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Illyana teleported herself and Dani to a future-Cairo, where they met killer versions of their teammates. Playdom had a tendency to recycle bits and pieces of their sprites, with only minor modifications. X-Force 1st series 15 BUY. Clifford, also known as Stormy Daniels. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Greg Pak writer Takeshi Miyazawa artist.

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X-Men Reading Order from X-Men #1 to the Trial of Jean Grey!

Domino managed to keep Cable at bay until Deadpool arrived. Deadpool and Cable fought on the prison transport but their battle came to an end when Russell freed his new friend — Juggernaut.

Juggernaut caused the prison transport to crash and escaped with Russell. Domino was able to land safely in a large inflatable panda on the forecourt of a car dealership. Domino joined forces with Deadpool and Cable to take on Juggernaut and try to stop Russell from killing the headmaster of the Essex House, an act that would start him on a road to a darkness that would culminate in the deaths of Cable's family.

While Cable and Deadpool fought Juggernaut, Domino took on several of the orphanage's staff while the building burned around her. Deadpool managed to talk Russell down and avert the future that led to the deaths of Cable's family.

After resting up, Dani and Illyana returned to the Massachusetts Academy, but caught a glimpse of a future a year later where the New Mutants had joined the Hellions. Illyana escaped the White Queen again, teleporting them back to a week after their first rescue attempt. The Hellions captured Illyana and Dani, but were not content with the White Queen interfering with their battle as well as holding the New Mutants against their will, so offered them a deal.

After Cannonball won the duel with Jetstream , Sebastian Shaw and the White Queen arrived, saying they would not honor their bid for freedom and fought the New Mutants. The White Queen reflected Dani's power back at her, making her see her greatest fear: When the New Mutants were escaping with Kitty, Wolfsbane invited Catseye to come with them but she said she was happy at the academy.

Doug was left behind, coming back to his home in Salem Center by normal means, ignorant of the mutants at the Academy and Xavier's school. After this, the close friendship he'd developed with Kitty ended. Illyana then joined the New Mutants. Dani now Mirage believed The Demon Bear was coming for her, so fought bears with her bow and arrows in the Danger Room , but wouldn't let the others know why.

She went alone outside Xavier's mansion in the snow to summon it to fight. She used her power on it to reveal its greatest fear was her. She shot it with arrows and it fell, but it was pretending and attacked her. Rahne, who was sleeping in human form, woke screaming that Dani was hurt. The New Mutants ran outside to find Dani nearly dead. They took her to the hospital for emergency surgery, and the prognosis was that she would never walk again.

The Demon Bear came to the hospital, where the New Mutants battled it to a standoff. It transported them to its world along with a police officer and a nurse. It tranformed them into its agents to fight the New Mutants, while it tried to break through Magik's protective spells around the operating room. At a point when Magik would have been injured, a section of silver armor appeared on her arm. She then used it to attack the Demon Bear, which released Moonstar's parents from the spell they were under, returning them to their human forms.

After surgery, Moonstar was reunited with her parents, and received additional healing from the Morlocks' Healer , though she would use a wheelchair, then a cane for some time. Officer Corsi and Nurse Friedlander were freed from the Demon Bear's influence, but remained locked in super-enhanced bodies with Native-American appearance. They then became associated with Professor Xavier's school and the Mutant Research Center on Muir Island first as patients,then as staff.

Although the Earth-Wraith war was heading for conclusion, Hybrid was not involved. His desire was to create more hybrids like himself, breeding with human and mutant women. Rom and Starshine arrived but he defeated them, making Rom banish himself to Limbo , and restoring Brandy Clark to her human form.

He then defeated Xavier and the New Mutants, though Magik escaped. Instead of going to her own Demonic Limbo , she teleported to the limbo of the Dire Wraiths. She then teleported herself and Rom back to Kentucky where they defeated Hybrid. One night, the girls of the New Mutants hosted a slumber party with girls invited from the local high school, apparently without adult supervision. The techno-organic alien Warlock arrived, fleeing his sire, the Magus.

Warlock fought the New Mutants in the confusion that erupted, then tried to communicate. The mutants went to town to ask Doug Ramsey for help in communicating with the alien, revealing both they and he were mutants. Doug succeeded in talking with Warlock, and the New Mutants invited Warlock to join them, which Professor Xavier accepted when he returned to the school.

Doug Ramsey soon joined the team and school as well. Ramsey chose the codename Cypher , as his mutant ability allowed him to decipher codes and languages. Warlock and Cypher shared a close bond, often sticking close together in battle. Roberto got backstage passes for the New Mutants to attend Lila Cheney 's last concert on her world tour.

Before the show started, Sam saved Lila from falling equipment. Warlock discovered an alien was trying to kill Lila. Lila concluded the concert by activating a stargate, teleporting her band and Sam across the galaxy to her Dyson Sphere.

Warlock activated the stargate for the New Mutants to follow but they arrived in space a light year away. He saved them by assuming the shape of a vessel and went to that location. Lila was planning to steal the Earth and sell it to the highest bidder. The alien that attacked wanted an exclusive deal and got one of her staff to betray her, before he killed him.

The New Mutants defeated the aliens, but damaged the planet-moving technology, setting up a self-destruct which would destroy the Earth. Doug used his power to translate the instructions and turned it off. Lila revealed that her mutant power was to travel inter-stellar distances, and used it to return them to her home in London. Lila became Sam's girlfriend.

Roberto and Rahne had been acting strangely. Somehow they stole Cloak and Dagger's powers, respectively, but Roberto couldn't deal with Cloak's Darkness power and trapped Colossus in it. Illyana tried to help, but initially did more harm than good. Tyrone was back to his stuttering self, and didn't want his power back. Eventually all were restored to normal. Shortly afterwards, an autistic patient at Muir Island, David Haller , attacked Thomas Corsi and Sharon Friedlander, rendering them catatonic, and flame-blasted the room.

He met the boy's mother again, Gabrielle Haller , a former patient and love-interest. The woman had asked Moira MacTaggert for help regarding her mutant son, David, who was suffering from multiple personality disorder, but previously did not want Charles Xavier involved. Xavier believed Gabrielle was withholding information, but refused to scan her mind. Although weak from being attacked by mutant-hating students in New York City, he agreed to probe the boy's mind, finding a wall to protect David from real-world experiences.

There they met the three personalities each representing a psi-power, who called themselves Legion. When Xavier finally met David, he learned that David is his son, and the source of his autism and multiple-personalities was a terrorist attack that killed his stepfather, David Shomron.

In that event, he killed the terrorists and absorbed the leader's psyche giving it control of the telepathic power. This had been reintegrating the multiple personalities, until only two others remained.

In the core of David's mind, the telekinetic personality attacked Xavier rendering him comatose, and damaged the pattern of memories. Dani took charge and demanded the cooperation of the personalities, and restored everyone to their bodies, leaving Legion, but with the David's child-mind in control of his own teenage body. Charles did not regain consciousness for a fortnight, where he met David in the flesh, who had come out of his autistic state. The Hellion, Empath , had his powers blocked by the White Queen after taking part in Thunderbird's vengeance plot against the X-Men and losing Firestar from the control of the Hellfire Club.

To take revenge against Xavier, he gave dosiers of Sunspot and Magma to a representative of the Gladiators Earth The New Mutants who are not with Professor Xavier on Muir Island were supposedly invited to an indoor pool party at the high school.

There, Sunspot and Magma were kidnapped by the Gladiators, while Magik and Cannonball failed to rescue them, but they captured one of the kidnappers, who tells them of the Gladiators. Illyana teleports herself and Sam to L. They went to Lila Cheney's L. She revealed she was the Dazzler and agreed to help. Meanwhile, Sunspot and Magma were coerced into fighting in the arena, by threat of killing teenage runaways in their place.

They also receive drugs to increase their fighting attitude. Cannonball, Magik, and Dazzler were about to rescue them when Magneto demanded they follow him to confront the Beyonder , but Bobby and Amara refused to go with them.

Dazzler tried to infiltrate the Gladiators, having encountered them previously, but seemed to join them in spirit. So when she made contact, Bobby and Amara wouldn't trust her. Kitty, also infiltrated the Gladiators as a techie, and learned about the threat to the runaways.

After discovering there were no runaways held hostage, she tried to rescue them and Dazzler, but was attacked and possessed. During the battle that followed, they discovered that the leader of the Gladiators was a fake, and Karma now morbidly obese was the power behind it.

She fled to Madripoor , letting her uncle take the fall for the Gladiators as the police arrived. Illyana teleported herself and Dani to a future-Cairo, where they met killer versions of their teammates. After finally teleporting to the present, they met up with Ororo and Warlock.

After another rescue attempt was only partially successful, Illyana believed that another entity was possessing Shan. Without their consent, she turned Ororo and the New Mutants over to Karma, excepting Warlock, who she used to fight Karma. Illyana was able to awaken Shan from her own possession so Shan could confront the agent possessing her, Amahl Farouk , on the Astral Plane. Shan won, dispelling Farouk and regaining control of her own body and powers.

After helping Shan to free herself from the clutches of the Shadow King, Ororo who'd lost her powers and the New Mutants were recuperating on an island in the Mediterranean. Loki asked the Enchantress to capture and punish the X-Men, and deliver Ororo to him.

However, she captured Ororo and the New Mutants and brought them to Asgard. Magik tried to use her teleportation power to escape, but the Enchantress' magic blocked it, which caused the other New Mutants to be scattered in time and space across Asgard, while Illyana remained the Enchantress' prisoner.

Karma spent months in the desert, seemingly protecting a young girl, but regaining her will to live and reducing her morbidly obese form. Dani developed a psi-link with a flying horse and freed it from the barbed ropes and mire in which it was trapped, and from its hunters, unknowingly becoming a Valkyrie. Rhane developed a romance with a wolf that could transform similar to her transitional form.

The New Mutants were able to reunite, freeing their members from the Enchantress and defeating her. Ororo was still under Loki's power. At this time, Odin had fallen in the Surtur War and Thor was leading Asgardians through Hel to free wrongfully-imprisoned mortal souls, so there was no one in authority to help fight Loki. Together with the New Mutants, they planned to confront Loki in front of the remaining Asgardians, as he gave Ororo a magic hammer which restored her weather powers.

On the way Dani saw a Death-image over Wolverine, but didn't understand it was her new power to sense those about to die. He was soon poisoned, and his healing-factor wasn't coping. During the confrontation, Ororo attacked Wolverine, mortally wounding him, but rejected Loki and destroyed the hammer. Fear Zoltan Drago Mr. Jones Alchemy's mom Mrs.

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Marvel Comics Presents 27 American Eagle. Marvel Comics Presents 44 Dr. Odd Men Out 1 New Mutants. Marvel Comics Presents Wonder Man. Avengers West Coast

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