Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Unlock All Characters, Collect Crystal Shards and Dragon Balls

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Unlock Bardock and Broly

dragon ball xenoverse unlock more slots

I finished story and decided to make a new one after getting my first one to level 70, and my brand new level 1 Saiyan has SSJ2. I would've actually preferred having to start over from the beginning with a new character.

Having everything unlocked from the get-go just makes it boring. I am the mighty pop-tart wizard! I think it's better that they start off with the stuff unlocked. It'd be lame if I won some nice and rare female stuff that goes to waste on my male character. Being able to share between the characters could also help replayability and late-game party appeal.

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Not at the moment. It is possible this is being saved for a future expansion of the game or simply because the developers only wanted characters to have two ultimates.

It's not greyed out in game. There's two ultimate slots and an evasive skill slot. Originally posted by Zerginallday:. I was really confused on this for a while as well, but it seems like it's just for the interface to be symmetrical since you can have four supers.

Doesn't seem like you actually unlock the ability to equip anything to it. IMO it would have been nice if that slot was for transformations or reinforcement skills like how the evasive skill slot is its own function, then they could have kept the balance of only two ultimates but still had a way to utilize that button combination. Otherwise they could have just altered the skill list for ultimates to only display three slots, less confusing that way.

They were a bit lazy there and still show it, but it's just a copy paste of the supers UI.

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