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Mordovia Arena , Saransk. I'm having trouble locating it but, I'd like to shoot you ann email. Fracturing his pelvis, several bones and suffering a concussion, he lay in a hospital unconscious for 29 days in a coma before recovering. Excellent chice of colors! His accusing an innocent woman of witchcraft and getting her executed simply because he was jealous of her success establishes him as one of the most evil characters in the show.

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He is, however, less evil than just lustful, confused and militant. Later, it turns out that he's actually working for an ancient, evil god, too. King's The Dark Tower series also features a rare female example: Sylvia Pittston, a large woman who establishes a Christian-like cult to the Crimson King in the town of Tull. She is even pregnant with the Crimson King's child via the Man in Black, though Roland destroys this hellspawn by forcing his gun up her vaginal tract , which drives her mad.

Sylvia's influence over the town is so great that she's able to successfully convince the whole populace to attempt Roland. No one, including her, survives.

The Cardinal in The Three Musketeers , though he's an antagonist because he is the prime minister of France. The religious aspect of his position is irrelevant to his character and the plot. To put this simply, Dante despised such people, and the punishment he portrayed them as suffering was horrid, to say the least.

There's even a section of Hell for corrupt clergy, where they are placed upside down in holes resembling baptismal fonts and have their feet burnt in a parody of baptism. Dante's Arch-Enemy Boniface VIII, a notoriously power-hungry Pope who was largely responsible for Dante's exile, is mentioned to be destined for this area of Hell even though the poem is set before his death.

The Reverend Dr Syn , a "mild mannered clergyman from Kent", also known as the vicious criminal "the Scarecrow", and the feared pirate Captain Clegg.

Vorbis from the Discworld book Small Gods. Unlike some examples, though, Vorbis believes with absolute certainty that all the bad things he does to advance the church and himself are necessary according to his twisted conception of the religion.

A character in the book mentions this trope, expecting that Vorbis maintains his austere image just to hide a life of luxury and indulgence, but he doesn't. It is implied that this makes him worse than a garden-variety corrupt priest, as Vorbis's crimes are driven by something stronger and more constant than self-interest.

Pryrates from Memory, Sorrow and Thorn is a priest as well as the most cliched Evil Sorcerer one can imagine. He lives in a tower which no one dares to enter, he wears scarlet robes, has a shaved head, kills a puppy as one of his character introduction scenes and has such evil vibes that the hero notices him as a bad guy right away.

And the King doesn't care at all. It's pretty heavily implied that Pryrates indulges in every Villain Trope he can think of just because he knows it will creep people out. He represents The Church by himself, although he conspires with representatives of other organizations. Also appears in The Film of the Book. Some notable examples in The Bible: Eli's sons Hophni and Phineas from 1st Samuel, who not only took the best portions of the sacrifices that were meant for God, but also slept with the women who assembled at the door of the Tent of Meeting.

Of course, God also holds Eli responsible for not taking strong measures against his sons abusing their power and position. The Pharisees and Jewish leaders in the Gospels, whom Jesus denounced publicly for their actions in Matthew chapter They so hated Jesus for it that they conspired to have Him be put to death. In the third epistle of John, the apostle speaks of Diotrephes, a church head who was a malicious gossip and excommunicated members of his church for not adopting gnosticism.

He was succeeded by Menelaus, the brother of the corrupt Temple official Simon, who basically bought his position with money and was described as having "the hot temper of a cruel tyrant and the rage of a savage wild beast. Also Alcimus, who was appointed by Demetrius. Chants of "Down with Diotrephes! Safehold 's Church of God Awaiting has its Sinister Ministers, but the standout is its the Grand Inquisitor Zhaspahr Clyntahn, whose crossings of the Moral Event Horizon include the brutal execution of a scapegoat Archbishop, having members of his order instigate a massacre against traders and merchants of the heretic nation of Charis, and having an allied prince and his sixteen year old heir assassinated when said Prince was about to surrender to the Charisian emperor, Cayleb.

Making Clyntahn especially dangerous even after all that is he has himself utterly convinced that he's a Well-Intentioned Extremist. And the fact that his religion explicitly states that good intentions based in religion justify any kind of extremism makes him even worse. Subverted in the Illuminatus! The sect is completely harmless, Padre himself doesn't even believe in God or Satan, and he is indeed one of the good guys. In The Jehovah Contract, an evil televangelist with some kind of supernatural powers hires the narrator character to assassinate Jehovah.

Howard 's Conan the Barbarian: In the story " Rogues in the House ," Nabonidus, the Red Priest, "who was the real ruler of the city. The titular character from H. Lovecraft 's short story The Evil Clergyman , a mysterious man with a decidedly Anglican attire who appears to have cast his soul into a matchbox-like object in an act of pre-suicidal sorcery, later attempting to completely usurp anyone that handles said object.

The narrator manages to stop him, though not before having his appearance changed to an exact replica of the clergyman. He beat his son Zeck regularly and found fault and sin in everyone but himself.

When Zeck got taken away by the International Fleet, the IF representative was accused of infringing on the church's freedom to worship as they pleased.

The rep responded by tearing open Zeck's shirt to show the congregation his bloody and scarred back. While at battle school, Ender speculates that Zeck's mother divorced her husband now that Zeck was out of his reach. A common figure in the writings of Flannery O'Connor: In Wise Blood , Asa Hawks preaches the Gospel but doesn't believe any of it; he's only in it for the money.

He even faked blinding himself with lye as a very public demonstration of his nonexistent faith. Katherine Langrish's novel Dark Angels has Brother Thomas, an over-religious and abusive priest who is cruel to the boys at the abbey.

He gets his comeuppance in the end. A Song of Ice and Fire has many of these: Septon Utt is a priest of the Faith of the Seven as well as a mercenary and a notorious serial killer and rapist of little boys. Melisandre is a Red Priestess of R'hllor, a fire god. She's pretty ruthless and has a number of fire related powers, though she does have morals and is simply convinced that what she's doing is for the greater good. Word of God has called her the most misunderstood character in the series, partially as she is right about an evil power that could destroy humanity to the north of Westeros, and is not acting out of a desire for power.

He's extremely zealous in a religion that advocates drowning unbelievers and pillaging the mainland. It becomes more tragic considering his PO Vs reveal he was sexually abused by his monstrous older brother Euron Greyjoy, who is clearly the most evil member of the Greyjoys. In The Knife of Never Letting Go , the priest of Prentisstown, a man named Aaron, pursues the main character throughout the entire book.

He combines this trope with Implacable Man , surviving many, many injuries including having his head chewed on by a crocodile due to his religious conviction.

A good portion of the priesthood in Karse in the Heralds of Valdemar series. That is, until the god Vkandis got fed up with the Corrupt Church and did some rearranging, with a Bolt of Divine Retribution for starters. In The Robin and the Kestrel by Mercedes Lackey , we have High Bishop Padrik, who took control over the city-state of Gradford with faked miracles most of which were learned from a rogue Gypsy clan or helped along with his magic and being a great orator, preaching on such subjects as that woman's place was in the home , that nonhumans were Anathema, and any sort of fun non-Church music and brightly colored clothing, for example was a sin.

The Dresden Files has a short story about a priest who thinks that it's a travesty that Harry has custody over Swords of the Cross as opposed to finding new users for them which Harry is actually doing. The guy was once in the military and has been staring a lot of evils in the face from his position in South America and tries to kill Harry to get the swords out of what he perceives to be enemy hands.

Michael is not amused. He gradually gets seduced by a female demon, and winds up literally becoming the devil. In contrast to the earlier books, in his own book he's shown to not be evil so much as performing a necessary function. Also, he hates Jews. His church is baldly commercial to begin with but it gets worse when you get to know him personally. He regularly visits VR snuff sites, killed his first wife and buried her in the rock garden, and had hopes to do the same to his sons.

The Dinosaur Lords has father Jeronimo, Emperor's confessor, who everyone agrees is creepy and who has not been seen by anyone in years. He has fundamentalist views and seems to be influencing the Emperor to start wars. Also, he's actually a Grey Angel, one of seven creatures hell-bent on wiping out humanity. He soon realises the odd spelling of " Izrael " is no error or eccentricity. Van der Velden spent time in Israel learning the inner secrets of Kabbalah. These include how to actively pray for the death of dirty godless liberals, atheists, socialists and advocates of sexual deviancy, so as to Make America Great Again and bring about God's will for the USA — a fundamentalist Christian theocracy.

Led by President van der Velden. The Robert Browning poem "Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister" is about a monk who has an unreasoning hatred of one of his fellow monks, apparently because he's too enthusiastic about gardening and doesn't follow rituals the first monk invented at meals to display his peity. He sabotages the man's garden, plots to trick him into heresy just before he dies so he goes to Hell, and by the end is considering making a Deal with the Devil in exchange for revenge.

He's also a Hypocrite ; in one verse he thinks that if he can get Brother Lawrence to accidentally read his "scrofulous French novel" the man will be damned. Why he has such a novel is not explained. The Traitor Son Cycle has two: The Archbishop of Alba is deliberately destabilizing Alba, to the point of implicating the pregnant Queen into murder so that he gets a chance of burning her alive.

He's also not-so-subtly implied to be working with Ash, the Big Bad, and without the "angel" facade that the dragon employs with his other pawns. The Patriarch of Rhum deliberately raises an army to block Red Knight's path when the latter is trying to fight The Virus — and not because he's infected. Prophet Darren of The Infected is a deeply conservative man of the cloth, who is firmly against the abomination of the Infected think mutants. As time passes, the readers learn that he also kept a commune of abused children and a vast harem made up largely of his daughters, and that he himself is an Infected with emotion-manipulating powers.

The public reveal of this is enough to destroy him utterly, the protagonists barely needing to lift a finger towards his end. The Comfortable Courtesan has the Reverend Mr. Gorston, later Marquess of Bexbury, who starts off as being simply obnoxious and bigoted, and is revealed over the course of the serial to be truly villainous.

As is stated in the author's description of him "He had no belief in Styphon or any other god. If he had, he wouldn't be in his current position". Styphon's House starts and stops wars, dictates terms to everybody, and generally rules the entire area ruthlessly and without care for anything except their own power and wealth. In Jane Eyre , Mr Brocklehurst is a clergyman of rich, honourable and influential family and he has quite a strong position in society, but he has a sick, twisted mind.

For instance, he scares Jane with his idea of hell and horrible religious teachings and he's an extreme hypocrite. His mother founded the Lowood school as a charitable institution for orphaned girls, but he runs it as the Boarding School of Horrors of the worst kind — the pupils suffer from hunger and cold in winter.

When the poor food causes a typhus outbreak that kills a large group of students, the outside world finds out about the horrors, but he's too important to be punished for his mismanagement of the school. One of the major villains in Hawksmaid is the Abbess, who is the Sheriff of Nottingham's sister and Prince John's mistress. She conspires to help John take over the kingdom while Richard is held prisoner, and captures Matty and tortures her in an attempt to discover the location of the rubies.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Caleb, a psychotic misogynist and serial killer who used his sermons to lure impressionable young women to him and then brutally murder them. This was before he became The Dragon for the Ultimate Evil in the universe, who granted him super-strength and an army, then tasked him with massacring the Slayer Potentials and the Watchers.

He took to his mission with sadistic glee, reciting twisted prayers and Biblical references as he casually broke arms, snapped necks , and put out eyes.

Caleb was, bar none, the single vilest villain in Buffy canon, even surpassing Angelus in depravity and pure hatred.

His voice and mannerisms are also a direct reference to Robert Mitchum 's character from The Night of the Hunter , whom some might consider to be even spookier than Caleb. Joss Whedon defended himself from backlash by pointing out that the Church had kicked Caleb out.

And for those who would doubt the above statement about Caleb being worse than Angelus, bear in mind that Angelus is a vampire. He has no soul whereas Caleb has no such excuse for his evil. The Anointed One's guardian, Abasalom. He's also a moneylender, with a particular pleasure for dealing with recalcitrant clients with a red hot poker , and if he arrives in the morning, he tends to eat their children before getting down to business.

He is also by his own admission a "colossal pervert", willing to do anything to anything, animal, vegetable or mineral. Yet despite all this, and his reputation, he's also a Villain with Good Publicity , being friends with Queen 'Liz herself, and his parishioners believe his only vice is "a little tipple before evensong".

There's one episode of Midsomer Murders where the murderer is the local priest, responsible for three murders. The reason for this is that unbeknownst to his wife and the rest of the village he'd had a kid some 20 years earlier with an unmarried woman, and said kid had died in order to join a "club", the members made him stand tiptoe on a chair with a noose around his neck while they went off for a smoke.

When one of the victims thought he was dying, he confessed to the priest, who decapitated one, burned another alive, and arrowed the last through the back. Quite a normal backstory for a resident of Midsomer County.

An episode of Criminal Minds had a priest who killed people using drug-laced holy water in his exorcisms, specifically targeting four people who he believed to have murdered a fellow priest while on pilgrimage.

On Lost , a prison chaplain refused to absolve Richard for accidentally killing a doctor, in blatant violation of Church doctrine. Richard was about to be hanged, and apparently, someone wanted him softened up and scared to be sent to the New World as a slave. Kai Winn in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , who becomes leader of a Saintly Church purely in pursuit of personal power, and somehow fools everyone except the main characters. Initially she believes that everything that goes right for her is proof she's doing the Prophets' will, and everything that goes wrong is a test , but later she decides that if the Prophets don't agree with her they're wrong, and turns to the Pah-Wraiths, the Bajoran equivalent of demons.

Though, during the Grand Finale , after Gul Dukat has tricked her into releasing the Wraiths and helped him essentially become The Anti-Christ , she helps Sisko stop him. At first, Winn expressed resentment of the Federation's presence due to their secularism. Later, when Sisko starts to embrace his role as the Emissary of the Prophets , it's more that she sees him personally as a threat to her power.

After all, when the Emissary has arrived, what need is there for a Kai? It's rather akin to a scenario where the Pope is resentful of the fact that Jesus outranks him, which illustrates how much her ambition twisted her religious beliefs. Christopher's church following the death of his wife Genevieve and son, Jason.

Formerly a firm believer in the cult of The Traveller, he turns on Clark after the revelation that he is unwilling to kill Archenemy Lex Luthor , and tries to put them both out of his misery. One could argue that he's an Antihero , but no matter how you slice it, he's very sinister, and given the religious overtones of almost every action he takes, it ain't just an act.

Then he tries to burn them all in an attempt to destroy the Darkness within. Haven 's Reverend Driscoll is the town's leading agitator for Fantastic Racism against the " Troubled ". Apparently believing them to be cursed, he's been working to establish enough influence for he and his followers to one day wipe the Troubled out. The Canon on the medieval planet in Stargate SG-1 made use of creative interpretations of The Bible , the fear engendered by the Goa'uld System Lord Sokar's raids for hosts, and a lightning-summoning ring in order to maintain control over his village.

When SG-1 arrived, he accused Teal'c of consorting with demons. The Priors of the Ori and their head honcho, the Doci, are pretty creepy. Sister Jude from American Horror Story: Asylum is an Ambiguously Evil gender-flipped version of this trope.

She's basically a Knight Templar who believes in beating the sin out of her patients with a rather loose definition of what constitutes "sin" even by the standards of the early Sixties but thanks to far worse people and things inhabiting Briarcliff plus her own tortured history she can be interpreted as either an Anti-Villain or Anti-Hero. Pastor Young from The Vampire Diaries who takes over the council as of series 4 and returns it to it's original kill all vampires mission.

Vicar Oddie from In the Flesh is constantly preaching against zombies and who orders the parish council to do less than ethical actions. Reverend Jeremiah Cloutier, a defrocked pastor convicted of embezzlement who begins building his own army of converts inside the prison on Oz. In the Masters of Horror episode "The Screwfly Solution", the priest in the Canadian hospital euthanizes female patients against their will while preaching the "fundamentally evil" nature of women.

A couple of these types pop up in Jack Taylor. First we have " Lucifer " the sadistic and enigmatic nun who helped to run a Magdalene laundry in s Galway. Next we have the Pedophile Priest who abused and traumatized his altar boys.

Father Malachy is a subversion of this—although he and Jack frequently clash, it's more out of the Father's loyalty to Jack's estranged mother over his unconventional and unwieldy lifestyle rather than some ulterior and sinister motive. Pastor Johannsen in Orphan Black , a folksy but viciously authoritarian and misogynistic cult leader who rules his commune with an iron fist, has his daughter's mouth sewn shut to punish her, and treats women as nothing more than breeding receptacles.

Father Ted , Bishop Brennan is a domineering bully with a secret son in America and shoves the Pope out of the way when he realises that Ted has kicked him up the arse. Father Jack, the oldest priest on Craggy Island, is hinted to have been a paedophile as well as an incoherent violent drunk.

Several oneshot priests are this, ranging from Father Todd Unctious, who steals another priest's clothing for no real reason and tries to steal Ted's Golden Cleric Award, to Father Williams, who has apparently been running guns.

Even Ted himself in that he apparently misappropriated funding from that Lourdes thing. The Outer Limits Father Claridge from "Fear Itself" murdered a little girl and burned her corpse before blaming her brother, turning the boy into a traumatized wreck for most of his life and haunted by the experience. He ends up driven to madness by the brother's psychic powers, imagining himself burning alive. World Without End is filled with these: Brother Godwyn is first of these and foremost.

He is a cousin of Caris and he embodies every single thing that was wrong with the Medieval Roman Catholic Church; he burns witches, robs the poor, does not want to prevent a plague, and in the end turns on his own mother after finding out he has a half-brother. Brother Joseph is another prime example. When Mattie Wise proves to be a more effective healer than him, the jealous and petty Brother Joseph accuses her of witchcraft.

His accusing an innocent woman of witchcraft and getting her executed simply because he was jealous of her success establishes him as one of the most evil characters in the show. That Mitchell and Webb Look has The Incredibly Twisted and Horrible Person Who Unaccountably Is Still A Vicar, who confronts a young couple who've only recently moved into the neighbourhood, and berates them for trying to look around the church, at length , not being particularly religious but still having some "ideas", and dismisses the ideas of love and tolerance as a fad that wasn't likely to catch on, before driving them out completely.

His speech even comes with an ominous wind, and later, ominous chanting. Oh, aren't you all entitled to your opinions? You've thought about eternity for five minutes, and think you've come to some interesting conclusions.

Well, let me tell you, I stand with a thousand years of darkness and bafflement and hunger behind me! My kind have harvested the souls of a million peasants, and I couldn't give a ha'pennny's jizz about your internet assembled philosophy!

Following its source material , Game of Thrones has its share of these: Season 5 presents us with the High Sparrow who has been given plenty of Adaptational Villainy and turned into a power-hungry religious fanatic who tries to eliminate anyone he deems as a threat to his religion and power.

While he was already an example of this in the books, he opposed the evil plan of his much more monstrous brother Euron Greyjoy and got imprisoned. In the show, he happily goes with Euron's plan to kill their niece and nephew. Admittedly, since many of their brothers have been Adapted Out , this does tones down Euron's cruelty.

In earlier Seasons, we already had an example, albeit a much less extreme and smaller. The first High Septon could qualify too seeing how he represented everything that was wrong with Faith of the Seven being greedy, fat , and not caring about the starving smallfolk. It will come as a complete shock to learn that he's actually The Master. Iron Maiden have "Holy Smoke", which lambasts sinister ministers—"Holy Smoke, Holy Smoke, Plenty bad preachers for the Devil to stoke"—written in response to the very public falls from grace of several anti-heavy-metal and nearly everything else televangelists.

Falconer's Enter The Glade describes a corrupt evangelist who uses his supposed connection to the divine to enrich himself at his followers' expense. Mindcrime is one of these; he is a corrupt televangelist who sleeps with nuns. Space's Neighbourhood has this to say of the local preacher: Miller, he's our local vicar and a serial killer.

Rapper Saigon talks about ghetto ministers who exploit their poor congregations in his song "Preacher". Chief Rabbi Kai in! What were ye first, man or priest Or the tool o' Revelation's beast Primed wi' fire and thunder Tae tear Scotland's soul asunder.

It's his friggin' name! James Mitchell , the man behind this gimmick, did much the same act in TNA under his real name. The Undertaker , while leading the Satanic cult-inspired Ministry of Darkness. The Jackyl , New Age-inspired charismatic cult leader with an unmatched flair for brainwashing and mind control.

Bray Wyatt , leader of the very Manson-esque Wyatt Family who preaches about his beloved 'Sister Abigail' and, since their debut, has done a number of horrifying things from corrupting Daniel Bryan to possibly planting the seeds of betrayal in The Shield. The World Wrestling League's Wrestlefest in saw the addition of Lord Siniestro, who appears to be a cross between Baron Samedi and The Pope, without the benevolent traits of either.

He's got some kind of connection to Legio and Mistress Glenda Lee, crucifixes becoming their collective calling cards after his arrival. Krozen is a corrupt warmonger who plays on religious fundamentalism to support his power. He's far from the worst in Thrane, though; the militant bishops in charge of the city of Thaliost captured from rival Aundair in the backstory and never fully assimilated culturally or religiously are infamously cruel and sadistic to the point of facing opposition from lower-ranking church members who more closely follow the religion's teachings, and in the backstory Thrane fanatics have attempted genocide against lycanthropes and committed horrific war crimes including ethnic cleansing against rival nations.

Ironically, Thrane's state religion, the Silver Flame, is ''Lawful Good'' officially , but due to Eberron's unique rules on clerics' Character Alignment that has little bearing on the actual conduct of its priests and followers, much like how real religions' teachings are easily twisted by corrupt churchmen to serve their own ends.

Per his religion's credo, he's a tyrannical leader who plots the conquest of the world and its subjugation under a totalitarian rule. He's also handsome , well-spoken, cultured , and intelligent. Reverend Ezekiah Grimme from Deadlands. A humanitarian to boot. The game ultimately comes clean and reveals he's not even human; he's an Abomination, basically a demon that walks around in the real world in the good Reverend's shape. Has been ever since the real Reverend Grimme was murdered and eaten by his starvation-maddened flock, back before Lost Angels was really founded.

The real Grimme was a whiskey priest of the highest order, but did his admittedly not very impressive best to care for his people and was a far cry from actual capital-E Evil From the same game, there's Professional Killer "Deacon" Jim Miller. Unlike the real Miller, who was called "Deacon" just because he attended church and didn't smoke or drink, this version is an actual Methodist deacon when he isn't out bushwhacking people for money.

The Church of Deals Orzhova would necessarily have a few. Pontiff of Blight , for instance. Any cleric, inquisitor, or antipaladin in service to one of the setting's Religions of Evil is liable to be this in Pathfinder. Grundmoch from Legacy of Fire is an interesting example in that he's a Chaotic Evil troglodyte cleric of Rovagug , yet will actually ally with the PC's against the Adventure Path's greater antagonist, Zayifid.

There are a few monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Seriously, that guy is Obviously Evil. More than a few Space Marine Chaplains in the Warhammer setting have fallen to one of several dark sides. Hell, even the loyalist Chaplains are trained with the express purpose for violent xenophobia. The Dark Angels senior Chaplain Asmodai has a couple screws loose, and not in a funny way.

And while a Dark Angel Chaplain is expected to brutally torture captive traitors in order to make them repent and thus redeem their souls , Asmodai sorta stopped reading after the words "torture captive traitors". The Word Bearer Chaplains sort of wrapped back around in an odd way, and eventually landed on Religion of Evil. Ironically, the Word Bearers invented Chaplains in the Imperium, yet were the first to fall to Chaos. The regular ministers in the Imperium aren't any better, they advocate in hunting down heretics and mutants, with no regard on whether their targets are innocent or guilty.

Henry VI has the Bishop of Winchester, later Cardinal of Winchester, who orders his half-brother's death in an attempt to secure the crown and is noted by all other characters to be a depraved and power-hungry man.

Interestingly, the current Bishop of Winchester, when Shakespeare was writing, made a substantial amount of his fortune by licensing prostitution. He also owned the land the Globe Theatre was built on He conspires to have his sister killed and her kids murdered, partly in order to preserve the family honor and partly to get his hands on her wealth. He also pulls strings to have ill-gotten lands deeded to his mistress.

Big Bad of the campaign and a hard difficulty A. In Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes , Mitsuhide poses as Tenkai, a monk who acts as adviser to the cowardly and easily manipulated Hideaki. Even in this guise, he barely tries to hide his sadistic nature and is still as Obviously Evil as he was in previous games.

There is often at least one in Fire Emblem games. However, the series also has a tendency at least since Fuuin no Tsurugi for the highest-ranking religious figure in the game to be benevolent, and in a couple of games, playable.

Pastor Richards in Grand Theft Auto: He plans to build a giant statue for himself and his concubines, and needs your donations to do so.

Graham Jones in Aria of Sorrow. Dressed like a Southern Baptist televangelist, and sounds like one too. He also shares the Knight Templar fundamentalism qualities. In reality, though, he is actually the leader of the Church of Satan.

Girolamo Savonarola, also II who not only is an extremist preacher like his real-life counterpart, but also is willing to use the Apple of Eden to subjugate Florence and spread his agenda. Revelations brings us Cyril of Rhodes, the rare example of an Eastern Orthodox priest. He is a member of the Templar Order and plans to assassinate patriarch of Constantinople.

Finally, in Origins , we have Hetepi, the Lizard. He is a powerful priest of Anubis and has the trust of the high priest, Pasherenptah.

Since Anubis is the Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife, Hetepi's acts as the Lizard were contrary to his priestly duties. The Archbishop Lazarus in Diablo. Sister later Mother Petrice from Dragon Age II is a total Smug Snake and petty racist who outright admits to pulling a number of half-assed machinations to rile the people of Kirkwall up against the Qunari in an attempt to commit ethnic cleansing against the "heretical" Qunari.

She succeeds, but will only live to see it if you help her, which she Sanctus from Devil May Cry 4. The Reverend from the first game; He initially seems to be a fair, if slightly rude priest, but is actually a Knight Templar psychopath. He has his own pregnant daughter thrown out of the village for refusing to follow the psycho-cult religion he does, forcing her to become a prostitute just to get by and gives children to Salamandra who perform horrific genetic experiments on them.

He then tricks his own people into believing that the mostly innocent mage Abigail is responsible for the recent rise in monster attacks, forming them into a howling lynch mob.

He does this merely out of petty spite and prejudice, as there is no real evidence she was guilty of any wrongdoing, while at the same time he turns a blind eye to the other villagers' many misdeeds.

If Geralt prevents the lynching, even after saving the village from the monsters, the Reverend will try to have him killed, again purely out of petty spite.

He doesn't fight Geralt himself first, but manipulates dozens of innocent villagers to attack, willing to sacrifice the lives of his own village just because Geralt hasn't let him murder an innocent woman. In the third game , there is Reverend Nathaniel Pastodi, the one the Concerned Citizen frames for his crimes. He's an easy frame-up, after all—he was Novigrad's head torturer for years before the Church of the Eternal Fire took over, after which he donned the frock of a cleric and was given supervision of the city morgue.

He particularly enjoyed torturing women, and he pays to burn prostitutes with a hot poker just because that's what gets him off. Even when Geralt finds he's not guilty of the Concerned Citizen murders, he can still kill Nathanial, and Dandelion notes that this time, he takes no issue with Geralt being judge, jury and executioner. Preacher in the Twisted Metal games.

However, as he is loath to admit, he's not an ordained minister — no church would accept him. He's murderous, and like almost every other player character in Black , he was interned at Blackfield Asylum prior to the events of the game. He believes a demon lives inside of him, forcing him to kill; turns out he's just schizophrenic. In the reboot, though, he's significantly less sinister at least in the sense of being evil, since he's still really creepy and mean looking.

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