Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course Review

One thing I know is that thy don't care for patronage or customer satisfaction because if they did they'd hear the outrage from the lack of low limits no matter how long the lines to their 9 tables are. They even showed improvement over the course of time I was playing. I do not know if they keep this open during non-peak times. Page 2 of 4. The place also reeks of cigarette smoke. Most machines people hold with.

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Surrender allowed, stand on all 17's. Stand on all 17's. Smaller casino, only a few table games. Delaware Park - Just min north of Hollywood Perryville. No splitting 10's allowed! Nov 9, Threads: May 11th, at 5: Nov 11, Threads: May 11th, at 8: Mar 10, Threads: May 11th, at But BJ is a streaky game. Md Live's side game is "in between" which pays reasonably well.

May 11th, at 1: Apr 17, Threads: April 17th, at 4: Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore is the best bet. All of their shoe games are 8 decks, but you can find ones with very good penetration. The rules are very favorable. All blackjacks pay 3: The staff are very friendly and professional, and the floor people and pit supervisors are generally pretty cool.

Can't really speak for the high rollers, but on the low roller tables I play, I never get much heat, even though I'm there times a week. Yesterday, I wonged in on 4 or 5 different tables for about an hour and a half, and it brought very little to no attention to me. I would avoid this casino on the weekends if you're not into the crowds. Not worth your time. Man Shot Dead At about 10pm I went to the new BJ area which is now somewhat open.

I like this area MUCH better. The the atmosphere is much nicer and the lighting is much better. Each table was hand shuffled. I got on one of these tables at about There were two dealers at my table, both were pleasant. They were a little slow I prefer that to the light speed dealers at Borgata - I can't relax when I have one of those fast dealers. I feel like I'm being rushed and had a stumble or two when shuffling or placing chips where the Pit Boss had to correct them.

I enjoyed having them deal though. It was clear they were both happy to be dealing and learning. They even showed improvement over the course of time I was playing. After playing about 3 hours, I was up fair amount. Just playing basic strategy. It was unbelievable, the dealer only had 1 BJ in the entire 3 hours I was there! Poor guy - he lost all 4 or so of his bets very quickly. Originally Posted by willyc. As a rule of thumb don't trust anything you read on Yahoo Answers.

What you have described in various posts about human vs ASM shuffling is quite relevant to shuffle tracking, where we remember some information about the order of the cards in the last shoe. In this case it is important whether cards "clump" as we can use this information to track slugs that are ten-rich.

However, if we are not using any information about the order of cards in the last shoe, then the cards are essentially in random order from our point of view before the shuffle. If cards are clumping we do not know where they are or if they are good cards or bad cards. As I said in my earlier post, if I give you a stack of cards face down in random order, then there is no way you can shuffle them without looking to make it any more likely that the 10's will be close together or that it will be a good or bad shoe.

Bad shuffles are only exploitable when the cards are not in random order from our point of view before the shuffle, ie when we have memorized where the ten-rich portions are and can keep track of where they are going through the shuffle. I think you are trying to suggest that so-called clumping will cause additive effects with each new shuffle whereby the ten's get closer and closer to each other in each new shoe, which is really not possible since they don't have magnets in them.

A bad shuffle is no more likely to make the shoe more favorable than average than it is to make it less favorable than average. Thanks for the info. I'd like to see how the ASM's shuffle. Do you know where to find any info? In any case, I still prefer hand shuffle because I like the break between shoes I can ponder my bankroll, stretch my legs, etc.

Originally Posted by DrawingDonkey. There is some discussion on how they shuffle at blackjackinfo. Generally, in a shoe game you can split to a total of four hands. How many tables did they have open? Have they expanded beyond the 12 tables on 4th of July weekend? Sorry to ask but I didn't want to open a thread just for one question but how many roulette tables did they have?

I visited July 4th. I saw one dealer use ALL the cards. Does anyone know if they allow Double after Split? I was on line for 45 minutes starting at 7pm to register. By 10pm I had not played, so I left. Baccarat tables were closed.

Originally Posted by PokerJeremy. That casino looks like it is made for high stake players only and not for people like me. I plan to attend but not when this stake is HIGH.

I don't see how this casino will get good business when many ppl are waiting and stakes are higher. You should go to the Hilton has 5 dollar bj and 2 dollar roulette, resorts has 2 dollar bj I believe this is during the week Visited last night, played BJ from 10pm-2am.

Still same number of tables open as opening day. Overall experience very positive and expect to see continued improvements. Helps to walk out a Winner. I was talking with a friend who has been visiting the Hollywood casino up in PA that recently received table games. And that was the week of the opening! Shows you the importance of our demographic down here. The mins make driving to AC worth it.

BJ and all of the table games have the same mins and max. So I work in Charles Town and have been watching. I check at my lunch break every week and have spoken with various employees. Last went Tuesday the 27th. They also have very low table limits considering.

Clearly they are not yet catering to the experienced player as they have high demand and just a few inexperienced dealers.

That's why they are pinching the players. After speaking with the employees it appears that it will be a while before they loosen up and an experienced player will want to play there. The other pit opened up to other games but there are no blackjack tables open weekdays. LOTS of tables sitting empty with no dealers.

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