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Old songs are like old friends. A fortune company has you doing the hiring? And why should be people in less populated areas suffer because the people who run LA are idiots? Our home is new construction in the Monterey Bay area close to Monterey. Does running a blog similar to this require a large amount of work? Some offers do not include taxes and fees.


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Of course you can say that there are more homeless in SO Cal. Look at the freebies that Jeryy and his bunch are giving away in a place where it is always warm. Have you ever been in Omaha in the winter? It gets cold and the same is true in NY where deadbeats abound. In Waco everybody hates the government after the fool Janet Reno killed that bunch and homeless people are met with guns in their face. Dean, you are wrong about democrats do not want to remove the restrictions on building new houses.

They are doing everything to accommodate their illegal friends for votes. Just look at recent ADU law. So county sued the owner, owner lost the case, judge ruled that county has the right now to build something to ease the burden of homeless.

I thought this is a free country until I saw a news like this that makes me feel like living in a communist country. Karin, I just wanted to thank you for all the civil engineering you did. Karin, I do not understand your story. Had you kept your Oakland home, you would have paid much much less than 5k a month more like 3.

In the process of moving you made saved k, which is a huge chunk of money, fine. But now you are complaining about being on the brink. I really do not follow what are you trying to say here. She admittedly correctly timed the market in by selling her place. But completely and totally dropped the ball by not re-entering the market in Had she kept her original house, it would likely be paid off, worth 1M and her property tax bill would be minimal due to Prop No moving, no hassles, no paying 5K per month rent, etc.

In the long run you will always lose. Owning a home is a long term proposition, let time do its magic and enjoy! I was going through my savings rather quickly by the time I sold.

I knew the market had topped out, but this was not the only reason I let it go. Plus, I had no intention of retiring in the East Bay. The only reason I bought the house was so that I could keep my pets.

I owe them big time. In fact, I donate quite regularly to over half a dozen animal rescues from funds taken out of my profits from that house. Karin, I do not mean to offend you with pets, it just drives distorted conclusions because of your unique circumstances. I am sure that in Oakland you can find good living arrangement for 2.

Pets are just cost of discretionary living, should not be added to cost of housing calculation. Yes, repairs of the home might be expensive and untimely, that is unfortunate. However, for you it seems to be too many external factors no raises under some governor, some drive by inspection, etc….

You always seem to assign the blame without admitting and learning from your missteps. Karin, also your pets are limiting you. If you remove them from equation — you will probably see a lot of 3k options in oakland Nobody wants to deal with pets mess, sorry.

For example, I had 4 parcel taxes added on during my ownership just for AC Transit bus subsidies. Additionally, this hospital is not even covered under most insurance plans, but it is run by a lot of City of Alameda insiders.

There will be strong sentiment against the measures and taxes in the community, but yet they always manage to squeak by with a Karin, I live in Cali and I even opted for a home with somewhat high mello roos. It is a newer home and I figured Id rather pay mello-roos for great school and not pay for home repairs for multiple years. Ok, I understand some bonds were added.

You know Karin, there are 49 other states and about other countries in the world. Nobody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to live in California. But there is no place like northern California, particularly Sonoma County.

I have too, travel is always awesome. But like with anything else, supply and demand determines price. Lots of people think like you and hence prices in NorCal are astronomical. You answered your own question as to why is it so hard to get a decent home for a decent price? So you have two options; pay through the nose to be where you want to be or pay less and be somewhere less desirable. California is a massive state. Much of California lies outside of the Bay Area and is far more affordable.

As to your story, why did you sell your property for a huge profit and not roll that money into another property? Were you trying to time the market? What happened to your profits?

I invested the money and more than doubled it by , and without all the hassles and expenses of home ownership. Also, I was years away from retirement from my job in the East Bay, where I did not intend to retire.

So why buy there when I had a short time left before I moved up north? The reason for this is because the markets are manipulated, and not naturally occurring. When your house went from to K in a few years, there was plenty of manipulation going on…and you profited handsomely from it.

Yup, still manipulation today. When opportunities arise to lock in a CA property at rental parity, you need to run, not walk and take action. We heard many times how millennials buy too many avocado toasts that cost 14 dollars? Or was it 18? Who knows, but one thing is certain…. I think there are quite a few people on the sidelines. In my particular case we have a rental condo near Bart in Fremont that we out grew when the kiddos came into the picture.

We now have enough saved up to jump in again but keep getting outbid. The schools are horrible in Union City.

Wake me up when we have k. As long as my super-low property taxes are locked in prop13 is your friend I am not moving and I am happy! Who really cares about the rest? Dems have a super majority in CA and run every city in the state. And whites are a minority. But who do we blame?

You were not specific enough. They are the biggest target for the liberal progressive globalists. Thieves hate to be challenged.

They are not threaten by those invading from third world countries who do not understand their thievery and crookedness. Those who understand money, economics, history, constitution, their natural rights and have high IQ are a threat to them — they have to be eliminated. The totalitarians hate individualism. They want all the sheep herded. These are folks who may physically live inside a home, but are financially so stretched that they are 1 paycheck away from joining the army of tents on the sidewalk.

Anyone who has driven DTLA lately knows that the whole area is inches away from becoming one giant recycle bin. Read an article recently whereby many cities across the US are buying their homeless 1 way tickets to CA and telling them how welcome they would be in CA.

Warm weather and crazy super liberal have homeless policies will surely attract gasp homeless people. A friend of mine works for the county and when she was down talking to the homeless encampment by Angel Stadium along the river she said something along the lines of more than half did not want housing did not want help just want to be left alone to do their drugs. The rest were single parents veterans and just down-on-their-luck people that absolutely wanted to help.

Not only that, but apparently dozens hundreds? The problem is with no political will to do something about it — not on the federal level but at the state level.

But there is no will to deal with homelessness because that implies changing the course of action and admit that you were on a very idiotic course of action.

That stubborn Moonbeam and his democrats will continue on the same course because the cost is incurred by others like you and middle class taxpayers. Trump does not have to be too bright and he will get a second term for being pragmatic with a common sense approach to immigration. The democrats already lost some of the blue states and they will lose more because the cost of illegal immigration is supported by the democratic base through higher rents, higher RE prices and lower wages.

Even the college educated work force is affected by H1 visa. Homelessness and housing affordability are apples and oranges. They should not be compared. No, homelessness is an internal problem.

A problem of the mind. We also live in an emotive society that wants to feed them. Housing affordability on the other hand should be compared to moves to lower cost cities, either inland or out of state. Another problem here is that the Federal debt is so big and grotesque, that even a normal interest rate would blow a hole in all kinds of financing, government and otherwise. As a society, we are financially like one of those homeless end-stage heroin addicts who needs a whole lot of smack to get high.

Finally, someone nails it! JR is absolutely correct. The market is warped due to the artificially low interest rates that have caused all kinds of assets to inflate in price as those with means are free to bid them up.

We pass assets back and forth at ever increasing prices and kid ourselves that the economy is great as GDP keeps growing. How passing increasingly overpriced assets back and forth passes for economic growth is beyond me. But how can this be? JT has assured me that only the creme de la creme of America lives in coastal cities.

And liberals have also told me that the blue state model of high taxes, sanctuary cities and insane zoning rules is the way to prosperity for everyone!! I am in San Clemente and I think there may be a correlation between drug rehab facility drop outs and homeless population increase. The amount of rehabs has almost doubled every year for the last 3 years and now we are seeing a lot of new homeless around.

This coupled with the bus of 40 homeless people that got dropped off here from tent city as mentioned above has our streets looking a lot different now.

A real eye-opening article: A real eye-opening article. The two are not mutually exclusive. Landlord, I agree with the millennial that those are not THE cause, but I agree with you that those are emblems of lack of financial discipline for most of millennials. If he is true in what he says, he is the exception from the rule, and long term he will go a long way especially if he is willing to take small calculated risks. No risk, no gain. It served me very well over the years regardless of what the market is doing.

Millennials have given up on long term goals. What do you expect they been shown its okay to fail and fearfully run from any reality discussion. An Instagram snap with my avocado toast is instantly gratifying! Unfortunately these guys will change the world, will feel their irresponsible burdens. Capacity to become independently successful is far too few with this set.

Feel the burn coming? I still think the entire millenial thing is a media created story. But there were idiot 25 year olds 20, 40, 60 years ago as well. They have silly haircuts and I will never get the skinny jeans on guys thing. They own cars, they get married, they buy houses, they have kids.

If anything maybe as a group they do all these things a little later than previous generations. Of course, millennial is nothing but a marketing construct to sell specific time of product lifestyle to specific group of people. Marketing is highly integrated nowdays. When you say millennial you sell lifestyle while in reality you sell: I can chime in as an older Millennial, who is a homeowner, married, and has two kids.

Yes we do things later. For me the Great Recession hit a year out of college, and I got my first layoff after just 10 months in my first professional job. In those days, I saw things like company pension programs shut down right before I hit my first vested year. Year end reviews with no raises, despite high marks. Things turned around in , where I found a better job, closer to home and things are much better now. My story is fairly typical in my circle of friends of older Millennials. Landlord, thanks for being the voice of reason here.

As a 29 year old, I cannot agree more with what you said. I am engaged, currently own my third house debt free in 4 more years and work for a mid-sized midwest law firm. All of my friends are in similar situations: My only contention, and this is just personal observation, is that we do value experiences moreso than material goods. They sold out, and most of it was developed in the the crap shacks that currently occupy the space.

Now it is time for the next evolution. I remember Mr Zuckerberg offering neighbors large sums of money for the houses they owned so he could consolidate them into his property.

And as I recall the money talked pretty well. Raising a child in an apt. Millions of European and a respectable number of middle, upper-middle, and upper-class people live in apartments happily and raise their kids in them. Like countless other families, we are waiting for prices to come down, which they will.

Shame on you for using the words child abuse and apartment living in the same sentence! Zero respect for people like you who hide behind their computers and spew their BS all over the internet. Have a nice day. Landlord is a troll who does not live in CA or vested here in any capacity. He comes on here to talk crap but he lives in one of the most crime ridden areas in the country, worse than Detroit. We have a few families with young kids who live in my fine old Chicago condo building.

Plus about 70 or so indulgent adults on the premises. We like the kids here. The kids in this building are very quiet, well-supervised, and well-behaved, and I suppose a lot of Americans these days think that requiring them to be so, is a form of child abuse. What LA Girl said. My children are happy, healthy and enroled in private school. They are expert skiiers and have traveled the world. We live in a lovely 1, foot apartment in a beautiful area and I remind them — and myself — every day how blessed we are to have so much.

I am a legal immigrant who rus my own company which is unique to LA but have only been getting well established the last few years since house prices have skyrocketed. You give landlords a bad name.

It is called increasing wealth inequality. More wealth in the hands of the few while the poorest grow in numbers and desperation. If you have a fasttrack transponder and private parking at your business you never have to see the story on the streets.

My Wife saw a sick looking old homeless guy outside a strip mall she was shopping at, and he looked so sick she and another person both offered him help.

He was very polite and at first said no thanks, but gave in when they insisted. A more common thing in middle income Orange Co. Children of old time residents who grew up there.

California is now the 5th largest economy in the world. The warm weather and the job prospects in high tech sectors even though out of reach for most folks in that spectrum will continue to attract anyone seeing the lifestyle in CA on social media until they are broke and homeless and on the streets of CA.

People are free to move across US. No state can bill another state for people moving over, regardless of the reason. A state does not own the people — people are not the property of the state. So, what you propose is illegal and does not work. When California starts billing Mexico for their citizens living in the state, we can then address the moronic suggestion that other states are responsible for their former residents.

They are not going to bill Mexico. The governor and the democrats supporting him in his insanity do not care about the cost associated with this position because it is paid for by the middle class. Everybody has a Home-state and Resident-state.

Otherwise States start shipping homeless around in Greyhounds, which they do by the way. Unfortunately the mild weather, lax enforcement of homeless encampments and many resources available to the homeless make California and Los Angeles extremely desirable places to stay. Due to mainly housing prices and the general difficulty of living in California my husband and I will be leaving in a few years as soon as he retires. California is such a beautiful state but they continue to raise taxes to ridiculous levels and pass legislation that seems to only help the very rich or the very poor leaving the middle class in an unsustainable situation.

Mary, you hit all the issues of homelessness, i. LA mayor Garcetti is way out of touch with the crisis, and yet he wants to run for President in !? In LA, we also pay our own homeless tax, as a sales tax, in addition to the State Homeless Property tax. Now I see it everywhere I look in the Valley. I even saw an old friend sleeping at Warner Park. If you inherit wealth and the credit card balance is zero or no significant debt you can afford to be foolish for a while till the time comes to pay.

The Great Depression if you study real history was also caused by the FED and like you say people naive as they are also today thought that electing another globalist to concentrated more power in the hands of Wall Street would solve their problems. It looks that after more than half a century of federal power concentration they did not become more wealthy, or more independent or more free.

You must be a government shill to dream about Bernie. Free market capitalism has helped more people rise out of poverty in 1 day than communism has done in years. Communism has never worked. It has never been close to working. Everywhere it was tried it failed miserably with hundreds of millions of people imprisoned, tortured and killed along the way. And yet for some insane reason, a good percent of Americans still want to give it a try here.

Why so triggered when I posed a question and stated some facts?!!.. Afraid that I give too much food for thought to others???!!!! I was commenting on another comment related to Hollywood.

If I was wrong, tell me how many white movie directors are in Hollywood? I know of one, but I can be wrong and I will take correction. Am I wrong on this statement, too? I can have better use of my time. I never agreed with substance abuse of any kind. What surprises me is that he was singled out in a field where most drink and drive. And if you are cornered and attacked from all sides why are you surprised that he screamed at those attacking him.

While he was wrong, I can see why he reacted the way he did under the circumstances. He was trapped and he was exposed; however, in the process the attackers were also exposed. The only fact here is you know absolutely nothing about Hollywood. Do you sympathize with that also?

Or is just being anti-Semitic ok with you? I know you love zero hedge crap. The executive producers are the people with the money who finance the films. SoCal Guy, on this it looks that we are on the same page. We agree on everything.

We just had a big exposure for Weinstein and I am sure he is not the only one. Sooner or later they all expose themselves. Then you went ahead and named a nail a nail because it was a nail. Thank you for that. I appreciate honesty and freedom of speech.

That is public info with or without Zerohedge. While I read some articles once in a while on Zerohedge, that does not mean that I agree with everything on Zerohedge. I read from a wide spectrum and on some publications more often than on others. I really like the blog and love the comments. We finally bought after renting for a few years. Our home is new construction in the Monterey Bay area close to Monterey.

We are on the periphery of the real estate madness in Silicon Valley. Interesting pilot program in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County to help house the homeless while helping you pay for your backyard guest house:. The ACTUAL news and the whole point of the Freddie Mac press release is that this program now enables many people who previously made too much money to qualify to now get into a low down payment mortgage.

However, as Dan pointed out, Fannie Mae already had something similar, so those people already had other avenues for financing. And they still must meet minimum income requirements. If anyone ever had the slightest suspicion that zerohedge is not a reliable source, this is proof positive that they are willing to lie for page views. Either that or reading comprehension of the press release is at an all-time low for them. What I really hate with some many posters on here is that they are headline grabbers and use these baseless articles as evidence the bubble is her or has popped; without actually looking through the content.

This zerohedge piece is exhibit A and all the fico score sub-prime articles posted here in the past 3 weeks is exhibit B. I know these programs inside and out as someone in the industry, yet, when I delve into the details and peel back the blinders; I hear crickets. Foreign hot money drying up Low rates which are now increasing Recessionary numbers Etc….. In this case, you are correct they removed income restrictions as previously there were MAXIMUM income limits as it was geared towards lower income buyers.

That is measured by census tract and you still need to qualify via credit, income, debts, etc……. I saw that Zero Hedge article. How could the economy tank or housing collapse again since we discovered that printing money solves all our problems? The government has been bailing out RE for the last 17 years or more.

And money laundering is the other side of the manipulation. You know you can buy home in Southern Cal for k. North East San Diego for instance You can buy a condo in nice area starting at k. If you do not know anyone who can afford a k home…What do you want, homes to be k? They rode it out, and with our help bought a bigger place and sold theirs for more as the prices went up back in California families have to stick together and sacrifice to survive in this environment.

California is a failed state. Well obviously someone can otherwise the prices would be lower. Figure out a way to earn more money to buy the house you want 2. Maybe, but can you explain what you add to the economy and our country? Maybe you give generously or have served as a veteran or assist families in finding affordable shelter?

Less people than you think. Many current homeowners could not afford to buy the house they live in at today prices. Taxes at current market prices would drown most of them. The price of something, be it a car, a house, a painting, is determined by what someone is willing to pay for it. At this time, there are people willing to pay outrageous prices for these homes.

Someone is buying these house, which means some is willing to pay the price and someone can afford it. As to people who bought before, yeah they can afford it since they now own a house that they can sell and buy another home with the proceeds.

I have said this here multiple times. One of the companies I do a lot of work for was trying to hire another designer and this guys shows up with a masters in engineering and just out of college. Property taxes, other government fees sanitation, sewer, fire inspection, elevator inspection, etc.

The bluer the city — NYC, San Francisco, Berkley, Santa Monica — the more government imposed fees, inspections, and regulations, the ever harder they make it to pass these costs on to tenants, the higher the legal costs to evict them, the higher the cost of union labor to keep the building in good repair. I continue to be entertained by Millennial and Mr Landlord, but I really need to point out the fake news they are spreading.

If the news is fake or not it depends on the location, but that is besides the point and irrelevant to the subject of millennials. The toast is not THE cause for lack of downpayment for most millennials. It is just an emblem to describe the REAL cause — lack of financial discipline and no delayed gratification. Most can not or do not want to sacrifice today for a better tomorrow. I had to work hard on my millennial children to teach them the right course and explain to them why they have to live a certain way.

I think I was successful at that. They are few people who have the knowledge to manage money, who have financial discipline, who can delay gratification, who have a budget and a plan of action, who work hard and all in one. These type of people were always rare and that is the reason you always have fewer rich and most poor.

The poor lack one or more of the above traits. For this reason the US has a very dynamic movement from one class to another, up or down.

Yes, there are exception from this general trend with all the cronies from around Washington DC and Wall Street. They just steal till they get caught or lose the power; then it is over like for any thief. I came to US with nothing and in few decades I am a multimillionaire. I saw many children from wealthy families lose everything when the dad was no longer in control sick or died. I also saw people who came many years after me and today they have over million dollars.

The problem with me is that I am not a big risk taker and that is fine with me. This way I can sleep better at night. I believe that the US still offers the most opportunities for people with the right traits, more so than any other country in the world.

A good job is not necessary the best course to accumulate wealth. If you like it, that is different, but the business owners have the highest chance to wealth. The real problem for Millennials is that housing costs about 5 times as much as it did 40 years ago but wages are the same.

They are better at delayed gratification than other recent generations — lowest rate of teen pregnancy ever, year lows in crime by youth, best educated in history, etc.

Fair Economist, I understand perfectly what you say. I used to live in CA in many cities. I realized that if I continue to live there I would never get ahead. I decided then, when prices were lower in Seattle not as many jobs as today to move.

I found a so-so job and I moved. It was a fast growing city and my wealth increased with it. When the RE market matured, I moved again into another small fast growing city. My wealth increased again even more. Sometimes, when you are a small fish in a big pond, it is better to move that swimming with the sharks. If something does not work is pointless to fight hoping that the world is going to spin in the opposite direction.

Of course, with every decision moving or not moving there are advantages and disadvantages. Everyone decides based on whatever bring them greater satisfaction family, career, wealth, time with family, etc.

Whatever you decide, you are the only one living with the consequences. Financial self discipline, sacrifice, delayed gratification is the key to long term financial success. As you mentioned, few people have what it takes to forego all the shiny objects. Good life decisions also need to be made on the way. Hanging out with the wrong crowd, getting in trouble with the law, not being serious about meaningful education or job skills, having unplanned kids at very young ages all will seriously limit your success and lot in life.

I almost got laughed off the blog a few years ago when I had the gall to say saving for a socal downpayment likely takes a decade of sacrifice followed my signing up for a 30 year mortgage. The people who willing to do this will be rewarded. This is exactly why the poor greatly outnumber the wealthy. More fun if I bake my own oat bread. There are many great variations you can make.

Bob, the reason why landlord keeps bringing up avocado toasts and millennials is articles like this one: I never claimed an avocado toast costs Just re-read what i wrote. I am confident you will get it the second time you read it. If you are still confused I am happy to help. I continue to make fun of boomers who try to make millennials look bad. As far as avocado toasts goes.

I buy avocados at Aldi for 29 cents a piece. The bread I buy there is 2. Even if an avocado toast would be 20 bucks and all millennials would stop buying it they will still not get the k downpayment together to buy an overpriced crapshack. I do agree with you. This blog is highly entertaining.

It also shows how frustrated RE cheerleaders are now. They come up with the most nonsensical stuff. Just a year ago we heard interest rates all never go up again in our lifetimes.

Cheerleaders like old Johnny boy like to deny it. The homeless situation will never be resolved. The more we house for free the more that will show up with their hands out. As for housing, up up up! SoCal is the new NYC when it comes to housing. And the prices here have ZERO signs of going down. Bookmark this post and come back in 10 years and the prices will likey be double what they are today!

Someone, please check my calculation: This is how much back you would get for carrying a k mortgage. This is federal only.

Thanks Surge, I look forward to the replies as I have been trying to wrap my head around these new laws. I know people who had 10K in property taxes, 20K in CA state tax and 1K in personal vehicle taxes in This allowed them to deduct 31K in taxes.

With the 10K tax deduction cap, they will have 21K fewer deductions. Yes, delta from to seems to be 5k. But hopefully this will be offset by overall lower taxes. Can you also double check logic if under AMT. In , they will be able to deduct entire mortgage since no standard deduction In , they will also be able to deduct entire mortgage since no standard deduction. Also, if they deducted 31k before, they will be able to do at least 24k now assuming married Thats only 7k differential or k.

You can see ahead. For the case I described above, if a married couple filing jointly made K after deductions in , their state income tax would be 20K. If they have a 10K per year property tax bill, their total deduction in would have been 30K. For , their total deduct is capped at 10K so effectively they are only allowed to deduct 10K of this number and their effective adjusted income in will be 20K higher, or K. If you enter the numbers for married filing jointly, in the form for , at K, adjusted income, their total tax is: If you add the 20K back in for You cannot deduct over 10K and enter K for the taxes the total tax amount will be: This was an error in my comment above.

Even without being able to deduct the extra 20K, this taxpayer will still save about 2K in taxes under the new Trump brackets.

Based on this, even a person who has high state income and high property taxes will still pay less in taxes for However, renters who make K will see a higher deduction 24K compared to 13K in for married filing jointly so their taxes will fall even further.

Truly wealthy people hate to overpay. Mansions that cost tens of millions in Bel Air can be had for only millions in Kentucky. Not long ago people on this blog people said interest rates will not go up in our lifetime ever again. When you mention that, some jokers respond and say that people never said that. Like our good old John D. They are right until they are not.

Just wait and see and have the cash ready when it happens. I know I am prepared. They need to know that greater society will not accept this as a lifestyle choice. This way there are enough resources for those who truly fall into circumstances outside of their control. For example, the gal whose husband died of cancer could use a hand whereas an otherwise capable yet drugged-out 20 something is wasting potential. You gotta feel for a normal family that had a run of bad luck and are now on the streets or their car.

But; this parking lot will turn into a tent city in no time with lots of drug addicts, alcoholics and crime. Too many people competing for too few resources, including housing, jobs that pay a livable wage and un-congested traffic. Most of the Street Homeless are some combination of the insane, alcoholics and drug addicts. And I say that knowing full well the history of those same hospitals, that were closed for a reason. You can easily cite the abuses of that system: Psychiatrists have a higher than background rate of suicides for example, calling into question their own sanity.

Yes, but any worse than the streets being an outdoor insane asylum? That being said, the State is already broke. Virtue signaling rarely involves having actual skin in the game. And Governments rarely solve anything, instead making things worse while adding a whole new layer of bureaucracy that once in place never goes away.

Instead, it comes down to offering real vs make-work jobs, jobs with a livable salary and a future vs the pittance of dribs and drabs that only serve to make the dispenser feel virtuous and smugly superior at the same time.

And that means companies big and small have to step up, meaning they have to get their own internal bureaucracies — HR do-nothings for example — out of the way. To commit to no longer hiring quasi-illegals and H1-Bs, and do away with their incentives and biases for age-discrimination and unemployment all together.

And that leaves us finally with the actual bums. There are vagrancy laws a-many on the books. Are the above workable solutions? But I do know that a Government Program that hot-houses the problems in what will turn out to be overpriced sheds will not make the problem go away.

Instead, it will only become far worse, and to the detriment of neighbourhoods and cities where they are located. Nobody is forced to live on the street, they can move to Porkland OR or Seattle. California is a one party, the Democratic Party state. Complainers are secret Trump supporters. This is paradise, the good life. They prefer the weed and etc.

These are life choices people can make in a free democratic society. It looks like a cosmopolitan city, clean and nice. It is the musical capital of US. Because of that it attracts lots of tourism. Nashville is home to Vanderbilt University famous medical center; ivy league university, one of the best in the world.

In my opinion, Nashville looks far better than LA, offers an excellent quality of life at a fraction of the cost from LA. Most jobs pay close to those in LA for similar experience and education. I hope no one on this blog is from Nashville because they will curse me for leaving the cat out of the bag. Nashville is nice as most non-coastal city. And I mean it. And I have visited it. Problem with it, and it is defenitely highly subjective, it lacks global feel. It would just feel small and too local after southern cal…just too small If I ever moved there, I would no doubt like it but I would take a comfort in the fact that railroad station is only few steps away.

It is all inclusive. That way Moonbeam will get a taste of his own medicine. By the time the police responds if they are lucky to have a chance to place the call , the intruders are already gone or killed everyone in the house. For the CA democrats with Moonbeam at the helm the agenda is — if you support an idiotic agenda, support it all the way regardless of the outcome. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation announced Monday that it has purchased a historic — and nearly unoccupied — downtown hotel as the next step in its initiative to provide affordable housing for homeless people.

A nation established by anglos and built by further white imports who brought their strong work ethic, moral character based on Christianity and civilization from Europe. America is a captive nation. It was conquered culturally and socially by an alien group. And a lot of non-whites brought here as slaves that supported the whites that owned them and, after the Civil War, took advantage of and suppressed them. Actually Mr Cohen, you will find that many of the slave traders and slave owners were jewish.

The vast majority of white Americans did not own any slaves and most white Americans have no history of owning slaves in their ancestry. Mel Gibson was the last white director in Hollywood. I wonder why was he attacked merciless and run out!!!! For now, we see a cultural war, but it is getting hotter and hotter! The massive illegal immigration and homelessness did not happened in a vacuum.

It is a very complex situation and they are all related directly and indirectly. Flyover — you are crazy. So are many commenters here. And I was trying to talk math-based examples here. May he burn eternally in hell. The number of people on unemployment is at the lowest level since That in itself is incredible. Ahhhh, good times man, good times.

Economy does well, people like the prezzy. Economy tanks, they hate the prezzy. All peoples have fought over territory. Native Americans fought brutal tribal battles long before the white man arrived. European settlers built America. If they had not come to America it would still be an untamed land with scattered primitive Indian tribes. Slaves did not build America. They were used on plantations by a few rich plantation owners and jewish clothing merchants who used slaves to pick the cotton for their clothing trade.

The Indians were weak and lost the land get over it. The slaves were just manual labor. They provided brute strength. Could you quantify what the slaves built in America please? What exactly did they build? The last I looked my computer was not made of cotton. The slaves did the tedious work while the more advanced people were busy building complexities that have much more to do with achieving the greatness of this country.

For the rest it was a continuing depression. Why the CPI is altered? Many on this blog seem to think that homes in California are immune to the economics that other markets that other places in the US face. All I can say is to keep an open mind because change strikes when you least expect it. I live close to here. This is practically the ghetto. And the deranged homeless people that sleep on your streets or park their lice and roach ridden RVs in front of your house luckily you no street restrictions and thieves that randomly try to walk into your house in the middle of the day when just your wife and kid are home, oh, and how is the quality of those schools….

It is a generally shitty nabe but to be honest though, the location has good proximity to job centers and cultural opportunities ethnic restaurants. This area will likely improve over time. It used to be much worse around there. That said, the house is cute but still a ripoff. Some of the things you mentioned like the ghetto birds, bums, and overcrowding effects are a fact of life in most of L. Those are the sort of quality of life things that make it a poor relative value to other cities.

Someone tell Greedy Dan!!! Also what does it have to do with me? Sorry no that is not a very good description of me, if I was greedy I would work twice as much to make more money but I like my work and life balance with my family. Lastly the increase in home prices is actually not good for my business, as I write loans that are primarily conventional FHA and VA.

I do not compete in the jumbo Market Arena because that is dominated by the big Banks so actually lower prices would mean lower loan amounts which are more of my wheelhouse.

So say it with me lower prices equals more business for Danny Boy. Btw, remember when you told us about the upcoming pot boom in California and how it will skyrocket house prices in California? What happened with that? Is the pot boom about to start? Are we already in it? Will it happen next year or do we need more pot? Interested to hear a status update!

That article is correct. When I was putting out paving projects, they were starting to have us design the culverts. So much hateful racism in this thread. No available housing because of greed.

This is happening all over l. Life here is becoming hellish. You imagine the former tenants are all going to immediately be living on the streets. The vast majority are going to find other housing in more affordable areas. Enforcing the law is going to solve the housing crisis. Have you tried visiting any mall in Southern California? Does it look American to you? The tide of color is even coming for the liberal elite white professors who have been pushing the anti-white anti-American liberal narrative for so long.

So they too will be purged. The point is that 20 years from now California will be almost completely non-white. So think about what that will do to your property values. This happened when you have limited resources and try to accommodate unlimited people. If California can only accommodate no more than 30 millions of people to live and work here while there are 40 millions of people, you will have some legal resident as well as citizens who are at the bottom of the society forced to be out of job or habitats.

When all else fails yell racism loudly and you win. Everything JonnyOk and Mr. You have been brainwashed. Actually study some history research you morons. You are like the citizens of the film Idiocracy watering crops with Kool-aid. We have so much land to build but yet good people are left on the street.

Liberalism at its finest. I do hope the renters and others can rise above the dwindling group of homeowners and push for more housing in the near future. That Target on Sunset Blvd is a perfect example. It would provide jobs and basic necessities for the neighborhood but because it is a few feet too tall the thing has been deserted for years now.

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