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Clean Gambling With an Edge - Dr. Sun Tzu said know thy enemy and know thyself. We talk with David about his new book Tales From the Pit. Terry came to Las Vegas in , and became one of the first high-stakes women players in poker. Michael Shackleford discussing the sale of the Wizard of Odds website.

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SmallCap was on our show in June of , and we continue to get comments on how well people liked that episode. He graciously consented to come back. In the past year he has focused more on foreign travel.. The guest on the show this week is Jimmy Jazz. Jimmy talks about lessons learned from his years of play, and tells some amazing stories of his gambling exploits. Bob and Ricard are joined by Professor David G.

Our guest this week is sports bettor Alan Denkenson, aka Dink. We talk to dink about his specialty — hockey betting. We talk about current events in Las Vegas and other gambling news.

Bob and Richard are joined by horse player Charlie Davis to discuss horse handicapping tournaments. We also spoke about the design of slot machines. We speak with Bill about his book, the potential for advantage play, and the future of fantasy sports February 16th Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin.

We talk with Jeffrey about current news topics in the gambling world, and we talk to Darryl about changes for in the Total Rewards program. For 25 years, Joe Navarro worked as an FBI special agent in the area of counterintelligence and behavioral assessment.

This is not a handicapping book, but more about the thinking behind deciding which horse to bet, and how much. The guest this week is blackjack player Steve Waugh. Bob and Richard talk to Steve about how he went from engineer to professional blackjack player, and discuss some of the crazy things that have happened to him in casinos.

This week Bob and Richard talk with tax professional Russell Fox. We get some year end tax advice, and ask him questions like: Can I form an LLC? Can a professional gambler carry losses forward?

Can I choose not to file as a professional, and is there a benefit to that? Our guest this week is an advantage player named Jacob, but on the internet he is better known as Chairman. We discuss sports betting, and a very interesting case where he was arrested in AZ, and accused of cheating at video blackjack by using a plastic donkey.

They have a round table discussion of the big gaming stories of , and a few peeks ahead at what may bring. Our guest this week is a card counter named Mike. Phil set out to write a book about a professional card counter named Bill. Bill turned the tables on Phil, taught him to count cards, and mentored him. He is also the founder of the world Game Protection Conference. Later Dennis Krum shares his unusual philosophy on the devolution of gaming.

Bob Dancer and Ricard Munchkin interview Dewey Tomko, Hall of Fame poker player and high stakes gambler at golf about some of his exploits. Bob and Richard live with Zach Elwood. Bob and Richard host Jon Finkel. They talk about all things related to Total Rewards. Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin talk to themselves about recent casino news and emails they have received.

We talk about advantage travel. How to get free flights and hotel deals from manipulating credit card offers and hotel clubs. We also talk about advice to advantage table games players. This application of AP principles to travel was quite enlightening. Richard is on vacation, so Bob and video poker player Jimmy Jazz recount plays from the good old days that have lessons for us today. Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin interview former blackjack player Michael Bluejay, who tells several stories from when he was just starting out July 21st Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin.

Bob and Richard talk horse racing with successful horse bettor Charlie Davis. Discussion with long time gambler Jake Jacobs, primarily tales from gambling in Asia. Discussion with a successful blackjack player who uses somewhat unorthodox methods.

Bob and Richard talk to lottery expert Mohan Srivastav. Bob and Richard bring back legal eagle Bob Nersesian. Bob and Ricard talk to Jake Jacobs, primarily about backgammon. Michael Shackleford discussing the sale of the Wizard of Odds website.

Our guest this week is Moo the Cash Cow. Our guests this week are Tommy Hyland, and John Chang, on to talk about blackjack teams. Schwartz talking about his book Grandissimo: Our guest is Colin Jones of www. Anthony Curtis, publisher of Las Vegas Advisor, in a round table discussion of online poker and whether a young player should turn pro. Cat Hulbert, formerly played blackjack with the Czech team and Ken Uston.

Mark Billings, author of The Ultimate Edge, about advantage blackjack in the s. Attorney Bob Nersesian is a frequent guest on the show. His book is Beat the Player. Nersesian is the most famous player legal advocate in Las Vegas. Barry Meadow, author of Blackjack Autumn. Laurance Scott, author of Professional Roulette Prediction.

Scott maintains that beating Roulette legally is possible. Dancer and Munchkin are believers! February 21st Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin. Peter Liston, author of Million Dollar Slots.

The book addresses how to win playing progressive slots. Michael Shackleford takes the week off. Richard Munchkin co-hosts with Bob. Repeat visit from Mike Fields for Videopoker. Mike Fields, vice president of videopoker. Stephen How, webmaster of www. Interview with Richard Munchkin, former co-host, talking about some of the most unusual things that have happened to him in his gambling career 63 April 19th Bob Dancer and Michael Shackleford.

Shirley Dancer explains what it is like to be married to a video poker high roller. Interview with BJ Traveler — a very successful itinerant player who tells about success, plus 78 days in a Nepal jail.

Michael Bluejay — a very frugal guy who offers tips on gambling, travel, and eating inexpensively. Bob and Shack interview Dollie Wong, a cocktail waitress on the Las Vegas Strip, and webmaster of the website cocktaildoll. Our guest is Josh Axelrad, author of the book Repeat until Rich.

The book is a memoir of 5 years of blackjack success and one year of online poker un-success. Our guest was Jason Been, veteran handicapper and line-setter. We spoke a lot about smart bets for the Super Bowl. Your really want to catch this one. Daniel Negreanu is one of the most personable top poker players. Michael Shackleford appears one month prior to his taking over as a co-host.

Primarily he spoke about Super Bowl Prop bets. We speak about his brand new novel, Lost in Las Vegas. We will have Stanford Wong discussing his book Wong on Dice and also Michael Shackleford debating Wong on how legal and effective dice control really is.

We will be interviewing Ed Miller. Ed is a MIT graduate and prolific poker player — who also posts on video poker. Our guest will be Michael Kaplan, gambling writer for Cigar Aficionado magazine.

When Kaplan started this gig, he was a recreational gambler. After years of talking to various professional gamblers, including both co-hosts of the show, he is now a professional level gambler. Lawyer Bob Nersesian — a repeat visit. Our guest will be Steve Fezzik, premier sports handicapper, and the brains behind the www.

Greg Brown, our friend from the website www. Our guest is Bob Nersesian — lawyer who handles a lot of cases from players who were mistreated by casinos. Munchkin and I also discuss travelling to and from a casino with cash.

Peter really had a lot of neat info on Australian progressive play and the team he runs down under. McCown was amazing as always and talked about his most recent book Treating Gambling Problems.

Frank ended the show with a violin piece by his teacher and some singing. Click here for final close. Sun Tzu said know thy enemy and know thyself. Casinology is a book that casino management considers their bible. We talked about all things Palms and got to know George Maloof a lot better. Without a doubt one of our best shows. Our close tonight was a pseudo-Palms commercial.

We discussed his book Kill Phil that I used myself to play a poker tournament last year. If you play poker catch this interview.

Our enhanced Legal Disclaimer Close. Munchkin did not disappoint. Nolan is a player, author and currently the media directory for the WSOP. There was also a science segment on active learning. Discussion on The third wave of gambling turned out to be incredible intresting even though it left me with a tad of self loathing for being human. Wow people do some silly things. There was news on the the continuing Black Friday debacle.

My resturant review of Alize click for the menu I had. A strategy for progressive Bonus Poker. Our close was an Ode to Bob. I think he should have just done one on topless sudoku. This was one of my favortie guests to date. Progressive Deuce for M Dancer format. Also covered tonight was more on the M progressive strategies.

Required listening Stochasticity by Radio Lab—if you ever plan to walk into a casino again listen to this discussion of randomness. Wong will be payiing us a visit again, but this time to talk about something very different: Free to enter with prize money. Never a dull moment with Mr Shackleford, we got deep into prop bets.

The Easy Street Sports debacle was facinating and more complicated than I expected. We talked about black-friday and the current on-line poker crisis. I was fortunate enough to make the transition from actor to writer, producer, and director. You can see my resume at IMDB here. You can read reviews or purchase my book here at Amazon. These are all people who have made many tens of millions of dollars from gambling.

Currently I cohost a podcast — Gambling With an Edge. Each week we have a guest, and discuss current gambling news, or ways to gain an advantage at lots of different gambling games. This is a great podcast. The two hosts have sharp, inquisitive minds and decades of experience as advantage gamblers. They attract high caliber guests, and bring their knowledge to bear in creating informative interviews.

The radio show of which the podcast is a recording is based in Las Vegas, as are the show's sponsors, so some of the information is of use only to those who gamble in that region. Most of the information, however, will be of use to any casino gambler looking for an advantage over the house; for such a person, the investment of an hour a week will likely return great rewards.

The hosts are incredibly knowledgeable and they almost always have interesting guests. Overview Music Video Charts. Opening the iTunes Store. If iTunes doesn't open, click the iTunes application icon in your Dock or on your Windows desktop.

If Apple Books doesn't open, click the Books app in your Dock. Click I Have iTunes to open it now. Description Professional gamblers Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin host Gambling With an Edge which aims to make you a better gambler tomorrow than you were yesterday.

Customer Reviews Intelligent talk on advantage gambling. Listeners also subscribed to. The Bettor Life Timothy Lawson talks with the brightest and most entertaining gamblers in the industry View in iTunes. Kev View in iTunes. Links Podcast Website Report a Concern. Our guest this week is Gabby Girl, a woman who was a private investigator back in the early s and did work for Oscar Goodman as he defended mobsters.

Our guest this week is Eric Rosenthal. Eric returns to continue our conversation about advantage traveling. We talk to Eric about combining advantage gambling with advantageous use of travel options. Clean Gambling With an Edge - Dr. Our guest this week is Dr. Nick and the Hot Aussie Chick. This week is part 2 of our interview with RXgamble, a woman born and raised in Vegas who went from casino dealer to top advantage player.

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