called and everyone else folded. The board was and Heseding is right up there with the chip leaders now. Georgios Grigoropoylos Hauke Heseding. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. User Account Sign in. It took us 6 hours and 36 eliminations to reach 99 players - it was more than obvious that noone was willing to leave their seats that easy.

Some have to fall , however, while others keep "climbing" the ladder to the top, dreaming of a seat at the first Greek Poker Cup final table. And, of course, Georgios was not the only one to hit the rail. When the final hand of the day had been dealt, 38 players were more than happy to pack their chips for Day 2. They deserved to be happy - after more than 13 hours of poker, they had ensured a place in the next day of the first Greek Poker Cup, with their hopes for a major cash still Among the 38 players, the Greek "celebrities" can found their own representative!

Ioannis Tsimitselis, one of the most well-known and talented young Greek actors has Ioannis Tsimitselis , well-known Greek actor. The man standing out of the people crowd, of course, is none other than the chip leader.

In our case , his name is Ioannis Papathanasiou. His chip stack, Other notable names in the chip count include Panagiotis Gavriilidis Ioannis Papathanasiou, day 1a's chip leader. The tournament is resuming tomorrow Friday with the second flight of Day 1. There, more than hopeful poker players are expected to fill Club Hotel Casino Loutraki's poker room to capacity once again, chasing their current poker dream: To contact the PokerStars Blog team, simply email blog pokerstars.

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John Taramas