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Ralph was also predeceased by his wife, Antoinette, and son-in-law, Michael Davis. Non-Native Americans also tried to cash in on the new Osage wealth by marrying into families with headrights. A funeral service will follow at 1: He served in the Pacific Theatre and received an Honorable Discharge from active service in Nice lot of 7, all but 1 ca.

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Ida Grove Syria Rare Keystone shaped, Fully hand engraved "F. NICE, rare engraved piece! Brand Collection Penny Lot. Nice Lot of 7 Different Pennies. Chapter Pennies S-KS Chapter Pennies S-LA New Orleans Concorde 2. Grand Lodge of Maine th Anniv, With pamphlet, original plastic boxes. Adrian Masonic Temple Dedication, Chapter Pennies S-MI Lot of 2, small and large sizes, F-VF.

World War I Supposedly these were illegal, as US Armed Forces were not supposed to have any id other than dog tags! BZ, 35mm, worn VF. Minneapolis 28th Triennial Convocation, Kansas City Masonic Temple Dedicated, Bldg center; Rural Lodge Chapter Pennies S-MO Grand Lodge of MO Bicentennial, Original Invitation, etc for Triennial Conclave, St.

Louis, 21 Sept , with folder of names, etc, with red embossed wax seal, ribbons; plus choice 8p booklet for Apollo Commandery, Chicago at St. Chapter Pennies S-NH Lancaster North Star Shepard viewing burning bush obv. Chapter Pennies S-NC Newark Salaam Temple, Bust right obv of Thomas Edison.

Chapter Pennies S-NJ Chapter Pennies S-NM Shekel-shaped, unmarked, but appears silver. Keystone, devices, inscr, all fully hand-engraved on obv of US Large Cent, ca. Nicely done, now somewhat worn VG-VF. Chapter Pennies S-NY Unusual lot of 4 different Wawarsing different metals, all uniface, all UNC.

AL, 35mm; Bright AU. All seeing eye, radiant, over bible on pedestal, candles, symbols, etc; rev appears engraved, but is incuse lettering for Braxmar Co, Masonic Emblems and Lodge Supplies. Chapter Pennies S-OH Cincinnati General Grand Chapter, Hebrew letters cntr; shield rev. Al Koran; Municipal Stadium pictured. Fez shaped, top hole; XF. Cleveland McKinley , Jackson Trowel 70, Chapter Pennies S-OR Chapter Pennies S-PA Gettysburg Good Samaritan Other Glass, Souvenirs, etc.

Syria Temple 3-Handled Glass Mug, Gilt mostly XF, minor wear on some lettering; otherwise nice XF, no chips. Exceptionally fine detail of bldg on mountain, arch, with mining pick and shovel. Wilkes Barre Shekinah Souvenir Album Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. About XF, library bookplate, ink inscription, minor corner fraying.

Newport St Johns th Anniv, Chapter Pennies S-RI Unusual smaller size, sword, rope between two hands; shekel-shape, top loop. S-SC Washington, George Unfinished BZ, 45mm, XF, minor spots. Bust, 2 bldgs obv; list of names rev. Chapter Pennies S-SC Chapter Pennies S-SD Chapter Pennies S-TX Baker Rulau p. Geo standing; rev bldg.

Chapter Pennies S-VA Petersburg 7 Lot of 3. Chapter Pennies S-WA Grand Royal Arch Chapter 50th Anniv, Of the State of Wisc. Finely detailed, beautiful medal: Radiant eye over bible; triangle, Hebrew. Milwaukee 1, Washington 2, Southport 3. Large 49mm, deep mahogany BZ, Unc, proof-like. With original box, worn. Chapter Pennies S-WI Rev "32"; undated but ca. Round, small shekel on rev. Large Brass shekel-shaped, 34mm, UNC. WI Dealer Mixed Lot. Mixed States Balance of Collection.

Mostly Unc, nice lot. VF-Unc and one AG; some dups. Lot of 23pcs, some junk, some Nice! Better lot of 13 diff Centennials, Bi-Cent, th, 30th, etc. Lot of 15 diff. Lot of 9pcs, one engraved, 7 diff, 2 dups, mostly N-S, mostly XF. World Chapter Pennies Canada: General Hand-Engraved Tokens General British Columbia Knights Templar Vancouver Columbia Preceptory Chartered May 23rd, ; K.

AL, 38mm, worn VG. Rocky Mountain RAM. Complex shield cntr; brown VF. Ganadoque Leeds GRC. Finely done, radiant triangle obv. Stirling Keystone 72 RAM. World Chapter Pennies Scotland Lodge St Mary Coltness Wishaw Seated figure with scales. Scotland Old Aberdeen Scotland Trafalgar Leith.

Scotland St Kentigern Scotland St Thomas Kilwinning Dalmellington Scotland Tyneside East Linton. Scotland Trinity Tenebris. Scotland Torrie Fife. Scotland "Moorpark" Renfrew Scotland St Andrew Livingston Station World Non-Pennies Sweden Lot of 16 Different Anniversary.

Various metals, mostly XF-Unc. Group of 7 White-Metal Medals. Scarce lot of 6 different Event Souvenir mm W-M medals, , all but one with top hole. Mostly toned XF, minor spots. Pinbacks Enameled item not coin Interesting Lot of 11 Different Masonic. All but 3 are early enameled pieces. Includes 3 studs, 5 pins, 3 other. Lot of 11 diff, mostly XF, a couple poorer.

Lot of 3 Automobile Attachments. About 5" tall, 6x3", no name, clear glass, about XF. Hand punched with different names, OES , symbol center, 5. Lot of 5 different, about XF. Golden Anniversary, ; 7" dia. Mixed Lot of Masonic. Lot of 4, about VF. Lot of 5 Masonic Books. Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy;. Lot of 2, one with pencil inscr. Includes small hardbound books: Lot of 4, mostly nice.

Nice lot of 7, all but 1 ca. White Shrine of Jerusalem Lot. Plus group of 20 Masonic membership cards, ca. Large Lot of Postcards. Older lot of ca. Masonic Temple Postcards Nice lot of 16 apparently all different postcards of Temples, all postally used. Lot of 7, about XF. Lot of 6, various sizes, about XF, ca. Badges Ribbons S-AR Super high relief, BZ, rev pin missing. Sahara to Los Angeles, Two part BZ, enameled red, pine tree obv. Early multicolored ribbons are rare.

Paul Revere, Boston, Revere on horse; Aleppo, Boston. Badges Ribbons S-CA Lot of 4 Badges. Choice lot of 2-part BZ badges includes 3 enameled: Southern Cal Commandery KT XF, but solder spot center something missing? S-CA Enameled item not coin N-S, small red enameled cross, XF. St Bernard Chicago, Plus postcard sized thick card, extremely ornate printing for St Bernard at S. Golden Gate Commandery 16 Ribbon, For 26th TC, Boston.

XF, some seperation damage to ribbon. San Diego 25, Small 2-part badge, ship on top pin; orange? Michigan Grand Comdy, Oregon Grand Commandery, Baldwin Comdy 22 Williamsport Penna, Plus 2-part BZ badge, bear on top pin, triangle below not sure if this is Masonic! CO Denver 25th TC: Lot of Ribbons, Choice lot of 13 different ribbons for Silver TC in Denver. Lot of 14, 13 different, mostly XF, 4 with some damage. Woodlawn 76, Chicago, ca. Nice 2-part enameled badge, KT shield below, undated; XF.

Badges Ribbons S-CO St Bernard Commandery 25 Chicago, St Bernard 35 Chicago, Lot of 3 Enameled. Lot of 3, all nice XF. Nice old W-M medal, 3-part badge: Cyprus Temple Albany NY, Choice 2-part badge, on Original Card! On original Metropolitan Artcraft Co. Badges Ribbons S-DC Choice BZ badge, with enameled legend over Egyptian motif, wings, sword, etc. Nice police style badge for Masonic Guard! Choice Enameled 2-part badge, top pin with palm trees, lower with KT cross, swords.

Badges Ribbons S-FL Double sided 7" ribbon rev black for funerals , top pin, "Member" one corner broken , OES logo on celluloid; Victoria Ward Chapter 86; gold wire fringe. Florida Grand Chapter 34th Triennial, Imperial Council Compass Watch-Fob, With strap, XF, left white enamel chipped, but hardly noticable.

Badges Ribbons S-IL St Bernard Hat Badge, ca. Letter outline, with screw-back. BZ fob, on black ribbon, fob top a double fob! Fez, fully enameled red, white, black, with center sword, very bold, rays from center of sword.

Enameled convex BZ fob, on black ribbon, fob top another double fob! Nice XF, bold graphics. Choice, very elaborate 3-part enameled badge: Lot of 2, both 2-part enameled badges, both top pins enameled, BZ KT shield, cross below, enameled. Englewood Commandery 59, ca. Lot of 2, both enameled: Small flag pin, ; other 2-part, skull over open book, KT shield, undated. Both enameled BZ, XF. Small crack in enamel, otherwise XF.

St Bernard 35, St Elmo 65, Baltimore MD Beauseant 8, Mississippi Grand Com'd'y, Oklahoma Grand Commandery, BZ, XF, minor spot. Grand Comdy of Texas, BZ; XF, ribbon poor. XF, but white enamel on crescent broken, poor. Apollo 1 Presentation Badge, Nice 3-part enameled badge with "D. XF, white ribbon faded. Obviously for the 67th annual conclave see next lot , but not marked other than date. Woodlawn 76 67th Annual Conclave, Large enameled pin, integral top bar with title, enameled KT cross in circle below; XF.

Imperial Council Session, Medinah Imperial Council Session, Other 2 name-tag badges undated, but similar style. Interesting lot of 7 top badges, each with bars for different years of service at various conclaves. Top pin "For Service", KT seal, legend; each with 1 to 7 bars, various years , 24 total bars. KT Enameled Badge Lot. Nicer lot of 4 enameled badges, 3 2-part, one 3-part, for and Plus "For Service" badge. All nice XF; 5pcs. South Park Guest Badge. Valley of Chicago Cross.

Small enameled cross, 1. Woodlawn 76 "50 Consecutive" Award Badge. Nice 3-part badge, with bar engraved "W. Other Military Organizations Military: World War I Knights Templar Woodlawn Commandery 76 Veteran Badge, ca. High quality dark BZ, XF. Apollo 1 Membership Badge. All of these membership badges are similar 4-part badges, with a top pin, enameled "Illinois", a suspended bar with the lodge name, a black ribbon and a 4-pointed KT cross, enameled white, with a US eagle center.

All are nice XF. Austin Commd'y 84 Membership Badge. Lot of 2, one with top pin "Englewood" in BZ, other as Apollo badge. As above Apollo, 4-part badge. As above Apollo, but 3-part top bar with name. As above Apollo, 4-part badge; XF. Trinity 80 Membership Badge. Woodlawn 76 Membership Badge. As above Apollo, 4-part badge, but center of cross nicely enameled eagle! Lot of 4 Membership Badges. As above Apollo, "Chicago 19"; "Montjoie 53"; "Esoraelon 49"; plain frayed. IL Evanston 58 Membership Badge.

Trinity Commandery 80 Drill Corps. Mohammed Temple Stickpin, ca. Badges Ribbons S-IN Grand Imperial Council, Badges Ribbons S-IA Grand Chapter RAM, ca. Grand Lodge Delegate, IA Iowa Masonic Lot of 2. KS Grand Commandery of Kansas, ca. Grand Commandery of Kansas, General Grand Master, Badges Ribbons S-KS KS Kansas City Commandery Lot of 4 Grand Badges. The and are also watch-fobs.

KS Mixed Lot of 3. Grand Lodge , 2-part probably missing top pin , watch-fob bottom; Grand Commandery Emporia enameled, but apparently top pin broken; 87th Annual Convocation RAM, Topeka, 2-part.

El Hasa Watch Fob, John H Cowles Medal, Official badge, highly ornate 3-part enameled BZ: Top pin, elaborate bar, lower KT cross in Roman temple outline, shield, multi-colored. KY Louisville 28th TC: Apollo 1 Chicago IL, Imperial Council Annual Session, Plus smaller Newark, NJ pin, enameled.

Lot of 2, VF-XF. Toby Moslem Detroit, One of the finest enameled badges offered, 3-part, top sword pin, elephant, crescent, enameled red; gold ribbon; choice badge with enameled view of Wm. VanSickle, facing, palm trees to either side, red enameling outside rim. BZ, XF, but minor chips in red enamel. Mirza Temple Pittsburg KS, Dunlap 5; Lewiston 6, Both 2-part, top celluloid pin, lower KT cross. Different varieties, N-S, XF. Badges Ribbons S-ME ME Lewiston Commandery 6, Strathglass 21; Oriental 22, St Johns Day, Choice lot of 10 early Masonic ribbons, all but 1 black or gold stamped on various colors, about 2x6 to 2.

Lot of 10, 2 dups, about VF-XF. Badges Ribbons S-MA As above ribbon lot, 7pcs, 2 dups, all with small to large finely detailed device banner, crown, knight , plus legend. MA Boston 26th TC: Grand Com'dy 26th TC of the G. MA Boston Comdy, BZ, VF, faded ribbon. Very rare lot of 12 different, mostly 2-color ribbons for various states attending the TC in Boston. Various sizes, mostly 2x6" 2.

Rare Celluloid Ribbon Lot, Three rare ribbons with celluloid attachments! Rectangular cello with black, red, gold stamping, KT cross with knight head, legend, two cut-outs to slide on ribbon, for Hamilton Comdy 5, Bridgeport CT. All nice XF-AU, choice and quite rare! Bay State Comdy, Coeur de Lion, Pilgrim Comdy 19, MA Haverhill Comdy, St Paul Comdy, Worcester Co Comdy, St John's Comdy, ME Boston 25th TC: MA Boston 25th TC: Sailing ships on lower part of 2-part N-S badge; XF.

St Alban Comdy, Ohio Sword Pin, St Johns 1, Choice large Enameled pin, 3. MA Boston Enameled Badge, Bethany 17 Membership Badge. Badges Ribbons S-MI Moslem Lot of 2. Undated thin gilt-BZ Detroit 1 old-style pin, 2.

Golden Anniversary of Ashlar Lodge 91, Montjoie Comdy 53 Chicago, St Bernard Comdy 35 Chicago, Ribbon and Badge Lot. Large Lot of Mixed Badges. Lot of 10pcs, about XF. Genesse Valley Comdy Enameled letters and cross; Unc. Grand Lodge Representative, Choice Lot of 4. Badges Ribbons S-MN Grand Encampment 38th TC, Lot of 5pcs, all 3-part badges, with top scimitar, ribbon, lower BZ medal. Mankato Day Osman Temple, Early dated ribbon, black on red, possibly missing a top badge or pin?

Choice lot of 3 enameled badges: Moila Temple Watch-Fob, ca. Varied Lot of 3. Old style ornate purple ribbon: Mount Horeb Comdy Pin. Badges Ribbons S-NH Choice and scarce lot of 7 different early ribbons for Receptions, Pilgrimages, etc; Nice lot of 7pcs, about XF, some with rev top pins. Choice early lot of 5 ribbons, Pilgimage of , gold on red; XF.

To Worcester MA, extremely ornate, super detailed view of two fighting knights on horseback, multi-colored, VF. Lot of two neat badges picturing the Old Lady, shoe, lots of kids, one badge in outline-relief of shoe, high relief Lady, kids Shriners with red fezes! About XF, medal scratched. Badges Ribbons S-NY Cyprus - Buffalo, VF, some fading on ribbon. Lot of 2, Capital-type building in center, scimitar pin, gilt-BZ, VF.

Grand Council of Royal and Selected Masters, Scimitar Lot of 4, Albany NY Temple Comdy, Official 30th TC Grand Encampment, Super 3-part enameled badge, with neat full-color detailed view of two Revolutionary War soldiers: Lot of 4, OH Early Ribbon Lot of 3. Badges Ribbons S-OH OH Akron Comdy Pinbacks S-OH Celluloid Masonic Temple Dedication Pinback, OH Cincinnati Comdy 3, ca. Probably an early membership badge. Hanselmann Comdy 16, ca. Zanesville Cyrene 10, Neat lot of 3pcs: State Conclave KT, Badges Ribbons S-PA Great 2-part enameled badge, with layers!

Rare composition for a badge! Lewiston ME Comdy, Outline of moose, on log, dark N-S, XF. If you love moose, this is for you!

Badges Ribbons S-RI St John's Comdy 1 Ribbon Lot. Early lot of 7 ribbons, includes Reception, 3pcs, 2 dups, one ink-stained ; th Anniv, ; Calvary Comdy 13 Pilgrimage, ; Pilgrimage , ink-stained; New Masonic Temple, Nice lot of 7, 2 dups, XF. Badges Ribbons S-SD Annual Communication of Grand Bodies, Oriental Consistory 1, Both NICE 5-part badges, top scimitar pin enameled in gold, bars with ribbon one stamped: Saratoga ; the other: Atlantic City , lower badger over bi-metal badge, Egyptian sphinx, etc in brass center, N-S outer.

Shrine Directors Assoc, WI Mixed Lot of 3. Nice early multi-colored enameled pin, white, red, green, red, blue, yellow! Mixed Lot of Masonic Badges, Etc. Lot of 12, one dup, mostly XF, 2 damaged. Great dealer lot of 16pcs, , some undated, includes some NICE membership badges, one nicer enameled badge, one massive bi-metal piece missing ribbon, one OES ribbon, two enameled stick-pins, two metal membership cards.

Early Masonic Ribbon Lot. Includes some nicer early ribbons: Good dealer lot of all different ribbons, , some undated. Various types, all early styles, 11 different, one with nice large celluloid top pin. Consistory 3-part; two nicer awarded 2-parts, double-layered; one great 5-part Mass. Consignor states one is gold and silver. Nice old enameled badge, with top pin, 12 year badges, bottom rung engraved "G. Masonic Watch-Fob Lot of 4 Different. Various types, mostly undated, two appear early, 3 dated ca.

Masonic Pin-back Button Lot of Includes two large ca. Three heavy Brass K. Royal Masonic Institution for Boys, Choice "Steward" badge, 3-part: Royal Masonic Institution for Girls, Lot of 2 pins: Far East Comdy Manila, Silver or N-S, XF, but ribbon poor. Nude male, female figures, with Pegasus, winged horse; rev rugged peaks. American Indian planting corn; rev nude male, "To Reap". Three nude females each side. Society of Medalists Family of 3; rev man clearing the land.

The Spirit of the Space Age. Star-shaped nude man; rev benign spirit, nude earthlings advancing. Heavens Declare the Glory of God.

Two angels; rev Great Frigate Bird, stars. Square medal, high relief head obv, nude male rev with lamp of knowledge. Underwater sea plant, fish; rev nude male swimmer. By Tom Allen, Jr. Flame, as a symbol of life, in palm of hand; rev Latin legend.

Human figures in playful postures; rev Christ-like figure. A nude Youth, playing guitar, involved in world of his own; rev soldier carrying wounded man. No box, photocopy of paper. Development of the Alphabet. Key stages in development of Roman alphabet; montage of 26 letters. Spring Wind - Autumn Wind. Nude woman in wind; nude male. As above, but in Silver; UNC; original shipping box. Confucius and Lao Tze obv; rev Chinese style landscape. Society of Medalists Birds except eagles , etc.

Opposing conditions of freedom and opression; winged bird in flight. Young couple in passionate embrace; rev woman with baby. By Elizabeth Gordon Chandler. Early renaissance sculptor carves the Greek muse of painting; rev ballet dancer, swan.

BZ; UNC, original shipping box. Choice Collection of 41 Different. Great collection of 41 different BZ Society of Medalists medals, most with boxes and papers, near mint. Rare and previously unknown Thomas Jefferson Indian Peace medal. Undoubtedly made from an original dies copper impression. Nicely toned silver-plated copper, with only a few traces of copper. All the different sizes of the original early Jefferson Peace medals were also struck as shells, joined together.

This middle size medal was struck in copper as a solid piece, for collectors beginning in This unusual specimen is an electro-type galvano shell, with the two sides joined together, as were the original pieces. There is a very fine die crack on the reverse, though the bowl of the peace pipe to the thumb. The medal has some very light wear, and does have some depressed area, as is quite normal on a shell.

Choice About Uncirculated, Wonderfully toned silver-grey, 74mm, a couple of high points with some minor rub. A small reverse section at lower right on the rim shows copper, as do some minor high points which are the only hints it is not a solid silver strike. Unlisted and previously unknown to researchers. For the advanced collector, or for the person seeking any Jefferson Indian Peace Medal, this possibly unique piece should be of interest. Official Annual Assay Commission Medal, The only modestly priced Assay medal, with Martha Washington obv.

Small silver medalette, 18mm. Toned AU, tiny srcrath rev. Bust r of Lincoln; bust l of Garfield. Made after the unexpected death of Garfield. Silver, nicely toned Unc. US Mint Commemorative Mint Medalette Lot of 7. Modern strikes from U. First items struck on the new coin press, from regular cent planchets. Liberty cap; inscr, Mar. George Washington Commencement of Cabinet, CU, 20mm, choice AU, chocolate brown.

Bust r of New York surgeon ; rev scientific implements. CM Pennsylvania Bicentennial, Bust of William Penn; state seal, inscr. Distributed during the parade of Oct. Brass, 25mm, choice XF. Large 3" medal, facing bust of, crossed keys below, name around; Secretary of the Treasury , within partial wreath. Only struck ca. Unsigned, but by George T. Jefferson Memorial Association of US, Bust l, "Tribute to the Author of the Declaration of Independence", ; 11 line inscr.

On original card of issue: St Louis Bicentennial Official Medal set, Arch; fleur de lis. Mint Medal of Wayne, bust half-right; horseback scene rev. Gold plated by The American Treasury Mint, in custom holder, with info card and numbered certificate. S-AK Made-from or Relic Made of native copper. BR, 5c, ch, dug VF. Rare Arizona Territory token! BR, 8-sided, dug VF, corr. Interesting misspelled item, should be "Grotto".

Unlisted, GF 25c IT. Wai Yuen Chinese Social Club - 2. Chinese symbol "Hui", an abbr. Probably the name of a gaming house in S. Same both sides, denominated "2". Wai Yuen - 3. As above, chinese symbols, etc. Wai Yuen - 4. As above, chinese symbols, "4". Re-Inventing the Game Video documentary short special thanks. Himself - Spectator uncredited. Show all 9 episodes. Show all 69 episodes. Blood Brothers Video short Himself. Director's Combat Journal Video short Himself.

The Horrors of Combat Video short Himself. Himself - Breakdancing Adversary. Inside Ocean's Outfit Video documentary Himself. There You Are Video short Himself. Wherever I Go Video short Himself. Drafting the Team Video documentary short Himself. Playing the Game Video documentary short Himself. The Limited Sky A Sense of Place The Stream of Consciousness Show all 24 episodes.

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