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Darcel, Denise French-born actress known for vampy roles For the next 90 seconds to five minutes, you are still a tough guy. When Anya begins to feel pressure to telling her parents that she didn't get into college and into choosing between Holly J. Nystrom comes from behind her and closes the door. Woolie spots the most bizarre part of Kiria's outfit — a literal belt around her coat's collar.

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You can wait until tomorrow, or get a premium account right now, and access the site without any limits. Stinson king Slingshot Marvel's Agents of S. Bull Bunheads Butiquehotel. Montgomery - angolul Emily Owens M. Mick kell a gyereknek! Bloom - Undercovers Mr. Gods of the Arena Spartacus: Discovery Star Trek: Forces of Destiny Star Wars: Tmnt To love ru 2. Wait for It 2. We're Not From Here 3. How I met everyone else 6. Im Not That Guy 7. The Platinum Rule Chain of Screaming Sandcastles in the Sand Everything Must Go New York legjobb hamburgere 3.

Egy kis Minnesota Amilyen hamar tud A licky boom-boom down 1. The Sexless Innkeeper 5. The Rough Patch 8. Slapsgiving 2 Revenge of the Slap The last cigarette ever Girls Versus Suits Rabbit or Duck Despite Dan telling Shindo to stay behind ; apparently he used his "robot pheromones" to make Dan act that way. Discussion of an NHL game leads to Matt saying he wished a memetic gnome had been included in said game.

Cue Pat declaring this their least intelligible and hardest to follow conversation to date. And then they keep trying to explain it, unsuccessfully. It starts with Pat stating he has no interest in farming trust with Kurosawa and Shindo for the achievement. Despite this, the one segment fighting with them is so long he ends up accidentally maxing their trust.

On the reveal that Hollow children can get pregnant , Matt declares that's too advanced. Pat never really like this plot twist but was tired on his first time through the game. He hoped that on a second playthough it would make more sense; he still doesn't see the issue with this "twist". Opening a high tech casket, Matt speculates they'll find Ric Flair. Inside is a mummy, which Matt takes as confirmation of his guess. The guys point out the odd disconnect of Bo's current behavior.

Fucking relax it up. This repeats after the cutscene where Faye returns and the team members go from being on the verge of shooting Dan to cheering him on. Amada's creepy fondling of a server in a cutscene leads to the conclusion he's about to fuck it in specially-designed socket. Pat points out the reason people are worried about AI is the worry that they'll do exactly what the AI did in killing Amada.

As the episode closes out, Pat sums up all of their issues throughout the video on the story, tone, and characters. This is a dumb video game. When the Major reveals he is piloting the boss mech, Matt decides he's actually Richard Hawk. They also point out that he seems way too thrilled to be killing Dan, like he's just been waiting for the chance. They also note that his showing up at what he knows is going to be ground zero of a nuclear strike in only minutes is ridiculous.

Matt mispronounces cuirass as "queer ass". As Pat notes, that has a different connotation. The reveal that the AI controlling the nuke launching ships now has the free will to refuse orders.

But this is reverse Skynet, where Skynet won't let you use nukes, ever. Pat brings up a ludicrously valid criticism of the official stance on the hybrids: Besides, the last thing we need is more racial tension. So you're gonna solve that with genocide??? Opens with Woolie worried about the LP because he doesn't know how to do a funny LP with a game that he respects the hell out of. Pat assures him it'll be fine since the cutscenes use a fake language. The boys remark that Wander has probably committed three major faux pas against his culture.

The first is stealing the Ancient Sword, the second is stealing Mono's corpse with the intention to bring her back to life after she was sacrificed, and the third was going to " The Forbidden Land " Matt: Woolie and Matt talk about how Dormin will drop more and more obvious hints on how to beat the Colossi if you stand around doing nothing for too long. Matt then makes a comparison that leaves Woolie in stitches: No, it's like Dormin is stomping on Wander's foot, it's like "Hello, Mr.

The tediousness of the fight with Phaedra has Matt talking about the Ninja Turtles saying he would have sex with super Shredder and Woolie singing his frustration about the boss to the choir's beat which Pat thought he was doing to a Batman song. Also during the fight, Matt remarks that, if the game were adapted into a movie, then Wander would be played by a Wilson brother. On cue, both Pat and Woolie simultaneously respond "Woooow! On the way to Phaedra, they run into a cluster of regular lizards in a canyon, and Pat starts freaking out about trying to kill them all for the stamina upgrades their tails provide, and failing badly.

Everyone in the comments for the video collectively tell him that only white-tailed lizards, found at specific shrines, give stamina upgrades.

It opens with Pat falling off of Avion's wing much to his dismay. His next two attempts to get back on to the flying Colossus fail, with the second one nearly killing him. Get your bearings, bro. Agro's like shakin' her head right now. I'm sure he'll get it next time. Noticing Wander's injured animation, Matt suggests from the body language that Wander may be having second thoughts about this quest.

I think this is one of those Colossi where Wander'd be like, sigh "Man, is this worth doing? She was a nice girl, but And Mono's just like, " Excuuuuuse me, Wander! I've been drinking green tea all day! Woolie deciding that the Forbidden Land is "basically New Zealand".

The boys remark on how there is evidence of human civilization in the Forbidden Land despite the fact that it is not a very bountiful land. Some rocks from the Coloss- This is not where I'm supposed to go Pat's awed shock over how the updated game renders Barba's Badass Beard , and Woolie characterizing the colossus as a beer-guzzling redneck ala Duck Dynasty. Wander gets to the temple and makes contact with Dormin and we're tossed into flaaaaaashbaaaaack. It has to have it.

Alright, so the first 30 pages are flashback scenes dealing with Wander's life prior to the Forbidden Lands, and every single one is awful. Uh, lets start with the racism As Woolie continues, he goes into detail about the story - breaking levels of Character Derailment in the script: Wander is now an escaped slave and acts like a bratty, petulant Final Fantasy protagonist Woolie even does a subtle Tidus impression when reading his lines , Mono is every generic naive, pidgin-speaking "savage tribal girl" ever, Agro is a wild horse that Wander steals from Mono's abusive, alcoholic father, whom he is only able to tame because Agro senses that "they're both escaped slaves", and all of Lord Emon's nuance and ambiguity are stripped away as he is turned into a typical sneering villain dubbed "Lord Emon Ba'ad'gi Putridus III" who belittles Wander for his low birth.

He caps it off by revealing that, instead of being sacrificed for a cruel fate, Mono is killed accidentally by her father in a drunken rage, a change that completely robs Wander's quest to revive her of any sense of gravity.

Matt and Pat are beyond stunned with this. Did David Cage write this? Near the end of the video, the boys start speaking for Basaran before quickly realizing that the voice they're using sounds a lot like Kevin using a Talkboy to imitate his father from the second Home Alone movie.

This then leads to them making Basaran say lines from that movie. Matt decides that there should be a crossover called "Shadow of the Colossus X Home Alone" in which Kevin has to climb and stab Buzz and Dormin has the combined voices of Harry and Marv.

They comment how perfect the delivery of "Agro! It ends with Matt suggesting the game maker found someone who lost his horse and record it at his weakest moment to get the right emotion.

After making Dirge an understood monster who just wanted to offer drink, Woolie says he also made vegan muffins. Oh you gotta go, I don't even care about Mono anymore you're getting stabbed. The guys call for Agro from a distance and manage to catch her Offscreen Teleportation , as they watch her spawn just on the edge of the draw distance, fall through the world, she proceeds to run under the world until spawning in front of them.

The guys are cracking up, while Woolie, who was looking away, is upset he missed such a good moment. On their way to Celosia's arena, the boys somehow talk about Tomb Raider and the correct pronunciation of Lara Croft's name. Pat brings up how he hates it when people pronounce it "Laura Croft", calling out Patrick Klepek from the Giant Bomb-cast in particular, and how he responded with "yeah, whatever" when someone tried to correct him.

That's a person's name, Pay-trick! Matt randomly points out that the three of them would probably be Borgia if they could, though Woolie is reluctant to take part in the family orgies.

You don't have to! Woolie, you can just show up and and be like, "Aawww, shucks! He misses it by about two inches much to Woolie and Matt's dismay. After Pat's fourth or fifth failed attempt at the jumpstab, Woolie notes that, with each bad try, actually landing it successfully becomes less and less cool.

One more failed attempt later, and he claims that Pat has now made the jumpstab "anti-cool" , and he will actually lose points for nailing it. Part 7 Woolie and Matt convince a reluctant Pat to go pray at a save shrine which now only recovers health. Pat is rewarded by having a lizard immediately run up to him. Due to Pelagia's status among the friends, and the fact that he shares his BGM with Phaedra , we see the return of Woolie's "Oh my fucking God, I hate you so much" song.

When Pat is told Pelagia's name, he briefly thinks that Woolie is talking about the Villagio hotel chain. Throughout the Pelagia fight, the boys joke that its weak point is on its genitals due to it being located underneath the Colossus. This leads to this exchange at the end of the fight.

That's what I get for showing you mah balls. I thought we shared a special moment of looking at my balls. The three of them let out a triumphant cheer when Pat accidentally bumps into Phalanx while riding Aggro, resulting in Wander getting knocked off and Aggro getting clipped into Phalanx sideways and floating up with it for a few seconds before falling off.

When Emon shows up in the plot, Woolie tries to Call-Back to the script he read in part 5. The Friends' interpretation of Emon and company.

I like the idea that he [Wander] steals the sword and Mono and they're like "Huh. Somebody stole this- I guess it's fine.

Aww he's doin' the shit with the sword. He's literally doing the thing we said "you know what you shouldn't do? He must be burning through this shit in like a five, maybe five and a half hour span. Man he's really actually good at killing Colossuseses.

Y'know I had a busy day putting kids in cages in forgotten labyrinths , and now Woolie retroactively points out that Phalanx's latin name is Aeris Velivolus. That sounds like a part of the female anatomy that I'm not familiar with. During the Cenobia fight, Pat tricks the Colossus into knocking down the pillar Wander is standing on, triggering a cutscene where Wander jumps to the next set of ruins.

It's important to do that during the cutscene so you don't look like an asshole. After they break Cenobia's armor: I didn't mean to show you that. Am I still a tough guy to you? For the next 90 seconds to five minutes, you are still a tough guy. Woolie's theory that Dormin is actually a Wizard of Oz style old man and lady syncing up their voices. Oh man, these fuckin' dorks are getting tricked so bad! Woolie calls the shafts of light emanating from the dead Colossi "crime scenes that God's trying to point out.

Aw man, Argus comes back with two knives, and giant gloves, and a helmet! Woolie's insistence that they go to Ico Beach. Woolie tries to persuade Pat not to cross the bridge leading to Malus and thus avoid Agro's apparent death. Pat follows Woolie's advice You fuckin' deserve that, you piece of shit. Even better, the game then picks up from the last cutscene, putting the boys back at the Shrine of Worship.

Oh, that wasn't worth it. Glad you did it? You were literally yelling at me to stop, Woolie. The boys point out how silly it is that despite being forbidden, the ritual that Wander is performing is supported by the Forbidden Land's architecture. They include the game's soundtrack as part of the ritual. Why'd you guys hook up speakers for the ritual that is never supposed to be completed. It's all hooked up to like a fuckin' Amazon Alexa.

Runs the whole show. Pat trying to kill a white-tailed lizard with his sword. It takes about fifty tries. And how does he finally kill it?

It is exactly as "anti-cool" as Woolie predicted. The friends come to the conclusion that every time Wander teleports back to the temple, he falls out of the sky and plops painfully onto the ground. Woolie's Dull Surprise that the world of Shadow the the Colossus has crossbows and Wander has been using a regular bow this entire time. Emon orders his men to destroy the source of Dormin's evil. One of the soldiers responds by shooting a single crossbow bolt through Wander's leg. Destroy the evil slowly and ineffectually.

Pat points out that the game's finale is an excellent example of how gamers interact with story since after Wander is possessed by Dormin , the game gives the player no prompt or direction and still everybody always tries to attack Emon and his men.

Woolie's justification for this? The friends are overjoyed. Pat is actually crying with joy according to Woolie. It creeps him out and he starts referring to it as the "baby heart". You've been going on for an hour about your "thumping baby heart" and I don't like it. Matt says the game was recommended by Slowbeef , who loved the main character Jack Slate so much he asks Pat to guess what was his character's name in Bloodborne.

That was a straight up brain failure by the way. Pat starts feeling nostalgic for this game. He's never actually played the game, but it wants to be Max Payne so much he feels like he has. Matt is unimpressed by the "PG stripper", as she doesn't take her underwear off during her whole number , Pat wants her to flip upside down on the pole and lift her body with her arm simply because it looks super hard to do.

Pat notes that this is the first thing they do in the game after the tutorial. This is a weird fucking game, man. Pat is both horrified by the overly cruel deaths Matt is inflicting on people and bummed out by the fact that Shadow isn't allowed in the strip club.

Shadow would be allowed in that other strip club, but it's pretty ruff. The bouncers would bark at him to get out. But if he could get in, the ladies will make you go woof. And that's all the dog puns the two could collectively scrape together. Stripper Kings aren't the head pimp, it's like a rat king - the strippers's tails get stuck together and form a stripper ball. During the weightlifting minigame, Pat distracts Matt by constantly talking about bodybuilders shitting their pants during deadlifts.

When their next objective is to meet an inmate called "Big Arm Tony", Matt hopes that he's called that because of his disproportionately tiny legs. Pat gradually escalates this, wanting Tony to look like a Bandersnatch with a single enormous arm and candy cane stick limbs otherwise. The guys accuse Woolie of being too cowardly to complete God Hand and his claims of being sick are a trick to keep people from realizing he never did. Matt grows in strength and power every time a Turok announcement is made.

Pat spent years hanging out with one of Woolie's friend but can only remember his nickname, "Ratboy". And not even why his nickname was Ratboy. Matt and Pat's reaction to the unexpected revelation that Jack's dog was also sent to prison. No, but for real though, this dog prison might be— Matt: But I didn't think it'd actually be true! This might be the dumbest thing I've seen ever. During the fight with Sickle, Pat is baffled when Matt accidentally discovers that the AI won't attack you from behind if you don't move.

Pat points out that not only was shoving Sickle into the electric chair a good way to become actually guilty of murder, it was also a massive waste of time. He also has an issue with how the mayor doesn't use the proper term "murder in the first degree". Then Matt gets a game over for beating up a good guard while escaping.

Pat theorizes it means they have been killing people with heir bare hands the whole time. Pat is abruptly reminded of the prison break when they get stuck in a small room with about ten armed escapees and Matt guns them down, ending with a leap toward the last one, firing his shotgun three times center mass. There are games that end with the sequence you just finished.

The guys can't handle the cutscene where a car nearly runs down Jack with a comical zoom-in effect and Pat realizes the sound effect is one usually used for laser beams. Matt hits a checkpoint while critical on health and in a massive gunfight with multiple thugs, resulting in a constant loop of spawning and dying. Pat admits this is the reason regenerating health is a thing. One of the deaths during this part has the camera spin around to Jack clutching his chest with both hands for no good reason.

Part 7 Pat asks Matt to rotate saves when they find a way to get a health pick up and go back to cover, however it just saves the last checkpoint. Pat notes they have spent fourteen minutes since the last episode having a "very specific kind of fun". Slowbeef is laughing at us. After painstakingly clearing the street, Matt and Pat get the worst Hope Spot.

Pat tells Matt he has to be careful with this section because, according to the F. Q he is reading, the next section is supposed to be even worse. Said area starts with a cutscene of Fat Chow casually walking to his hideout.

Pat realizes it makes sense given he had a whole army between him and Jack so he didn't need to run fast at all. The first enemy encounter they run into has them getting cornered by a bunch of goons in a tiny crevice and blasted from almost-full health to dead in a matter of seconds. What is going on man? What does this game want from you''?! Pat notes he's getting very worried about this game considering how many fight sequences they've gone through that have felt completely unfair and one-sided.

After a long and painful gunfighting sequence, Matt fails to complete a timed lockpicking mini-game and Jack gets surrounded by armed cops for a game over. I'm very excited for what we're about to see right now. Let's see what happens. Finally escaping the sequence from last part, Matt asks if Jack and Shadow can't just go home and chill. Woolie's phone goes absolutely crazy whenever he turns it on as a reminder of Pat and Matt's failures, as each notification is another cut notice to their editor.

Getting locked outside a prostitute's room, the guys get a laugh when moving slightly near the door causes a woman saying "Oh god! And it doesn't reset the sound when triggered but plays over itself. A long, desperate, and pathetic slapfest with a group of thugs in the massage parlor leaves Pat snickering.

Best LP we've ever done! Matt suspects Slowbeef was trolling the Best Friends when he pushed for this game. On the way out of the parlor, the duo runs into a swarm of barely-clothed masseuse assassins. Not only are they are tougher and deadlier than most other enemies until this point, Jack refuses to use them as human shields even though he'll gun them down. And Shadow won't bite them either! Usually you gotta pay extra to get the masseuses lined up like that!

They turn into death turrets like that! Given the issues they're having with this LP, including Matt's mic failing twice during this one video, the two start wondering if there's a bio-curse involved.

After changing to the Gamecube version and finagling with the camera, Matt notices the game is much easier. Then Fat Chow one-shots Eve with a bazooka and triggers a game over, then on the next attempt he kills Jack with one shot as well. Matt mentions that they've toned down the difficulty to 'Easy' mode because the Gamecube version has a difficulty toggle, while the Xbox version was fixed to 'Hard'. They joke that it's because Xbox players must be "so strong and hardcore", because they enjoy Spawn and Necrid.

Pat then almost throws up after being reminded " Necrid The "boss" of the segment is a Clown Van containing a howitzer.

Matt soon discovers he can only kill it by throwing canisters, but the game keeps automatically locking onto random clowns instead. The result is the slowest death to a howitzer in gaming history. Matt self-depreciation about his time in art school. Hey Matt you're an artist- Matt: You used to be- Matt: You know of art. Pat is a bit confused about the logistics of the Escort Mission. Why is the gun audio so low on the minigun?

Pat takes the downtime of most segments to gush about Die Hard , hates on Babidi and admits he finds Plague Of Gripes really handsome. Their reaction that one of the bomb to collapse the building was in the bathroom. That's not a load bearing bathroom. Eve's death is more amusing than anything to the duo, given how poorly animated the scene was and the equally poor voice acting. Matt even goes so far as to say he's glad since Eve 's only contribution to the story up to this point was killing people before they could give Jack information.

During the chase with Patch 's convoy, Pat points out how much damage the cars are taking at top speed. These cars are tough- that's runnin' on rims with a busted engine!

That's a durable sedan! Shadow has trouble finding the first bomb of the episode and tries to go up to the next floor, which triggers Jack to yell him to stay on the first floor. From two hallways and a ninety degree turn away. Matt figures they have a link like Beyond: Two Souls and Pat is annoyed he can't disgaree. Having failed the disarming twice , the guys cut the overly long run to the bomb and disarming game on the third go around.

We cut back as Matt finishes the mini-game with a tenth of a second left. Christ, my dick is wet from that. And then a shipping company with the same acronym tells him to let them use his phone's location so he can be part of their "chain gang". Matt demonstrates his mastery of the bomb mini-game.

On the second attempt, Pat warns Matt to be wary of his confidence and abuse the save states. It's time to abuse their Bite the Dust 's power to not explode a bomb. Like last episode the guys points out the bombs location are ridiculous as it could only kill someone who decides to hide in a specific corner.

Pat points out the mooks they've been killing are very oddly committed to their job of guarding bombs that are about to explode. And then stand their ground to defend the building that is currently burning down with them inside. They conclude that the men weren't told the bombs were about to explode. Bomb is not gonna snitch. The duo are decidedly unimpressed with the "fire", which is only present as a few minuscule particle effect clouds on the carpet.

They also wonder why they have to manually activate the sprinkler system. The sprinklers, not enough to beat this raging inferno with no visible flames.

Pat declares the best part of the bio-curse is that it shows just how much their fanbase is willing to slog through the drek and keep sticking their dick in. The guys discuss how Matt Hardy's gimmick of being insane treats mental health issues with more care than David Cage. Pat comes up with the idea of "furry Woolie" out of nowhere while Matt is doing the pick lock mini-game.

He fails the mini-game and it takes a few minutes for him to recompose himself. I'm fucking begging you, please shut up. During a breath holding mini-game later in the episode Matt once again has trouble and says he needs to focus on it. Pat immediately revives the furry joke, talking about the fur clogging up Jack's windpipe and Woolie needing to clean up the green water.

Matt is not happy. That looked really tough actually. Crazy Talk is in strong form in this episode: Pat declares he's going to do an Irish accent and proceeds to do the most horribly stereotypical Italian accent possible.

And then realizes he also said Irish wrong. Their reaction to a boss being named " Longshoreman X ". Fuck this— [sees the boss name and laughs in disbelief] Matt: That's super strong and— Pat: Also, this guy looks like the biggest fucking loser ever.

Matt thinks the stripper is stripping at the pier, but Pat corrects him saying she works as waitress in a whorehouse now. Matt concludes it's a whorehouse for strippers. Being a new recording session, Matt and Pat are trying to remember what they did last episode. Pat vaguely remembers something about furries being in the hot zone. Wait, wait what, the furry? Were the girls with him furries? No, but I assumed once he got dipped. Scales could just form. Pat thinks the construction workers jumping them have clown faces on their helmets, meaning Jack is fighting clown construction workers.

It says something that neither find this impossible for the game. Matt would like them to have some dialogue, like yelling "Die, Slate". Pat would prefer something along the lines of asking why Jack is in their factory. While discussing how humans are not designed to punch, Matt states the only creatures naturally designed for it are kangaroos and lobsters.

Pat wonders about the latter as they don't have armpits. Crazy Talk keeps him from realizing the word he meant was "shoulder" for a good ten seconds. Pat suggests they should get high before recording so they become critic-proof. Pat continues to escalate the Running Gag of trying to make Matt fail the lockpicking mini-game by Corpsing. This time, Woolie is apparently a furry drug dealer. The guys lament several times that they're too high to play or talk well. When Matt asks why anybody would name their town after a resource that could be depleted, Pat starts listing off real town names.

Or at least ones he thinks are plausible real town names. Stuck in yet another unfair gunfight — one Pat thinks would be unwinnable on the Xbox — they have no idea how to end it until they apparently sate Khorne's bloodlust by killing enough thugs.

Except they can't leave because the area is too hostile , which is a good reason to leave the area. Pat tells Matt he can do this if he believes in himself. Matt refuses, as things have always gone wrong when he does that. Matt attributes his ability to defeat the area on being barely human.

Pat then decides he's just a giant cannabis leaf with arms and legs, like Flowey from Undertale , or as Matt puts it, "Weedy". Pat points out there's no real reason for the bad guy to be a criminal if he owns and operates a gold mine; Matt has no answer. Jack — for some reason — doesn't have any guns at the start of a sequence despite having just left a firefight where he had guns.

So Matt has Shadow grab one from a goon in plain sight of his friends, who don't react at all. Johnson just got ripped apart by some kind of dire wolf.

Pat and Matt talk about Montreal "accidentally" drilling several extra kilometers on a subway and deciding they might as well add another exit Hey Terry, Terry Bogard , can we have you?

What do you say about the situation? What do you thin— " Kick back! Matt decides these are a different breed of guards — literally, as they hatched from different eggs. You can't leave them here — they might go back to their families. The duo decide their biggest source of discomfort with this game is that Jack doesn't seem to care at all , either about his dad being dead or the hundreds of people he's killed. They propose having the mayor show up while Jack was in prison and laugh maniacally to give him some form of motivation.

And also go and dig up Jack's mom's body to fuck her. The duo sums up Jack's approach to finding out how his dad died is by killing every single person he meets, whether they know who he or his dad is or not. His internal rationale plays out in Hulk Speak. They compare him un favorably to the Punisher, pointing out he's really a very bad detective.

Especially given he seems to think every criminal in Glitter City is somehow in on his dad's death. When they learn who the real mastermind was, Matt actually has to pause the game to complain. They realize yet again just how pointless all of Jack's kills have been up to this point. Jack Slate might be the dumbest motherfucker ever.

How many fucking people have he killed for nothing now? Pat continues his comparison of Jack to Nathan Drake , bringing up how Naughty Dog has jumped through a lot of hoops to keep their protagonist from being a flat out thieving mass murderer. Matt is nearly defeated by a door, because unlike every other door in the game, it does not open automatically or display an icon. And then they get jumped — repeatedly — by a goon who spawns and shoots them in the back any time they touch the exit door.

Just like John Wayne. The fact that Hennessey apparently only has a single hard copy of the blackmail material that lets him control the entire city leaves the two stumped. After the stripper kills the politician while he was being held at gunpoint, Jack asks if she's okay. Pat solemnly declares him to be the dumbest motherfucker in the world. Pat spends the next few minutes quietly sputtering because he can't believe just how stupid this game and Jack are. Matt grabs a goon to use as a human shield, thinking he would be disposed of quickly because of his low health, and ends up shimmying slowly across the room in the most ridiculous way possible.

Matt tries to snipe another goon. Somehow a headshot fails to kill him and he gets a slow, badly aimed rocket in his direction for his trouble. Matt orders Shadow to kill a goon in front of him, but after the cutscene of Shadow biting someone's throat out the goon is still there. Matt is puzzled over who Shadow just killed and Pat says this is the question that haunts Jack. Jack sits up awake at night, "Who is Shadow killing right now? I pointed in my sleep. Matt is begging the auto-aim to switch to the Chopper instead of random goon The guys can't remember any real reason Jack would want to kill Fahook aside from the furry dip.

Matt proposes it would replace Jack's body parts with furry parts but Pat states it would burn away all the impurities until all that remained was an Undertale -style furry heart. Matt cycles through his weapons, including a shotgun, sniper rifle, and rocket launcher, ending on an outline of Shadow with a woof. Pat idly notes the gameplay would be a lot smoother if there was a dedicated Shadow button. Noted clear goal haver. Hildy is gunned down from behind, while Jack just watches, and it's played as a tragedy.

Only for Pat to point out she's a violent murderer who did it all for the money. Jack says he needs to hurry during the gameplay Before he brains some innocent mechanic working on his bike and leaves him to die in an explosion.

The subsequent motorcycle cutscene — which Matt would have liked to play — ends with Jack jumping off the bridge after the plane gunning down a pursuing motorcylce, whose explosion propels Jack through the air to the plane's open door. Dave and Adam vie for a position on the school's radio system and realize that they make a good team, but Dave soon has problems with Adam's being transgender.

Meanwhile, ready for a semester devoid of boy drama, Clare wants to join the school newspaper. Also Fiona has trouble making friends in an eleventh-grade drama class. Dave receives backlash from the student body due to his insensitive comments, but instead of helping him, the censorship and persecution drive him further into intolerance. Meanwhile, Clare continues to harass a stubborn Katie for a position on the newspaper. Also, Fiona continues her attempts at reaching out to a distant Charlie.

Eli faces the enormous pressure of writing the school play when he encounters writer's block. Meanwhile, Riley is relieved when his mother begins talking to him again but grows upset when he finds out her intent. Eli receives help in writing the play from the outlandish Imogen, who encourages him to quit his anti-anxiety medication. Meanwhile, Riley realizes that neither his family nor Zane is going to change and must make a difficult decision.

Also, the flirtation between K. When Anya begins to feel pressure to telling her parents that she didn't get into college and into choosing between Holly J. Meanwhile, Fiona discovers bed bugs in her loft and assumes it is from her new roommate Charlie. Also, Connor claims his underwear fetish is over and focuses on a contest. Anya grows increasingly worried about her college interview while the urge to do more cocaine becomes stronger.

Meanwhile, after the whole bed bug incident, Fiona struggles to tell Charlie that she is a recovering alcoholic. Also, Alli, Wesley, and Hannah come together to put an end to Connor's obsession. Clare's hormones begin raging when a shirtless Jake helps his father with renovations at her house. Meanwhile, after returning to Degrassi, Drew begins to suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder while trying to get used to things. Also, Dave tries to convince himself that it is ok to be friends with Alli.

Clare discovers a shocking secret about her parents' divorce that causes her to question her casual relationship with Jake. Meanwhile, Drew thinks the only way to escape his constant terror is to leave Degrassi, which upsets Adam. Also, Dave's feelings for Alli intensify, which doesn't sit well with his girlfriend Sadie. Jenna wants desperately to come back to Degrassi but doesn't have enough money for child care.

Meanwhile, Sav, who has a crush on Ms. Oh, competes to write the score for the school play. Following Tyson's accident, Jenna and K. When Jenna finds out about K. Meanwhile, Mo helps Sav with his crush on Ms. Also, Clare attempts to keep Jake safe.

Meanwhile, Alli tries to make Dave the perfect boyfriend before she presents him to her family. Drew tries to find other ways to cope with his fear and joins the school newspaper until he finds out about an underground MMA fighting ring.

Meanwhile, Alli talks to Dave, and they agree to start over and introduce Dave to her parents as her boyfriend. Eli is off his medication and unstable.

He is convinced that he can use the play to repair his relationship with Clare. Also, Anya, still rebellious and without any post-graduation plans, jeopardizes her relationship with Owen due to her constant drug use. Eli has met his match in Imogen, who is someone just as willing to go to extraordinary and highly questionable lengths to get what she wants. Meanwhile, Anya has her mind set on joining the Canadian Air Force, but her drug use may ruin her one chance of getting in.

While running for student council president, Katie keeps her relationship with Drew a secret from long time friend Marisol, who also harbors a crush on Drew. After being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder , Eli attempts to apologize to the people he's hurt.

Oh flirt over music. Student council candidates Katie and Marisol are in an all-out war as rumors about Katie's bulimia begin to circulate around Degrassi. Meanwhile, Eli desperately tries to get Jake and Clare to confess their love for each other. Oh's secret relationship puts her job in danger when rumors begin flying. Meanwhile, Anya is accepted into the army and begins physical training with her ex-boyfriend Owen. Also, Katie assumes that prom night with Drew will lead to sex and begins preparations.

As Graduation Day arrives, Fiona has to face her demons when her loneliness and guilt over her relapse, which forces her to push her loved ones away. Meanwhile, after being dumped before prom, Riley makes the decision to come out to his mother again.

Also, Katie realizes that she isn't quite ready to take the next step with Drew. When Bianca shows up to volunteer at Niner Orientation in Vince's car, Drew suspects that he's in danger again and that Bianca's to blame. Meanwhile, Clare and Jake continue to keep their relationship secret from their parents, until their parents announce their engagement. Also, now that school is finished, Sav hopes to have a night alone with Ms. It's prom night, and Drew invites Bianca, which makes things awkward between her and Katie.

Meanwhile, Jake has to make a decision about his future with Clare. Also, Sav and Ms. Oh sneak back to Degrassi for some alone time, and Riley and Zane talk for the first time since their breakup. And Vince shows up and lets out an array of gunshots into the unlucky students.

This is a horror-themed one-hour special, and airs as "Bleeding Love" in half-hour syndication. Fiona is ready for a fresh start as a new school year begins at Degrassi and realizes that she gained quite a reputation with the younger students.

Meanwhile, Clare and Jake's secret relationship grows, and Clare considers having sex. Also, Katie's little sister, Maya, shows a liking to Zig, but new classmates Tori and Tristan warn her that he's bad news. After letting Imogen take the blame for the senior prank, Fiona's guilt opens her eyes to the kind of people Katie and Marisol really are.

Meanwhile, when Clare tells Jake she is ready to have sex, Jake begins to worry about the commitment he is making.