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From a family of gamblers, Michael Mizrachi emerged as one of the most powerful forces the poker world has ever seen. It's the best of what PokerGO has to offer. Best of Heroes. Poker charity event to raise money and collect toys for local military families. The art of bluffing is one of the most captivating aspects of the game of poker. Months of preparation and training has paid off.

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Take in the highlights of the first night of 'The Prestige' headlined by poker super star Antonio Esfandiari! Super High Roller Bowl In the second episode, Negreanu hones his competitive edge against his brother, Adams bets big on the tennis court, and Davies gets mental coaching from 3-time Super Bowl winner Richard Seymour. On the third episode, Adams plays a game of Blind Man's Bluff with Patrik Antonius, Negreanu confesses to having been in preparation for this event since November, and Davies takes a boxing lesson from two-time world champion Shawn Porter to get mentally and physically prepared for the biggest event of his life.

On the fourth episode, Negreanu talks to his life coach to focus on his mental preparation, Adams pushes himself to his physical limits while Davies gives a unique look into studying game theory by using computing power to optimize his strategies.

On the fifth episode, Negreanu studies the physical tells of his opponents, Adams dives into the science of strategic interactions and studying game theory while Davies analyzes his potential opponents in the tournament.

Best of Brian Rast. Best of Jean Robert-Bellande. A regular in the world's biggest games and one of poker's biggest personalities. Best of Bad Beats. The 'Best Bad Beats' sounds like a contradiction, but these moments are just too good not to rewatch!

Vanessa Selbst, Matt Berkey, John Hesp, Cary Katz and Antonio Esfandiari were on the short end of the stick during these big pots in , creating epic hands that we'll never forget. Best of Winning Moments. The year was filled with big wins, and we've gathered some of the best moments that you will never forget! Watch how the likes of Adrian Mateos, Doug Polk, Christoph Vogelsang and Scott Blumstein etch their name into poker history with these winning moments.

Best of Table Talk. The year brought some of the game's most colorful characters to PokerGO. Best of Heroes. Everyone loves being the hero of the story, but only the best are able to shine when the pressure is on! Best of Bluffs. The art of bluffing is one of the most captivating aspects of the game of poker.

Best of Daniel Negreanu. Poker's all-time leader in tournament earnings, Daniel Negreanu has been one of the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour's best players for the better part of the last decade.

Best of Antonio Esfandiari. Best of Ben Lamb. The bigger the stakes, the better Ben Lamb performs. Best of Matt Berkey. A regular in some of Las Vegas' biggest cash games the stakes are never too high for Matt Berkey.

Best of Scott Seiver. There are high rollers and then there are Super High Rollers. Poker's all-time winningest player gets the all-star treatment with the Vegas Golden Knights. The 'Days of our Lives' star has made poker her second act, while making Las Vegas' biggest games her home.

No matter the game, no matter the felt, the high stakes pro and commentator is a smooth operator. The high stakes veteran thrives on the pressure of competition, whether it is on the felt or the tennis court.

However, prior to that Main Event run, Merson was trapped in a never-ending heads up match with sobriety. From rock bottom to the top of the poker world, Greg Merson and Christian Harder tell their stories from the felt.

Stories from the Felt The Bike Bet. Rast had to ride a bike from Las Vegas to Beverly Hills in under 48 hours, with no training, no drafting, no specialized equipment, and according to the experts, no chance of winning the bet.

Brian Rast and Bill Perkins tell their stories from the felt. Stories from the Felt The Big Reveal. Televised poker is something we take for granted today, but only because Henry Orenstein revolutionized the way fans were able to watch poker broadcasts with the hole card cam.

Stories from the Felt Bobby's Room. Stories from the Felt The Mayfair Club. New York City has a long history of underground games, but none have a bigger legacy in the poker world than the Mayfair Club. Stories from the Felt Wild Cards. Pokerography The Story of Erik Seidel. The father of two overcame self-doubt and rose through the ranks in the infamous Mayfair Club playing backgammon before picking up the game of poker and becoming one of the biggest winners of all time.

Pokerography The Story of Vanessa Selbst. With a Yale law degree in hand, Vanessa Selbst stands up for what she thinks is right, while at the same time dominating the world of poker for the last ten years. Pokerography The Story of Celina Lin. From Shanghai via Melbourne to the rest of the world, Celina Lin is one the foremost ambassadors of the game of poker in Asia with a competitive spirit like no other, but explaining this game to her family proved to be a difficult task.

Pokerography The Story of Mike Sexton. The story of Poker Hall of Fame member Mike Sexton includes some of the highest highs and lowest lows. Pokerography The Story of Antonio Esfandiari.

Craving money and attention, Antonio Esfandiari sold pot in high school, but a run in with the law made him change his ways for good. Pokerography The Story of Jennifer Tilly. Jennifer Tilly grew up a nomad with her hippie parents, followed by a long Hollywood career, and Oscar nomination and ultimately she won the most coveted prize in all of poker: Pokerography The Story of Jason Somerville.

A serious illness during his teen years pushed this year old college dropout to chase his dreams and never do anything he didn't love. This is the life story of Jason Somerville. Pokerography The Story of Chris Moneymaker. The man that started it all, Chris Moneymaker.

In the end, the man with the storybook name changed the game forever. Pokerography The Story of Jason Mercier. Online, live, cash games or tournaments, it doesn't matter for Jason Mercier. The Florida native has passed every test the poker world has thrown at him and over the last decade, has become one of the game's most consistent winners. Pokerography The Story of Phil Laak. In a world of big personalities, Phil Laak might be the biggest. The incomparable Laak was introduced to cards at a young age.

After a few false starts, Laak found the "perfect job" and the Unabomber has captivated poker fans ever since. Pokerography The Story of Nick Schulman. From the highest stakes cash games in the world to major tournaments, Nick Schulman has proved himself as one of the world's best all-around poker players time and time again.

Poker wasn't Schulman's first foray into the world of gambling though. The New Yorker got his start in a local pool hall, which eventually led to a new challenge and a new passion. Pokerography The Story of Isaac Haxton. From a childhood passion for games to a love for mathematics, Isaac Haxton went from the Ivy League to the top of the online poker world. Since then, Haxton has proven himself on the live circuit and has become one of the best high stakes players in the world.

Pokerography The Story of Michael Mizrachi. From a family of gamblers, Michael Mizrachi emerged as one of the most powerful forces the poker world has ever seen. Pokerography The Story of Brian Rast. From college dropout to the top of the poker world, Brian Rast is now arguably regarded as one of the best of all-time.

While his poker journey started at Stanford University, it has taken him around the globe ever since. Rast was introduced to online poker in Europe, met his future wife in Brazil, has claimed some of the world's biggest titles in Las Vegas, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Pokerography The Story of Jennifer Harman. Jennifer Harman paved the way for women in a male-dominated game, and dominated them for multiple decades along the way. Harman was the only woman to play for The Corporation vs. We hold tournaments nightly at some of the greatest bars, restaurants, and taverns in your area.

We host multiple games several nights of the week. We are also part of Bar Poker Open, to bring you more major events to compete in all over the United States. Have fun, play poker and win big! With a 3-token buyin, plus rebuys and add-ons, there were entries from 20 or 30 leagues across the country. Join us on September 8th at Downtown Hall of Fame, take your shot at winning an awesome poker table for your home games, and support the KOntenders Helping Hands fund. Poker charity event to raise money and collect toys for local military families.

The Open is exactly what the bar poker community has been waiting for—an enormous community of bar poker players, a series of affordable buys-in events with great guarantees, fun parties, and a National Championship Invitational.

All players from any league are more than welcome to join us in the open events. The National Championship Invitational, however, is open only to affiliate poker leagues and eligible players. Play in a sanctioned bar and place in the top three.

Your TD will then get your name and email address so you can receive an invite to play on line tournaments are scheduled every weekend. There is tremendous value in this league. This league has already done more for my poker game than 3 years has in other leagues. I have to give a shout out to this Poker League and Tom for putting it all together, keeping it all together and doing a ton of work behind the scenes that none of us will ever know.

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